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William Slate, Born: April of 1804 most likely in England Died: 7-7-1875 in Candor, N.Y.


1st Elenor Shulenburg Daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Rightmire) Shulingbargar Born: 4-4-1806 Died: 9-1834 during childbirth. Buried In Shindagan.

2nd between 1834/37 Lydia Olney daughter of Benjamin and Lydia (Thorpe) Olney

3rd around 1850. She is said to be buried at Applegate Corners.

Phoebe Slawson Born: 1823, Died: 4-9-1900, she is buried in North Candor Cemetery also known as the Snyder Hill Cemetery on West Candor Rd. Beside William and two of their daughters who died young.

To find the tombstones of William and his two daughters take Gridleyville Rd. to West Candor Rd. Go about 1/4 of a mile and on the right there is a cemetery hidden among a bunch of trees. Their stones are located in the front left hand corner of the Cemetery. Pheobe is buried with them but has no stone.

1st wife: Elenor Shulenburg

1) Catherine Slate, Born: about 1828 Died: after 1855 Married: Moses Contine Besemer and they resided in Michigan. He remarried after her early death.

2) Eliza Slate, Born:___ Died:___ Married: Abram Haskins Born:___ Died:___

3) Eleanor Amanda Slate, Born: 8-22-1834 Died: 12-1898 Married: 12-29-1852 to William Smith Born: 9-6-1824 Died: 2-21-1901

They had two other daughters who died in infancy. The order of the children’s birth is uncertain but Eleanor was the last.

2nd wife: Lydia Olney

1) Edgar Darwin Slate, Born: 1837 Died: 11-15-1866

2) Nelson Slate, Born 5-16-1840 Died: 5-19-1911 Married: 2-25-1868 to Mary Garphene daughter of Arnold and Martha (Legg) Blanchard Born: 3-11-1845 Died: 3-24-1928 Both buried in Jenksville.

3) Daniel Slate, Died: in infancy

4) Judson or Daniel Judson Slate, Born 8-14-1842 Died: 3-21-1918 Married: 1-1-1862 to Mary Ellen Wilson daughter of John and Alleura (Millard) Wilson Born: 9-13-1839 Died: 4-16-1916

5) Levi Slate, Died in infancy

3rd wife: Phoebe Slawson

1) Alphonso Washington Slate, Born:___ Died:___ Married: 1st Julia Wadsworth daughter of Henry and Mary (Eignor) Shulenburg Born: 8-10-1852 Died: 4-3-1878 2nd Augusta Bailey Born 8-20-1863 Died:___ Both buried in Candor

2) Lydia Maria Slate, Born: 9-20-1853 Died: 9-15-1915 Married: 1st James Lane Born:___ Died:___ 2nd in 1896, Thomas B. Blinn Born: 1837 Died: 1920 Both buried in Candor.

3) Olive L. Slate, Born: 8-1854 Died: 5-12-1860 of diphtheria

4) Evilene U. Slate , Born: 12-1856 Died: 5-24-1860 of diphtheria

5) Francis Marion Slate, Born: 8-15-1859 Died: 10-16-1935 Married: 1-23-1884 to Mary Compton daughter of Amos and Susan Maria (Curtis) Compton Born: 1-1-1866 Died: 6-3-1933.

From what I know of William Slate, he came over to America with his brother Daniel in 1808. They were brought to America by an Uncle who is said to have disappeared soon after their arrival. Not much is known about the early years of William or his brother. Around 1840 William was living at Applegate Corners in the town of Ulysses, Tompkins County, N.Y. He was employed as a teamster by William Speed, between Brookton, now Brooktondale, and Speedsville. In his latter years he lived in Candor.

Picture taken ca. 1912:


left to right

1st Row: Mary Lucinda Compton, Mary Louise Slate, Francis Slate

2nd Row: Cecil Mae Slate, Earl Marion Slate, Lydia Prudence Slate

3rd Row: Clifford Grant Foster, Viola Lavina (Slate) Foster, Pearl Nellie (Strait) Slate, Frank Elmer Slate, Grace Mable (Slate) Van Woert, George VanWoert

4th Row: William Amos Slate, Harley Lewis Slate

Picture taken ca. 1910-15

Thomas B. Blinn 1837-1920
Member of Company K, 33rd NY Volunteers
He had one son from his first marriage Charles E. Blinn

Lydia Maria Slate 9/20/1853-9/15/1915
Daughter of William and Phoebe Slawson Slate
Crippled since age 25 it was said the result of a bad tooth.
She had no children

Francis Marion Slate, son of William and Phoebe Slawson Slate, was born Aug. 15, 1858 at Wellstown, PA and died Oct. 16, 1935 at Candor, NY. He was a farmer and laborer and was killed by a runaway team of horses while saving the lifes of two of his grandchildren. He married, Jan. 23,1884, Mary Lucinda, daughter of Amos Lewis and Susan Mariah (Curtis) Compton, who was born Jan. 1, 1866 at Prob. Candor, NY and died June 3,1933 at Candor, NY. Both are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Their children:

William Amos Slate, born Apr. 3, 1885, died Mar.3, 1956, married Nov. 25, 1920, Mertie Lena, daughter of Irving LeRoy and Hattie Emma (Gibbons) Johnson. She was born Nov. 10, 1888, and died July 18,1956. Both are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Viola Lavina Slate, born Feb. 7, 1887 at Candor, NY, died Mar. 25, 1978 at Candor, NY, married May 10, 1911, Clifford Grant, son of Miles Riggs and Adeline (Orton) Foster. He was born May 9, 1890, and died Mar. 24, 1978. Both are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Charles Ellsworth Slate, died June 2 at Candor, NY, 1890 age 6 months

Grace Mabel Slate, born Apr. 25, 1891at Candor, NY, died Apr. 5, 1980, married Aug. 4 1909, George Andrews, son of Leb and Irene Amelia (Renolds) Van Wort. He was born Sept. 18, 1868 and died Sept. 8, 1962.

Frank Elmer Slate, born June 12, 1893 at Candor, NY, died Dec. 2, 1961, married May 24, 1913, Pearl Nellie, daughter of Delbert Herbert and Louise (Compton) Strait. She was born Feb. 12, 1895, and died July 9, 1958. (Male) Slate, died young

Harley Lewis Slate, born Jan. 1, 1897 at Candor, NY, died July 9, 1985, married Dec. 23, 1924, Ethel Leona, daughter of Stephen Elbie and Roseltha Jane (Goodsell) Woodruff. She was born June 6, 1906 at Laceyville, PA and died Feb. 6, 1992 at Candor, NY. Both are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Cecil Mae Slate, born born Sept. 10, 1899 at Candor, NY, died No. 28, 1917 at Johnson City, NY, married Nov. 27, 1917, Erving Roy, son of Stephen Hurbert and Ethel Dhu (Harvey) Hager. He was born May 10, 1898 and died Nov. 9, 1951. both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Lydia Prudence Slate, born May 8, 1902 at Candor, NY, died Jan. 11, 1974, married Sept. 4, 1920, Hobart Otto, son of Eddie and Bessie (Madison ) Dean. He was born Jan. 9, 1897 and died Jan. 14, 1957. Both are Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Glenn Slate, born Apr. 30, 1904 at Candor, NY and died Feb. 21, 1905 Candor, NY

Earl Marion Slate, born Jan. 21, 1906 at Candor, NY, died Mar. 19, 1957, married July. 30, 1932, Helen, daughter of William Gamble and Lydia (Heller) Bogart. She was born Oct. 16, 1912 and died Dec, 17, 1989. Both are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, NY.

Mary Louise Slate, born Aug. 23, 1908 at Candor, NY, died Dec. 12, 1960, married 1st July 10, 1926, Roy Herbert son of Belden and Kate Coats Silvernail. He was born Dec. 21, 1902 and died May 4, 1935. married 2nd Oct. 18, 1936, (Living) Andrews son of Herbert and Beatrice Ruth (Hollenbeck) Andrews. He was born Nov. 29, 1916. She is buried at Smith Valley Cemetery, Willseyville, NY.

Frank M. Slate Obit

Frank M. Slate, age 77 years, died almost instantly Tuesday morning shortly before noon, when he was run over by a runaway team of horses, as he sought to save from injury, his two grandchildren who were in the wagon drawn by the team.

Mr. Slate lived with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Foster, on their farm in Tuttle Hill. He was working in the barn when his grandson, Clifton Foster, 17 drove the team and wagon into the barnyard. In the wagon with Clifton were two other grandchildren of Mr. Slate, Arlene Silvernail and Richard Slate both five years old. Clifton got down from the wagon to drive several cows into the pasture, the gate of which had been left open.

While the youth was driving the cows, the horses started running. Mr Slate heard the noise and rushed out of the barn to grab the bridles as the team ran past. He clung to the bridles for about 15 feet, and then fell under the hoofs of the horses. In the mean time Clifton had caught onto the back of the wagon and succeeded in stopping the team in a short distance.

Dr. W. A. Moulton of Candor, one of the coroners of Tioga County, was called and he gave a verdict of accidental death.

Mr. Slate, who was well known and respected farmer of Candor is survived by eight children and a number of grandchildren. His four daughters are Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Irvin Hager, Mrs. Mary Silvernail, and Mrs. Hobart Dean, all of Candor. The four sons are Earl and Harley Slate both of Candor, William Slate of Brooktondale and Frank Slate of Owego.

Funeral services will be conducted Friday, Oct. 18, at 1:30 from the Baptist Church in this villiage. Burial will be in Maple Grove


Mrs. Frank M. Slate, Sr.

Mrs. Frank Slate passed away Saturday morning, June 3, 1933, following a long illness. She was the daughter of Amos and Maria Curtis Compton and was born Jan. 1, 1866 . She is survived by her husband, four daughters, four sons, nine grandchildren, and two brothers, John L. Compton of Binghamton and Charles D. Compton of this villiage, as well as an uncle, Lyman Compton of Ithica. Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church Monday afternoon. Reverand L. M. Blackmer, officiating. Burial was at the Maple Grove Cemetery.


Planning ways to help us all day long
Doing things to keep us well and strong
Giving her best to us from the start
Who is there like mother and wife?
Bless her heart!

My great Grandmother Viola Slate died when I was three. I do remember going to her house once. The memory seems more like something that I dreamed because I was so young. My sister asked why she had so many wrinkles. Embarrassed my dad a little.

I have heard some funny stories and can share them.

Glenn Andrews the only one living from the list I sent you. He told me that Grandmother Viola was driving to town with her sister Grace. They had to cross some railroad tracks and there was a train coming. She didn't see it and made it across the tracks but it took her spare tire off the back of the car she was driving. I heard two versions of what happened next. One person said that she kept driving and didn't know that anything had happen until she was on her way home from the store and saw people looking for the car that was hit by the train. Then noticed that her tire was missing. Another source said that she did know what happened and it really shook her up.

I like Glenns version best.


Lounsberry School District on the corner of Raish Hill and Straights Corners Road Ca. early 1930's

From left to Right

Back Row: Fred Jantz, Clifton Foster, Harley Foster, Leonard Wilkins, Herrman Jantz
Front Row: Angnes Cozdeba, Gay Wilkens, Mary Ella Dean, Ella Jantz, Emile Jantz, Mary Lou Raish

Also the thing that looks like a face behind the boys is not a person. Just something on the school house that comes across looking like a face.

My grandfather was Harley Foster of Candor NY. He is standing next to his brother Clifford and their cousin Mary Ella (Dean) Andrews.

I did hear a good story told by my grandfather. He said that once during the winter his father Clifton Foster thought that he and his brother had skipped school because there were no foot prints in the snow. Gandpa had said that the snow had frozen over and that he and his brother could walk on it without sinking in and therefore left no prints. But there father gave them both spankings for it.

I did an interview with Mary Lou Raish on Tioga County One Room School Houses and the CD is at the Candor Free Library. I have the whole interview transcribed on my computer but the audio version sounds really good.

There is an audio documentary at the Candor Library that would be great.

Candor Free Library
2 Bank St., PO Box 104
Candor, NY 13743
(607) 659-7258 (voice)
(607) 659-7500 (FAX)

Mon, Wed, Fri 2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Tue, Thurs 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon
2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon
2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

The CD is 30 min. Long. It includes Mary Lou (Raish), Ross Gillette and Arlene (Silvernail) Gillette. The story's are both funny and memorable.

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