Owego Record Front Page
February 16, 1899
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

February 16, 1899

Watch out for another large number of obituaries for old people. Thirty-four degrees below zero at Newark Valley Saturday night. When it marks zero or there about it is called warm again.


The body of a man was taken from the ice in the river at the point of the big island below town Sunday evening. The body lay face downward in about two feet of water which had frozen to the bottom and it was with the utmost difficulty that it was chopped out. The gruesome find was brought to SMITH Bros' undertaking rooms shortly before 8 o'clock.

It was impossible to even guess who it might be, as only the legs from the knees down, one hand and the nose and forehead protruded from the mass of ice and sand. From appearance the man could have been a tramp, the feet were encased in old button shoes with cotton socks and there were no underclothes on the limbs. A small portion of the mustache was visible. The man of ice was thawed away Monday morning and an inquest held.

About a week ago a small boy from South Towanda, who was on the ice reported that he had found a body in the river, but no attention was paid to the matter. Sunday he persuaded and elder brother to go with him and they chopped into the ice secured a piece of the clothing, Coroner PRATT was notified and visited the site, and at 5 o'clock Undertaker MARYCOTT began the task of getting the body out of the ice..

From the appearance of the portions of the body visible it is presumed that it had been in the water for a long time and had floated from a considerable distance. There is no one reported missing in the immediate vicinity.


Newark Valley, - Feb. 15. - Miss Vinnie SIEBERT of Brooklyn a guest at J. D. JOSLIN'S, Maple avenue.

Mrs. T. F. CHAMBERLAIN was at Chenango Bridge, NY, the first of the week, called there by the death of her uncle, William SLOSSON and aged residence of that place.

Miss Jessie PERRY of Binghamton has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred MOSES during the past week.

A "valentine" social was held at the residence of N. HASTER Monday evening under the auspices of the Epworth league. About 60 people braved the storm and passed an enjoyable evening.

A lecture will be given at the Congregational church next Wednesday evening, Feb. 24, for the benefit of the Christian Endeavor society, by Rev. Mr. Evans of Camden, NY. His subject will be "Jack and Gill;" or , "Is Marriage a Failure?"

Mrs. Frank MINTURN of Fort Dickens was in town over Sunday.

The house north of this village occupied by George KENNEDY and owned by L. WOODMANSEE was burned last evening. The family was away at the time and it is not known exactly how the fire started. A few of their household goods were saved by the neighbors.

Quite expensive arrangements are being made for the entertainment of the speakers and delegates who will be in town Feb. 28 and March 1, in attendance at the meeting of the Susquehanna association of Congregational churches.

Although a stormy evening, a large audience greeted Russell H. CONWELL at the M. E. Church last Wednesday evening. Never did a lecture give more satisfaction generally to the people of this vicinity then this, delivered by Mr. CONWELL. The subject being "Acres of Diamonds."

Miss Laura CAMERON of Owego is visiting her cousin, Miss Bessie Belcher, and other friends in this place.

About 100 guests were present at the banquet given by the Rebekah's last Friday evening at Fireman's hall. Refreshments were served, after which the guests were entertained by music, recitations and dialogues.

The C. E. Society will enjoy a sleigh ride with a social at the residence of William BALL this evening. Fun for all and a long sleigh ride in the bargain.

All of the Republic candidates for office in this town were elected yesterday, with the exception of the road commissioner, for which a Democrat candidate was elected.

Archie ZIMMER of this place is to work one of the farms in Flemingville owned by his father-in-law, Perles HERRICK, and will soon be moving to that place.



Died, at Owego, NY, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1899, of senile debility, Ann Eliza SPRAGUE, widow of Isaac B. TRUAX, aged 74 years. The funeral was held at 275 East Temple street at 2 p. m. today.


Died, at Candor, NY, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1899, Janie KRUM, wife of Lewis TUTTLE, aged 30 years. The funeral was held Monday. She was the daughter of Major A. H. KRUM and is also survived by her husband and children.


Died, at Owego, Sunday, Feb. 12, 1899, of senile debility, Miss Hope CHILLSON aged 82 years. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. PAYNE, who resides in the south. The funeral was held at 15 Temple street, Rev. P. B. GUERNSEY officiating, Wednesday at 2 p. m.


Died at Owego, NY, Friday, Feb. 10, 1899, of debility, Adelia O. MANNING, widow of Jared LITTLE, aged 61 years. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. W. H. CAMP, and Miss Dora both of Owego. The funeral was held Monday at 3 p. m. at her late residence 104 North avenue, Rev. G. D. YOUNG officiating.


Died Monday, Feb. 13. 1899, at Strait's Corners, NY, of consumption Frank EMERSON, aged 51 years. He is survived by two brothers, Robert H. and Charles, one sister, Mrs. Mary HOUGH. The funeral was held Wednesday at 12 o'clock at his late residence and 1 p. m. at the Methodist church in Strait's Corners.


Died, at Owego, NY, Sunday Feb. 12, 1899, Susanna, widow of Arba CAMPBELL. She is survived by one son, Charles and three daughters, Mrs. F. N. MABEE, Mrs. CHEESBRO and Mrs. J. T. STONE all of Owego except Mrs. STONE who lives in Rome. NY. The funeral was held Wednesday at 3:30 p. m. at the residence of Mrs. F. N. MABEE, 333 Main street.


Died, at Owego, NY, Monday Feb. 13, 1899, of heart disease, Miss Mary ROWE, aged 51 years. She is survived by two brothers, Edward G. of Flemingville, NY, and Harry W. ROWE of Owego, NY; four sisters, Mrs. Sarah YATES, Misses Louise M., Emily and F. Augusta of Owego. The funeral was Wednesday at 2 p.m. at St. Paul's church.



Married, at Owego, NY, Tuesday Feb. 14 1899, by Rev. Martin RYAN, Benjamin J. SMULLEN of Flemingville and Miss Mary LEONARD of Owego.


Nichols, Feb 10, - R. B. BAKER of New York is spending a few days in town.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. HARRIS have gone to Elmira to attend the wedding of Mrs. PAGET.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank ROSS have moved into the Fred JOSLIN'S house which Mrs. ROSS has recently purchased.

Several thermometers in town are reported as having registered 18 degrees below zero early yesterday morning.


Miss Helen MILLREA is ill with grip and complications

T. I. CHATFIELD, Esq., is up from New York for a short time.

A. Chase THOMPSON and wife went to New York on the Erie Thursday.

Superintendent W. P. PIERCE was in Owego Monday.- Ithaca Journal.

Mrs. F. S. LaMONTE is quite seriously ill at her home, 442 Front street.

Mrs. F. C. BUCKBEE has returned from a two months visit at Dixon, IL.

Miss Laura CAMERON is visiting friends in Berkshire and Newark Valley.

Bert N. HUBBARD who had been passing some time in Lockwood. is in town.

E. J. ROBERTSON of BEACH'S drug store is on duty again after a brief illness.

Mrs. G. S SCOTT passed a few days with friends in Williamsport, PA, last week.

Erie Conductor C. F. COLLINS of Taylor street, Hornellsville, formerly of this place is ill.

Miss DeRyon Ryon of Friendsville, PA, is visiting Miss Margaret MALONEY, Paige street.

Railroad Commissioner, F. M. BAKER was one of Erie's New York passengers Thursday.

Miss Margaret WRIGHT of Paige street is visiting her sister, Mrs. O. J. SULLIVAN in Ithaca.

Miss Lucy SIMS will go to New York next week to take a course as a hospital nurse.

Mrs. E. J. LEONARD left Friday morning for a visit with friends in Owego and Binghamton. - Ithaca News.

Humphrey VanSchaick and wife if Owego are guest at Marion SHERMAN'S at Morovia. - Locke Times.

James T. STONE and wife of Rome are in town, called here by the death of the Latter's mother, Mrs. CAMPBELL.

C. P. BROOKS was home from Pittsburgh yesterday, the guests of his sisters, Mrs. MITCHALL and Misses BROOKS.

Griffin PULIZ, Jr., Owego's popular musician, is frequently in Ithaca, playing with the orchestra. - Ithaca Journal.

Mrs. A. C. BROUGHAM went to Ithaca yesterday, where she will spend two or three weeks with her con C. F. BROUGHAM.

Miss Jeannette MAWHINEY has returned from the normal school of Cortland, where she graduated with honors this month.

Mrs. B. J. DAVIS of Owego arrived in this city Wednesday evening and is the guest of Mrs. J. P. MERRILL. - Ithaca Journal.

B. S. CALKINS returned Tuesday night from a visit of several weeks in Plattsburg and other points in the northern part of the state.

Miss Anna FALLON and James FALLON of East Genoa and Thomas DEAN of Owego were guests at John FOLEY'S Saturday and Sunday. - Groton Journal.

Mrs. ADAMS who has been spending the winter with her sister, Mrs. DELAVAN, has been called to Montrose to her aunt, Mrs. TYLER who is critically ill.

Mrs. Eva WHITE, who went to New York several weeks ago, is still in the city waiting for her eyes to reach a more favorable condition before having them operated on.

Mrs. W. E. WORTMAN and son, who have been passing a few weeks with the latter's grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Lyman T. GOODRICH, returned today to their home in New York.

George Y. ROBERTSON and G. H. STRANG each reported 30 degrees below zero Saturday morning.

E. E. GRIFFLING of Broadway is willing to make affidavit that it was 36 below zero as his house at 7 a. m. Saturday.

Now the iceman may say next summer that it was so cold when the ice was gathered that they will have to charge extra.

Charles MILLS of Sodus, NY, grand councilor of the Royal Templars, has been in town and was present last evening at the regular meeting of Union Council, No 47.

Mrs. Warren HOOPER of 62 George street was in Ithaca Monday as a representative to the grand district convention of the Royal Templars of Temperance from Union Council, No. 47 of this place.

Otto J. PETTINGILL, and A. D. NORTON, jeweler at Gloversville, NY, has been for the past with Fred HAMILTON taking instructions in the use of a retina scope, the opthamolmascope and the opthalmometer.

Mrs. Lincoln Pierce, who has been visiting her parents, Hon. and Mrs. F. O. CABLE, will return on Saturday to her home at Pelham, NY. Miss Clara CHAMBERLAIN will accompany her and will pass several days in New York and vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. BLOODGOOD went Tuesday morning to Chenango Bridge, NY, to attend the funeral of Mrs. BLOODGOOD'S, uncle William SLOSSON of that place, who died in his ninety-ninth year. He is survived by two sons and one daughter.

Messrs HAMILTON of Owego and ROBBINS of Elmira, opticians on a committee with Mr. EMERY of this place to arrange for the entertainment of the State Opticians' association which meets in Elmira next month, were in Waverly this week on committee business. - Waverly Free Press.

Mrs. E. Jerome HARRISON, formerly Ida HOWARD of Hornellsville, now of Owego, NY, is in this city, called here by the death of her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah T. HOWARD. Mrs. HARRISON will stay for a time to visit her aunt, Mrs. Lucy A. TRUMBULL, 64 Main street. - Hornellsville Times.


Herrick J. PHELPS, who resides west of Flemingville, had a runaway accident this afternoon, from which he fortunately escaped without serious injury. He was driving on North avenue when his horse become frightened near the Erie station by the cars. The horse ran down the avenue and in front of CROKE'S livery, Mr. PHELPS' cutter came into contact with one belonging to Liveryman, Mr. CROKE and Mr. PHELPS was thrown out and Mr. CROKE'S new cutter was smashed. The runaway horse was captured on McMaster street.


Henry MILLER, aged about 12 years, son of Norman MILLER, who is employed at the STANARD Butter company's creamery, while sliding down the balustrade at the Talcott street school building, Tuesday afternoon, fell, striking on the back of his head and neck, infecting what was thought to be serious injuries, but is now doing well.


Dr. Harry MILLER, assisted by the hospital staff, preformed a peculiar and successful operation upon the son of Frank BELTZ of Springfield Ohio. The child's mouth had grown almost entirely shut from the effects of concentrated lye which the little fellow had accidentally swallowed.

The lips were first cut apart, when it was found that the mucous membrane on the inside of the lower lip had become attached to the gums. This had to be separated. The tongue was also found to be somewhat tied from long idleness.

The operation in itself being now complete, the mucous membrane of the inside was pulled over and stitched to the skin on the outside, nine stitches being needed in the upper and 11 in the lower lip.

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