Owego Record Front Page
March 22, 1900
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

March 22, 1900


It was 19 degrees below zero at Towanda. Saturday night. Newark Valley had maple sap running one day last week. It must be genuine beastly weather when it rains cats and dogs.


Newark Valley. March 20. - Carrie LIVERMORE of Owego spent Sunday with friends in town.

Mr. and Mrs. HINMAN of Binghamton passed Sunday with Mrs. HINMAN'S parents.

O. P. DICKENSON has moved from his rooms on Water Street to his house at the trout ponds.

Mrs. COUNCILMAN is moving this week from her house on Whig street to J. F. COUNCILMAN'S where she will make her home.

As Mr. GOWER'S was driving through Main street last Saturday, one of his horses took fright and both of the animals soon became unmanageable. The dashed up the steps of VOSE'S store and would have gone through the window, but for some men standing there, caught them.

A meeting in the interests of the International Farmers union will be held in fireman's hall tomorrow at 10 a. m. E. C. DEDRICK of Binghamton will address the meeting.

There will be a social in the interests of the public library at the Congregational chapel tomorrow evening. A pleasant program has been arranged and S. BELCHER will be present with his phonograph, which will add to the enjoyment. Refreshments will be served..

At the meeting of the stockholders of the canning factory, held March 17, selected were as follows: T. F. CHAMBERLAIN, M. W. BAKEMAN, C. H. BARNES, Chas. FRANK, D. C. HAND, G. W. MUZZY, B. C. SMITH, Dr. F. M. BISHOP, E. O. WAITE. Building committee, T. F. CHAMBERLAIN, M. W. BAKEMAN, C. H. BARNES. The officers of the factory are to be elected from the trustees.

At the charter election today the entire Republican ticket was elected by a 50 majority. The ticket is as follows: President, F. M. BISHOP, trustee Chas, FRANK; treasurer, Fred MOSES, collector Fred SEARS, police justice, Uriel HOWARD.


Richford, March 21. - Born, to Mr and Mrs. William COREY, March 16, a daughter,

Miss Gertrude PACKER and Lottie HOPKINS have gone to Groton to work.

CARL FUNDIS has gone to Clymer for the final settlement of his father will.

B. C. RAWLEY has received the appointment of census enumerator for this town.

Mrs. W. C. PIERCE attended the W. C. T. U. convention in Campville the past week.

J. B. GEER went as a delegate to Sayre Wednesday to attend F. S. M. association.

Mrs. Alice MOORE who has spent the winter with her daughter in Pennsylvania has returned here.

Mrs. G. RUMMER and daughter Leolie of McLean, visited her mother, Mrs. H. A. TYLER recently.

Chas. HUNT was not able to teach last week and Mrs. Fred ROBINSON had charge of the school. School Commissioners visited the schools last week.

Wallie ARNOLD who moved from here to Spencer a short time ago, had the misfortune to have the house and all its contents burned to the ground; also 50 bushels of oats and 75 of potatoes.

Mrs. Fred POLLEY received a letter the past week from her brother, Jessie RICE who is a soldier in Manila. He reports its extremely warm there and a good many are in the hospital with measles. The letter was six weeks on the road.

The residence of John FUNDIS would have been entirely destroyed by fire one night last week but by the timely arrival of Earl FUNDIS after his parents had retired. After going to his room he found it full of smoke so he could not get in and, closed the door; he awoke his parents, a few pails of water subdued it. His brother early in the evening had left a pair of pants so near the stove pipe which went through their room that it had caught fire and burned the carpet and floor quite badly. - Dryden Herald.


Richford, March 22. - Great excitement prevailed for a time in last evening. At about 8:15 o'clock the cry of fire was given and the streets became suddenly populated. The fire was located in the residence of E. R. SCOTT on Railroad street. Mrs. SCOTT had been out for a short time and on returning found the house full of smoke and the alarm was immediately given. The fire being in the upper story, an opening was made in the roof and the front window was broken in. The smoke was then allowed to escape so the room could be entered from below. The fire was confined to the straw mattress and feather tick on the bed in this room and it is supposed that it caught fire from the stove pipe which runs trough this room. The fire was soon extinguished. Some damage was done to the furniture, carpets, etc. by water.


Candor, March 21. Friday evening, Chapter No. 281, Epworth League gave a social and entertainment to the members and congregation of the M. E. church. Although the night was cold and stormy there was a good attendance. The room was nicely arranged. making it to seem homelike. The following program was carried out: M. L quartette, FIEBIG, DEWEY, HOYT and HOWARD; Vocal solo, HOYT; Dialogue, "Why we Never Wedded," by seven maids and seven bachelors; Quartette, Mrs. George AHART, May ROSE, C. F. FIEBIG, Wallace MASTEN; recitation, "Brudder Brown on APPLES," by Mrs. E. H. WANDS; Apple entertainment. Mrs. MOORE entertained the company during the evening with her music box. Much credit is due the literary committed for the success of the entertainment.

H. D. HEATH and wife expect to start tomorrow for Washington, D. C. where they will remain for a few weeks taking in the sights and visiting adjoining cities.

The M. E. congregation will unite with the Baptist congregation Sunday evening so there will be no services at the M. E. church.

Mr. and Mrs. Myron GILLETTE of Springport, Mich., are visiting their daughter Mrs. Frederick BUNFIELD. Mrs. Oscar PERRY and Mrs. BANCROFT of the same place are also visiting Mrs. BUNFIELD.

Parties from Lowell, Mass., are putting in new and improved machinery at FIEBIG & HART, in their blanket factory.

Frederick BUNFIELD has sold his house and lot at on Kinney street to Mrs. Ira BANCROFT, possession to be given April 1.

Rev. L. M. STANLEY will begin his duties as pastor of the Baptist church next Sunday.

Rev. E. W. DICKENSON occupied the pulpit at the Congregational church at Oakland, PA, Sunday.

Right Worshipful, H. F. BOOTH, assistant grand lecturer of the twenty-ninth Masonic district, visited Jefferson Lodge No. 332 at Watkins, Wednesday in his official capacity.

W. J. PAYNE and H. F. BOOTH were in Binghamton Thursday.

Cyrenus ELMENDORF has moved into the house lately occupied by F. L. HEATH on Kinney street.

Friends of William CHANDLER made him a surprise party Tuesday.


Mr. and Mrs. D. S. WHITTEMORE spent Tuesday with Dr. and Mrs. BECK of Owego. Mrs. WHITTEMORE was called there on Monday to attend the funeral of a friend.

John DODGE has returned from to New York after spending a few days with relatives here and in Owego.

A. B. DODGE was in Owego on Tuesday to attend the funeral of a brother, Alfred Dodge.


James H. CALLAHAN of the Elmira Telegram was resting easier last evening at his boarding place 109 Court street, although there was no decided change in his condition. He did not have as much fever as earlier in the day. Dr. COBB said that if there were any change it was for the better and that all the indications were favorable. - Binghamton Republic.

There were no services in any of the churches Sunday night.

Mrs. Ruben SCHEFFER of New York city is visiting her mother, Mrs. Eloise LITTLE.



A lad about 16 years of age giving his name as Clair HEMPSTEAD and his home as Binghamton was found on the Lackawanna track near STORR'S crossing just east of the Owego station about 1:30 yesterday afternoon by a trainman of a westbound freight. He was under the train and it is thought he was stealing a ride on the train and in attempting to off at the crossing slipped and went under the wheels, and caught his right leg near the knee and also tore it badly about the ankle and foot. He was carried to the baggage room at the station and Drs. THOMAS and MERRIAM were summoned. They had the lad carried over to the Lackawanna House.

It was ascertained the boys father's name was E. L. HEMPSTEAD and word was sent him at once of the accident and he arrived on train 8 at 3:51 p. m. The boy died about two hours after his father's arrival and the remains were taken to Binghamton on train 10 at 11:29 p.m.


Nichols, March 19. - Mrs. Elmore EVERETT is very ill . It is not expected she can survive more than a few days. (Notice of her death will be found among the obituaries.)

Adelbert LUCCEK has been engaged to run the Lounsberry creamery this summer.

Nellie SIMMONS is visiting in Lestershire.

S. H. LATHAM and Arthur ATKINS were in Rome, NY, on business last week.

The measuring social given by the C. E. society at S. H. LATHAM'S Friday evening was largely attended. All report a very pleasant time. Proceeds were $14.80.

Mrs. William TAYLOR and son returned today from a visit with friends in Binghamton.

The Epworth League will have a social next Friday evening at the M. E. parsonage. Prof. G. Manning ELSBREE of Sayre will recite and Merton BEEBE of Waverly will sing.

O. W. YOUNG, and daughter, Miss REY, attended services here last evening.

Dr. and Mrs. TRIPP of Warren Center were in town Saturday.

Fred SMITH has moved into Fred JOHNSON'S house on Walnut street.

While Ray LEWIS and Lela SMITH were out sleigh riding yesterday the horses became frightened by turning around and ran throwing them out and tipping over the cutter. The cutter was badly broken but neither of the young people were injured.

James VOUGHT has purchased a fine coronet and Floyd WADE a clarinet.

Mrs. MATHEWS is visiting her friend Mrs. TAYLOR at Windham, PA.



Died, at Owego, NY, Tuesday, March 20, 1900, John the two-year-old son of Thomas J. and Annie COLVIN. Interment was in St Joseph's cemetery.


Died, at Flemingville, NY, Saturday, March 17, 1900 of cholera infantum, Donald Stedman MILLER, aged 1 year.


Died, at Nichols, NY, Monday, March 19, 1900, Mrs. Elmore EVERETT. She is survived by her husband, one son Ward SHERWOOD of Nichols; and three daughters, Mrs. I. F. STETLER of Sayre, PA, Mrs. F. P. WHITE of Nichols, and Mrs. John JOHNSON of Waverly. Five grandchildren also survives. The funeral was held at the M. E. church at Nichols today at 2 p. m.


Died, in the town of Tioga, NY, Sunday, March 18, 1900, of quinsy, Nathan CATLIN aged 76 years He is survived by his wife, and five sons, Charles, Smith, and Edger of Tioga, Verd of Litchfield, PA, and Liewellyn M. of George street, Owego; and three daughters, Mrs. Charles BROOKS and Mrs. George BROOKS of Tioga and Mrs. Thomas GAGE of Owego. The funeral was held at 10:30 a. m. at the residence; Interment at Tioga Center.


Owego friends have received the news of the death of Mrs. Sarah J. HOUGH, widow of Rev. J. J HOUGH of Berkshire. She died at the home of her nephew, Prof. Edward BURGESS at 11 West Eighty-eighth street in New York City, Friday, March 16, 1900, of pneumonia, after an illness of four days. He remains have been placed in a receiving vault in New York for a time and will be taken to Berkshire and be interred beside those of her husband. Owego Cor. - Binghamton Republican.


Died, at Poughkeepsie, NY, Wednesday, March 21 1900, John S. SHAY, aged 34 years. He was the son of the late John SHAY and left Owego many years ago to work in the state hospital at Binghamton. From there he went nine years ago to Poughkeepsie, where he entered business and married. He is survived by his wife, one son, William; Five brothers and sisters, Richard SHAY and Mrs. William HART of Binghamton, Miss Kathryn of Boston, Mrs. Mary BAKER and William SHAY of Owego. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at Poughkeepsie and the relatives in this vicinity will be in attendance.



Mrs. May Davenport, who resides in the town of Nichols, was brought in to jail last week, being committed in default $100 bonds, demanded by Justice Warren A. SMITH of Nichols to ensure her keeping the peace of the people of the state of New York in general and her husband in particular. Her husband has recently given $100 bonds to support her.


The Elmira Reformatory board of managers met Thursday and accepted the resignation of Dr. H. D. WAY as physician of the institution. Dr. Frank HOBERTSON of Bellevue hospital, New York, formerly of Owego will assume the duties of that position, to which he has been appointed, April 1.


Thirty-five years ago Saturday, Owego had its "flood." A heavy body of snow, melted by a violent, warm rain. filled every stream and flooded Owego's, streets, cellars and yards to an extent which had not been equaled in written history,

The water set back from Canawanna to the intersection of McMaster and Main streets. It flowed north on the former street, into Temple street and through Liberty street north of Temple street. Flooding the low districts on each side of the old embankment, now Central avenue, north of Temple street. It came up Talcott street nearly to the Lackawanna tracks. It came from the east on the north side of the Erie tracks, flooding and despoiling almost to a point north of the Erie station.

Houses, barns, mills, hay stacks, boats and all the flotsam of the river, which was almost a sea in width and depth, came down and crushed on the old wooden bridge or its piers, melting like the dissolving views thrown on canvas.

The people in Canawanna, who were driven out of their homes by the flood, found temporary shelter in the old village hall, which was located an the first floor in the building occupying the site of the present fire department's, Main street rooms.


John LILLIE who lives on the North avenue near the Erie station, was born the same day that Owego's big flood occurred, hence he was 35 years old last Saturday, March 17,

Sixty of the friends of his wife and himself participated that evening, the latter date, in a genuine surprise party in honor of his birthday and enjoyed themselves in great style.

One of the pleasant features was the presentation to the host of a beautiful Morris chair, which was done on behalf of the guests, by W. D. KINNEY. John was taken aback and announced he could not say anything in response, when a little girl piped up: "Can't you even say thank you?" John said "thank you" at once.


Apalachin, March 21. - Miss Louise GOULD is visiting he aunt, Mrs. Frank DARROW, at Binghamton.

Stephen J. REEVE of Brooklyn was in this place recently on business pertaining to the milk supply.

Channey DOWNS has moved into the house with Mrs. MURPHY.

At the library society meeting of the Epworth League held at E. B. McHENRY'S Prof. McHENRY was presented with a beautiful clock by the members of the M. E. Sunday school. It was a genuine surprise.

Mrs. Andrew WHITE is still confined to her home with rheumatism.

Mrs. Seth SAVEY of Orange, NJ, is calling on friends about here. Mr. John HILL has leased Mrs. SAVEY'S place and will take possession net week.

A number of citizens attended the M. E. oyster supper at George HILL'S last Friday night.. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. J. K. MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. GILES and daughter Lillian, Mr. and Mrs. John HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. GILES, Miss Louise BENNER, Mrs. G. L. CATLIN, Mrs. C. J. DOWNS, Joseph Gaskill and J. S. RYAN, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN.

Charles STEELE has accepted a position with the Binghamton Electrical Supply company.


W. J. CATLIN was in Ithaca Friday

Scott HARRIS was in Binghamton today.

C. J. EVELYN of Spencer was in town yesterday.

Miss Clara NEWELL has returned from Albany.

Rev. W. J. GREGORY of Nichols was in town Tuesday.

Mayor COLBY went to Albany Tuesday afternoon

Frank C. DEYO of Weltonville was in town Saturday.

J. S. GROSS, Esq., was in Waverly Friday afternoon.

A. S. BEERS made a Business trip to Elmira Tuesday

Contractor Ralph D. GREENE is out after an illness of a week.

L. T. GOODRICH has gone to Kasson, Minn., to visit relatives.

F. A. DARROW, Esq., was in Ithaca Tuesday on legal business.

Mr. and Mrs. F. CORTWRIGHT passed Sunday in Newark Valley.

C. S. MALLERY of Owego spent yesterday in town. - Ithaca News.

W. A. BURTON of Owego was in the city Tuesday.- Ithaca Journal.

John F. WARD of the Awaga House is very ill with pneumonia.

Jesse LEE of Port Jarvis is visiting his brother, A. S. LEE, this week.

J. W. HOUK went to Owego this morning. - Ithaca News, Monday.

Miss Clara McGIRR of Auburn was a guest over Sunday of Miss Nina PURPLE.

Mrs. N. H. HUTCHINSON left this noon on the Lackawanna for Trumansburg.

William McHENRY and family of Sayre went to Owego Tuesday. - Athens News.

John A. BOOMER was in Virgil this week to secure a tenant for his farm.

Mrs. TELLOCK has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Leroy NEARING at Maine, NY.

Misses MABEE are at Albany passing a few days with their father, F. N. MABEE.

M. L. COMFORT went to Syracuse yesterday to attend the State Association of Opticians.

Jack MORONI of Scranton was a guest Sunday at P. CUNEO'S 14 Front street.

George FORSYTH of Lestershire is in town assisting his father, H. T. FORSYTH in painting.

Mrs. Alice A. BURNETT left Thursday for a visit in Baltimore and Washington.

Mrs. John JONES is in Ithaca for a few days, the guest of her daughter, Mrs. G. S. TARBELL.

Charles T. ELLIS has been at home from New York, ill with grip, but was able to be out Monday.

E. D. MANCHESTER of Potterville made a pleasure trip to Owego on Sunday. - Towanda Review.

Rev. Edward SCARBORO was in Elmira Friday to attend the funeral of Rev. Thomas K. BEECHER.

George J. CARTER, representing the Unitype company, was a welcome caller at the RECORD office, Friday

Charles BARTON of Owego was in town Sunday, the guest of friends on the eastside. - Sayre Times.

A. J. BALLOU will move from Canatonk, April 1, to the MILLER & MACKEY farm northeast of the village.

Dr. D. A. HASTINGS, A. F. F. BURGER, A. W. PARMALEE and H. C. BROWN were in Binghamton Friday night.

Leonard FOSTER is at home after passing a few days in New York on his return from Gloria, Cuba.

J. S. NOSSER and Norman CHURCHILL of Greene were guests over Sunday of W. H. TUTTLE, 92 Adaline street.

Dr. W. L. HILL was in New York over Sunday attending the "Ben-Hur" at the Broadway Saturday evening.

Miss Lydia WOOD of 133 Temple street had the misfortune to fall Tuesday and fracture one of her legs.

Rev. M. D. FULLER, D, D. went to Scranton Monday afternoon on the Lackawanna train 6, returning yesterday.

Miss Elizabeth FRAWLEY of Owego is visiting her sister, Miss Katherine FRAWLEY of this place. - Waverly Advocate.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. CORDES and daughter of Tioga Center will leave tonight on Erie train 5 for Spokane, Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. MEEKER of Danby drove to Owego Sunday afternoon for a visit with relatives, returning Monday.

W. D. LAWRENCE of Sayre was in town this afternoon on business connected with the United States Express company.

Samuel CRANCE of Owego was a guest Monday and Tuesday at the home of John BEECH in this place. -Van Etten Breeze.

Miss Pitcher arrived last Friday via the Lackawanna from Omaha and Lincoln, Neb., where she has been passing some time.

Mrs. Emma SWARTWOOD of New York is in town for a few weeks, visiting her mother, Mrs. R. W. CORTWRIGHT, 54 West Main Street.

Lewis H. LEONARD has returned from Brooklyn, where he was called by the illness and death of his mother, Mrs. W. B. LEONARD.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. THOMAS and two sons arrived in town Monday noon from Reno, Nevada and are being welcomed home by their many friends.

Mrs. Jane LIVERMORE of 113 North avenue, who was so ill at the time of the death of her sister, Mrs. Louise SEYMOUR, is improving quite satisfactorily.

Mrs. C. S. Adams of Watertown is visiting her mother, Mrs. A. ORCUTT, 45 Fox street. Mr. ADAMS, who is business manager of the Watertown Standard, is expected to pass Sunday here and return home with his wife the first of next week.

John TRUCK was convicted at Cortland Friday of murder in the first degree for killing F. W. MILLER of Virgil a year ago.

Officer ALLEN took the four school house tramps to Syracuse Saturday to serve 60 days each at the Onondaga county penitentiary.

Sheridan BIXBY of Morse's Lane is driving and collecting on the Wells Fargo Express company in place of Loren KYLE, who is ill.

The formal announcement has been made of the engagement of John M. DAVIDGE and Miss Isabelle McCloud WINANS of Binghamton.

C. S. BALLOU has purchased of O. T. GORMAN, a thoroughbred Guernsey bull; also a pair of bay geldings, weight 2,400 pounds, of J. C. ARMSTRONG.

W. E. HARVEY who has been at Newark Valley for some time, is in town at the Birdsall House and had a bad time Tuesday afternoon with his lungs.

We understand that J. Seth SMITH has rented the Wm. WILLIAMS place, just south of the village, and will move here from Owego. - Newark Valley Herald.


Chief FOSTER of Albany reports that last Thursday two men entered a store between 11:30 and 12 in the morning and while one engaged the attention of the proprietor the other stole a large amount of money from the safe. In making his escape this man drew a revolver, which he pointed at the proprietors head.

One of the men is described as about 29 or 30 years old, five feet ten inches in height, weighing about 155or 160 pounds and slim built. He had a short black mustache, and wore a short gray mixed coat, no overcoat and a dark, soft "cigarette" hat. His completion is very shallow. His partner is described as from 40 to50 years of age, five feet eight or nine inches tall, of stout build. he has a sandy moustache and florid completion and wore a dark blue overcoat with velvet collar, dark trousers and a dark derby hat. He has a very red face. A similar job, the notice said, was committed by the same men yesterday.

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