First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y.

Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D.

Feb. 21, 1867 - July 1, 1896

Donated by:
Jan Barrett


The following were copied in the mid-1950s by Miss Nellie D. Vothers, member of Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter, D.A.R., Newark Valley, N.Y. A transcription of the original lists was found in Volume 215 of miscellaneous compiled DAR records and transcriptions, on microfilm at the New York City Public Library.

A note at the top of the listings says:
"Filed in Tioga Co. Clerk's Office at Owego, N.Y. by Charles R. Dean, Sr., representing the First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y. on Oct. 25, 1922." Susan Richardson, County Clerk (in 1922)

All spellings, some obviously misspelled, are exactly as on the original onionskin paper typescript, which had been typed on a manual typewriter. Some letters were difficult to discern on the microfilm. Words in () are in parentheses on the typescript and probably made by Miss Yothers. Words in [] are the present typist not making a guess with the microfilm. The site coordinator has no information about couples and persons mentioned below.


Date Marriage

Feb 21 William Wolcott and Pluma L Barton
Mch 2 William Powers and Angeline Thorton (Thornton)
Mch 12 George R Smith and Louisa Fredenburg
Mch 13 Eugene L Harris and Mary E Tilletson
Mch 18 Fred Rounds and Hattie S Whittemore
Mch 19 Eugene Harrinton and Jane Bruff
Ap 2 Charles A. England and Lissie Curtis
Ap 3 Barton P. Harper and Laura E Whittemore
Ap 13 Dewitt L Cole and Carrie C Dodge
Ap 18 William Rising and Mary Leisure
May 30 William Head and Kate Fiddis
June 6 Frederick R Weed and Lucy Truman
June 15 Egbert Whittemore and Orissa Leadbetter
June 19 Harry Jewett and Esther Finly
June 22 Clark Lambert and Jennie Rosell
July 4 Charles C Conklin and Delphene A. Cole
Aug 4 Abram W Osburn and Josephine Morse
Sept 4 C. H. Mosley and Ann Seargeant
Oct 24 Peter J Robertson and Mary C Reynolds
Aug 1 George S Starer and Mary R Starr
Sept 1 Edward K Osborne and Lydia A Barden
Sept 4 Francis M Blackman and Ella A Griffing
Sept 26 Elson Tidd and Emeline (Mrs) Murphy
Sept 30 Esra S Bardon and Anna J Gerritson
Oct 11 William H Knigh and Josephene L Schoonmaker
Oct 15 Geroge Shaw and Sarah Schoonmaker
Oct 16 Orville Nelson and Lydia A Mead
Oct 22 Rial Walker and Calista E Dearborn
Oct 23 Niles Englis and Josephine Hunt
Nov 9 James F Sharp and Sarah Canada
Nov 19 Robert B Murry and Jennie F. Pinney
Dec 11 David W Rumph and Betsey Cornell
Dec 16 Alexander Morgan and Sarah (Mrs) Mills
Dec 18 Luther Badger and Emah Reed
Dec 19 John B Truman and Carrie S Ketcham
Dec 24 Lyman B Truman and Mary Beers

Jan 1 W H Smith and Lettie Stevens
Jan 6 John Sims and Sarah A Davis
Jan 24 W H Brower and Lucy Davis
Jan 27 John Merkle and Louisa Dickinson
Jan 30 Hiram J Cooper and Emeline Smith
Mch 4 E B Williams and Mary J Dobson
Mch 7 Charles S. Wood and Lissie Elliott
Mch 31 Gilbert Holmes and Dora Mersereau
Apr 22 David B Kelly and Jennie Gaige
Apr 25 Edmund S Catlin and Emma Truesdale
Apr 29 John T. Corchran and Mary J Blair
May 13 Menso V Draper and Fanny Lewis
Sept 2 William A King and Dell A Smith
Sept 7 Andrew L Vannorstran and Sarah M Cure
Sept 9 Abraham Bogardas and Eva M Fearon
Sept 14 William G Foster and Emma Vickery
Oct 6 Calvin S Kimball and Helen A Putnam
Oct 14 Fred G Jewett and Lucy Sarll
Nov 16 Anthony Compton Jr and Emma Covert
Nov 18 William Male and Susan A Taylor
Nov 19 C G Lambert and Annie Pinney
Dec 2 John M Gimmer and Mary M Neifer
Dec 15 Homes W Russel and Clarissa P Badger
Dec 16 J B Winters and Emma D Smith
Dec 19 James I Higbee and M. Dell Miller
Dec 23 James H Rising and Callie Rodman
Dec 24 Albert Miles and Lucy S Maslen

Jan 6 Benj. F Avery and Nettie Lowdn (Loudn)
Jan 12 George A King and Leonora L. Dean
Jan 14 F B Kendall and Frances E Taylor
Jan 23 Don Gibson and Franky Moot
Mch 2 Gilbert E Webster and Dellie Ingersoll
Mch 17 Royal Wood and Laura I Barton
Mch 18 Perry H White and Weltha Conklin
Mch 24 George W. Andrews and Eliza A Williams
Apr 7 Robert Nelson and Orpha (Mrs) Allen
Apr 22 John Dolan and Abbie Shirley
May 18 Upham Griffith and Sarah Holland
June 1 Austin R Cole and Isabel Smith
June 8 William S Truman and Katie Steadman
June 14 Emmett Barton and Helen R Pearl
June 15 Rufus P Roberts and Anna Belden
June 29 Frank Finch and Sarah E Cole
July 5 Avery Whitmarsh and Sarah Danforth
Sept 14 George S Chatfield and Elle G Fritcher
Sept 18 Alfred Walace and Matilda Stewart
Sept 22 George A Shepard and Eliza A Lovejoy
Nov 4 Charles A. Cowell and Jennie M. Henderson
Nov 21 Jacob C Schoonoyer and Lucy A. Hagadorn
Nov 25 Edgar Hoover and Etta Fuller
Dec 9 Eddie Edwards and Mary Cafferty
Dec 14 Horace Chandler and Emily Whitmarsh
Dec 16 Henry Brink and Kate McGovern
Dec 20 Delvan E Spencer and Mary E Dinehart
Dec 27 J. D. DeGroat and Addie D Wait
Dec 29 John H Sairs and Elizabeth Smith
Dec 30 Eber S Hakes and Catherine M Catlin

Jan 5 James E Smith and Mary E Kingman
Jan 19 Gershim Bumell and Margret McMahan
Jan 26 Frederick K Towsend and Elisa J Hickok
Feb 15 Gilbert T Truman and Alice T Steel
Mch 6 Stilman Putney and Elisa J Tucker
Mch 8 Nathaniel Rundell and Franky Niles
Apr 13 Samuel D Williams and Alice R Merrill
May 17 Erastus Goodrich and Phebe Ann Dodge
June 9 James E Cooper and Mahala Pierce
June 22 Alfred Boughten and Nancy Whipple
June 22 T E Royall and Emily Jewett
July 4 Arthur B McNeil and Amanda Worrick
Sept 1 Ira D VanCampen and Nancy C Wiltse
Sept 6 Brainard C Springsteen and Mary Brown
Sept 30 W J McMichael and Mattie Billings
Oct 12 William Gaskill and Huldah Smith
Oct 19 Judson (Dr) Beach and Susie Sherwood
Nov 1 Sewell Pettigrove and Mary L Curtis
Nov 2 James Lounsberry Jr and Marcia Whipple
Nov 2 George A Ingersoll and Huldah S. Cornell
Nov 3 William L Truesdill and Kesiah J Doty
Nov 16 William A Holdridge and Mary L Babcock
Dec 6 Charles H Judson and Grace L Skinner
Dec 22 John Tallman and Elisa Buffington
Dec 28 W. M. Adams and Annie S Adams

Jan 1 Henry H Richards and Hattie J Young
Feb 1 J E Dwellie and Dell E Dean
Feb 14 Lewis C Houk and Martha E Thomas
Feb 25 Joseph Luddington and Rhoda Swartwood
Mch 9 Albert Pritchard and Amelia Lake
Mch 21 George H Bassett and Lizzie E. Ketcham
Apr 12 Charles S. Becker and Laura D Smith
June 7 Dexter D Brown and Libbie C Lamont
June 17 Willim N Walter and Nancy J Bakeman
July 4 David Hand and Hannah L Brougham
July 8 William E White and Florence E Hanlon
July 15 Claron Blewer and Mary Blackman
Aug 27 Benjamin Nolton and Fanny Strait
Sept 3 Charles T Kellogg and Helen A Pults
Sept 21 George W. Hull and Christina E Rising
Sept 21 Gaylord Hull and Mary R Vermilya
Sept 26 Charles P Guiles and Martha E Nelson
Sept 30 O N Green and Kate M Tyler
Oct 3 Levi Marquart and Amanda M. (Mrs) Doty
Oct 10 Stephen S Goodrich and Mary E Stiles
Oct 25 Charles L Wood and Frankie S Kellicutt
Oct 25 John R Lyon and Carrie A Conklin
Oct 26 Clarance F Norton and Alice E Vandemark
Oct 26 Jesse D Decker and Lavernia L Vandemark
Nov 16 E W Jackson and Olive P Farnham
Nov 23 George H Day and Alice Farnham
Dec 20 Wiliam F H and Alice A Cook
Dec 20 Francis M Grove and Mary Adaline Tunison
Dec 24 Joseph Brougham and Ida R Cornell
Dec 26 Robinson W Barton and Mellissa S Hills

Jan 29 Herrick J Phelps and Laura A Ferguson
Feb 4 Warren E Slocum and Viola A Goodrich
Feb 6 Samuel H Vanness and Sarah D Hagadorn
Mch 14 Henry K Ruttan and Gertrude Wiggins
Mch 19 William H Watkins and Esther A Woodburn
Apr 11 David J Stephens (age 18 and Ruth Amelia Crandall
May 4 Charles Dunham (age 20) and Evelyn Winans (age 17)
May 27 John A Clark and Sarah M Dunham
May 30 William H Knowlton and Sarah E Schoonover
June 1 Walter Simmons (age 22) and Clara Nash (age 16)
June 29 Charles J Dodge and Kate Cole
July 1 Ephraim French and Ann E Miller
July 3 George B Purple and Julia F Hayes
July 16 Joseph A Fuller and Marrion B Ruttan
July 18 J. Waldo Belcher and Ann Rhyon
Aug 11 Eben Orsborn and Sarah Decker
Aug 20 George H Signor and Alice F Stetler
Sept 7 Henry M Hayden and Elisabeth James
Sept 11 Albert S Williams and Anna L Casterline
Sept 17 Albert T Lamoureux and Lucy L Allen
Oct 2 Samuel Hunt and Elisa Slawson
Oct 13 P G White and Bella Seymour
Oct 23 M C Wells and May Bell Armstrong
Oct 30 Garrett R House and Amanda Cook
Nov 6 William J Best and Susan A White
Nov 9 Edward W Shirley and Jennie Cornwell
Dec 17 John H Myers and Dellie A (Mrs) Vail
Dec 23 James Ryan and Jennie McHenry
Dec 24 Fred E Brook and Alice Munn
Dec 24 William B Morgan and Jennie Wheaton
Dec 24 Romeo Baker and Julia Leek
Dec 24 Henry W Sherwood and Hattie Goss

Mch 1 Lyman H Jones and Addie Hoose
Mch 1 George W. Jr Barton and Mary Watson
Apr 23 George W. Teed and Kittie M Tunison
May 1 Julius S Haradon and Mattie R Sawyer
June 12 Herbert E Spring and Lottie C Doty
June 15 Edward Darby (Vernon, Ill) and Mary M Dunham (Owego, Tioga Co, NY)
July 8 F. Fayette Hoskins and Mary M Conklin
Aug 2 Michael Rhyan and Addie Anson
Sept 2 Jared Foote and Alice Vermilya
Sept 10 John J Conklin and Julia D Forbs
Sept 20 Lyman Harrington and Orlinda Ward
Sept 25 John H McCaslin and Ida J Smith
Oct 1 Weiss Hine and Mary J Wood
Oct 22 Edgar R Beecher and Mary Libbie Wicks
Oct 22 George W Storm and Nellie J Beers
Oct 22 J T Greenleaf M.D. and Hattie A Meeker
Nov 9 Nelson Burchard and Jennie Parmerton
Nov 12 B H Davis and Hattie Hunt
Nov 13 Churchill Denel and Jennie Northrup
Nov 20 Nathaniel S Shirley and Ella F Lette
Nov 26 Frank L Steel and Armine Delano
Nov 26 William F Brigs and Hattie Alger
Dec 17 Charles H Kanolt and Delle A Pritcher
Dec 17 Elias Burchard and Carrie E Mead

Jan 1 F L Barton and Maggie E Marquette
Jan 8 John G Steel and Bessie Best
Feb 2 Geoge W Lewis and Lida Doolittle
Feb 5 Walter R Noteware and Lucie A House
Feb 24 Esra Andrews and Temperance Jennings
Feb 26 W E Corchran and Augusta V Pultz
Mch 4 Charles H Slocum and Ellen L Mills
Mch 17 James Dunham and Jane Warner
Mch 17 Frank J Beers and Helen A Thomas
Apr 16 Charles F Washburn and Jennie Pollock
June 4 A H Fitch and Maude F Hanna
June 10 Charles E Goodrich and Mary E Raymond
June 14 Jacob Wilder and Susan Murray
Aug 17 Philip Selover (age 21) and Nettie Durkee (age17)
Aug 29 John J Jenkins and Esther A Dunham
Sept 17 Judson Sturdevant and Lucy Decker
Sept 22 Peter Moot and Hannah Foster
Sept 24 Edward F Swift and Lovina N Searl
Sept 30 Gilbert F Steele and Mary E Kile
Sept 30 Frank Sairs and Bella Wright
Oct 11 William Hyde and Sarah Whitmarsh
Oct 28 Orson Higbee and Addie Ingersoll
Oct 28 George Walter and Jennie M Bostwick
Nov 5 Tracy Whitmarsh and Rosa Hughs
Nov 12 James J Lewis and Addie N Nichols
Dec 15 Alvah Towsand and Ellie Blow
Dec 16 Clarence F Clapp and Jennie M Sairs
Dec 17 W. P Townley and Eva A Baker
Dec 24 Foster C Gifford and Josie A Buckley
Dec 27 E D Coburn and Frankie E Lewis

Jan 6 William A Allen and Libbie Fraser
Feb 24 Adolphus C Johnson and Mary Babcock
Mch 24 William G Thompson and B Virgie Mersereau
Mch 29 Lyman Witter and Anna Mericle
May 20 Lorans Shupp and Emily Caple
May 26 Frank D Lyons and Mary E Smith
June 17 Benjamin Mersereau and Florence Smith
Aug 17 John Masten and Amanda A Warner
Aug 17 Stephen Paris and Emma J Babcock
Sept 1 Leonard Gowe and Frankie Leonard
Sept 9 William Cornell and Frances Eldridge
Sept 16 George Gibson and Julia Racment
Sept 22 J L Foot and Susie V Harding
Oct 23 John A. VanAuken and Luella Russell
Oct 17 George Lainhart and Elizabeth C Odgen
Oct 24 Archy L Baker and Libbie J Rose
Oct 25 Henry W Sherwood and Anna Coss
Nov 30 Stapleton Minor and Mary Holms (colored)
Dec 8 Andrew Young and Chastian (Mrs) Sanford
Dec 15 Frank W Carpenter and Ida A Dunham
Dec 22 Grove G Moore and Margret M Fullmer
Dec 25 Charles S Gardner and Mary A Ring
Dec 28 William Dennison and Emilie A Coe

Jan 18 Fernando McCann and Susan A Gardner
Feb 8 Charles A Recordon and Amy S Williams
Feb 14 Frank C Stuby and Georgette Squire
Mch 8 William A Millrea and Helen G Stiles
Mch 13 G H Case and Ella Conklin
Mch 15 Charles F Tilbury and Emma C Whitney
Mch 21 Charles W Buck and Laura Bradt
Ap 11 Merrit E Webster and Julia A Jackson
Ap 13 William Morgan and Orpha A Gillett
Ap 26 Henry Morse and May Augusta Catlin
Ap 30 Henry S Burke and Emma J Strait
May 3 Charles A Herrick and Clara J Kendrick
May 4 Harrison Bostwick and Maggie G Pearl
June 1 Edwin J Dexter and Emma B Rutherford
June 1 Marcus Livingston and Adell Evens
July 17 Charles Bishop and Olive Whiting
July 22 Fay Ferris and Mary J (Mrs) Catlin
July 25 Martin Cowley and Flora E White
Aug 1 Abram Brockum and Ida A Dennison
Sept 6 John G Baker and Mattie Elliott
Sept 20 Edgar Zabriskie and Esther A Balch
Sept 23 William Conklin (age22) and Helen Stevens (age 17)
Oct 1 David R Best and Ellie U Cook
Oct 3 Charles E Schoonmaker and Katie Lown
Oct 8 John Carlyle and Helen Hover
Nov 9 Nelson H Lyons and Emelia E Rose
Nov 15 Frank L Pierce and Mattie Cooley
Nov 16 W H Green and Katie Crandall

Feb 12 George W Case and Ellen Tillinghast
Feb 27 Roswell Snow and Linda Caples
Ap 11 Warren Mallory and Elisa Vanness
Ap 18 Ephraim Burlington and Sapha Ott
May 9 Isaac DeHart and Cornelia A Lamonte
May 16 Charles D Watkins and Eugenie M Easton
June 14 S D Crawford and Jane Hilton
June 28 Olin R Enos and Helen Campbell
July 1 Thomas M White and Emma James
Sept 11 John Terwilligar and Ella Parmataer
Oct 3 Melvin Aldrich and Roxy Robertson
Oct 17 Franklin Patch and Susie M Nolton
Nov 12 Morris E Crandall and Grace Greenwood
Nov 24 William G Baker and Addie E Woughter
Dec 5 Thompson P Reeder and Emma J Ives
Dec 6 Lyman Legg and Laura A (Mrs) Holcomb
Dec 10 Isaac J Letts and Charlotte D Shirley
Dec 12 Charles R Dean and Minnie E Cable
Dec 28 James Van Fleet and Addie Strait

Jan 1 Daniel R Chilson and Laura A Goyt
Jan 9 J C Schoonover and Emily Hagadorn
Jan 23 Asa N Potter and Delphine Archibald
Jan 24 Frank Newell and Maggie Hines
Feb 4 William Lindsey (age 26) and Josephine Knapp (age 19)
Feb 27 Ira Livingston and Ida Searls
Mch 26 J B Allen and Ellen J Coe
Mch 27 Willis Anderson and Belle Morrison
Mch 27 Dana N Andrews and Laura E Morrison
Mch 28 Henry E Crounse and Celina E Rising
Aug 11 Frank A Sherman and Velma E Blossom
Aug 15 Lewis Ward and Lillie Jackson
Aug 27 Charles Patterson and Bell Smead
Sept 7 Jerome Gould and Libbie A Pitts
Sept 10 Sylvester Camp and Marietta Williams
Oct 16 Milo R Van Ness and Elisabeth J Bailey
Oct 28 Uriah Thayer and Libbie Cronkrite Both of Binghamton, Broome Co, NY
Nov 14 Vincent Dickerson and Alice E Wenn
Nov 21 Herbert A Farnham and Anna B Corwin
Nov 30 Preston H Signor and Maria M Goodenough
Dec 18 Fred J Pearl and Cary M Williams
Dec 24 Harris P Valentine and Myra Day

Jan 1 Hugh W Burlington and Cora V Mead
Jan 5 P G White and Carrie L Williams
Feb 14 Luserne Blinn (of Candor Tioga Co) and Mary Foster (of Barton, Tioga Co NY)
Mch 3 Harvey Curtis and Helen M Farnham
Mch 12 Enderson Hunt and Almira (Mrs) Sackett
Mch 19 Adelbert Lurcock and Josephine Turner
Mch 19 George J Sandford and Emily A Dodge
Mch 27 Charles M Wheeler and Ida Anderson
Ap 3 Seaburt Patrick and Carrie Eldred
June 15 Judson Evans and Minnie Munn
July 4 Alson Vanluven and Hannah Shaver
July 5 Richard Woodcock and Mary E Presher
July 10 George H Fullmer and Olive Whittemore
Sept 15 Nathan A Johnson and Nettie Dennison
Sept 24 Ira M Nelson and Mary E Crowell
Sept 25 Edwin Kenyon and Tryphena M Baird
Oct 2 George A Brougham and Jessie E Johnson
Oct 15 Luke Badger and Sarah Sciples
Oct 22 Silas Decker and Ella L Welch
Oct 31 Charles Henry Cale and Mary Golden
Nov 10 Jeremiah Truesdill and Esther Vangorder

Jan 15 Emit Wicks and Hannah Mersereau
Jan 21 Ward Dewel (of Little Meadows, Susquehanna Co, Pa) and Jane Stephens
Jan 29 George E McCarthy and Annis A Ross
Feb 11 Fred Fronk and Cynthia Whitmarsh
Mch 15 John E Yorkes and Mary E Casterling
Mch 28 Ide Jones and Sarah Frawley
Mch 30 George L Catlin and Cora A Brown
Ap 21 J. Milton Suffrins and Ella N Cable
Ap 24 William Robison and Savilla Mead
June 30 George Riley, Jr and Ida A Jones
July 3 James H Wiltse and Laura Miller
july 4 Seth Hunt Jr and Alice Berrill both of Nichols, Tioga Co, NY
July 29 W H Thompson and Elsie L Day
Aug 26 William Riley and Martha (Mrs) Houk
Aug 28 Charles M Bedelle and Anna H Goehner
Aug 28 Lafayette Van Gorder and Della Cook
Sept 9 Richard Van Patten and Lila Densmore
Sept 2 David Morgan and Emma E (Mrs) Kendrick
Sept 16 Ostrom Dingman and Nettie Cole
Sept 23 James H Buchanan and Augusta Cook
Oct 4 William French and Amanda C (Mrs) Wilson
Oct 8 James W Hibler and Carrie Bleymehl
Oct 20 Joseph Hoyt and Hattie Toser
Oct 24 James L Gage and Mary L French
Nov 1 Charles Brearley and Anna Hoff at Candor, Tioga Co, NY
Dec 14 Frank D Lyon and Ella Jackson

Jan 1 George L Hauver and Clara Seager
Jan 18 Philip Phelps and Lovina W Griffin
Jan 24 George Brown and Mary Brott
Mch 3 James P Chaffee and Adelaide F Stephens
Mch 11 Charles E Ingersoll and Kittie Marean
Ap 24 Fred W Reed and Ella Pappinean
June 4 Joseph Romine and Cora Shirley
June 8 Edward A Carl and Maggie A Smith
July 28 Charles Kaly and Rachel A Winnie
Aug 27 Warren H Van Gorden and Dora E Gillson
Sept 21 E J Farley and Sabilla J (Mrs) Raymond
Sept 25 Eugene Anson and DeEttte L Lillie
Oct 26 Jmes (James) Glann and Julia (Miss) Harden
Nov 2 John Carlson and Lydia Dean
Dec 11 George O Stalker and Ada Bell Richardson

Jan 4 John A Burlington and Fannie E Scott
Jan 18 Cornelius C Fox and Myrta L Stockwell
Feb 26 Abram Shaffer and Cora Moot
Mch 15 Caspard Cart and Ettie M Barney
May 17 Frank W Weeks and Emma A Beecher
June 28 Rev Fenamore H Cooper and Nettie C Lain
Aug 6 Isaac B Tilbury and Mariette E Ingersoll
Aug 8 William H Wenn and Emma L Stanley
Aug 23 Arthur J Ford and Mary E Decker
Sept 17 Ernest W Knight and Margret L Kyle
Oct 18 Frank Randall and Carrie Fullmer
Nov 11 Francis M Newell and Clarissa J Beers
Nov 18 Ollin D Yorks and Hattie O (Mrs) Carmers

Feb 14 Charles B Wager and Nellie Ross
Mch 5 Allen Fox and Kate Gaige
June 7 Fred M Curtis and Ella S Chitery
July 4 Henry A Brougham and Hannah M Denison
Oct 17 George M Stever and Jane McCabe
Oct 30 James Riley and Marium E Durkee
Nov 19 George Groesbeck and Viola Snyder
Dec 5 Edard (Edward) E Griffin and Hattie E Greene
Dec 6 Charles T Humphrey and Libbie A Barrett

Jan 20 A B Phelps and Myrtie Shannon
Jan 30 Robert Galpin and Charlotte Barrett
Feb 9 Wiliston H Birdsell and Minnie Eldred
Feb 27 Charles M Smullen and Nellie Haskill
Mch 26 Marrian A Courtright and Jennie Gasterline
Ap 6 Charles W Decker and Carrie N Preston
May 8 Jarius T Goodrich and Alice A Smith
June 18 Edward N Quirin and Edna L Earll
July 31 Willis D Anderson and Nora Scott
Aug 24 George Guiles and Flora Smith
Oct 1 Perrin S Ross and Lydia S Crawford
Nov 22 Edgar B Satterly and Estella Chambers
Dec 13 Simeon Mosier and Ida A Vandemark
Dec 25 William J Taylor and Ettie M Dearborn

Feb 17 George W Miller and Anna T Mead
Feb 17 Albert B Walter and Katie Sheridan
Mch 19 S. Elden Barrett and E. Louise Nichols
Mch 19 Charles Dowd and Nancy (Mrs) Leach
Ap 9 Goodsell Ford and Mary E Searles
June 3 Frank Ford and Irene Bakeman
July 30 Charles F Tilbury and Hattie Case
Aug 12 Leonidus Romine and Jennie Wellman
Aug 20 Charles L McLain and Abbie L Griffin
Sept 5 John O Blossom and Delia Dean
Oct 7 Fred L Clark and Clara Spencer
Oct 15 James Hover and Ida Henderson
Nov 12 Edward F Smeney and Amy Spencer
Nov 25 Willie E Groesbeck and Mary E Ross
Dec 9 Sam Randall and Electa Decker
Dec 16 W P Spencer and Hetty K Searl
Dec 24 George A West and Adda D Blewer

Jan 27 Lewis Millage and Susie Call
Feb 16 William T Stone and Matie A Campbell
Feb 17 Lincoln C Burt and Emma V Pultz
Mch 22 Robert L Stillson and Belle B Coe
June 24 Abram C Cheeks and Rosa L Harris
July 7 R S Gilkeson and Carrie A Smith
Nov 3 Theodore Groesbeck and Amanda M Barton

Jan 13 Louis D Conklin and Emiline Marquart
Feb 3 Friedrich W E Lerche and Lois P Kipp
Feb 16 Edward C Heart and Cynthia L Toser
June 9 George E Warner and Helen L Bates
June 11 William Burk and Hattie B Zynts
June 12 Harrison C Sturtevant and Louisa Leonard
June 14 George Hyde and Rosanna Burchard
June 30 David Brott and Frankie Joslin
July 14 Charles Jefferson and Carrie Densmore
Aug 29 John T Jackson and Carrie M Bicknell
Oct 11 Samuel R Barrott (age 58) and Hattie L Herrick (age 35)
Nov 12 William Wayman and Mattie Kipp
Nov 26 Harvey H Butts and Susie E Vergason
Dec 3 George B Kaley and Minnie Tullock
Dec 31 G. Smith Cornelius and Mary E Freeland

Feb 5 John E Catlin and Alma R Hanbury
Feb 10 Irvin Eldred and Sara E Grimley
Mch 25 Duglas Howe and Agnes E Kaley
June 2 Frank Winnie and Charlotte F Cartright
Aug 12 Willie E Cortright and Esther Cartright
Aug 22 Frank Bouquet and Lottie Scott
Sept 22 Henry L Ballard and Rachel A Hart
Nov 13 Fred C Ingersoll and Bell Fenderson
Nov 14 Elmer T Hills and Carrie Cortright
Dec 24 Michael J Sweeney and Minnie B Richardson

Mch 7 Fred L Bailey and Dora E Chandler
Ap 9 Charles E Jones and Elvira Day
June 10 William Dildine and Katie Spencer
June 23 James S Catlin and Hattie E Bridenbaker
Aug 26 W H Dean and Carrie Parsons
Sept 1 Fred L Wilson and Clara B Walbridge
Sept 18 Lee Randall (age 23) and Pearl Mason (age 18)
Oct 3 Jacob Sauerbrey and Lina Wolf
Oct 26 Ulysses Bills and Anna E Wagoner
Oct 29 Dennis McCarty (age 29) and Jennie Finnegan (age 22)
Dec 31 John E Clark and Josie Perrine

Mch 24 Frank D Thomas and Cora L Dunham
Ap 5 Emerson Taylor and Laura E Prince
Ap 24 James M Schoonover and Mary Lane
June 4 George Cornick and Allie Joslin
July 9 Fenton Saddlemire and May Schoolcraft
July 10 John Wenn and Lettie Porter 10 or 11
July 27 Eli T Somers and Anna (Mrs) Kaley
Aug 12 Fred E Moses and Cassie Perry
Aug 13 W S Lanningn M.D. and Carrie A Archibald
Sept 7 Henry Stephens and Mary D Steele
Sept 18 Charles F Crocker and Fannie Smith
Oct 14 Chester T Bennett and Callie R Walters
Dec 20 Merrit Daniels and Amanda Wheeler

Jan 28 Eugene Winne and Abbey Shirley
Feb 4 Lewis Schoolcraft (age 24) and Allie Schoolcraft (age 23)
Ap 22 George W Hawkins and Ella May Decker
May 10 Erwin D Swan (age 20) and Minnie Dunham (age 22)
May 28 John L Smith (age 22) and Carrie L Eiylmey (age 21)
July 11 Leonard M Baxter (age 23) and Eva M Newell (age 27)
Dec 29 Fred W Ford (age 31) and Nellie Randall (age 28)
Dec 29 Ira Johnston (age 26) and Flora Kipp (age 20)

Jan 9 George W Smith (age 22) and Katie Wright (age 20)
Mch 23 George W Adams (age 20) and Kate L Ford (age 20)
Ap 14 Ed Lounsberry (age 27) and Dora A Keller (age 23)
May 18 Fred Clock (age 25) and Ada Walker (age 18)
July 30 Nonelike M Buck (age 22) and Louisa Cheeks (age 22) colored

Nov 30 Louis Joslin (age 22) and Clara Griswold (age 17)

Mch 7 Nathaniel S Worrick (age 51) and Dolly Randall (age 34)
Ap 8 Antonio Masterpietro (age 34) and Ella May Decker (age 19)
June 3 Lucas VanDermark (age 56) and Ellen (Mrs) Morehouse (age 60)
July 4 Henry D Eaton (age 29) and Eunice C Holden (age 21)
Aug 22 George J Yaples (age 34) and Mary Hazen (age 31)
Oct 28 Clark Hamel (age 61) and Electa Abziria Nelson (age 54)

Mch 9 E F Keller (age 33) and Mary McKean (age 36)
May 27 John H Persem (age 26) and Winnie A Letts (age 19)
June 19 H B Richardson and Mary A Fenderson (age 22)
June 23 Budd B Delano (age 41) and May Severson (age 24)
Sept 13 Charles Freelove (age 23) and Bertha C Brown (age 20)
Oct 24 J C Simons (age 68) and J E Port (age 68)
Dec 10 Luman V. Woodmand (age 24) and Laura L Knapp (age 23)

July 1 Phil Hogan (age 30) and Mabel Cole (age 20)

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