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Waverly's Commerative 125th Evening Times Sept. 17, 1979


In Waverly, streets are named for people who were prominent in the formation of Waverly.

Among the streets named for early settlers or residents are Ball, Barker Place, Blizzard changed from the original spelling Blizard, Cadwell, Charles for Charles Attice who built the first house there, Clark and Clinton.

Two theories are present to explain Elizabeth Street. One is the honored wife of Judge Arthur Yates and the other that she was the wife of the first owner of the Tioga Hotel, C.A.Blake.

Florence Street is in memory of a young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dowd, Howard Street for Charles Howard, who also named neighboring Providence Street after his hometown in Rhode Island.

Geography, too, plays a part in the choice of street names, Cauyta Avenue, Chemung, Athens and Tioga Street and Pennsylvania Avenue were all given their names because of their location, direction or destination.

Center and Division are so named for apparent reasons. Other streets, however, no longer retain the features that gave rise to their names. Elm Street boasted large numbers of elm trees, planted by the Sawyer family ; Forest was opened through a wooded area; Hickory took it's name from a grove of very old hickory trees. Orchard was named because it originally passed through that section of the Hallett farm ( earlier the Spalding property ).

Pine Street was named because that portion of Waverly was originally covered by pine woods and springs along the right - of - way, accounting for Spring Street.

Park Avenue and Park Place both acquired their names because of proximity to Muldoon Park.

Park Place, once known as Maple Street, was at one time a private lane on the Elmer farm and featured a gate closing this lane to the public.

A great many of the streets in Waverly honor local and national leaders during different periods of the village's history. Elliott Street and Sawyer Place carry the names of landowners who gave the land. Wilbur Finch and William Tew opened the land that Wilbur and William Streets now cross.

Johnson was named for Dr. W.E. Johnson, an early village president. Lincoln honors Abraham Lincoln and was once named Main Street. Loder is for Benjamin Loder, the vice - president of the Erie Railroad.

Lyman Avenue carries the name of Moses Lyman, a prominent Waverly businessman. Moore Street is named for Hiram and Emmett Moore, local contractors who built many of the homes in Waverly. Orange Street is for the Erie agent in Waverly, Tracy Road after Gertrude Tracy who was the original owner of the Iron Kettle Inn.

The names Spalding ( often spelled Spaulding ) and Shepard are among the most often encountered. Spaulding Street, Spaulding brick building at 342 Broad Street and the upper floor of the Village Hall bear that name in recognition of the " Father of Waverly " - Owen Spalding.

The name Shepard is attached to the creek where John Shepard first settled, Shepard Road, the country club which is on the farm donated in memory of Prentice Shepard and Shepard Hall, and the first floor of the American Legion Hall.

After the above article appeared, a local contractor, Charles Jones, developed and named Catherine Lane in honor of his sister, Catherine Rumpff.

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