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Betsy Greenway,

Peter Zimmer

Peter B. Zimmer was the father of Eva A. Zimmer Pitcher, Betsy Greenway's great-grandmother. Peter B. (to distinguish him from other Peter Zimmers) was born in Schoharie County, NY, September 15, 1804. He married Lucinda Schoolcraft, and together they migrated on foot to Newark Valley, NY.

Peter B. and Lucinda had nine children: Catherine "Kate", 1831; Nathaniel, 1835-1907; Emily, 1838; Ransom J., February 14, 1840-1933; Mary, 1841-1916, married John Taylor; Eva A., May 15, 1842-January 6, 1900 (married Harrison Pitcher, Betsy Greenway's great-grandfather); Anthony M., 1844-April 1, 1915; Marion, 1846-1849; and Manier, 1849-1927.

The family homesteaded land, which is still in the Zimmer family. Don Zimmer now lives on this property. Don is Peter B's great grandson. This photograph showing Peter B. at nearly 100 years old is the property of Don Zimmer of Newark Valley, Tioga County, NY. . Peter B. died June 15, 1904.

Lucinda Schoolcraft Zimmer's Bedspread

August 23, 2002: Cleaning out the attic yesterday, I came across a bedspread
made by my great-great grandmother Lucinda Schoolcraft Zimmer, the wife of
Peter B. Zimmer. I had packed it away some years ago, not knowing about ANY
Zimmers or genealogy, in fact. It is a white tufted bedspread and in large
letters is the following: Lucinda Zimmer, March 23, 1868. She would have been
61 years of age at the time she made the bedspread.

Bed Spread Close

Bed Spread Whole

About a year ago, I was put in touch with Elizabeth Howland Patch, who was born in Newark Valley. She sent Gerry Curkendal, Newark Valley Historical Society member, a picture of her aunt Anna Elizabeth Barr, the second wife of Harrison Pitcher, my great grandfather. On his stone it lists Anna, but until then, I hadn't known who Anna was. I wrote to Elizabeth and this is part of her response to me:

Letter from Elizabeth Howland Patch dated April 15, 2001:

"Dear Betsy, "Although we are not direct blood lines, do you suppose we might be what the former generations called "Kissing Cousins?"

"My daughter tried to get Lost Pitcher Homestead on the computer. She found some information by you. (

"Anna Elizabeth Barr, b. June 15, 1861, Pine Grove Mills, PA. She was a seamstress there, also a Presbyterian. Mother Isabelle Cole, b. Sept 13, 1823, father was David Barr, b. Oct. 6, 1813, all Presbyterians. Auntie Pitcher, we called Anna, died in 1937. She came to our home frequently, but I was too young to talk about ancestors at that time.

"Her second husband was Alfred Pitcher, a 1st cousin once removed of Harrison. They lived in the village of N.V. He died before 1937.

"After her (Anna's) death, my father, the town postman, acted as executor (for the Pitcher estate). He sold the house to Gerry Curkendall's grandparents for $1300, I think. I recall that my father (Fred Howland) sent the money and some furnishings to Uncle Harrison's relatives in Washington State. It seems there was a Helen--do you know? This would have been @ 1939-1940. There was nice furniture from Harrison." Elizabeth Howland Patch

From Betsy Greenway: The Helen who received the furniture, a cherry bedroom
set, was my mother, Helen Pitcher DeCan. I remember the furniture coming, even
though I was a little girl, because we didn't receive large gifts from others in
those days. The bedspread, which was made by Lucinda Zimmer, my great great
grandmother, must have been part of that lot. I still have the furniture, a
four-poster bed, originally with a rope mattress, and a large chest of drawers.
Perhaps these belonged to Peter B. and Lucinda, too. We'll probably never know.

There are many descendents of the Zimmers in this country, particularly in New York State. I am trying to piece together just a small portion of them. If any of you have additions or corrections to this piece, please get in touch with Betsy Greenway at:

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