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Sayre, Tioga Co., N.Y.

Permission given by: Evening Times of Sayre, PA

Transcribed by: Eloise Wilson


Waverly's Commerative 125th Evening Times Sept. 17, 1979


Talmadge Hill School # 4 was a one room rural school located at the four corners of the Talmadge Hill Roads in the Town of Barton, N.Y.

Three of the trustees of this school were William Koons, August Paul and Floyd Searles.

Some of the teachers were Diane L'Ameroux, Ethel Kreh Redman, Frand Otto and Lillian Coleman Douglass. Ethel Redman taught from Sept. 1929 through June 1930. There were not more than 20 pupils.

Delos Goodrich of Tioga Center was one of the District Superintendents. The school doctor was Dr. Doolittle.

This school was attended by the children of the Paul, Schweiger, Strope, King, Blackmyer, Searles, Quick, Wilbur, Laughlin and Barnhart families and others.

There was no school bus for transportation. The children had to walk to and from school in all kinds of weather.

The school was heated by a large wood stove. The only light was a kerosene lamp on the teacher's desk. Drinking water was obtained from the house near the school. This was kept in a pail with a dipper from which all the pupils and teacher drank.

Grades one through eight were taught by one teacher. A child could not enter school until he or she was eight years old. After leaving the rural school, the pupils would attend school in Waverly, N.Y. The children sat on double seats at their desks with a recitation bench in the front of the room.

When Ethel Redman was the teacher, she would prepare hot lunches for the children. Home canned vegetables and meat were furnished for hot soup by the pupils and Ethel would cook it on the wood - burning stove.

There were other teachers, trustees and pupils but their names were not remembered.

The above information was given by Joe Paul, Ethel Redman and Lillian Douglass.

Submitted by Pauline Kreh Perry.

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