Owego Record Front Page
March 8, 1900
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

March 8, 1900


Candor, March 8. - Died, Tuesday, March 6, 1900, Nellie, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. HUMISTON, aged 14 years and 8 months. She had been sick but a short time and her sudden death has cast gloom over the place. She had a happy disposition and scattered sunshine where ever she went and was a great favorite with her young friends. Everything was done for her that kind and loving parents could do, but the hand of death could not be stayed and she passed through the portals above. The funeral will be held Friday at 2 p. m..

Mrs. J. L. SMITH returned to New York Friday. Miss Anna SMITH accompanied her and will remain in the city for several weeks.

Mrs. Henry MERICLE is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. D. GILPIN, at Flemingville.

J. D. BAYLOR has purchased the Samuel HOLMES house on Bank street and will take possession soon.

Died, suddenly, Friday March 2, 1900, at Willseyville, Stanley WARD. He was a brother of Mrs. R. S. ROSE, Mrs. Sarah BROWN, Miss Nina WARD and Oscar WARD of this place and a son of the late Hiram WARD. The funeral was held at his home in Danby Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry BURT of Penn Yan who have been visiting with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Van SCOY, returned home Monday.

W. J. PAYNE and E. H. WANDS were in Spencer Monday.

The Epworth League has subscribed for 80 copies of the Topeka Daily Capital, which will be edited for one week by Rev. C. M. SHELDON, author of "In His Step's"

G. W. JOHNSON returned to Pearl River Tuesday.

Dr. W. L. AYER of Owego was in town Tuesday on professional business.

J. H. DIMON is slowly improving from his illness.

J. P. FIEBIG is on a business trip to Utica, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo.

Mrs. Ira L. CHIDSEY is visiting friends in Elmira.

R. W. Horace F. BOOTH, assistant grand lecturer in the twenty-ninth district went to Millport Tuesday to spend three evenings with Old Oak Lodge, No. 253, F. and A. M., giving them instruction in standard work of the order.


Nichols, March 5.- Mrs. PLATNER and children, who have been visiting at the M. E. parsonage, returned home this morning to their home in Westford, NY.

John MILLER left last night on train 10 via the Lackawanna for New York city.

The C. E. society of the Presbyterian church will give a social at S. H. LATHAM'S Friday evening, March 16.

The C. E. society held a business meeting Friday evening and elected the following: President, Cora WIGGINS; vice president, Leslie HORTON; secretary, C. Juliet LANING; treasurer, W. J. SULLIVAN; corresponding secretary, Mrs. R. J. EDSALL.

R. C. HARRIS and Dr. PEASE were in Albany Thursday, in the interest of having the bridge across the river at this place.

A sleigh load of young fellows was down from Owego Saturday evening for a good time and from appearance it looked as though they had one.

On account of the sickness of F. P. WHITE, E. E. WALKER of Towanda played with his band at North Orwell Tuesday evening.

Milan ELLSWORTH and daughter Alice are in town, called here by the death of Mrs. ELLSWORTH.

The party given by Mr. and Mrs. C. F. BOWEN Friday evening at the Hotel Commercial was a most enjoyable affair. Dancing began at 9 o'clock and lasted until the next morning.


Newark Valley, March 6. - John BRICK was in Binghamton Monday.

Jerome HALE of Ulster county, PA, was in town for a few days.

Ina SMITTEN was in Richford Monday with her friend, Lillian LYON, who is very sick.

Miss Bessie CARVER of Binghamton visited her sister, Mrs. Austin DICKERSON, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. JOSLIN leave town Wednesday morning for California. They will be gone about two months.

Arthur MUNSON of Lanesboro, PA, visited W. A. DICKERSON last week.

William OAKES, who has been ill at his home near Ketchumville, is now able to return to his work in the Lestershire shoe factory.

Miss Millie M. MILLS of Owego was visiting the high school Monday.

James DERMODY will work at the Lehigh station during the absence of Agent JOSLIN.

Jabez SMITH made his first shipment of cheese from his new factory today.

Charles GUYON has purchased the Grange hall on Franklin avenue, which he plans to make into a dwelling house.

At the union serves at the M. E. church Sunday evening, papers on "The Life of M. D. MOODY" were read by Misses Lottie ROBERTS, Anna ELWELL, Mary HASTER, Anna GRAHAM and J. D. JOSLIN.

Sunday morning Rev. A. Y. WILCOX preached the last sermon of a series of three on "The Music of the Church."

Newark Valleys public library received last week an addition of 54 volumes. These books were selected by Rev. J. CLIZBE of Alma Michigan and were presented by Sidney BELCHER.

A come and see social was given by the young ladies of the M. E. church Monday of this week at the Fireman' hall. A good attendance and a pleasant time were reported.

O. DICKENSON, who for several years has run the bakery on Water street, has sold out his business to Fred B. WELLS, given possession today.

NEWMAN Bros., who for some months have occupied a store on Water street, have this week removed their stock of goods to Owego.


Berkshire March 7. - Mrs. Ray GRANNIS is on the sick list.

Lena CARL of Binghamton is a guest of her cousin, Nellie BALLOU.

Thomas SHEETAN was called to Liberty, Saturday evening by the death of his father.

Nellie HUTCHINSON of Richford spent Wednesday with friends in town.

Several of the friends of Samuel PALMERTER spent Thursday evening very pleasantly at his home.

On Monday Robert HYNES and family moved to Owego. They will reside on Adaline street.

Mrs. C. J. DEWEY was in Binghamton last week.

The M. E. L. A. S. will serve supper at G. W. WAVEL'S on Friday evening.


Robert HYNES will move his family to Owego next week. They have lived in Berkshire 25 years and their going away is because of the prospects of the closing of the tannery. This will also cause many other changes, as there is no other business and likely to be none, to keep the workmen in Berkshire. - Newark Valley Herald.


Sayre, PA, March 1. - J. P. FITZGERALD was placed under arrest this morning by Constable SHERMAN of Athens on a warrant sworn out by Henderson BROWN of Waverly, father of Pearl BROWN, the colored girl who recently gave birth to a daughter, which was left on FITZGERALD'S porch in this borough. The charge of adultery, is made against the defendant and upon being arraigned before Justice of the Peace H. F. JOHNSON of Athens, he gave bail in the sum of $200 for his appearance March 12, at 9 o'clock for hearing. J. W. WILLIAMS becoming his surety. District Attorney, L. T. HOYT and P. E. MAYNARD appeared as the attorneys for the commonwealth and J. N. EVANS for the defendant. - Waverly Advertiser.



Two men, giving their names as John SHAY and Harry DOWD and their residence as Elmira, were arrested last Saturday at the BIRDSALL House by officer HOGAN on complaint of Landlord BIRDSALL, charged with intoxication. Monday morning they were each fined $5 by Recorder LORING with an alternate of a like number of days. SHAY paid and was released; The other man did not and was committed in default. Mr. SHAY called the RECORD office that morning before his departure for home and stated that he had a good job in Elmira and for the sake of his job and his family he desired no publicity in regard to his name. He did not state whether his companion had a family or desired like silence in regards to his name He informed the reporter that Mr. BIRDSALL was a brute for breaking his nose and kicking him in the chest and fracturing his ribs. When informed that Mr. BIRDSALL had a habit of running his own house SHAY replied that he knew it. In that case his visit to Owego was not without some benefit. The police report state that these two have been here before and were noisy and had had to be ordered to keep quiet on these previous visits. Saturday night the engaged in a fight with each other in their room at the BIRDSALL House. Mr. BIRDSALL and Officer HOGAN were in the office and heard the noise. They went to the room and Mr. BIRDSALL was refused admittance. SHAY claims because of a broken key in the lock. He forced the door open and entered. It is said that the two men had fought until blood was splattered in the room and that on their entrance they both sprung at him. They soon quit that and however SHAY received his broken nose whether in the fight with his companion or from Mr. BIRDSALL, he was noisy enough when Dr. MERRIAM dressed his nose Sunday afternoon at the jail. When Mr. SHAY left the RECORD office he added that a request should be made for the Elmira papers to copy this article but that is needless.


A tramp giving his names as NEWMAN presented a ticket from Superintendent of the Poor, C. B. DEAN, for a nights lodging at the jail last Thursday night. In searching him the officers found a pocket book containing plenty of negotiable papers and a newspaper clipping. The tramp tore this pieces but they put it back together and found that it was an account of a post office robbery in Massachusetts Jan. 16, in which four robbers shot a man twice. The tramp claimed to be from Massachusetts and was held while the officials in Massachusetts were communicated with. A telephone message from there Friday asked for him to be held a few days longer.

Constable W. S. KINGSLEY of Worcester, Mass., arrived in town Monday night to see if NEWMAN could be identified as one of the four who robbed a general store and post office in that vicinity, Jan. 16, 1900. He had seen but two of the four robbers and this man was not one of the two, he felt morally certain he was one of the other two men and if he can be held for 30 or 60 days he hopes to be able to have positive proof of innocence or guilt of the man.


William BUTTERFIELD of Cortland is the new proprietor of the Dugan House, having leased that well known hotel and taken possession on March 1.

Mr. BUTTERFIELD has had considerable experience in the hotel business and in addition to his other duties will give particular attention to the dining room so that his guests may be sure of prompt and courteous service, as well as good food.

George HAUVER, who has been in charge of the Dugan House is in charge of James FORSYTH'S poultry site and stock farm.


Ambe SMITH has moved the grocery stock from 12 to 24 Talcott street and has moved his residence from 12 to 26 Talcott street. Rollo PRATT of Apalachin is to occupy the lower floor of12 Talcott street as a residence and grocery.


Hon. A. I. DECKER, who has been a stockholder in the KING Harness factory in Owego for the past two years, deposed of his interest in the business on Saturday last to George A. KING and retired from the business. Mr. DECKER'S residence in Waverly made it inconvenient to for him to give the business at Owego the close attention required, hence his retirement.


Harry FORD and Lora GROSS were smoking in the parlor of the Awaga Steamer and Hose Co, No. 6 Monday morning when in some manner the lace curtains at the front window caught fire. The boys pulled them down and carried them to the sink. The burning pieces of curtains fell on the floor and damaged two rugs, the fine carpets, a mat and two chairs quite badly.


BOOTH - Born Monday, March 5, 1900 to Mr. and Mrs. Emmett R. BOOTH, 424 Front street, an 8 and 1/2 pound daughter.



Married, at Owego, NY, Thursday Feb. 22, 1900, by Rev. G. D. YOUNG, Charles DITMAR, who is in charge of the Owego Gas Light company in Owego and Miss Annie STIGELER of Williamsport, PA, They are at home at 8 Temple street.


When the effects of the late W. L. HARRISON were examined it was found that he had in a grape basket a sum of money in greenbacks and in some lard pails were gold and silver coins, while in a number of pocketbooks were silver dimes in one, quarters in another, half dollar pieces in a third and nickel five-cent pieces in another. The total amount was given as about $900.


Mrs. James A GOODSPEED of 59 North avenue and Miss Carrie Anderson of 60 North avenue were out driving Saturday afternoon enjoying the excellent sleighing. Their horse became unmanagible and ran, throwing them out, breaking the cutter, injuring both ladies. Miss ANDERSON with bruises and shock, but Mrs. GOODSPEED was more seriously hurt. She was placed under the influence of morphine, from which she did not recover until Sunday. She complained of pain in her head and stomach.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. BEAMONT were sleighing Sunday afternoon and their horse overturned the cutter as they were turning around in Main street, near John street, throwing them out. The horse ran down the street, as it turned from Main into North avenue, Harry WEBSTER gave chase and succeeded in stopping it. No one was injured and no damage was done.

Grace ROMINE and her smaller sister of Water street were runaway with Sunday. The horse ran through Central avenue, McMaster, Water, River, Front and Main streets to the old Camp Farm east of the village, where it was stopped without either of the occupants of the cutter being the worse for their rapid ride.

A. S. BEERS' horse ran away Monday with the milk wagon and made it lively for a time.



Died, at Sulphur Springs, Nichols, NY, Monday, March 5, 1900 of dropsy, William W. WHITE, aged 62 years. The funeral was held yesterday at Lounsberry at 2:30 p. m.


Died, at Owego, NY, Sunday March 4. 1900, Mrs. Mary E . LUTZ aged 84 years. The funeral was held Tuesday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. A. F. F. BERGER, 72 Talcott street; interment at Evergreen cemetery.


Died, at Dixon, IL, Monday, March 5, 1900, of heart disease, Juliette GOULD, wife of John M. JULIEN, of that place aged 68 years. She was born in Owego, April 10, 1837, and went to Dixon, with Mrs. Eleanor TRUMAN in 1857, where two years later she was married to Mr. JULIEN, who with two children, Mrs. Jessie PRATT of Minneapolis, MN, and Augustus of Dixon survive her.


Died, at Candor, NY, Tuesday, March 6, 1900, of convolutions, Nellie HUMISTON, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. HUMISTON, aged 13 years. Her illness has lasted a week or two but until Tuesday morning it was not considered to be serious. At 8 a. m. her father was summoned by telephone from this village and he went to Candor on the early train. Dr. W. A. AYER of this village was called out and he did all that he could but considered her case hopeless. Death occurred at 8 o'clock that evening. The funeral will be held Friday at 2 p. m.


Died, at Owego, NY, Saturday March, 4, 1900, of hernia, William Lewis HARRISON, aged 77 years. Mr HARRISON was a harness maker and had worked at the trade for many years in Owego. He was born in Haverstraw in 1823, came to Owego in 1830 where he has resided ever since. He was married in 1847 to Samantha BOWEN. He learned the harness making trade in all its branches of Jerold HUNTINGTON in early forties, afterwards, working for L'AMOREAUX Bros. He began business for himself in 1866, which he continued up to the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and four sons, Jerome, of Binghamton, John B. and William L. Jr., of Owego and Charles R. of Hornellsville. He was a descendant of Gen. Charles C. HARRISON of Virginia, who was a veteran of the revolution. The funeral was held Tuesday at 3 p. m, at the residence of his son John B., 19 John street, where his death occurred.

WILLIAM BENSLEY. (Communicated)

William BENSLEY died at his home in Barton, NY, Saturday, morning, March 3, 1900 of liver and kidney trouble. Had he lived until March 10, he would have been 75 years of age. He had been growing feeble in health for some time and on Thursday afternoon he fell on the floor and from that time grew steadily worse until his death. He is survived by his wife, who is 75 years of age, and three sons, Dewitt C. and W. HERBERT of Barton and John H, of Killawog, NY; also one brother John C, of Towanda, NY; and one sister, Mrs. George SNYDER of Owego. Mr, BENSLEY was born near Barton and had live in that vicinity nearly all his life. His father, John BENSLEY, was one of the pioneers, and he settled in 1803, in what is now known as the "cannon hole." Mr. BENSLEY was a kind husband and father, a good neighbor and an honorable up standing citizen and will be greatly missed. The funeral services were held Tuesday at two o'clock at the church, Rev. C. D. SKINNER, officiating, and his remains were laid to rest in the Barton cemetery beside those of his three children who passed over the river years ago. Among those present from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. George SNYDER and daughter, Mrs. Elmer E. ROBERTSON, of Owego; J. H. BENSLEY of Killawog; William SWAIN, Jackson BUNNELL, and Mr. and Mrs. Ruston SMITH, of Waverly; Frances FIESTER of Sheshequin, PA, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles CARPENTER of Ross Hill.


Revs. R. A. VOSE, C. M. BARTHOLOMEW, M. D. FULLER, D. D., and George D. YOUNG of Owego and Rev. A. Y. WILCOX of Newark Valley had a clerical meeting at the Baptist parsonage Monday. A paper on "The Holy Spirit" was read by Rev. A. Y. WILCOX and Rev. Dr. FULLER spoke on the same subject from a Methodist point of view. At the conclusion of the meeting Mrs. VOSE served a very enjoyable luncheon.

This is proposed to be the first of a series of monthly meetings, the next which will be held the first Monday in April at the Congregational parsonage.


D. F. STEVENS was sentenced to 20 days in jail at Owego by Justice HOAGLAND Saturday morning for taking a pair of trousers from in front of L. MILLER'S store on Broad street. The charge against him was petit larceny.

Two women and a boy were before Justice HOAGLAND Saturday charged with stealing coal from the cars. Fines commensurate with the offence were imposed on the women. It will be cheaper for all concerned to buy coal in the future as the railroad companies have watchers on the alert and are bound to protect their interests. Offenders will be dealt with according to law.

Waverly's charter election will be held March 22 and the Republicans have nominated the following ticket: President, Daniel V. PERSONIUS; trustees, Edward F. PERKINS; W. L. DeFOREST and Frank M. MUNN; Collector, Hatfield HALLETT; treasurer, O. J. HARDING; assessor, John SEACORD, three years, N. W. BARBER, two years and A. W. GORE, one year. Dr. J. T. TUCKER, Howard C. Van DUZEN and Moses E. SAWYER were appointed a committee to fill any vacancies which may occur. - Elmira Advertiser.


Word has come that the covered highway bridge across the Wappassening creek south of Nichols was washed away Thursday. A mill dam at Warren Center was also wrecked by the high water.


M. S. LYNCH, Esq. representing the town of Tioga, and F. W, CLIFFORD, Esq., representing the board of supervisors of Tioga county were at Albany yesterday at the hearing given yesterday morning by the committee to which Assemblyman WITTER'S bill relative to legislating the action of the said board of supervisors relative to the Nichols-Tioga bridge question was referred.

It was reported last evening in town that the bill had been killed in committee, but E. W. CLIFFORD, Esq., informs the RECORD that this is a misstatement, the vote being a tie, and the bill may be called up at a any time and reported favor.


Miss Libbie, daughter of Arthur BODLE, whose home is east of this village, and who drives down mornings to school and back home nights, had her spirited horse hitched too tight Tuesday afternoon when she started home. She retained presence of mind and keep the horse in the track while it sped up Front street at a rapid gait and she succeeded in stopping it, although her arms were strained and lame from the exertion.


The ice from Great Bend and from the Chenango river has lodged above Hiawatha island and loosened the south end of the Barton ferry lower cable and is piled so high it nearly touches the upper cable.


The ice gorge at Hiawatha has raised the water in the river at Apalachin until the muskrats are driven to the open and the sportsman are gunning for them.

OWEGOANS In NEW YORK. [New York, Feb.28. 1900.]

The Owego people who registered at New York hotels during the week include, W. E. DOUGLAS, Continental; Mrs. J. W. RANKIN, Murray Hill; A. C. THOMPSON, St. Denis.


William EVANS of Buffalo is in town for the week.

Mrs. A. M. BALLARD is ill with a severe attack of grip.

Mrs. William ALEXANDER is quite ill with pleurisy.

Theodore D. GERE left on Erie train Monday for Chicago.

Peter BLINN is improving and his friends feel more hopeful.

Miss STEVENS returned Saturday from a visit to Lestershire.

C. F. YOUNG and William SWEENEY went to Binghamton, Friday.

E. C. LAKE left Monday night on Erie train 5 for Portland, Oregon.

Mrs. A. S. HOLES has returned from a winter's stay in Pennsylvania.

On account of Officer HORGAN being ill Tuesday night, A. B. MIDDAUGH, special officer served in his place.

Mrs. George DENNISON of East Temple street is ill with pneumonia.

Diamond C. NEWTON has moved from 12 Talcott street to Fox street.

The "Northside" club will give its final dance of the season at Nichols hall, Friday evening March 30. "Happy Bill" DANIELS with his full orchestra of Cortland will furnish music.

Cecil LESLIE or Tom LESLIE or any other LESLIE as he have been known, was arrested at Cleveland this week for complicity in MILLER'S 520 percent, syndicate, not for his alleged poetry.

Nathaniel LEONARD and Alton E. GLAZIER, while unloading a heavy smokestack at the cheese factory on the island at the end of Talcott street Friday, afternoon, were bruised quite badly by the stack sliding on them.

Romeo STEVENS has received a letter from his brother, William G. STEVENS of GALENA, KS, formally of Owego, who is interested in mines and mining in that wonderful region, of which he writes in an interesting style.

Edward S. JOHNSON, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. JOHNSON of this village has passed the state examination in pharmacy at Syracuse and is a full licensed dispenser of drugs. He is now employed at HINES' drug store at Athens.

The friends M. W. SCOTT, one of Binghamton's school commissioners and business manager of the Binghamton Herald will regret to learn that he has had a slight paralytic shock California where he has been passing the winter.

The remains of William HICKOK, who died at Elmira, February 28 1900, was brought to Owego on the Erie this afternoon for interment.

P. P. BLISS, who passed Saturday and Sunday in town, returned to Philadelphia via the Lackawanna Monday.

Martin T. ROBINSON and bride have returned from their wedding trip and are at home at 67 Forsyth street.

B. M. STEBBINS is slowly recovering from his recent relapse but will not be able to be out for some time yet.

Howard Mallory and bride have returned from their wedding trip and are domiciled at the Awaga House.

Dr. Charles G. BRINK has been up from New York for a few days to visit his mother, Mrs. Eliza D. BRINK, 557 Main street.

P. B. O'SHAUGHNESSEY of Owego was calling on friends in town Saturday. - Susquehanna Transcript.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles WILMARTH of Owego were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James FLANIGAN, Centre street. - Athens News.

Charles L. WATSON of the Philadelphia navy hospital came up yesterday morning for a 24 hour visit with his people and friends.

W. E. HARVEY who has been visiting at the Birdsall House for two or three weeks, went Friday night to visit relatives near Newark Valley.

Harry G. REZEAU, who has been confined to jail awaiting trial on the charge of arson since last May was released on bail Saturday. Lydia DAMON of New York, William FORD and William B. BRICK qualified as his bondsmen in the sum of $2,500. - Elmira Advertiser.

George W. THOMPSON received word that his Gordon setter, which was recently advertised in the RECORD as being lost, had been found about 10 miles over in Pennsylvania, and he lost no time in recovering the dog, to which he is greatly attached.

An Erie conductor at Binghamton, formerly at Owego, was on his knees in the coach the other night on his way east trying to fix the fire in the stove. The engineer applied the air brakes and the conductors face went up against the hot stove. In a moment more the engineer repeated his act and the conductor repeated his. He is now busy explaining the blistered condition of his face.

Mr. and Mrs. George SNYDER and Mrs. E. E. ROBERTSON of 63 North avenue were at Barton Tuesday in attendance at the funeral of William BENSLEY.

Miss L. A. MUNSON was in Binghamton this afternoon and A. S. PARMALEE was "taking press" in the Western Union office in her absence.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HARRISON of Binghamton and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. HARRISON of Hornellsville are in town, called here by the death of William L. HARRISON.

Ebenezer KIMBALL who has been at the Binghamton hospital for treatment during the past 11 weeks, has so far improved as to be able to return home Monday.

Mrs. E. L. TOMPKINS and daughter, Marguerite of Elmira were in town yesterday. Mrs. TOMPKINS went to New York last night and he daughter remains in town.

Mrs. L. D. DURPHY will return to Owego this week from Waterbury, CT, accompanied by her niece, Miss Adeline PIKE. They will occupy the third floor at 35 Lake street.

Miss Clara SYKES has been ill in her home at North avenue during the past 15 days with typhoid fever and while the fever is not expected to turn nearly a week, her condition is considered hopeful.

Mrs. A. L. NICHOLS has been quite seriously ill for the past week at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. ADAMS, 18 Rose street, and has been unable to full her position at the upper main street school.

J. D. ROWE is in Rochester this week in attendance at the annual session of the grand lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen of the state of New York as a delegate from Starr Lodge, No. 91, of this village.

Eminent Sir A. W. PARMALEE and Sir Knight E. R. BOOTH joined at Owego Thursday afternoon a party of 12 Binghamton Knights Templar who went to Ithaca to pay a visit to St. Augustine Commandery of that city that evening when the order of Malta was conferred by the visiting fathers.

The birthday of Mrs. Lyman Foote of Tioga was celebrated Monday evening by a party and impromptu but enjoyable dance among the relatives and friends.

Rev. J. S. MITCHALL, for several years pastor of the Congregational church of Richford, has excepted a call to the Congregational church of Lisle.


A List Sent by the Governor to the County's Clerks Office for Tioga County.

The following is a list of Notaries public received at the county clerk's office yesterday, appointed in and for the county of Tioga:

Barton - Paul BERGHAUS, W. H. BROUGHAM, D. D. GENUNG, E. S. HANFORD, F. A. SAWYER, J. T. SAWYER, C. A. SMITH, Edison A. TILTON, T. P. YATES, Waverly, G. W. BINGHAM, Lockwood, Theopilus HULOTT North Barton.

Berkshire - Charles J. DEWEY, John G. HARDENBURG, F. W. WITTER.

Candor - Fred W. SMITH, U. P. SPAULDING, J. W. McCARTY, J. H. JENNINGS,, Candor; O. E. MIX, Willseyville.

Newark Valley - S. W. BYINGTON, O. E. COUSE, D. M. MILLEN; J. Blanchard, Jenksville.

Nichols - J. R. EDSALL, Nichols; C. M. WHEELER, Lounsberry.


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