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Harriet Odom, Roswell, NM,

I have several xerox copies of newspaper obituaries that my brother obtained on a genealogical trip to Tioga Co. in 1992. It was told him that (I believe at the Co. Historian's office) these obituaries were found in the loft of the house where Peter B. had lived. The people who leased the place found them there.

Harriet Odom,
Roswell, NM,
Great Grand Niece of Peter B. Zimmer.

ZIMMERS of East Newark Valley


These obituaries were supplied to Merrill K. Zimmer in 1992 by Mrs. Edwin D. Bushnell of Newark Valley-I think the local historian. She said the old newspaper clippings were found in a loft on the farm that had been the property of Peter B. Zimmer.

Obiturary: Death of Mrs. Marietta Zimmer.

Mrs. Marietta Zimmer age 72, widow of Peter A. Zimmer, a life long resident of this town, died Monday evening at the residence of her son, Martin V. Zimmer.
The deceased was a daughter of Joseph Saddlemire, one of the early settlers of East Newark. On Nov. 4, 1852 she became the wife of Peter A. Zimmer who died in July 1902. With the exception of a few years spent in the western part of the state, their married life of nearly fifty years, was spent in this town. She is survived by the son with whom she lived and by one daughter, Mrs. Ed. Snapp, also by five brothers--Ephraim and Alvah Saddlemire of Maine, Jacob H., Alex. and Jerome Saddlemire of this town.>BR? Mrs. Zimmer was taken ill with the prevailing grip, which was soon followed by pneumonia, she being confined to her bed just a week.
The funeral took place from the home Thursday, Rev. F.W. Young officiating, the burial being at East Newark.

Cemetery tombstone dates are 15 Sep 1805- 15 June 1904.
Probably from a Newark Valley, Tioga Co., NY newspaper an obituary


Peter B. Zimmer, for many years the oldest resident of this town, died about eight o'clock Wednesday evening, at the home of his son, R.J. Zimmer. The funeral is being held at the home this afternoon.
The record of the family was lost a number of years ago and there has been a dispute between the sons and daughter over one year; some claiming the father was nearly 101 years of age while others said his age was a little lessthan 100. According to the generally accepted record, MR. Zimmer was born in Schoharie county Sept. 15, 1804, thus, at the time of his death, he lacked exactly three months of being 100 years of age.
Soon after his marriage, Mr. Zimmer, with his wife, came to this town. (He was married in 1825.HO) When they reached here, they had $1.75 in cash and all his earthly possessions he could carry on his back. He settled first on the farm where Jerome Saddlemire now lives and cleared some land there, but soon after the magnificent pine timber on the highest land between this valley and Maine attracted his attention and he bought that place offorest and moved there. The pine timber he wanted for making shingles and for years he worked at shingle making, the shingles being drawn with teams to Ithaca and shipped from there by way of the lakes and Erie canal. He was an expert shingle maker and from one large chip taken from the butt could always tell a good "shingle tree". He was a great worker, clearing his farm of 140 acres and then adding to it until at one time he owned nearly 300 acres.
In common with others who came from Schoharie county and settled the eastern part of this town, he suffered the usual privations of the early pioneers, while carving from the forest fine farms for themselves and their families. His wife died 18 years ago, after they had lived together for sixty years, but he continued to live on the homestead farm, much of the time alone. During the past year, however, he has consented to live with his sons, but his health as been remarkable for one of his age. For some weeks past he has suffered from a bladder trouble, but until five o'clock Tuesday afternoon he was able to sit up and his mind was apparently as clear as ever. At that time he was suffering considerable pain and concluded to lie down. A few minutes later, after being out of the room only a moment, his son found him unconscious and he remained so until his death, which occurred at 8 o'clock the next evening.
Mr. Zimmer is survived by four sons and two daughters--Ransom J., Anthony M, Manier and Mrs. Catherine Zimmer of this town, Nathaniel of Maine, and Mrs. Miriam Taylor, now of Owego--also by 18 grand-children and 14 great-grand-children.

The following is evidently the end of the obituary of Peter's son, Ransom J.:

"Mr Zimmer was probably the last of his generation of the native born sons and daughters of the early settlers--people of German descent coming from Schoharie county. His father, Peter B. Zimmer, was as well the last survivor of his generation, he dying on June 10, 1904, lacking but a few months of reaching his 100th birthday.
Peter B. Zimmer was born in Schoharie; brought up there and married Lucinda Saddlemire in 1825. Two years later the young couple, with but a few dollars to their name, decided to strike out into the then "wester" wilderness to found a home. They came on foot through the forest to the upper Susquehanna, followed that to Owego and then came up this valley to join Schoharie county families then located on the hills east of this valley. The young couple arrived in town with just $l.75 in cash and what personal belongings they could carry. The next year they bought land on what is now the McCullough farm, which was partly cleared and had a long hut on it. They lived there and cleared lands and planted crops until 1839, when Mr. Zimmer, attracted by a splendid growth of pine at the summit of land between this valley and the Maine Valley, bought 140 acres there and built a small frame house, which was burned a few years ago. Here he cleared lands and farmed and made pine shingles from the great straight-grained pines, the shingles being hauled to Ithaca by oxen and there shipped on the lake to the Erie canal. He gradually acquired more land until he had a total of some 300 acres in a splendid productive farm. His wife died in 1886, but he continued to live in the old home until his death. Three sons (should be 4 as one died in infancy. HO) and three daughters, of whom Ransom was the last survivor. The other sons were Nathaniel and Manier; daughters Mrs. Harrison Pitcher, Mrs. John Taylor, and Mrs. Chas. Zimmer.

Prob. from Newark Valley Newspaper obituary DEATH OF OLDEST CITIZEN

Ransom J. Zimmer, life long resident of the town of Newark Valley and probably the town's oldest resident, died at the home of his son Bryant, just east of this village on Sunday July 16 at 1:45 p.m.
Funeral services were held at 1:30 Tuesday at the MacPherson funeral parlors and burial was at the Clifford Zimmer cemetary at East Newark. Rev. W.E. Elwood of the Methodist church officiated. Mr. Zimmer had been a particularly spry and active man of his age until some two months ago when he began to fail from a complication of troubles. He was down town the last about two weeks before his death. A great baseball fan, he seldom missed a home game of the local team in which his two grandsons are players and he attended his last game on the fourth.
The deceased was the last member of the family of ten children of the late Peter B. and Martha Saddlemire Zimmer, and was born on the Zimmer farm in a house that burned a few years ago near the summit of the hills east of this village. He was born on Feb.14, 1840 and most of his life was spent on the farm wherehe was born. His wife died 20 years ago. For the past twenty years he had made his home with his sons, Bryant and Thad
He had a family of four sons and three daughters. One son died in infancy and the three daughters are now also all dead. These were Kate, wife of Chauncey Shoutes, Azuba, wife of Oliver G. Zimmer; Grace, wife of Merritt Saddlemire. Three sons are living--Bryant and Thaddeus of this place and Orin of Nichols. He had 12 grand-children and 18 great grand-children.
Mr. Zimmer was probably the last of his generation of the native born sons and daughters of the early settlers of that section known as East Newark--people of German descent coming from Schoharie county. His father, Peter B. Zimmer, was as well the last survivor of his generation within months of his 100th birthday.

DEATH of Mrs. Finanda Zimmer

Mrs. Finanda Zimmer, aged 73 years, was found dead, Thursday morning about five o'clock. She had gotten out of bed sometime in the night and was lying on a couch in her room.[Finanda was the wife of the late Minor Zimmer] Mrs. Zimmer was well and favorably known here, having spend nearly all, if not all, her life in this vicinity, living with her son O. G. Zimmer, for a number of years; at whose home she died.
Funeral services will be held from her late home, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Funeral Director F. W. Witter. Rev. F. W. Young of the Methodist Episcopal church, will officiate and interment will be made in Hope Cemetery.
[written in ink: Jun 17, 1909]

Obituary: Probably from the Newark Valley newspaper. No date.

Almond J. Zimmer, a well known carpenter of Owego, died Tuesday eveningof pneumonia, aged 63 years.
He was born in East Newark, and the greater part of his life was spent in this town, he moving from here to Owego some 15 or 20 years ago. He is survived by one son and by his wife, a sister Ersken and Willard Kattell of this village.

Eli Zimmer

......died in the Lord in East Newark May 7th, agd 53 years. Brother Zimmer was born in the town of Knox,Albany Co., NY from whence he emigrated to the place of his death in early life. Here he lived until last September, witout a hope in Christ; when under the labors of Rev. G. H. Blakeslee, he was among a large number to seek the Lord. His conversion was marked and clear. He immediately joined the M. E. Church on probation, and exemplified a decided change of life up to the time of his death. His last sickness was short-his sufferings severe, but death found him prepared to go. He leaves a widow and two sons together with numerous friends to weep his sudden departure. May they all meet him in heaven. How blest the righteous when he dies!"

Obituary of Peter Zimmer -from the Newark Valley Herald.

Mr. Zimmer was born in Albany county, NY, August 12, 1799, and died Oct. 1, 1881. He moved with his family to this town and settled in East Newark 51 years ago last March. He was one of the pioneers in that part of the town. He has always worked hard, and by great labor, economy and perseverance, has secured for himself and family a good and comfortable home. He was strictly honest in all his dealings with his fellow men. He was a kind and accommodating neighbor. He had a genial, happy disposition which made him many friends. He was the father of nine children, seven of whom survive him. He was not a professed Christian, but he contributed to the support of the gospel every year, and gave something for the erection of the church in East Newark. His last sickness was very brief, and suddenly at the age of 82, he passed away. His funeral was largely attended in the East Newark Methodist church on Tuesday, Rev. W. J. Judd officiating.


--Mr. Paul Zimmer, of East Newark, died suddenly at his home on Friday evening of last week. He had been living alone for some time and on the afternoon of the day mentioned a relative called on him and found him not feeling well. In the evening he called again but found the house vacated. A light snow had fallen, however, and tracks were easily followed leading to the barn, near which Mr. Zimmer was found lying on the ground, close to a fence, having evidently been to the barn and on his return fallen in a fit. He was alive when found, but died shortly after.


Mr. Frederick Saddlemire, who died in East Newarkon Sunday, February 26th was born in Albany county, NY, on the 5th of October, 1808, and was consequently in his 74th year. He removed to this county, with his father, when about 21. And settled in East Newark, where he has since resided. He has always been a hard working frugal man, and was successful in accumulating property andbuilding up a comfortable home.


Daniel Zimmer, one of th oldest residents of East Newark was found dead in bed at home. He had been feeble several months; but around the house. Tus. Night he went up to his room as usual. He did not get up as early as usual, his daughter, Miss Josephine, who kept house for him, went up and found he had died during the night.
He was born in Knox , Albany Co., NY in 1814 and came with his father to his town in 1832, when they moved onto a tract of land where the farm of Alexander Saddlemire is now located. All that section at that time was pathless forest, and to get to the point where his village is located, the settlers followed a trail down around by way of the McCullough neighborhood. In 1835 Daniel married Mrs. Eva Schoolcraft who died in 1876. Two children born to them: Sylvenus Zimmer of Maine and Miss Josephine at home. The funeral held from his home Rev. J.B. Cook officiating.

OBITUARY: Dec. 1893

Mrs. Lyman Zimmer, ill for some time, died at her home in East Newark. The funeral was Monday, with the Rev. A. E. Decker conducting services.
Mrs. Zimmer's maiden name was Hannah Eliza Saddlemire, the daughter of Adam Saddlemire, one of the early settlers of the Eastern part of our town, coming here from Albany Co. 70 years ago. She was born in East Newark Sept 1844 and married nearly 29 years ago. Some 3 years ago she suffered a severe attack which developed into consumption and she has gradually failed since. Besides her husband, she leaves one son, Willie Zimmer.

Obituary March 1906

Elizas Zimmer, one of the oldest residents of this town, died at his home in East Neark, about four o'clock yesterday morning, aged nearly 93 years.
Mr. Zimmer was born in the town of Knox, Schoharie County, July 10, 1813, he being the third child and oldest son of Jacob Zimmer. In 1825 the father moved his family, consisting of his wife and eight children, to this town, making the trip with an ox team and cart and settled on the farm which since that time has been the home of Elias. As was the case with all early settlers, a log house was built in the woods and the work of clearing the land was begun. For years this has been one of the best kept farms of that part of the town.
In 1840 Elias married Miss Mary Settle, whose death occurred nine years ago [1897] and he is survived by three sons, Henry S., Asa W. and C. Wesley, all of this town. Mr. Zimmer has had remarkable health, his last illness being the first time he ever had to call a physician. For some six months he has suffered from gangrene in one of his toes and the development of this hastened the general breaking down of his system, he being confined to his bed for about three weeks.
Jacob Zimmer died in 1870 age 93 years and of his family of 5 sons and four daughters, Elias was the last one.
The funeral will take place from the home Saturday, at tow o'clock.

Sept? 9, 1916

Wesley Zimmer, a life long resident of this town, died at the home of Clarence Saddlemire at East Newark Wednesday afternoon. The funeral is held from the Saddlemire home today at 2:00 o'clock, Rev. W.W. Watrous officiating and burial is at the "Settle" cemetery.
The deceased was 68 years of age and a bachelor. He had made his home for years with his brother, Asa Zimmer, until nearly four years ago he suffered a shock, which rendered him helpless for a year or more. Later he recovered so as to be able to get about the house a little. Just a year ago an arrangement was made with the Saddlemires to care for him for the remainder of his life in return for such property as he owned, land he was taken to the Saddlemire home. About nine months ago he took to his bed and failed gradually.

Feb. 15, 1912

Daniel H. Zimmer, a well known resident of East Newark, died very suddenly yesterday at about 2:00 p.m. He had been in poor health from dropsy and heart disease for some two years, unable to lie down during that time, but recently he had been feeling better than usual and was about the house. He at a hearty dinner and soon after sank into a comatose state, and died in about an hour, from acute indigestion. The funeral will be hald at the house Sunday, at 2:00 p.m., Rev. W. Watrous officiating, with burial at the cemetery near the home. Onectah Tribe of Red Men of Union of which he was a member will have charge of the burial. Mr. Zimmer was also a member of Adelphic Lodge, I.O.O.F. of Union and the Union Post, G.A.R.
Daniel Zimmer was the son of Henry and Mary Zimmer and born at East Neark April 28, 1839. He has always lived in that section except about 13 years, when he lived at Endicott, returning here 8 years ago. He served three years in the 137th N.Y. Vols. during the war. He is survived by his widow, who has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Shoultes, also by the daughter, Mrs. Shoultes, and two sons, D.B. Zimmer of Sioux Falls, S.D. and I. E. Zimmer of Union. He leaves three brothers and one sister, Seymour Zimmer and Mrs. Charles Kenyon of this town, Martin and Minor Zimmer of Union Center.


Alex. Zimmer who was taken to the Soldier's Home at Bath last fall in failing health mentally and physically died at the Home Saturday. Supervisor Chamberlain was notified and he notified Mrs. Zimmer, who was recently taken to the W.R.C. Home at Oxford. The funeral will be held at the Home in Bath today and burial will be made in the Soldier's cemetery there. Mrs. Zimmer is unable to go and as far as known none of his relatives will attend. He leaves besides his widow, only one sister, Mrs. Juliette Lipe, at Union.
Mr. Zimmer was about 80 years of age and had been a life long resident of this town. He was a veteran of the civil war, enlisted in August, 1862, in Co. B. 109th Infantry and serving nearly three years.

[This Alexander is listed in the 1850 census with his father, Peter age 51, mother, Christine age51, and siblings: Katy 20, Nancy 14 and Juliet 6. In 1860 census he is listed still with his parents and siblings Catherine M. 33 and Julietta 17. In 1905 census of Tioga Co., NY he is listed as age 68 with wife Mary 65, and sister Katie M. 70. ]HO


After an illness covering a period of several years, Miss Kate M. Zimmer died at the home of her brother, Alex. Zimmer, last night at the advanced age of 83 years, 10 months and 17 days, from spinal trouble. Funeral services will be held from the East Newark M.E. church at the hour of regular service Sunday afternoon at rwo o'clock, Rev. F.W. Young officiating. Interment in the Settle cemetery.

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