Shoultes and Related
Family Profiles

Terrell Wayne Shoultes
17582 123rd Terrace
Jupiter, Florida 33478

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First Generation

Jacob I. Shoultes
Elizabeth I. Lippe

Second Generation

Mary A. Greene
Mary A. Kenyon
Rhuhanna McElroy
Dason G. Shoultes
Elias Shoultes
Elijah Shoultes
George Jacob Shoultes
Ira Jacob Shoultes
Lana (Snapp) Shoultes
Peter Adam Shoultes
Rebecca Brougham Whitmarsh Shoultes
Sarah S. (Perry) Shoultes
Seneca Shoultes
Seymour Lyman Shoultes
Sophia Young Shoultes
William H. Shoultes
Emaline (Shoultes) Snapp
Catherine Zeh
Sally Ann Zimmer

Third Generation

Emma Shoultes Baldwin
Elizabeth Baird
Mary Snapp Chrysler
Nancy (Shoultes) Niefer
Nancy M. Schoolcraft
Abigail A. Shoultes
Charles Shoultes
Charles Henry Shoultes
Chauncey Shoultes
Chauncey Shoultes
Edward William Shoultes
Fred Charles Shoultes
Hannah (Rachael) (Leeds) Shoultes
Ira Adam Shoultes
Jacob Henry Shoultes
Kate (Zimmer) Shoultes
Malvina Shoultes
Mary Alice Shoultes
Mary (Brick) (Johnson) Shoultes
Mary Dodge Shoultes
Mary Elizabeth Shoultes
Owen Brighton Shoultes
Seymour Shoultes
Edward Snapp
Henry O. Snapp
Myra Snapp
Mary Elizabeth (Shoultes) Stevens
Elnora E. Westcott
Ella C. (Shoultes) Westfall

Fourth Generation

Velma (Chrysler) Cleveland
Carrie (Shoultes) Daniels
Arthur William Shoultes
Dora (Quick) Shoultes
Elmer E. Shoultes
Erman Francis Shoultes
Melvin Ozeas Shoultes
Rhoda (Henry) Shoultes
William E. Shoultes
Wilma (Cole) Shoultes

Fifth Generation

Lloyd Francis Shoultes
Paul Henry Shoultes
Vera Rhoda Shoultes

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