Owego Record Front Page
April 5, 1900
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

April 5, 1900


Candor, March 30.- Charles LEWIS of Lestershire is visiting friends in town.

Dick BEST of Catatonk, who is well known in this place, met with a severe accident Wednesday night. He was stopping at Charles VanGORDER'S hotel and while coming down the stairs with a lighted lamp he fell, breaking the lamp and setting things afire. He is badly burned about the face and neck. He was taken to the city hospital at Ithaca Thursday for treatment.

Ray MEAD of Owego visited at B. G. SLATER'S Wednesday.

Sneak thieves stole a quantity of meat from Mrs. W. E. ROPER Tuesday night. There being snow on the ground they were tracked to the home of Andy SHALER, where the meat was found. SHALER was arrested and he confessed that Fred BROWN was implicated. BROWN was also arrested and they were taken before Justice J. T. Gridley where they had a hearing. He put them under $100 bonds each to appear before him for trial next Wednesday.

Candor, April 4. - Mr. and Mrs. Fred WHITMARSH are visiting in Binghamton.

J. P. FIEBIG is in Philadelphia this week on business.

Guthrie SMITH of Binghamton was a guest at J. H. JENNINGS' Sunday and Monday.

Frank ROBINSON of Flemingville was in town Monday.

Miss Lottie HART of Hornellsville is home during the Easter Holiday.

Frank LITTLE of Lestershire is home for a few days visiting his mother, who is on the sick list.

Ira LYNCH has sold his house and lot to Mrs. Ira SAWYER; consideration, $700. Possession was given April 2.

Philip BIGLER of Binghamton visited at W. H. ANDREWS' Sunday and Monday.

J. H. DIMON is visiting friends in Berkshire.

Miss Anna WOODFORD, daughter of E. J. WOODFORD, is dangerously ill with pneumonia.

Dogs wounded several sheep for Gilbert HOLMES Saturday and killed several for E. A. MOREY.

Among the many movers this week the following changes have been made; Dr. DEAN moves to his new house, Frank ELLIOTT in the CRANCE house, John BAYLOR into the house vacated by Mr. ELLIOTT, Frank WHEELER into the Asa BROOKS house and John LITTLE into the W. N. FESSENDEN house.

Mrs. Frank HUMISTON is visit her father, D. N. GUNNIP, at Spencer.

The funeral service for Miss Emma SEAGERS was held at Willseyville Sunday, Rev. M. T. MANUS, officiating.

Dr. William A. HASTINGS of Owego and Louis EMERY of Waverly visited friends in town Sunday


Nichols, April 2. - A large audience enjoyed the lecture on "Japan,: delivered by Rev. T. W. McNAIR last evening. Rev. McNAIR and his wife leave soon for Japan, where they are laboring as missionaries. The are now visiting Rev. and Mrs. GREGORY.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HOWELL are visiting in Binghamton.

G. H. HORTON was in Elmira on business Saturday,

Herbert LATHAM and L. JOHNSON were in Rome, PA, Friday.

Misses Clara and Mame PLATT visited their uncle T. DEAN last week.

Mrs. W. C. EVERETT and son visited in Waverly last week.

Miss ROGERS was in Sayre over Sunday.


Mayor ELMENDORF has filed a claim for $1,000 insurance held by him on his house that burned down in Candor, Feb. 4. His father Cyrenus ELMENDORF, held a $500 policy on the furniture that burned with the house. It was valued at $700. The mayor says that the house cost him about $1,800, 14 years ago when he built it. The fire originated, he says in a very strange way. The wood fire was started by his father in a kitchen stove. A cover was left off the stovepipe hole in the chimney, in a hole opposite the stovepipe hole in the kitchen. The flame made its exit through the open hole in the chimney, instead of going up through the chimney, and set the house on fire before Cyrenus ELMENDORF smelled the smoke in the other room. The fire department of Candor consists of one hand engine. The $500 policy been paid in full to Cyrenus. The house will not be rebuilt by the present owner of the land. - Ithaca Journal.


The Spencer Needle says that three lads of 16 to nineteen years residing near Halsey Valley had planned ever since New Years to rob the house of J. B. Van LUVEN of Halsey Valley and that last Sunday night two of them tried it and secured $4 or $5, but missed a large sum which they had planned to secure. Two have confessed but one is still non-committal in the matter.


E. G. NEWELL, whose milk wagon was struck and demolished by Erie train 8 Monday morning, must believe by this time in the old saw, "born to be hanged," if he carefully considers his miraculous escape. The chair upon which he sat was smashed, with the wagon, to smithereens, but Mr. NEWELL came up smiling with nary a scratch to countenance or body, ready and in the pink of condition for the next round - with an engine, whole train of cars, or any old thing that might come his way. - Elmira Advertiser.



Died, at Jenksville, NY, Friday, March 30, 1900, of pneumonia, Charles F. HARRIS, aged 34 years. His remains were taken to Binghamton Monday morning for funeral and interment.


Died, at Owego, NY, Tuesday, April 3, 1900, Patrick CONNELL, aged 56 years. He is survived by his wife and two sons and one daughter. Funeral services will be held at 9 a. m. at St. Patrick's church; interment in St Joseph's cemetery.


Died at Owego, NY, Friday, March 30, 1900, Margaret, wife of John CROWE, aged 70 years. She is survived by her husband, one son and one daughter. Funeral services were held at St. Patrick's church. Internment in St. Joseph's church, Tioga.


Died, at Newark Valley, NY, Thursday, March 29, 1900, of apoplexy, Edwin J. BUSHNELL, one of Newark Valley's most respected citizens. He left home late in the afternoon to transact business with Rufus HOLMES. Mr. HOLMES left the room for a few minutes and on returning he found Mr. BUSHNELL lying face down on the floor. He spoke only a few words and then became unconscious. He was taken to his home but did not rally. He died at 11 o'clock He leaves a wife and two sons.


Frank C. TRUMAN has taken possession of the LaSon gallery, 6 and 8 streets, and already doing business in great shape. He is able to give reprints from negatives from taken by J. J. LaSON and by the TUTHILL'S.


Walker - Born, Tuesday, April 3, 1900, to Mr. and. Mrs. Harry WALKER of East Temple street, a girl.



Carlton MOREY and Irwin VanNOY of Lestershire were drowned in the Susquehanna near East Union Tuesday afternoon about 3:30. Peter MILNER, also of Lestershire reached an island and was saved. The body's of MOREY and VanNOY were not recovered last night

Carlton MOREY, the elder of the drowned persons, was a young man in his twenties and married only a few weeks ago, Miss Clara STRONG. His home is on Cherry street in Lestershire. Irwin VanNOY who was 14 years old, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. VanNOY of Cherry street. Peter MINER took the news of their sons death to them.

The scene of the drowning was visited by many from Lestershire about dusk last night. Peter MINER reached the town about six and by the time men reached the river the sun was setting. The current at that place in question was too swift for night work and so no attempt was made last night to find the bodies. The plan is to begin the search early this morning. - Binghamton Republic.



On complaint of his father, the lad Walter VanGORDER. whose various escapades and stories have interested Sayre, Athens and Waverly, as well as Owego, was sentenced Tuesday by Recorder LORING to the state Industrial school at Rochester.


Fred Brown was tried before Justice J. T. GRIDLEY of Candor Tuesday on the charge of stealing pork from the cellar of Mrs. W. E. ROPER of that place. It resulted in in a conviction and he is now doing three months in jail and on the stone heap in this village.


Ed. WAGNER was arrested Saturday night by office ALLEN on a warrant issued on complaint of the defendant's sister, charging him with assault upon her that day. He was arraigned Monday at 10 a.m., at which time there was no appearance of the plaintiff and he was discharged.


Charles CONNELLY of Newark Valley was drunk and driving too rapidly around town Saturday. Chief ROBERTSON arrested him for public intoxication. Monday Recorder LORING sentenced him to pay a fine of $5 or to be imprisoned five days in jail. He was committed in default of payment of the fine.


This young girl of decidedly immature years, a daughter of the late Willis HUBBARD, formally of Owego, was arrested Monday evening by Chief ROBERTSON on a warrant issued by Recorder LORING on a complaint of the girl's grandmother, charging her with being a common prostitute. She furnished bail and was released until yesterday at 10 a. m. when her trial was held before Recorder LORING, when it was decided, after consultation with the complainant, to discharge her as she had promised to reform and go to her paternal grandfather, Charles HUBBARD, at Cortland to live a better life.



Married, at Owego, NY, Saturday, March 31, 1900, by Rev. M. D. FULLER, James McCULLOCH and Miss Jennie COLLIER


Married, at Owego, NY, Thursday, March 15, 1900, by Rev. G. D. YOUNG. Rolla Blair PRATT and Miss Daisy Belle HUBBARD.


Married, at Owego, NY. Tuesday, April 3, 1900, by Rev. G. D. YOUNG. William FORSYTH of Owego, NY, and Miss Edna D. BRAINARD of Nichols, NY.


In the court of common pleas of Susquehanna county at Montrose, Daniel W. SEARLE presiding. Mrs. Beatrice KILMER of New York city, through her attorney E. R. W. SEARLE, Esq., of Susquehanna, has obtained an absolute divorce from her husband, Willis S. KILMER. The divorce proceedings in this case have been pursued according to the laws of Pennsylvania, which grant absolute divorces for other then statutory grounds. The record of this case contains nothing derogatory to the character of either party. - Binghamton Republic.


Some boys with more daring then regard for others went into the Sunday school room at the Baptist church last Sunday evening while services were in progress in the auditorium and turned on the gas in a large chandelier. The mischief was not discovered until the escaping gas from the 50 jets filled the room and escaped into the auditorium, considerably affecting many persons. An effort is being made to find out who the guilty parties are, It is thought by some that that the intention was to burn the church as some of the jets were lighted in an adjoining small room and the door was left open and the resulting explosion, if sufficient gas had escaped, would have set fire to the building. Waverly Free Press.


At a fire in Greenwood, Steuben county, Friday, George W. WEBSTER, formerly of Owego, was burned out. The loss on the building was $2,500 and on the stock $2,500; only partially insured.

Jesse WEBSTER and family occupied rooms in the building as a residence and they lost all their furniture, entailing a loss of about $450.


Nellie, the little daughter of Floyd SMITH, fell off one of the monuments in HAYWOOD & BALDWIN'S marble yard while playing there with some of her schoolmates last week. The little girl was severally cut about the face and was confined to her bed for a few days, but is now able to be out doors again. - Waverly Advocate.


Mr. and Mrs. G. E. PURPLE leave town tonight for a pleasure trip from one to two weeks. After a few days in New York and vicinity, they will go by an Old Dominion Line steamer to Norfolk, VA, and from there, by rail, as far as Atlanta GA., stopping at various points of interest. - Newark Valley Herald.


Asa SOLES of Willseyville, while working in a saw mill in Danby, fell across the carriage. Before a fellow worker could stop the machinery by pulling the lever the carriage had broken SOLE'S leg just above the ankle and the saw had cut from above the last joint of the large toe up through the foot in a diagonal direction to the ankle.


District Deputy Grand Master Frank A DARROW is paying his official respects to the lodges of this Masonic district. On Tuesday he was at Spencer, and this evening is booked for Ivy Lodge at Elmira.


There was a reunion of the Joseph W. SMITH family Sunday at his residence, 68 Liberty street, held to celebrate the forty-fifth birthday of Mrs. J. H. McCASLIN. Four generations were present, Joseph W. SMITH of the first. Mrs. J. S. McCASLIN, Fred P. SMITH of Elmira and Lewis H. SMITH of Lackawanna avenue, this village, of the second, Mrs. E. E. COLBY, Leon McCASLIN, Clarence and Roy SMITH of the third and Harold COLBY of the fourth generation. In addition, there were present J. H. McCASLIN, Mrs. F. P. SMITH Mrs. L. W. SMITH and E. E. COLBY; 14 in all.

Dinner was served at 2. p. m. after church and J. W. SMITH presented each of his three children with a check for $100.



The Tonawanda review of Monday, April 2, 1900 contained the following obituary of a niece of D. M. PITCHER of this village, who was also a sister of the late Mrs. Maria T. TRUE, a missionary to Japan. "Towanda friends yesterday morning received the sad intelligence of the death in Duluth n Saturday March 31, 1900, of Mrs. Harriet K. MORROW of this place. Mrs. MORROW spent the winter at the home of her daughter. Mrs. James T. HALE, in Duluth and had been in ill health for several months but it was only during the past week that fears were entertained for her recovery.

Mrs. MORROW'S maiden name was Harriet King PITCHER, and she was married in at Warren, this county, to the late Judge Paul D. MORROW in June 1857. Two children survive her - Mrs. James T. HALE and John P. MORROW and an adopted daughter, Mrs. Frank NIXON all of Duluth. Mrs. MORROW was a woman of great intellectual and social culture, kindly and sympathetic by nature, and a life long worker in the Presbyterian church, with which she united in October, 1857. For years she was foremost in every good work in the church

One who knew her intimately and well through many years said: She was a woman of almost perfect sense and judgment, and one who never created any antagonisms; a remarkable woman."

Her body will be brought to Towanda on Wednesday, and the funeral services, notices of which will be given later, will be held at the Presbyterian church on Tuesday.


Fred H. STILES is home from one of his extended trips in the interests of the Champion Wagon company.

Robert Hyde, who has passed two or three weeks in town, has returned to the military school at Chester, PA.

Mrs. C. M. BARTHOLOMEW had a serious attack of heart trouble, Friday night from which she is improving.

George CORNICK is slowly recovering from the results of his serious accident at TRUMAN'S mill some time ago

Frank S. TRUMAN of the First National bank and James S. TRUMAN of CLARK & TRUMAN were in Ithaca over Sunday.

B. M. STEBBINS who has been ill for several weeks, was able to be at his office, Tuesday, for the first time since his illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore NORRIS of Lestershire are guests of Mrs. NORRIS' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan DECKER, 553 Front street.

Mrs. Charlotte SMITH, South Main street, went to Owego this afternoon to visit friends for a short time. - Athens News, Friday.

Miss Inez SNYDER is passing a portion of the vacation from her duties as teacher at the Talcott street school in a visit to Wilkes-Barre.

S. H. SOUDERS left Wednesday for Lancaster, PA, to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, Andrew W. BAER.

Fred W. SEVER, who had recovered from an attack of rheumatism so that he was out on the street, is worse again and is confined to his bed.

J. C. THOMPSON of 36 John street has been detained from his duties in the in the Standard Butter company's office for a few days by a severe cold.

Mrs. George S. THURSTON and daughter Arlene are visiting this week at Ithaca, guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.. F. FLETCHER, 409 West State street.

Mrs. J. H. REASE of Ithaca was in town last Wednesday and Thursday called here by the illness of her daughter, Mrs. H. L. SCHARLACH, with grip.

Mrs. John LAMB and daughter Laura of Elmira were in town visiting relatives last week. Mr. LAMB and son Herman were in town Saturday with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. JENKINS of Sanitaria Springs, NY, are visiting for a few days with at the residence of Mrs. JENKINS parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. MEYER.

John F. WARD of the Awaga House is able to be out on the streets again. Owing to his illness he will not take possession of the hotel until this week Saturday.

John S. ELLIS, who is in charge of construction of lines for the Postal Telegraph Co., passed Sunday at his home in this village. He changed his headquarters to Sayre.

Mrs. S. E. PAINE, returned to her home, 77 Liberty street, Friday evening. She has been in Northampton, Mass., since the first week in November last, caring for her daughter, who died on March 16.

Burton HOUK, one of the RECORD carriers. is passing several days with the Central Labor union has returned from Owego. - Binghamton Herald.

Fred S. MILLS of McMaster street is ill.

Fred J. DAVIS is out after a brief illness.

Leslie DAWES is passing the week at Orwell.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. DEAN are on the sick list.

A. S. ALLEN of Sayre passed Sunday in town.

George TRUMAN, Jr., is reported on the sick list.

Daniel JOHNSON of Ithaca was in town yesterday.

C. D. MARICLE is confined to the house by illness.

L. L. BROCKWAY was out Saturday after a grip illness.

Miss May LAWRENCE of Slaterville Springs is in town.

C. R. DEAN went to Buffalo Sunday on the Erie train 8.

James FORSYTH left for New York Sunday an the Erie

Supervisor S. A. SEELY of Spencer was in town yesterday

Mrs. J. M. DAWES is in Newark Valley for two or three days.

J. D. WOODRUFF went to Owego, Wednesday. - Ithaca Journal.

Miss Josephine REEDY left yesterday on Erie train 2 for New York.

Mrs. C. M. LaMONTE left on the Erie for Boston, Monday night.

John M. PARKER, Esq., went to New York on the Lackawanna Thursday.

E. W. FULLER of Owego spent Sunday with his parents. - Athens News.

A. S. WILLIAMS and daughter, Miss Gussie, of Elmira was in town Sunday.

W. ALEXANDER, the barber, is ill with grip which attacked him Saturday.

E. E. FREDENBURG Esq., was in Candor on professional business Tuesday.

Mrs. S. W. WALLACE has so far recovered from a severe cold as to be out.

C. H. DEAN is able to be out on the streets again after an illness of two or three weeks.

Mrs. Susan A. HYMES of 106 Chestnut street left Tuesday for a visit to Atlanta, NY.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S. LYNCH were passengers on Erie train 8 Sunday bound for New York.

Mrs. J. WYLIE of 55 Talcott street and her niece Miss Hilda BUNZEY, have been at Elmira.

Mrs. Charlotte SMITH of Athens, PA, is visiting her aunt Mrs. Emma CASE, 395 Main street.

Miss Josephine YATES who lives near Hiawatha, has been seriously ill for nearly three weeks.

Charles S. FOSTER of Southampton, NY, is visiting his brother, W. C. FOSTER, 404 Main street.

Mrs. Horace BALDWIN of Brooklyn is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Carson BALDWIN, 64 Paige street.

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