Sesquicentennial Tribute to Our Willseyville Church 1987

By: Doris Austin


            Sesquicentennial Tribute to Our Willseyville Church 1987

            Our church still stands lovely white and tall,
            Nestled in the foothills - aflame with color in the fall,
            Ringing our a joyful message of welcome to one and all.

            During the years many pastors have graced our halls,
            Holding forth the Truth within these walls,
            Remembering Our Savior who walked among us on this earth,
            Redeeming sinners with a new rebirth.

            May our church always be a beacon
            For those who are adrift,
            Offering love and comfort and saving grace, 
            As Christ’s precious gifts.

            And may our church reflect that shining light 
            Of him who died for us,
            So that we too may follow Him
            And have that inner sight.

            And when at last our spirit ascends to meet our Lord so fair,
            And He asks, "Whence come ye, my children?"
            We will point to that little church and truly say,
            "We worshipped you there, my Lord,
            We worshipped you there!"

                             By Doris Austin



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