Owego High School Autographs
85 signatures from Owego's past

Donated by: Adam Austin Arnold


Adam Austin has listed here the autographs contained in 2 autograph books in his posession. If your relative is in the list and you would like a copy of what your relatives signature looked like, that can be arranged.


I feel these "autographs" are of 16-19 old schoolmates of:


from Owego High School. There are a lot of "O.H.S"s scribbled on many of them.

Again Elizabeth Inez OLMSTEAD/BRADLEY is my g-grandmother, and I'm compiling her history as well as the my ARNOLD history, and then my BRADLEY history, all in Tioga county since 1830.

My grandfather, Harold Seymour ARNOLD Sr., of Southside Dr., learned auto mechanics working for the Halstead brothers garage on Court St. In 1922, he purchased L. E. NICHOLS garage on Church St. and hence Arnold's Garage. I have two Photos of him and several friends taken in 1922, in front of HALSTEAD's garage on Court st.

Inez Elizabeth (Olmstead) Bradley's Owego High School Autograph book
1. TERWILLIGER, Dasa, Owego, NY
2. OLMSTEAD, Frank H. Aged 15 years (Inez' brother or cousin)
4. FORSYTHE, George F. Jan. 15, 1884, age 17
5. VANGORDER, Minnie, "Round as a ring that has no end. So is my love to you, my friend."
6. VANGORDER, Lena , July 13, 1840
7. OLMSTEAD, Maggie E. Dec 30, 1883, 41 years, (Inez' mother)
8. CHONG, Lee, "Hong Kong, China"
9. SALISBURY, M. (C?). Dunnsville. Albany Co. NY August, 13th 1887
10. BRINKMAN, W. A. Dunnsville, NY, August 15, 1887 "Inez, Remember this and bear in mind, a handsome fellow is hard to find. And when you get him on your wing, don't let him slip for anything"
11. BUZZE(L), Theodore D , Dunnsville, NY August 15, 1887
12. RAMINE, D. A. Owego, NY, December 30, 1883 "Inez, When I am old and the tale of love is told to you. Remember it is all well that ends well
13. SIGNOR, Lizzie, "Your Friend" Owego NY
14. CROUNCE, Mrs. George B. (Inez' Aunt) Dunnsville NY August 15,th 1887
15. JOO(R), John F. Dunnsviille, August 28, 1887, "Thy beaming smiles me thinks I see when far away remember me."
16. LOUNSBURY, Emma Owego, NY January 9th,1884 "Mathew 5-8 Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. Your S.S. Teacher Emma Lounsbury"
17. JOO(R), Sophia, Dunnsville, August 25, 1887 "To Inez, Short the time since first I met you, Short has out acquaintance been, But I never shall for get thee, nor forget to call you friend."
18. OLMSTEAD, Freeborn Wilsey, Owego NY, December 30th, 1883 Aged 44 years (Inez' Father)
19. COOK, Kate, Owego NY "Ever your friend"
20. OLMSTEADFannie, Owego December 30th, 1883 (Inez' Aunt)
21. THOMPSON, Welles, Owego, May 4th, 1886
22. HANGLADDER, John, Dunnsville, August 23, 1887
23. POWELL, Frank, May 4th 1886, "Long may you live, and happy may you be. When you get married, come and see me."
24. BRINKMAN, Jesse M. August 30th 1887
25. CROUNCE, Chester B , Dunnsville, August 6th 1887(Inez' cousin)
26. STEINBACH, Dora L. Albany City, August 25th 1887
27. MORTON, Guy W. Owego, 1887
28. KING, Willie, Owego
29. KINNEY, Willis D.
30. MANN(IS), Minnie, Owego, November 21st 1887 "Honor and shame from no condition lie, act well your part, there all honor lies. Sincerely Yours,"
31. HUTCHINGSON, Alice M. Owego, January 17th 1884
32. BUFFUM, Maude October 20th 1887
33. PURPLE, Marion W. Owego, October 28th 1887, "Pray do not be so fickle, as to love each man you see, or you'll get into a pickle before you are 23. Your friend and schoolmate)
34. PURPLE, Maude H.
35. PURPLE, Frank
36. CORTRIGHT, Florence Owego, November 20th 1887, "An ounce of pluck is worth a pound of luck"
37. MEACHUM, Ella.M. Owego, "Friends may come and friends may go, but the dearest friend I have is Mother"
38. TERWILLIGER, Cora, Owego.
39. FORSYTHE, Nellie Owego, "The best I can do is give you my autograph"
40. FORSYTHE, Addie Owego, January 15,1884 "Dear Little Inez, May your life be long and happy. Your well wishes."
41. CROUNCE, George Byron, Owego (Inez' Uncle)
42. S. L. ROMINE, Owego, December 30th 1883 "Last but not least"

Inez Elizabeth (Olmstead) Bradley's Owego High School Autograph book

1. HART, Irving S. O.H.S. February 1st 1889.
2. KIMBALL, Clarence Owego, February 1st 1889
3. DAVIS, Nellie E. Owego. "Remember the pill that wrote uphill"
4. DUNHAM, Lida Owego, "I've looked these pages oer' and oer', to see what others wrote before, and in this little lonely spot, I'll here inscribe "forget me not"" "Up to Addie's party" "Carrying note for Miss S.
5. NICHOLS, Leila H. Owego, November 1st 1889
6. TOWNSEND, Carrie Owego "My hair is of golden color." "Lilla Berger"
7. BUFFUM, Maude Owego, November 15th 1889
8. BARTH, Jennie Owego February 4th, 1889 "Tis not the cold and formal drawl
9. That makes the in-ward flame, But tis' the song that glows like fire, the song f(u)lling hearts inspire, a music worth the name."
10. PENNY, Henrietta Owego. "Your album is a golden spot, in which to write forget me not."
11. WEBSTER, (?), Owego January 16, 1889 "remember thy creator in the days of thy youth."
12. MALONEY, Jennie Owego, "Brevity being the soul of wit, I write my name and then I quit."
13. MALONEY, Marguerite M., Owego, October 9th 1889
14. MILLER, Edith L. Owego. July 7th, 1889 "May you my friend be ever blest, by friends selected from the best, and may you in return extend, the gem of love to every friend."
15. STEVENS, Nora A. Owego, November 15th 1889
16. HODGE, Essie Owego, October 8th, 1889 "My wish for you my "Inez" dear, is that you may live the Lord to fear, that you may live a happy life, and make some man a "tip-top" wife."
17. MAWHINEY, Nattie Owego, "If you wish to partake of heavenly joys, think more of your prayers and less of the boys"
18. NUMAN, Libbie Owego, October 7th 1889
19. COBURN Carrie, Owego, January 16th 1889 "May heaven protect and keep you from every sorrow free, and grant thee every blessing my earnest wish for you."
20. NICHOLS, George S Owego, November 1st 1889 "Ever remember, your friend"
21. RODMAN, Libbie Owego, November 1st 1889
22. RODMAN, Anita(?), Owego,
23. GOODRICH, Lora October 9th 1889, "What is the matter with the hill? Who did it?"
24. WELSH, Nellie Owego, October 9th 1889 "Love me little, love me long, is the burden of my song"
25. TUTTLE, Alfred Owego, February 4th 1890, "7th grade"
26. SEARLES, Nora Owego, "When fences may divide us and you no more I see, remember tis' Nora that often thinks of thee."
27. HODGE, Mertie B. Owego "Remember me tis' all I ask this simple (boon?) of the and Let it be an easy task to sometimes think of me."
28. KEELER, Ruby L. Owego, October 31st 1889 "Seaweeds float, but pearls lie deep"
29. PURPLE, Maude, Owego, November 1st 1889 "Love me little, love me big, and love me like a little pi
30. STORM, Mamie, Owego, October 3rd 188(5)
31. WEBSTER, Fanny, Owego, October 31st 1889 "True friend like pearls are rare" "Barns Falls"
32. GILL, Mamie E, Owego, November 17th 1889 "compliments of your friend"
33. REDDING, Mamie, Owego
34. CORRIGAN, Charlie, Owego, February 1st 1889
35. HIGBIE, Ruby, Owego, November 15th 1889
36. SIGNOR, Lizzie, Owego, October 9th 1889
37. DARROW, Li(lien) E. Owego, November 14th 1889
38. MARTIN, Maude, Owego, October 9th 1889
39. BRADLEY, Clair L., Owego, May 30th 1890, June 1st 1890, July 8th 1890, (this man was Inez' "soon to be" husband) "College and everything"
40. VINCELETT(?), Mina, Owego, November 1st 1889, We must not hope to be mowers, and gather the ripe golden ears, until we have first been sowers, and watered the furrows with tears. It is not just as we take it, the mystical world of ours, Life's field w ll yield as we make it, a harvest of thorns or flowers."
41. SEARL, Fanny, Owego November 15th 1889
42. STEELE, Donna, Owego, "Remember the friend who wrote in the end"
43. FURMAN, Addie, Owego, October 9th 1889 "Last but not least"

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