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Cheryl Parsons Fri Nov 21, 2003

I am researching John W. STRYKER, my great-great grandfather.

He married Jane[Jennie] TUCKER. They where in Spencer in the 1870's as I found there daughter Fanny May buried in Evergreen Cem..

She died Feb. 14th 1873. I believe he may have lived around there his young adult life and then the family moved to Yates County NY.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Penny Creeley Fri Nov 21, 2003

I am looking for information on Ella (Van RIPER) SHORT who was born in Tioga County 1854 (I believe) and died in 1916.

She was a homemaker and married to Fred SHORT who lived in Owego also.

They lived on Mutton Hill Road until their deaths.

Some of their children would be listed as Herman, Henry, Elmer, Morris and Walter.

They had one daughter, but I do not know her name.

Ella had one brother Fred Van RIPER.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

April (Akins)Richardson Fri Nov 21, 2003

I am searching for information on Franklin AKINS, born in Bershire, Tioga County around 1837.

I do know that there are alot of AKINS living in that area.

Perhaps, someone has some information on Franklin AKINS who married Mary POTTER and fought in the Civil War.

Any information appreciated.

Ted McLean Fri Nov 14, 2003

I am seeking information about the family of James McLEAN (1803-1877) who was a farmer in Nichols, NY from about 1859 to his death.

He married Eliza C. PERRY (1813-1878), who had a brother named W.H. PERRY who lived in Owego, NY.

Children of James and Eliza McLEAN included:

Francis ("Frank") J. McLEAN (1837-1914), a lawyer, who moved from Nichols to Menomonie, Wisconsin about 1870,

Rose E. McLEAN (1839-1890) who became the second wife of John Fields DEGROAT (1837-1912), a produce dealer in Nichols,

Martha McLEAN (1846-1909), who married David H. DECKER, M.D. and moved to Menomonie, Wisconsin,

and William H. McLEAN M.D. (1843-1868).

James, Eliza and William McLEAN and Rose and John DEGROAT are buried in Nichols Cemetery.

Daughters of John DEGROAT by other marriages include Martha DEGROAT FORMAN of Nichols and Sarah DEGROAT OSBORNE.

I am particularly interested in locating pertinent Bible records, photographs and living relatives of any of the above.

Any information appreciated.

Pat Eierman Sat Nov 8, 2003

I am trying to locate a will of John McCLURE who died in the 1830's.

His wife was Sally/Sarah.

The John McCLURE I am researching lived in what is now Montour Falls, Schuyler Co. NY.

It is my understanding that part of Schuyler Co. was Tioga Co. at one time.

Thank you for any help.

Jane Milner Fri Nov 7, 2003

Hunting cemetery where Walter and Minerva (HOPKINS) HERRICK are buried.

Walter was born in Amenia, Dutchess CO. 9 March 1781, but lived most of his life in Tioga CO, dying there 11 July 1851.

His will calls him of Candor and he was there in most censuses.

Minerva died 21 November 1861 in Flemingville.

Walter's parents, Samuel and Margaret, are buried at Weltonville.

Thanks for any information.

Parma Sibyl Lyon Reynolds Fri Nov 7, 2003

I am trying to find something about my Grandfather Robert (?) LYON.

He died when my Father, Adelbert Fuller LYON, was only three months old.

They lived on Charles Street in Waverly, NY. The LYON's had a furniture factory on Broad Street. There were several brothers. I have never known any of my LYON relatives.

I guess when my Grandfather LYON died and my Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth FULLER LYON remarried Alson A. PHALIN, she lost contact with the LYON family. I have always wondered about any LYON cousins I might have had.

How can I ever get a search started on this. I put in the name Robert LYON but the only LYON's I come up with are named LYONS...not LYON.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Lawrence V. Chapman Wed Nov 5, 2003

I`m seeking information on my maternal grandfather, Merton HALL Sr.

I thought he lived in Lisle, NY, but on documents he has signed he gives his address as Richford RD#2 NY, so his address is in Tioga Co.

Quite a few of his relatives are buried in Center Lisle cemetary.

Trying to find out where he is interred, when he was born and when he died. Any info would be appreciated.

Thank You

Roberta Lower Fri Oct 31, 2003

I am searching for TAYLOR ancestors.

Polly PETTENGILL TAYLOR (b. 1782 NH) died in Tioga, Tioga, NY in 1823 after emigrating from Andover, VT around 1820.

Her husband Benjamin TAYLOR must have died there also. I'm also trying to connect Perkins and Foster TAYLOR to family. Polly and Benjamin supposedly had 12 children.

Does anyone know anything about these TAYLORS and/or where they are buried in TIOGA, TIOGA?

Thank You

Denise Griswold Mon Sept 29, 2003

Am looking for information on Samuel GRISWOLD b. abt 1775 lived in Apalachin-Owego, Tioga Co. NY. d.? buried in Riverside cemetery, Apalachin.

1. Polly,
2. Josiah,
3. Sylvania,
4. Steuben,
5. Erastus.

Josiah GRISWOLD may have been married to a Martha?

Steuben GRISWOLD m. Maria (Mariah?) BILLS.

1. Belle,
2. Barney,
3. Martha,
4. Polly
5. Jake.

My ggggrandfather Barney (P.?) GRISWOLD b.1824 Tioga Co. NY.

Also working on ACKERMAN, BOIS.

Any info on this family would be great! Thank You

Denise Griswold Mon Sept 29, 2003

I am researching surnames:


I am looking for a burial listing or any information about the Riverside Cemetery near Apalachin, Tioga Co. NY., Caretaker Phone #, anything!

I am even willing to transcribe the list if it can be found. I am told I have many family members buried there, I would like to find them.

Information I have is from the Tioga Co. Historical Assoc. via obit in the Apalachin account book 1829. My 6x Great grandfather Samuel GRISWOLD b. abt 1775 d. Aug 3.1843 in Apalachin-Owego, NY. m. Hilda WILLOUGHBY, Also his son Steuben Griswold ( my 5xggrandfather) b. abt 1800 d. ? (I think before 1826) m. Maria Bills. Samuel and Steuben are supposed to be buried in the Riverside Cemetery near Apalachin. Thats all the info I have. I didn't realize there were more than one Riverside Cemetery in that area.

Any help would be great!

Thank You

Whitney McConnell Wed Aug 27, 2003

If anyone knows any thing about a woman named Nancy HUGES who lived in Waverly, New York and was murdered.

The address was 28 Lincoln Street. There used to be a church there but now there is a house. It was in the early 1800's.

If you can give me any help, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Michael John Atwood Wed Aug 27, 2003

Civil War records show Charles R. ATWOOD born March 28, 1828, in Tioga Co. NY and died in the "Battle of Wilderness, Virginia" May 8, 1864.

He was married in Fulton, NY about 1850 to Mery N. Hines, born Conn., July 26, 1834 and died in Chesning, Michigan, 1926. They moved to Indiana about 1959 - 1860.

Looking for the parents of Charles.

Any help would be appreciated.

Shirley ? Wed Aug 27, 2003

I am looking for My great-uncle Charles KEYES and his wife.

I found a couple that were buried in Hope Cemetery, but I'am not sure if they are the right folks.

His parents would have been John and Jane Sisson KEYES, they were from around Nichols or Elmira New York.

All I know is he had 2 sisters and 1 brother and 1 brother from an other marriage .

If any one remembers them please let me know. Thanks.

Click Here Sat Aug 23, 2003

Can anyone tell me the connection of Mary PRATT age 80 living in the home of Abijah PRATT in Owego, Tioga Co., NY.

It is believed that Abijah PRATT was the son of Elijah PRATT. Elijah PRATT may have been the son of Abel PRATT my GGGGGfather.

Mary would have been born in 1760 and too old to be the wife of Elijah PRATT.

How was she connected to this line?

She is about the same age as my Abel, born 1757, and his possible brother Ephraim PRATT, born 1763.

Can anybody help. Thank you.

Patricia Tebow Williams Sat Aug 23, 2003

Looking for info on the MOGAR family.

Betsy married Isaac HOBART and had a daughter Olive HOBART, July 1809, at Spencer, Tioga County, they left the state and moved to Ohio.

Trying to find out Betsty's parents or siblings.

Thank you.

Phyllis Snider Fri Aug 8, 2003

I am seeking the burial place for Truman CAMPBELL and his wife Susan (SELWAY) CAMPBELL.

Her obit simply states burial in Waverly, NY. (1922).

Thank you.

Mary Kolodziej Fri Aug 8, 2003

I am searching for the Aunt of a handicapped lady.

The Aunt we are looking for is Bayone/Bayonne WHIPPLE HOUSTON she died in Feb. 1937 at Balboa Island, California.

She was a song & dance act with her husband Walter HOUSTON, the actor. They were divorced in 1931 in Reno, NV.

After her death the body was returned to Candor for burial. Her niece would like to know where and what cemetery she may be buried in. Her name was originally Mina ROSE.

I spoke to Don WEBER who oversees Maple Grove Cem. but he could only tell me there is a Maple Grove lot owner named, Rev. R. S. ROSE, who had 8 lots in the old part of the cemetery in Candor.

So I still don't know if she is buried there.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks again.

Carole Couse Fri Aug 8, 2003

This is a shot in the dark.

I have been given a quilt, probably made in the 1930 with a label "made by Ella Van OSTRAND".

It would be nice if it could be returned to the family.

It problably came into our posession in the Maryland/DC area in the 1960's.

Thank you very much.

Nancy K. Bond Wed Aug 6, 2003

Am looking for information on the family of Clark and Catherine HULL.

Clark was born in 1805; married Catherine M. and died in 1884.

Their son, Wesley Dwight HULL was born in 1834 and was my great-grandfather.

Would like to learn about the parents of Clark HULL; where they lived and also the family of Catherine M..

Clark and Catherine are buried in Hope Cemetary, Newark Valley.

Thank you very much.

Elise Jennings Sat Jul 19, 2003

I am very interested in finding something on a Ebenezer COOK in Tioga Co., NY.

A will of Ebenezer COOK in Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY recorded 1812 list his children, which one is Arilla COOK.

Arilla COOK would be my husband's G-G-G Grandmother. Arilla married Joseph JENNINGS 1826.

I have most of the descendants of Joseph JENNINGS and Arilla COOK.

I would appreciate any information you may have on Ebenezer COOK.

Any questions or information I can help you with please let me know.

Thank you very much.

Lynne Mohn Fri Jul 18, 2003

I am attempting to research a friend's geneology.

Searching for information on the COOPER family in Tioga County/Waverly/Chemung County/Halsey Valley/Owego area as follows:

John COOPER (born 1844? NY, married Catherine WESTBROOK, who was born 1845 in PA?)
Herbert A. COOPER (born 1873 or 74, NY, married Katie Irene VAN MARTER, who was born 1878)
Wesley COOPER (born 1912? married Gertie D. WHITMARSH)
*Herrick Louis COOPER (born April 8, 1930 to Wesley and Gertie; died and buried 1987 in Chemung County, NY)
Freeman COOPER (brother to Herrick and Herbert COOPER, sons of Wesley)
Herbert COOPER (brother to Herrick, son of Wesley)
Ruth COOPER (sister to Herrick, Herbert, and Freeman COOPER)

We appreciate your help and would be glad to share all surnames and information we have collected for that area to see if something might match your lineage and geneology research.

Thank you very much.

Gerald H. Randall Wed Jul 16, 2003 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020

We are trying to find as much information on the RANDALL family as we can to pass on to our grandchildren.

Our research to date is back to GG-Grandfather -Isaac RANDALL - recently we have had information that Isaac and his wife Hanna(h) INMAN RANDALL are buried in "Forrest Home Cemetery", Waverly, NY, Tioga County. The information received was: Isaac RANDALL - B: 1814 D: 1885 Hanna(h) INMAN RANDALL - B: 1813 D:1893

We also have found that GG-Grandmother Augusta Esther WOOD GRACE is buried in E. Waverly Cemetery, Tioga County, NY. Augusta Esther WOOD GRACE - B: Oct. 27, 1831 and died Sept. 25, 1915 (Source: Death Certificate) We also have a picture of this lady.

We would be grateful if you have ever seen any connections that you could share. Our GRACE line is back to Emanuel GRACE - Died by 1746, Boston, Ma.

Sandy Castle Tue Jul 15, 2003

Seeking data regarding marriage of Cateron (Catherine) LIGHT KRESS (widow 1827) and Thomas COOPER married between 1840 census and 1850.

Also seeking death records, wills or other records of KRESS & COOPER, around Smoothbore, NY


John Blair Tue Jul 1, 2003 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020

For years, I've had information on my ggg grandfather, a Hiram P. BENNETT, (b.1804) whose biographic sketch (Butte Co. California) states he was born in Fairfield, NY.

There are presently 2 Fairfields, one in Herkimer County, one in Tioga County, and an old name changed in Warren County.

Hiram married a Christine HULL, and the first time they can be traced is in Cattaraugus Co. NY in 1830.

Looking for any BENNETT or HULL leads in NY between 1800-1830, specifically Hiram P. BENNETT.


Cindy Weatherby Tue Jul 1, 2003

I am BEGGING for some photos (digital OK) from the Spencer Cemetery.

I will gladly pay (PayPal, cash, check) for tombstone pictures of Edmund HOBART, wife Mehitable, Rodney HOBART and wife Margaret HUGG.

Please let me know how I can arrange this or if they are already listed somewhere.

I am working on my DAR application and the HOBARTS are proving a challenge.

Many thanks!

Todd Karr Tue Jul 1, 2003

I am looking for information on magician Theodore ANNEMAN/ANNEMANN, a resident of Waverly, NY.

Below is the information I currently have:

b. February 22, 1907
d. January 12, 1942 (suicide)
Ashes interred in Glenwood Cemetary Aug. 10, 1942

Mother: Flavilla HAYES SQUIRES
Mother married (1913) Stanley ANNEMAN (1879-1914) Later Flavilla V. CARSON
Daughter of John and Josephine Van GAASBACK HAYES
b. April 23, 1887, Waverly
d. September 4, 1981, Waverly

Stepfather: Matthew S. (Stanley) ANNEMAN
b. 1879
d. January 12, 1914

Half-brother Leland ANNEMAN
Son of Flavilla Hayes ANNEMANN
b. Nov. 23, 1913, Waverly
d. July 1, 1989, Waverly

Nephew Gary ANNEMAN
Son of Leland ANNEMAN and Elnora SMITH
b. Oct. 15, 1942, Waverly
d. November 22, 1988, Birmingham, Ala. US Air Forces

Theodore married Margaret (Greta) ABRAMS April 23, 1927
Daughter Mona Lee ANNEMANN born November 1, 1935
Divorced November 6, 1937
Married Jeanette PARR January 1938

Many thanks!

Lee Haugen Mon May 26, 2003

There's a cemetery near Owego, Tioga County, New York. I've visited it. I'd like to direct some one to it. The town and county lines change around there so much I'm not too sure if I have those correct.

The cemetery was called Stonewall Cemetery. It's not real accessable now, and is over grown by woods etc. It's located on a farm. It's across the river from Owego and since the bridge was closed, we had to take a round about way to get to it.

Would you know the location of that cemetery and the farm it's located on. I'd like to get in touch with the people. A cousin will be making a trip out there in June and I'd like to be able to tell her how to find it. No one in town seemed to know about it.

If it would help, along with others, there is a James BLOW and his wife Margaret BLOW buried there.

I would appreciate any help you could provide. If not from you, maybe you could direct me to someone that might be able to help.

What ever you can do, Thanks.

Dave Herzog Fri May 16, 2003

I am looking for any information on Rose PRICE.

She had two children named Hazel and Frank HARDING which were put in The Susquehanna Valley Home in Binghamton, Broome County NY in June of 1906.

I was sent to The Binghamton library looking for records of a place called The Susquehanna Valley Home. I did found some ledgers kept for that place.

If it would help I have a photo copy of the entery in the ledger showing both Hazel and Frank Harding, born in the town of Owego in Tioga County, admitted into the Home on July 6, 1906, born in the Town of Owego and in the County of Tioga showing the mothers name as Rose PRICE.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Terry Shoultes Sun May 18, 2003

The newspaper (source unknown) ran a story in Jan. 1903 about the murder of Edith SNAPP by her boyfriend Claude SUNBERG. Edith was a resident of Union and the great-granddaughter of Jacob I. SHOULTES (1798-1856), the first SHOULTES settler to Newark Valley (1825). Edith was the daughter of Frank S. SNAPP (1854-1924) and Cora SADDLEMIRE (1859-1919).

The newspaper account is a very detailed story about their relationship. Her boyfriend fled after her collapse and tried to catch a passenger train in Vestal. He successfully eluded the law but the train was stopped in Owego where he was arrested and charged.

If anyone knows how the case came out, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Bert Finney Sun May 4, 2003

Reseaching Benjamin MEAD in Tioga County.

The Benjamin MEAD listed in 1820/30 censuses may be my gr-gr-gr-grandfather. He was born in 1789 in NY State and resided there until approximately 1833 when he moved to what is now Elkhart County, Indiana. Married in approx. 1810 (wife named Betsy). Fathered at least three offspring as follows:

Male born about 1812, (name unknown) who remained in NY State and fathered two offspring
Smith MEAD, born about 1830,

Benjamin S. MEAD, born 1834

Albert MEAD, born about 1814 and Rachel Jane MEAD, born about 1815, both of whom accompanied Benjamin MEAD to Indiana.

Would appreciate information about any of the above. Would be happy to share info about Mead.

Thank you for your help.

Jane Dougherty Blakesley Sun May 4, 2003

I'm looking for Earl DOUGHERTY that died 5/11/1942 in Owego.

His father John DOUGHERTY, born 11/4/1872, Ossining, Westchester Co., NY and died in 1953 in Owego, Tioga Co., NY.

The other person I'm looking for is Susan Marietta Ayers DOUGHERTY, born 1907, Richford, Tioga Co., NY, died Sept 3, 1931, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY

Thank you for your time.

Bonnie Ladd Hamilton Sat May 3, 2003

Researching Jonathan HAMILTON born 1783 possibly PA, died 1843 Tioga.

Looking for proof of marriage of Jonathan HAMILTON and Ellen/Eleanor/Nellie VAN NORTWICK about 1808 in either Tioga or Tompkins counties, NY.

Many thanks for any help with this family.

Bonnie Ladd Hamilton Sat May 3, 2003

Brewster HANDY born 1793 Vermont, died 1852 Tioga, md Rosiana, 1792-1861.

Their daughter Laura M, born 1831 NY, md Ira HAMILTON in Candor, 1849.

Looking for Rosiana's family, other children, and parents of Brewster.
Many thanks for any help.

Walter Patrick Coston Sun Apr 27, 2003

I have been researching my family and need your help.

1830 US census of Virgil, Cortland Co., New York shows Luther BROWN with wife and two daughters under 5 yrs old and one daughter 5-9 yrs old.

1835 NY State census, same place, shows two males, wife and 4 daughters under 16 yrs old.

1840 US census in Virgil shows Luther, wife, male 10-14 yrs old, one daughter 5-9 yrs old, two daughters 10-14 yrs old and one daughter 15-19 yrs old.

1850 US census in Spencer, Tioga County, New York shows Luther and Anna (sic) BROWN with 7-year-old son Joseph. The four daughters are gone.

1855 NY State census in Richford, Tioga County, New York shows Luther (53 yrs old and born in Chemung County, New York) and Ann (52 yrs old and born in Cortland County, New York) with their son, Joseph (12 yrs old and born in Tioga County, New York). Luther and Ann say they have lived in Tioga County for 13 years.

1880 US census in Fairmount, Leavenworth County, Kansas shows Luther BROWN (78 yrs old) with his wife Ann BROWN (76 years old), son Joseph (36 yrs old) and grandson, Henry (14 yrs old). Joseph's wife is dead. (The 1880 Census shows additional information.)

I think the youngest of the four daughters is Adelia A. BROWN (born June 30, 1833) but can't prove it. (That’s what I’d like to prove or disprove.) She married Elisha Pierce DEMARANVILLE July 2, 1849 in Richford, Tioga County, New York. These two are my great-great grandparents.

Can anybody identify any of these four BROWN daughters or supply any more information about Luther and Ann BROWN? How about where and when they died??

Thanks so much.

Bev Cable Becker Sat Apr 26, 2003

My grandmother was Anna CART from Tioga Center or Campville, NY.

Her father was Henry or Henri CART and his mother and father were Lousia and Peter CART from Switzerland.

Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Jean Chapman Snow Sat Apr 12, 2003

My gr-gr-grandmother, Harriet STEWART, was living in Barton 1887 with her daughter, Eleanor PHILLIPS, and granddaughter, Estella.

The 1887 Tioga County Gazetteer and Business Directory shows Harriet (p 42 Barton, outside Waverly, evidently in Factoryville), so she was alive then at about 80 years.

She probably died in Factoryville, though I have not been able to find her in any of the cemetery records on the Tioga web site.

Can anyone suggest how I could find out when and where she died and is buried? TIA

Mary Ellen Clark Sat Apr 12, 2003

I 'm trying to obtain old obits for my research on Anson and Rose DANN.

These people lived in Owego, NY.

I'd like to know what papers were carried for Tioga Co. from the earlier years as I 'm looking for back into 1959 and 1972.

Also any guidelines would help.

I live in Northern New York State-Rochester,New York

Thank you.

Margaret D Sun Mar 30, 2003

Researching my grandfather, William MORRIS.

He was born in Elmira, N.Y. in Tioga Co. (at that time), March of 1850. William went to Chicago and became a plumber. Married Ellen POWERS from Niles, Mich.

His Father's name was John and his mother's name was Jane GORMAN.

I believe John's father was James and he came from Conn.

Am looking for any family menbers.

Drake Porter Sat Mar 16, 2003

Researching Theodore Leonard NEWELL, born 1877, died 1857.

I don't know exactly where in Tioga Co. but he lived Waverly in 1877.

He was the son of Samuel NEWELL, born 13 May 1813, died 3 Mar 1882; and Polly GREEN, born 31 May 1816, died 14 Apr 1901.

He was a merchant who owned a hardware store in Waverly NY. Perhaps the NEWELL Mfg. Co. during the 1850's.

Is there a census for Waverly?

Thank you in advance

Martha E. Tober Sat Mar 8, 2003

I am trying to trace down Dennis R. COLE. He died December 24, 1901.

All the info I have is that he is buried in Barton. His wife's name was Anna. I know he was in the Civil War as we have his discharge paper.

I think he was my great grandfather.

My grandfather's name was Dewitt COLE and he married Jennie SANDERSON. He also had a brother Fred COLE and a sister Carrie COLE.

My brother and I are trying to put together some of our ancestors and they all lived in the Owego, Smithboro, Barton area.

I would appreciate anything you can tell me about this man.

Thank you in advance

Lucille Hastings Sun Feb 23 2003

Researching my great-great grandfather, John SEALY, born 1805 probably in NY.
His wife was Nancy EDWARDS, born 1813 in England.
Children were:

John Edward b. 1833
Louisa b. (??)
Catherine b. 1839
Martha b. 1841
Betsy Emmaline b. 1843
Ann b. 1844/1845
George Nelson b. 1847 in Owego, NY
Hannah b. 1850
Batron b. 1853
Mary Eleanor b. 1856

The family was in Owego, in 1847 and migrated to Potter Co. in 1852.
I have other information regarding the spouses of the children listed above.

Tara and Nathan Potter Sat Feb 22, 2003

Two years ago my husband and I bought the house that is next to the CRINES CORNERS CEMETERY We were wondering about the history of this cemetery, and if it is related to our home.

We stumbled across the cementary one day and find it very interesting.

Currently all we can find is one tombstone (Thomas WILLIAMS) and about 20 fieldstones.

Rumor has it several years ago a farmer plowed the rest underground.

If you can provide us with any info or someone who does we would appreciate it.

Also is there any old pictures of this area?

Thank you for your time.

Jo Anne and Howard Chambers Sat Feb 22, 2003

My husband and I are looking for CHAMBERS and BURRELL family members living in Tioga County in the years 1850's to the 1900's.

My husband is the son of Harmon CHAMBERS and Edna Leola BURRELL.

His mother was born in Tracy Creek(in the late 1800's) along with other brothers and sisters. Her 9 or so brothers and sisters were all born before her.

We are trying to determine where her parents, Franklin and Celia BURRELL, might be buried.

We were both born in the triple cities and spent our first 20yrs of married life in Vestal Center.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give us.

Karen M. Klos Sat Feb 22, 2003

Looking for Surname HARVEY.

Any and all information would greatly be appreciated.

One of the interests is a John Calvin HARVEY who married an Indian girl.

Also, a John HARVEY born about 1800, but uncertain of his parents names and if this is the right HARVEY.

Also, interested in HARVEY’s migrating to Allegany Co. as well.

Thank you.

Rosanna Quick Sat Feb 22, 2003

I found a Smith Floren QUICK died in St.Petersburg, Fl at 71 yrs of age, this is my grandfather.

My Dad grew up in Waverly N.Y. his name was Everette Allen QUICK.

Do you have any information about him or his family.

I know my grandfather had a brother and would appreciate any info on it, or where to look.

Thank you for your trouble.

Dennis Keith Blair Sun Jan 19, 2003

I am researching on my great-great grandfather, James Theodore BLAIR and his family. He must have gone by his middle name Theodore.

He was born about 1847 Chenango Twp. Broome, NY to Roswell BLAIR and Maryette SHAYLOR.

The 1880 U.S. Census has him at age 33 as an F. Laborer and married to Hattie BLAIR age 35, with sons, Charles age 5 and Dana S. age 1.

I know that is buried at the East Waverly cemetery. He died May 28,1906 at the age of 59, according to his head stone.

He served in the Civil War in Co. A , Regt. 137 of the NY Volunteers. He enlisted August 13,1864 as a private, age 18 in Barker, NY and rank out was Pvt.

Any help is appreciated.

Nancy Dixon Dickerson - email address invalid 30 Sep 2020 Sat Jan 18, 2003

What can you tell me about the LOVELAND family of Nichols?

Samuel LOVELAND was my GGrandfather. He lived and died in Nichlos in Tioga Co. NY and I would like to know how and when he died.

He was married in Elmira, Chemung Co. NY to Ida Lillie DECKER from Risingville, Steuben Co., NY. They had my grandmother in April 1896. She was born in Elmira NY.

Can you help me?

Elinor Budine Fri Jan 17, 2003

Researching Eliphalet WILBUR born 11/19/1801 Owego married Abigail SHERMAN.

Shown on 1840 census. Buried in abandoned cemetery on Rt 434 known as conner's farm connunity buring ground Father Job WILBUR. The children of Eliphalet are: John, Jacob, Lewis, Harriett

Eliphalet's son Lewis was my great grandfather, his son Leon was my mother's father.

I visited the gravesite of Eliphalet and Abilgail last summer and was pleased to see that the village of Owego was maintaining the site.

Any help is appreciated.

Jim Foley Fri Jan 17, 2003

I am researching the HOYT families that were in Tioga County from ca 1800 to 1870.

I am particulary interested in David HOYT born about 1795 in NY and married Elizabeth FRANKLIN.

David and most of his sons left NY and moved to Mercer County in 1842.

Any info on this line appreciated.

Linda McDonald Fri Jan 17, 2003

Seeking information on William LEONARD, Civil War Soldier as described in the following discharge notice:

"To All Whom it May Concern

Know ye that William H. Leonard, Private of ? Company H 64TH Regiment of New York Volunteers who was enrolled on the Twenty First day of October oneThousand eight hundred and sixty one to serve three years or during the war is hereby Discharged from the service of the United States This Fourth day of February 1863 at Convalescent Camp Virginia by reason of Seargens Certificate of Disability Said W H Leonard was born in Nichols in the State of New York and is Twenty 22. years of age Five feet 9 inches high light complexion Black Dark hair and by Occupation when enrolled a Farmer Given at Convalescent Camp Virginia This Fourth day of February 1863

Tho F. Purley"

Are there any other children? I will gladly share info.

Ann Ashworth Fri Jan 17, 2003

Seeking information on the MILLER and VAN DUZER families.
Richard Miller, b. 1782 Columbia Co. N.Y., married Sally WHITE, 4 July 1808, in Davenport, Del. Co. NY. In 1838 they lived in So. Candor, Tioga Co. NY.
He died 1 June 1860 and is buried in Woodbridge Cem. Catatonk, Tioga Co. NY.
Their daughter, Orpha (MILLER) MURRY SWEET is also buried there.
Also daughter, Catharine (MILLER) VAN DUZER (Deusen), her husband, Henry VAN DUZER and their children are also in Woodbridge Cem.
Are there any other children? I will gladly share info.

Alan R. Stuart Mon Jan 13, 2003

I believe I have found the graves of my GGGrandfather and his wife. Can you tell me where Upper Fairfield Cemetery in Candor township Tioga county New York is. Although I am not from New York, I live in Buffalo. I may want to visit the cemetery and take a picture of the graves.

Thanks much for any help.

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