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Waverly's Commerative 125th Evening Times Sept. 17, 1979

By; Louise Shallenberger

Development of the Glen as a village park began as early as 1913 when the property was known as the Water Works Glen. Records of the Water Board show that in August of 1913, the Fire Council formally requested the right to build a wooden pavilion " On the level plot near the site of the stone crusher "

The letter stated " In making this request, we assume the initiative in a project which will ultimately end in the conversion of this beautiful spot of nature into a park for recreation, outings, picnics, etc. not equaled in this Valley "

Permission was granted and the park began to emerge from what is described by early residents as a marvelous wild area where children roamed through the brush and climbed the rocky ledges. One rock in the upper Glen is carved with the date 1866 and the name Blizard.

The area around the reservoir was developed as a farm and cleared for planting of white and Scotch pines that were ordered from the State Conservation Department in May of 1919. Ice was harvested from the reservoir for a number of years.

During the first years of this century, the Glen site, however was a marshy, overgrown area with a single dirt road cut through to allow a wagon to get to the foot of the falls. Another path was cut down to the Glen from the O'Brien farm at about the time the park was developed.

In the early 1920's, the park became the property of the Village of Waverly and a Park Commissioner was appointed. Through the years since that first pavilion was built, various projects of improvement and maintenance have been carried out.

Local civic and fraternal groups have donated many hours in upkeep and construction at the Glen and it is to their credit that the vision of the Fire Council in 1913 has been fulfilled.

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