Owego Record Front Page
March 26, 1891
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

March 26, 1891


...Newark Valley, March 26 - The marriage of Miss Adelia WADE and Emmett WALKER of Waverly, took place on Wednesday evening at the bride's home in South Newark, Rev. J. W. TREIBLE of Waverly officiating. About fifty-invited guest were present. Among those from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Leander WALKER, Mrs. T. S. WALKER, Mrs. BUCK, Miss Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. VANARTWICK, Waverly, N. F. WALKER, Misses Clara and Ada Walker, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. MAY, Athens; Mr. and Mrs. J. STRUBLE, Nichols. The wedding march was played by J. D. JOSLYN, coronet and Fred WADE MOSES, clarinet. Mr. Edgar Wade acted as best man and Miss Eva WADE as bride's maid. Many handsome and valuable presents were received by the bride among which were a handsome gold watch, two handsome chairs, lamp and other articles too numerous to mention. The bridal party left on train No.15 for the east where they will spend a few weeks. The best wishes of a large number of friends go with them in their newly wedded life.

...A. BYINGTON was in Elmira on Monday of this week.

...It is understood that A. N. FORD of Speedsville, formerly of this place, is about to move to Patterson, NJ, where he will engage in the commission business.

...Miss GRISWOLD returned Monday evening from a visit to her brother near Owego.

...Mr. BARNES, corresponding secretary of the Baptist Home Missionary Society, spoke from the Baptist pulpit in this place on Sunday.

...Miss BRADLEY of Ithaca is visiting friends in town.

...S. W. BYINGTON has moved from the ROYS' house to the ANDREW'S house.

...Rev. Mr. BENN has moved into rooms in Mrs. Anna FIVAZ'S house on Whig street, recently vacated by Mrs. CULVER.

...Mrs. Henry JAYNE is visiting her son Charles at Dushore.

...The pulpit of the Congregational church was occupied on Sunday by Rev. Walter MITCHALL of Auburn, who preached very excellent sermons morning and evening.

..Anna HOLLADAY is in New York, purchasing goods for the spring trade.

...The people of Newark Valley are expecting a rare treat. The attraction will be the noted FISKE jubilee singers of Nashville, TN, who will give a concert on April 9th, under the auspices of the Y P S C E, of the Congregational church.

...Mrs. C. HOWARD of Easton, who has been passing a couple of weeks at Franklin DAVIS', returned to her home on Saturday.

.Mrs. J. T. HOWLAND, who has been confined to her home by sickness, is again able to be about.

.George CLINTON of Binghamton spent Sunday at the home of his mother in this place.

.Elmer SETTLE of Speedsville was in town on Saturday last.

.Mrs. Lyman BROWN of Berkshire visited her sister, Mrs. DOHS, a part of last week.

.A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Egbert BERKLEY of East Newark on Sunday last.

.It is reported that A. D. ROYS and family who have been living in Galeton, PA, the past year will return to this place this spring.

.Fred WATERMAN of Nichols passed Sunday at the residence of Harvey NEAL.

.Mrs. William LEE of Dixon, IL, is visiting her brother H. W. HUTCHINSON, on Whig street.

.Mame Van HORN of Union is visiting at the residence of Franklin DAVIS on Whig street,

.S. B. DAVIDGE and wife have been visiting a short time in New York City.

.James Brown of Buffalo visited friends in town over Saturday.

.Prof. George BURR of Cornell University has been visiting his father, Dr. W. J. BURR, on Whig street.

.The home sugar social held by the Home Missionary Society, on Wednesday evening, was well attended, considering the bad condition of the roads, and a pleasant time was had by all.

.F. W. RICHARDSON was in town during last week.


Apalachin, March 24, - On Saturday evening last Deputy Supreme President C. F. GILES instituted Warren Centre Lodge, No. 266,: Sexennial League. The following officers were chosen: Past President, George W. GOWAN, Joel PITCHER: Vice President, Martha ROCKEFELLOW: Secretary, R. C. WHITTAKER: Treasure, W. BREARLEY: Chaplain: John CARRIER, Marshall, W. L. PITCHER: Guard, David C. NEWMAN, Sentinel, Joseph WHEATON: Medical Examiner, Frank M. GROSS, M. D: Trustees, Phillip S. ARNOLD, Joseph BOWEN, Thos. GAMBLE.


Miss Hattie DODGE, who formerly resided in the family of Erastus GOODRICH on Page street died Wednesday, March 18, 1891, at DeKalb, IL. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Erastus GOODRICH of DeKalb and Mrs. T. MERSEREAU of Union.

Mrs. Franklin C. CORNELL died at 5 o'clock Sunday evening, of apoplexy resulting from cerebral hemorrhage. Mrs. CORNELL was prostrated on the preceding Wednesday, when she became unconscious and remained in that condition until death supervened. The intelligence of her critical illness was received throughout the community with expressions of deep and sincere regret and all who know her hoped to the very last that the hand of death might be stayed. The family physicians were at the residence of their patient almost continuously from the first and all that could be done was put forth to save her to her family and friends. By science was all of no avail. The deceased was the daughter of the late John PETTIGROVE of Owego. She became the wife of Mr. F. C. CORNELL about thirty years ago, since which every event they have occupied the same house and maintained continuous residence in Ithaca. The deceased had come to be well known and esteemed for all the qualities that make up the noble wife and devoted mother. The family circle thus broken was one closely united. Mrs. Cornell is survived by her husband, two sons and two daughters. - Ithaca Journal.


At 2 p. m. Monday Cashier E. O. ELDREDGE of the Owego National bank sold enough stock belonging to Etta ARNOLD and some in the name of C. A. THOMPSON, to pay the assessment due upon each, at the banking house on Lake street, according to the terms of the notice of sale published in the RECORD. There were but two bidders, Hon. C. A. CLARK and W. S. TRUMAN, cashier of the first National bank. There as an assessment of $1,750 due upon Miss ARNOLD'S fifty shares and it took 23 shares of stock to satisfy this claim and they were bid in by Judge CLARK for Mrs. Celeste D. CLARK, bringing about seventy-six per cent of the face value.

It took twelve shares of C. A. THOMPSON'S stock to pay his assessment of $910. These were bought by Judge CLARK at about the same per cent as the others.

The assessment on Judge PARKER'S, J. B. WINTERS, Mrs. WINTER'S and ten shares of THOMPSON'S stock had been paid and so that stock was not sold.


Hon. D. T. EASTON has received a letter from his daughter, Mrs. Charles D. WATKINS, saying they were not harmed either in person or property by the terrific flood which swept through the extreme southern part of California where they are located. Mr. WATKINS' ranch is located on comparatively high land and only one corner of it was touched by the flood and no appreciable damage was done. This will be gratifying news to their friends here.


G. O. STEELE, the cash grocer who sells, as his terms state, for cash only, has made a contract with the RECORD to have locals, announcing the hundreds of bargains which he offers, appear in the daily and weekly editions of the RECORD each issue for the space of a year. Consequently, the RECORDS readers are requested to pay particular attention to what he says.


Andrew M. BALLARD, for some time past foreman at DEANS tannery, resigned last week and has bought out the grocery business of G. E. WEBSTER, which he will carry on at the old stand, corner of North avenue and Fox street.


Sally TILBURY, a woman about 60 years of age, was struck and instantly killed by a freight train about two miles east of Union yesterday. She attempted to cross the track, but did not see the approaching train and was struck by the engine. Several persons witnessed the accident but were unable to aid her. It is claimed that no whistle was blown or bell rung. The body was flung some distance. Her skull was crushed and both legs broken.

Coroner PIERCE was called and impaneled a jury. The old lady had no relatives and lived alone in a home near the village. Binghamton Republic.

Miss Sally TILBURY, was killed at a point one mile west of, instead of east, of that place. She was the only sister of the father of E. E. TILBURY of this place and has a large number of nephews and nieces residing in this vicinity.

E. E. TILBURY went to Union Thursday night on receiving notice of the sad accident.

The funeral was held Saturday at 11 a. m. Her age was 77 years.


Some time ago Officer THURSTON arrested "Dick" STRATTON on a warrant issued by Justice GLEZEN, charging him with willful injury to the property of Robert BURGETT. While searching for bail Dick decided upon "leg bail" and so skipped out of a back door of some saloon in which he was supposed to be searching for a bondsman. He fled to Pennsylvania and felt safe. He wandered into Waverly Sunday and was captured by Deputy Sheriff MEYERS, who notified the authorities here. Deputy Sheriff DUNSMORE went down on Erie No. 1 after him, bringing him back to jail. He was arraigned Monday afternoon before Justice GLEZEN and gave bail for his appearance April 9th.

Charles HAMMOND was sentenced to ten days in jail for intoxication.

The case of the people against William HYDE for till tapping at Red Mills, was on Friday before Justice GLEZEN. Young HYDE was convicted and sentenced to the Rochester industrial school.

Charles HOLLENBECK pleaded guilty Saturday to stealing a road cart valued at $20 and Justice GLEZEN sentenced him to six months at Syracuse.

Russell HANER was drunk and disorderly Saturday evening and was thrown out of a Front street grocery for assaulting a customer. Officer STRAIT arrested him and he was committed until Monday morning when the recorder fined him $9.05 with and alternative of thirty days. He chose the latter as he had a surplus in that line.

John HILL was arrested Sunday for public intoxication and was fined $9.05 Monday morning or ten days. He contributed the ten days,

Ed REARDON was arrested Sunday while washing his feet in the river. The charge was vagrancy and he was sent to the state alms house at Binghamton in charge of Daniel JOHNSON.

C. F. DUFFY, an Erie engineer, was arrested and gave bail for his appearance at his trial Thursday, March 26th for obstructing an Erie crossing, at his station a few weeks ago. The trial was set down for April 10th.


Messrs. Lewis H. JOHNSON, Frank D. LIVERMORE and Wiinfield JOHNSON, all formally of Owego young men but for some time past of New York, have associated themselves together in business in that cita at No. 165 East 49th street under the firm name of JOHNSON & LIVERMORE, manufacturing chemists. They are manufacturing and placing on the market a toilet cream which thy call "DERMATOL," a preparation for beautifying the complexion and softening and whitening the hands. It is put in collapsible tubes and sells for 25 cents a tube. The numerous friends of these young men in Owego and vicinity will wish them great success in their new venture.


A man was arrested yesterday in Owego for washing his feet. Truly the people of Owego are a hard lot.

A young lady was followed by a burly ruffian while on her way along Erie avenue, Sunday evening. The brute attempted to lay hands on her; but just as soon as she recognized her would-be assailant she gave a loud scream and ran into a house nearby. The highwayman made good his escape.


The subscriber hereby quietly announces to the public that he will not pay any bills contracted by Mrs. Helen M. PERKINS or daughters, as they have withdrawn from his residence without any known provocation


No. 520 E. Main street, Owego, NY. March 20, 1891


The last will and testament of Morris KELSEY, late of the town of Barton, was admitted to probate Monday by Surrogate Howard W. MEAD.

Northern Tioga News

William P. BELDEN is the RECORD'S Authorized Agent at Richfield and all Subscriptions Accounts may be paid to him.

.Richford, March 25. - G. D. BARNES spent part of last week in Owego.

.The Richford school is having a vacation of two weeks.

.A. G. WATKINS and wife and George W. RAWLEY returned from Owego Friday night.

.C. F. CURTIS left town one day last week to visit friends in Michigan.

.George D. MORELAND, Richford's well known, Constable, took two prisoners to Syracuse last week and one last Monday.

.Warren PIERCE of Ithaca was in town part of last week. He with others of the same family played quite an important part at the late session of court.

. Leslie POTTER, who has been studying telegraphy at the depot during the past year, has commenced work as assistant operator at Newark Valley. The RECORD wishes him success.

.At the close of this rather brief and uninteresting letter this week, the reporter desires to make an explanation. The reason the Richford department is not filled with so many bright and witty things, as to cause it to be forever preserved amid the classics of this land, is that the RECORD'S representative in this place is slightly ill; in fact even as he is dictating this explanation, he is holding an old hat over his mouth so that if his slippers do come up, he can save them. He trusts that this will be received in the spirit in which it is given.


.A Buffalo dispatch says; "A number of the mutinous inmates of the Soldiers' Home at Bath have been arriving in the city since Saturday. As a rule, they are penniless and consequently have applied for aid to the Grand Army men here. These applications have been refused and several have applied to Justice KING to be sent to workhouse as vagrants. The mutineers are in a sorry condition."


.The RECORD publishes below an account of a fast run on the Susquehanna division of the Erie, furnished by one of the brakemen on the train.

.A remarkably fast run was accomplished Monday on the Susquehanna division of the Erie by engine No. 222, BRINK, engineer and CARRIER, fireman. A train of thirty-five cars of dead freight was hauled from Hornellsville to Susquehanna in 7 hours and 20 minutes. The run from Hornellsville to Corning and from Corning to Waverly was made for water. The train was in charge of Conductor LEWIS and it is claimed to be one of the best runs recorded.


.Charles H. KETCHUM will sell at auction at his residence, at Gibson Corners, Thursday April 2, 1891, at 10 o'clock a.m. the following property: One pair 4-year-old bay geldings, sound, kind and gentle, four choice cows, two yearlings, two fine shoats, one lumber wagon, one top buggy, one platform wagon, one skeleton wagon, one cutter, one new mowing machine, one pair of bob-sleds, one Perry spring tooth harrow, one double harness, one single harness, one Syracuse chilled plow, some pine lumber, fifty hens, some turkeys, eight ducks, and many articles of farming utensils and other property not mentioned. Sam SHIRLEY, the popular auctioneer, will officiate.


.Plainfield, NJ, March 26, -- Henry G. WOOD, a well-known contractor of Elizabeth, NJ, killed himself in the Muhlenberg Hospital here. He had been despondent over money troubles and had eaten hardly anything for four weeks but had been drinking almost incessantly. Tuesday he was attacked by delirium tremens and taken to the hospital where his ravings became worse. His nurse left him for a few moments when WOOD cut his throat with a penknife and also made several cuts slight wounds in his breast near his heart. He died almost immediately.


.Nichols, March 25, -- The Wappassening Grange will hold an entertainment and supper for the benefit of the grange in it's hall next Friday evening, March 27th. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

.Miss Julia JOSLIN is reported on the sick list.

.Miss Jennie WARWICK entertained a number of her friends very pleasantly at the parsonage last Saturday afternoon.

.D. J. SMEAD has sold his property on Cady avenue to Platt L. WHITE of this place.

.Cap. RUSSELL of Windham, PA, Has purchased the property formerly owned by Samuel CLAPP in this place and intends building a new residence upon it soon.

...The Easter service will be rendered very finely at the M. E. church on Sunday, evening.


At the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Pritchard, No. 27 John street, at 7:30 o'clock Monday evening, occurred the marriage of their daughter Verda M. and Dr. J. C. FINCH of New York, Rev. A. C. McKENZIE, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiating. The wedding was quiet and entirely informal affair, only a few of the immediate friends being present. The ceremony was followed by an elaborate wedding dinner and at 10:54 on the D., L. and W., Dr. and Mrs. FINCH left for New York, their future home. They will be located at No. 118 West 97th street where Dr. FITCH has a well established practice in dentistry, and will at once begin housekeeping.


Frank PROBOSCO'S Farm House and Its Contents Destroyed This Morning - Saved Last Week to Go This.

Last Friday morning a blaze was discovered in the roof of Frank PROBASCO'S residence on the southside of the river, but by the prompt and effectual assistance rendered by the D., L. & W. track gang the house was saved for six days.

This morning while the family were seated at the breakfast table, fire burst into the into the room from the rear portion of the house, presumably starting over the kitchen, but for the aid of Charles ADAMS, who resides on the poultry farm, none of the furniture or clothing would have been saved.

As it was the house and at least 300 bushels of potatoes, with a great deal of other personal property, were destroyed.

Before Recorder GLEZEN.

Charles RINGWALD was arrested last night on the charge of selling intoxicants after midnight and a ten-day stay was granted to allow him time to get an order from the county judge to take the case before the grand jury. This is for an offense for which he once before gave bail.

C. H. DUFFY was present this morning when his case was called, but it was adjourned to April 10th. DUFFY is defendant in an action brought by the corporation of Owego for holding an Erie crossing twenty-five minutes.


Hon. J. B. FLOYD was in Owego Tuesday.

Awaga Tribe No. 40, of Red Men of Owego will celebrate their eighth anniversary Friday, March 27th. Tribes from all the neighboring towns have been invited to assist in celebrating.

We do not believe the report that when the fire bell rang Tuesday night, an energetic citizen seized a three-quart tin pail and made a frantic rush for the Chemung river on account of strained relations existing, between the water company and the old board of trustees.

The Police court has been busy this week. Tom DALTON was arrested Wednesday night for drunkenness and had a hearing Thursday morning. He was sent to Onondaga penitentiary for six months. Thomas MITCHELL and Michael MALONEY were sent to Owego Thursday for thirty days and James GIBSON was sent up for twenty days this (Friday) morning. Three men from Pennsylvania were arrested for drunkenness and fined $3 each Thursday.


At the late election in the 11 district, one of the ballots was a straight Prohibition, excepting that the license candidates for excise were passed over the names of the temperance candidates. - Hornellsville Times.


The subscribers to the Owego telephone exchange do not appreciate the worry, hard work and hardships which were entailed in the expeditious manner in which Manager BLOODGOOD hustled all the crossed, broken and grounded wires of his exchange into a perfect working system.

The fact that the Owego exchange is an excellent one is proved by the unusual sense of inconvenience which is experienced when it fails to work satisfactory. If it occurred more frequently, it would be less noticeable.

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