Church Picture Index

Emory Chapel Rt17c,Waverly

First Methodist Church,158 Chemung St., Waverly, NY

Waverly First Baptist Church,23 Tioga Street

The MacNaughton house, 25 Ithaca Street (this was the Baptist church prior to the building now in use)

First Presbyterian Church, 459 Park Avenue, Waverly

Saint James Catholic Church,503 Clark Street, Waverly (I used to teach in the adjacent St. James school; now closed)

Grace Episcopal Church,439 Park Place, Waverly

North Waverly Chapel, Route 34, Waverly

Christian and Missionary Alliance, 135 Chemung St.,Waverly

Congregation Beth Isreal temple, Chemung St., Waverly, NY

Christian Life Church, Broad St.,Waverly

Church Of the Nazerene, 18 Lincoln St. Waverly

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