Smith Forman

Bruce Forman Pawlak

Reference: Transcribed from a newspaper clipping, name and publishing date of newspaper unknown, given to Bruce Forman Pawlak by his mother.

Obituary - Smith Forman

"Died at Nichols, NY, March 16, 1868. Smith Forman, aged 78 years. Gone! Another old landmark, and us of ...(three unknown words)... days will look in vain for his like again. Sturdy of mind + body; unflinching in principle; honest even in his prejudices; he commanded the respect of those from whom he differed most greatly. Where he had felled the forest trees and built his home, he lived in honored peace for fifty years, and when we crossed the swollen river to take a last look at his placid face, and sun the sunshine glint on the lowered coffin in the pleasant Riverside Cemetery... he had helped arrange he felt that few lives of 78 years had been fuller squared by the Golden Rule - that he had earned and was indeed sharing on everlasting peace."

Note: Handwriting was difficult to read... some words may not be correct.

Background information: Smith Forman was the third child and eldest son of Miles Forman (Patriot of the Revolutionary War) and Anna Platt. Smith Forman was probably named in honor of his mother's mother, Mary Smith. He was born 17 Feb 1790 in Bedford, Westchester County, New York. He is buried with his wife, Martha Miller.

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