1887 - 88 Directory - Waverly Village, NY

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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders. 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Nichols, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

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Sager & Munn, (T.A.S. and F.E. Munn) groceries, crockery and provisions, 234 Broad
Sager, Alvin D., clerk, h 104 Waverly
Sager, Thaddeus A., (Sager & Munn) 4 119 Fulton
Salisbury, Thomas L., painter, 130 Waverly, h do.
Salonsky, Isaac, clothing and gents' furnishings, 224 Broad, h do.
Sanders, Charles H., (Farley & Sanders) h Fulton
Sanders, Hiram E., policeman, h 103 Howard
Sargeant, James C., emp. freight house, h 28 Orange
Sargeant, J. C. Mrs., dressmaker, 28 Orange, h do.
Sawyer, Charles H., farmer 280, h 474 Chemung
Sawyer, Fannie, widow Moses, h 109 Waverly
Sawyer, Frederick A., cashier Citizens Bank, h 474 chemung
Sawyer, Fred H., emp. Novelty Company, h 2 Orchard
Sawyer, Hugh T., clerk L. V. R. R. freight office, h 109 Waverly
Sawyer, J. Theodore, president Citizens Bank, h 451 Chemung
Sawyer, Juliana, widow John L., h 451 Chemung
Sawyer, Mary, widow James M., resident, h 25 Park Place
Sayre Butter Package Co., (R. D. and H. C. Van Deuzer, and T. F. Page) Factoryville, Main.
Scanlan, Bartholomew, emp. L. V. freight house, h 9 Loder
Scanlon, Martin, telegraph operator, bds. Pennsylvania ave. n. Broad
Schutt, William H., clerk, h 10 Orange
Schutte, Magdalena, widow Rudolph, h 115 Howard
Schutte, Rudolph Jr., clerk, bds. 115 Howard
Scott, Charles E., Loyal Sock coal, 256 Broad, h 7 Athens
Scott, Robert, clerk, bds. Pennsylvania ave.
Scott, Robert H., (Sniffen & Scott), h 20 Park ave.
Seacord, John, contractor and builder, 27 Lincoln, h do.
Sedgwick, William, retired jeweler, h 127 Clark
Seely, Charles, saloon and restaurant, 129 Broad
Seely, Edmund, boarding, 12 Park ave.
Seely, Frederick, bartender, bds. 129 Broad
Seely, William F., groceries, crockery and provisions, 257 Broad, h 107 Pennsylvania ave.
Shaehan, Michael, saloon, also prop. Tioga Bottling Works, Broad cor. Loder
Shannessy, Patrick, emp. Erie R. R., h 127 Erie
Sharpe, Arminda, widow William, 11 Broad
Shaw, Hulda J., dress and cloak maker, 9 Waverly, h do.
Shaw, Robert R., poor-master, h 11 Johnson
Shear, John C., prop. Waverly Steam Flouring Mill, 300 Broad, h 101 Park ave.
Sheeler, Edward P., night clerk U. S. Ex. Co., h Fulton
Shehan, Patrick resident, h 375 Broad
Sheldon, Mary B., widow Charles H., resident, h 20 Park ave.
Shelp, Charles F., lumber, h 131 Lincoln
Shepard, William Mrs., resident, bds. Wardord House
Sherman, Charles W., mason, 428 Chmung, h do.
Sherry, Hiram I., horse dealer, h 6 Pine
Sherry, J. Robert, veterinary surgeon, b ds. 6 Pine
Sherwood, William, emp. pipe foundry, h 343 Broad
Shipman, Charles H., conductor, h 43 Waverly
Shoemaker, Jabez H., (B. Gerould & Co.) h Broad
Shoemaker, Judge F., att'y at law, over 214 Broad, h 505 Chemung
Shoemaker, Samuel O., emp. U. S. express company, h 156 Clark
Shook, William, commercial traveler, h 18 Pennsylvania ave.
Shriver, Christina, widow Henry, h 9 Elm
Shulenburg, Sarah, dress and cloak maker, 304 Chemung
Simmers, E. Louisa, widow John W., resident, 116 Chemung
Simmons, Edward W., clerk, h 11 Johnson
Simmons, Frederick C., clerk, bds. 71 Fulton
Simmons, John H., cabinet maker, h 27 Providence
Simmons, Silas W., retired, h 71 Fulton
Simmons, William R., groceries and provisions, 269 Broad, h Howard
Simpson, Elliot B., blacksmith, bds. 437 Chemung
Simpson, Isaac D., blacksmith, cor. Penn. ave. and Broad, h 437 Chemung
Simpson, William H., blacksmith, 301 Broad, h 439 Chemung
Simcoe, Eli, contractor and builder, Orange, h 15 do.
Skellenger, Charles, meat cutter, bds. 36 Pine
Slaughter & Van Atta, (S. W. S. and J. C. Van A.) drugs, medicines and wall paper, 233 Broad
Slaughter, S. W., (Salughter & Van Atta) also vice-prest. Citizens Bank, h 408 Chemung
Slawson, Andrew A., postmaster, undertaking and furniture, 223 Broad, h 443 Chemung
Slawson, Jeremiah M., musical merchandise and sewing machines, 202 Broad, h 32 Waverly
Sligh, Susan Mrs., resident, bds. 10 Athens
Sliney, Charles, laborer, rooms 33 Waverly
Sliney, Charles H., book-keeper Erie R. R. Co., associate press correspondent, bds. Warford House
Sliney, William H., yard master Erie R. R., bds. Warford House
Slocum, Olney, clerk, bds. Orange
Smead, Edward, baker, bds. 34 Broad
Smeaton, Mary A., teacher, bds. 152 Clark
Smeaton, Thomas, mason contractor, 152 Clark
Smith, Augustus W., emp. Novelty Works, h 28 Orange
Smith Bros. & Co., (W. J., M. O. and H. G. S.) picture mouldings, frames, etc., over 207 Broad
Smith, Charles O. (Smith Bros.) 19 Chemung
Smith, Clayton A., foreman Free Press office, bds. 17 Fulton
Smith, Daniel S., baker, h 21 Fulton
Smith, D. S. Mrs., dressmaker, 21 Fulton, h do.
Smith, Edwin S., resident, h 37 Waverly
Smith, Floyd, emp. Erie R. R., bds. 141 Waverly
Smith, Fred E., clerk L. V. R. R. freight office, h 70 Broad
Smith, Fred F., tinsmith, bds. 184 Clark
Smith, Henry G., (Smith Bros. & Co.) h in Candor
Smith, John L., laborer, h 184 Clark
Smith, Mary K., widow Hanford, h 37 Waverly
Smith, Merritt W., blacksmith, h 40 Broad
Smith, Minor O., (Smith Bros. & Co.) h 15 Chemung
Smith, Olin A., emp. livery, and farmer 50, h 157 Clark
Smith, S. Charles, sign writing, Broad cor. Pine, h 9 Orange
Smith, Willis J. (Smith Bros. & Co.) bds. Fulton
Smith, W. M. Adelbert, laborer, bds. 37 Waverly
Smitt, Antoni B., merchant tailor, 10 Fulton, h 125 do.
Snell, Patrick, laborer, h Erie
Sniffen & Scott ( H. H. S. and R. H. S.), grain, coal, seeds, wool, wagons and farm implements, Broad n. Loder
Snook, Frederick M., (Sniffen & Scott) bds. Tioga House
Snyder, De LaFayette, resident, h 119 Clark
Somers, Maurice, laborer, h 204 Howard
Space, Henry, traveling salesman, bds. over 267 Broad
Space, Jennie L., widow John A., dressmaker, over 267 Broad, h do.
Spaulding, William H., police justice, h 113 Clark
Speh, Charles Prof., teacher of music, French and German
Spencer, Charles F., boots and shoes, 226 Broad, h 445 Chemung
Spencer, C. I. Mrs., resident, 104 Lincoln
Spencer, George M., emp. Swift's ice-house, h Broad n. Pennsylvania ave.
Sproul, Andrew, railroad conductor, h 5 Spaulding
Sproul, Herbert L., clerk, bds. 5 Spaulding
Stalker, Albert, emp. Novelty Works, h Broad
Stanley, Belle, art teacher, 101 Pennsylvania ave., bds. Broad
Stanley, Clark M., dentist, h Caldwell
Stark, Somers J., railroad conductor, h 203 Howard
Steele, Edward J., telegraph operator, bds. Warford House
Stevenson, William, clerk, h 244 Broad
Stevenson, William R., locomotive engineer, h 21 Providence
Steward, Malvina, widow Loren G., bds. 2 Ithaca
Stewart, William H., retired, h 13 Park Place
Stone, George P., machinist, bds. 12 Pennsylvania ave.
Stone, James R., retired, h 105 Park Place
Stone, William P., resident, h 12 Pennsylvania ave.
Stout, Ernest A., book-keeper, 235 Broad, h over do.
Stowell, Hollis I., dry goods, 237 Broad, h 405 Chemung
Strange, Matthew, laborer, h 4 Broad
Strouse, Huldha, widow Neal, dressmaker over 218 Broad, h do.
Suiter, Sophia, widow Robert, bds. 28 Loder
Sullivan, Anna, dressmaker, 105 Chemung, bds. do.
Sullivan, Etta, dressmaker, 315 Broad, h do.
Sullivan, Hannah, dressmaker, 315 Broad, h do.
Sullivan, Mary, dressmaker, 315 Broad, h do.
Sullivan, Michael, emp. Erie R. R., h 26 Providence
Sullivan, Michael, track foreman, bds. 9 Loder
Sutton, Augustus, barber, bds. Warford House
Sutton, Clarence M., emp. Novelty Works, bds. 466 Chemung
Sutton, Ernest, emp. Toy works, h 101 Pennsylvania ave.
Sutton, Frank M., cabinet maker, h 466 Chemung
Swaig, Henry, porter Tioga Hotel, bds. do.
Swain, Lester, groceries, provisions and restaurant, Fulton, h do.
Swain, William H., book-keeper, 251 Broad, h 117 Howard
Sweet, Wesley, furniture and undertaking, 243 Broad, h 10 Park ave.
Taladay, Frederick, carpenter, bds. 5 Providence
Tannery, Harriet, widow James B., resident, 423 Chemung
Tannery, Ida Miss, millinery, over 233 Broad, h 243 Chemung
Tannery, Mary, widow, h 17 Clark
Taylor, John L., pastor 1st Presbyterian church, h 11 Park Place
Teachman, Isaac P., (Carr & Teachman) h 30 Chemung
Telephone Exchange, (F. E. Smith, of Elmira, Mgr.) over First Nat. Bank
Terry, Edward H., mason, h 5 Pennsylvania ave.
Terry, Edward H., Jr., shipping clerk, 275 Broad, bds. 5 Pennsylvania ave.
Terry, Edward H. Mrs., dressmaker, 5 Pennsylvania ave., h do.
Terry, Fred S., city baggage express, bds. 160 Clark
Terry, Ira M., carpenter, h Broad
Terry, John, retired, h Hickory
Terry, Orrin T., clerk, bds. 5 Pennsylvania ave.
Terry, T. Jefferson, car inspector, h 160 Clark
Terry, Walter T., car inspector, h 160 Clark
Tew, William E., real estate and insurance, over 214 Broad, h do.
Thatcher, Harris C., manager The W. S. Thatcher Co., h 12 Park Place
Thatcher, Helen, widow Walter S., woven wire mattresses, h 12 Park Place
Thayer, Roma B., emp. Novelty Works, h 313 Broad
The Citizens Bank, (J. T. Sawyer, pres't, S. W. Slaughter, vice -pres't, F. A. Sawyer, cashier) 214 Broad
The Waverly Advocate, (Edgar L. Vincent, pub., and George D. Genung, editor, weekly) 4 Elizabeth
The W. S. Thatcher Co., (Harry C. Thatcher, Mgr.) manuf. woven wire mattresses, Fulton
Thomas, Holly W., (Fairchild & Thomas) h 14 S. Main
Thompson, Abner, brakeman, bds. Commercial Hotel
Thompson, Abram J., clerk, h 144 Waverly
Thompson, Guy M., emp. Novelty Works, bds. 144 Waverly
Thompson, Sadie, teacher, bds. 3 Providence
Thompson, William E., butcher, h 8 Pine
Thrail, Emery, R. R. conductor, h 348 Broad
Tillman, David B., book-keeper, bds. over 253 Broad
Tillman, Moses, carpenter, h over 253 Broad
Tilton, Edson A., clerk, bds. 111 Howard
Tilton, Ira, clerk, bds. 111 Broad
Tilton, Isaac S., clerk, bds. 111 Howard
Tioga Bottling Works, Michael Shaehan, prop., Broad cor. Loder
Tioga Hotel, Ackley & Bailey, proprs., Fulton cor. Elizabeth
Tioga Laundry, George B. Witter, prop., 113 Broad
Tobin, James, section foreman, Erie R. R., h 119 Erie
Toppen, Henry, painter, 114 Waverly, h do.
Towner, Jane, tailoress, h 9 Waverly
Tozer, John F., livery stable, Fulton, opp. Opera House, h 30 Waverly
Tozer, Lavina, widow Charles P., h 129 Waverly
Tracy, Edward G., drugs, and wall paper, 228 Broad, h Fulton cor. Chemung
Tracy, John L., books, stationery and newsroom, 204 Broad, h 3 Orange
Travis, Landes I., locomotive engineer, h 10 Spalding
Travis, Littleton, coachman, h 401 Chemung
Troutman, Jacob, brakeman, h 30 Broad
Tucker, John T., physician and surgeon, over 224 Broad, h do.
Turner, Amelia, widow Joseph, h 144 Howard
Turner, Edward, locomotive engineer, h 20 Park Place
Turney, William E., confectioner, 239 Broad, h 130 Clark
Tuthill, Caroline A., teacher, bds. Waverly
Tuthill, Charles E., clerk, h 124 Waverly
Tuthill, Elvira, widow Jacob G., h Waverly
Twist, Michael, mason, bds. 381 Broad
Tyrrell, Augustus, physician, over 222 Broad, h. do.
United States Ex. Co., J. K. Murdoch, agt., 8 Fulton
Unger, Solomon, clothing and gents' furnishings, 230 Broad, h in Elmira
Unger, Adolph, clothing and merchant tailor, 221 Broad, h Fulton
Updike, Archibald, market gardener, h 85 Clark
Updick, Frank A., carpentr, h Clinton ave.
Utter, John, architect, h 120 Howard
Vail, Alonzo V. C., lumber dealer, h 128 Waverly
Vail, Daniel, resident, h 121 Howard
Vail, Merton W., painter, h 309 Pennsylvania ave.
Vail, Michael, brakeman, bds. Warford House
Vail, Michael, switchman, bds. over 263 Broad
VanAmburgh, Abdial B., wagon shop, 304 Broad, h 133 Howard
VanAtta, Azariah, contractor and builder, 111 Pennsylvania ave., h do.
VanAtta, Clarence, clerk, h 109 Fulton
VanAtta, E. Clair, clerk, h 9 Tioga
VanAtta, Edwin H., drug clerk, bds. 5 Park ave.
Van Atta, John C., (Slaughter & VanAtta), h 5 Park ave.
VanCleft, Mary J., dressmaker, bds. 139 Waverly
VanCleft, Sarah A., widow Benjamin O., h 139 Waverly
VanCleft, Wells, laborer, h Hickory
Van Derlip, Charles T., D. D. S., dentist, preservation of the natural teeth a specialty, over 201 Broad, h Cadwell
VanDerlip Sisters, (Mary and Elizabeth) dressmakers, h 24 Park ave.
VanDermark, Edward, porter, Tioga Hotel, bds. do.
VanDermark, Mrs., widow Albert, bds. 14 Pennsylvania ave.
VanDeuzer, Annie, teacher, bds. 468 Chemung
VanDeuzer, Dell, emp. pipe foundry, h over 263 Broad
Van Deuzer, Howard C., (Sayre Butter Package Co.) bds. Tioga Hotel
VanDeuzer, Richard, mechanic, bds. over 263 Broad
VanDeuzer, Richad D., (Sayrve Butter Package Co.) h 468 Chemung
Van Gaasbeck, clerk, Christie House, bds. do.
VanGaasbeck, Josephine, widow John, h 132 Chemung
VanGorden, Harry M., sexton of cemetery, h 38 Pine
VanGorden, Mary E., dressmaker, bds. 38 Pine
Van Velsor & Co., (Alexander Zoltowski) merchant tailors, 212 Broad
Van Velsor, George B., (Van Velsor & Co.) h 117 Waverly
Van Velsor, Jane, widow Benjamin, bds. 117 Waverly
Vaughn, William, retired, h 16 Park ave.
Vibbert, Charles M., contractor and builder, h 148 Waverly
Vincent, Edgar L., publisher The Waverly Advocate, h Clark
Voorheirs, Barbara, widow Sherman, h Blizard
Voorheirs, Stephen, cigar maker, bds. Blizard
Vreeland, Isaac S., M. D., physician and surgeon, over 229 Broad, h Pennsylvania ave.
Wadsworth, Samuel H., (Wadsworth & Kelsey) Hotel Warford
Wadsworth & Kelsey, props. Hotel Warford, Broad cor. Fulton
Waldo, George F., retired, h 101 Pennsylvania ave.
Walker, Edward E., (T.S. Walker & Son) h 306 Pennsylvania ave.
Walker, Eliza, resident, bds. 6 Elm
Walker, Howard S., clerk, bds. Wavely
Walker, Leander, groceries and provisions, 253 Broad, h Waverly
Walker, N. Dell, widow George H., resident, h 102 Lincoln
Walker, T. S. & Son (Edward E.), groceries and provisions, 250 and 252 Broad
Walker, Thaddesus S. (T. S. Walker & Son) h r 60
Wallace, Alfred H., carpenter, h 150 Waverly
Wallace, Grandsville, porter, Tioga Hotel, bds. do.
Wallace, William A., emp. Novelty Works, bds. 150 Waverly
Walsh, Maggie, milliner, bds. over 232 Broad
Walton, S. Lincoln, tanner, h 73 Fulton
Ward, Amrose, emp. planing mill, h 37 Orange
Ward, John E., resident
Ward, Mary, widow Hugh, h Loder
Ware, Walter, inventor, h 27 Park ave
Warner, Anna, resident, bds. 11 Park ave
Warner, William F., lwyer, also pres't Waverly Gas Light Co., Waverly, h 11 Providence
Warren, James, emp. wheel foundry, h Erie
Waters, Edward T., marble cutter, h Erie
Watrous Bros., (William L., and estate of Addison) dry goods, cloaks, and carpets, 227 Broad
Watrous, William L., (Watrous Bros.), h 14 Park Place
Watson, John, mason, h 102 Waverly
Waverly Cash Store, (Barnes & Miller, props.) groceries and provisions, 277 Broad
Waverly Opera House, C. Mullock, manager, Fulton
Waverly Steam Flouring Mills, John C. Shear, prop., 300 Broad
Waverly Tribune, (weekly), Noble & Noble, publishers, Elizabeth
Weatherly, Leonora, widow Perry, h 44 Waverly
Webb, Henry A., prop. Webb's Dining Hall, 216 Broad, h do.
Webb's Dining Hall, Henry A. Webb, prop., 216 Broad
Welch, John, laborer, h Erie
Weller, Charles M., baggageman, h 105 Howard
Weller, G. Fred, resident, h 188 Clark
Wells, Elizabeth S., widwo Rev. Daniel, bds. 414 Chemung
Welsh, John, moulder, h Loder
Welsh, Julia, widow James, h Loder
Welton, Anna E., widow Lyman, h Chemung
Welton, Warner, laborer, h Pine
West, George P., retired, h 21 Orange
Westbrook, Calvin T., drayman, h 7 Broad
Wheat, Mark M., laborer, h Pine
Whitaker, Henry, engineer, h 19 Lincoln
Whitaker, Horace, street commissioner, h 435 Chemung
Whitaker, Richard, mechanic and green-house, h 102 Howard
Whitaker, William D., railroad conductor, h Providence n Pennsylvania ave.
White, Horton, emp. pipe works, h 10 Tioga
White, James, bar-keeper, h Broad
White, Jerome, laborer, h 430 Chemung
White, Mary, widow Patrick, h 354 Broad
Wickham, Joseph D., invalid, h 105 Howard
Wiesmer, Sarah, widow George, resident, h 101 Broad
Wilcox & Barrows, (W. W. W. and A. H. B.) meat market, 271 Broad
Wilcox, George S., retired, h 40 Park ave.
Wilcox, H. M. & Co., (L. S. Bush) dry goods 218 Broad
Wilcox, Howard M., (H. M. Wilcox & Co.) h 25 Waverly
Wilcox, Silas E., resident, h over 269 Broad
Wilcox, Wyatt W., (Wilcox & Barrows) h 40 Park ave
Wilkinson, Margaret, widow George D., resident, h 19 Broad
Williams, Adelbert D., (Puff & Williams) h Loder
Williams, Addie, dressmaker, 20 Clark, h do.
Wiliams, Ann, resident, h 3 Tioga
Williams, Daniel, painter, bds. 20 Clark
Williams, John F., laborer, h 18 Chemung
Williams, Mary E., widow Gabriel, h 20 Clark
Williams, Martin L., retired, h 129 Clark
Wilson, Alosco H., expressman, 24 Waverly
Wilson, George W., locomotive engineer, h 349 Broad
Winnie, William U., laborer, h 23 Clark
Witter, George B., prop. Tioga Laundry, 113 Broad, h do.
Woodburn, James L., barber, Fulton, h do.
Wolcott, Ira M., resident, bds. over 259 Broad
Wolcott, Maria, widow Silas, h 444 Chemung
Wolcott, Park, clerk, h Chemung
Wolcott, Rayamond, clerk, h 444 Chemung
Wolcott, Tompkins S., bartender, h over 259 Broad
Wood, Hiram C., R. R. signal tender, h 110 Chemung
Woodruff, Emma C., widow Dr. Jacob D., resident, 7 Tioga
Woodruff, James O. Rev., pastor M. E. church, h 53 Waverly
Woodworth, William H., laborer, h 26 Providence
Wright, Daniel, lumberman, h 24 Clark
Wright, Festus A., emp. J. T. Sawyer, h 451 Chemung
Young, Henry H., tanner, h 196 Clark
Ziegler, Benjamin F., cigar maker and tobacconist, Johnson, h 141 Fulton
Zeigler, William R., conductor, h Hickory [spelled with "e" before "i"]
Zoltowski, Alexander, (Van Velsor & Co.), h 7 Chemung
Zoltowski, Anthony, tailor, bds. 7 Chemung

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