Owego Record Front Page
October 12, 1899
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

October 12, 1899


Newark Valley, Oct. 11.- Mr. and Mrs. H. L. WHITMORE are visiting relatives in West Warren and Nichols.

Mrs. LANG of New York has been a guest of Mrs. C. A. TAPPIN during the past week.

Mrs. ORGAN of Poughkeepsie has been spending some time at the home of Mrs. F. WESTFALL.

Invitations have been issued by Mr. and Mrs. Henry LYNCH for the marriage of their daughter, Miss Lena, to Edward HOWLAND of Centre Lisle, the wedding to take place Wednesday evening, Oct. 18.

Meetings are being conducted at the Baptist church by Rev. Riley A. VOSE of Hamilton during this week and the one following.

V. N. RUSSELL of Owego was calling on friends in this village today.

Mr. and Mrs. John BRICK went to New York Tuesday, where at the Post-Graduate hospital Mrs. BRICK will undergo an operation for the removal of a large ovarian tumor.

The young men's club of this village will give a literary and musical entertainment at the Congregational chapel this evening. Among the attractions will be vocal solos by Miss PLATT of Owego and a mock trial. The proceeds are to be used to make up the church repair fund, which the young men had pledged a certain sum.

Truman GRUMMONS died at his home just north of the village on Monday morning last, October 9, 1899. He is survived by his wife and son George, who resides in Lestershire. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon and the interment took place in Hope cemetery.

Considerable interest is manifested in the case of O. S. RANDALL of this village against the United States Leather company, which us being tried in court this week.



Died, at Owego, NY, Sunday Oct. 8, 1899, of hemorrhage, Miss Ida TANNER, aged 20 years. Her illness began at 5:30 p.m. Saturday and her death occurred the about 1 p. m. the next day. The funeral was held the next day at 2 o'clock.


Died, at Owego, NY, Friday, Oct. 6, 1899, of dropsy, Charles S. CAMPBELL, aged 27 years. The funeral was held Monday at 2 p. m. at the home on McMaster street between Adaline and Talcott streets, Rev. M. D. FULLER, D. D. officiating. Interment was in Woodbridge cemetery near Canatonk.


Died, at Campville, NY, Friday, Oct. 6, 1899 of dropsy, Pamela MUNN LYKE, wife of Peter H. LYKE, aged 76 years. She is survived by her husband and two sons, Frederick R. and Edward B., all of Campville. The funeral was held Sunday at 2 p. m. at the residence; interment was in LaMonte's cemetery.


Mrs. Mary E. CASWELL, wife of Rev. E. W. CASWELL, formerly pastor of the Tabernacle church, Binghamton, and the M. E. church of this village, died at Glen Cove, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1899. She was a devoted Christian worker in every branch of church work. Many friends here cherish fond recollections of her and will be sincerely grieved at her death.


Died, at Russell, Ark., Sept. 27, 1899. Mary, wife of Mortimer SEARLES, age 62 years. She is survived by her three children. Deceased was formerly a resident of Owego and was at the time of her death a member of the First Baptist of this village, having been received in its membership and baptized by the late Rev. W. H. KING. She moved from Owego about 10 tears ago. Her only surviving relative here is Mrs. Matilda CHAPPELL of 100 Talcott street.


Died, at Binghamton, NY, Monday, Oct. 9, 1899, of congestion of the brain, Ellen, widow of Chester M. SPAULDING, aged 54 years. She leaves one son, Frank W. SPAULDING of the Binghamton Evening Herald staff, and two brothers, who live in the western part of the state. The funeral was held from the house, 32 Exchange street, Binghamton, at 9:30 o'clock on Wednesday morning and the body was taken to Spencer for burial.


Died, at Owego, NY, Sunday, Oct. 8, 1899, Thomas KYLE, aged 64 years. Mr. KYLE was about as well as usual that morning and had driven to the TAYLOR farm with milk. He had returned and, while unharnesing in the barn, fell to the floor. Mrs. KYLE became concerned when he did not come to the house in a reasonable time and sent the hired man to the barn, where he found Mr. KYLE'S lifeless body. Mr. KYLE had long been a well and favorably known resident of Owego, a mile or more east of this village, and his death is regretted. He is survived by his wife and one adopted son who has been in the west for 15 years. His funeral was held at his late residence Wednesday at 11 a. m., Rev, M. D. FULLER, D. D., of the First Methodist church officiating.


Died at his home in the town of Owego, NY, Friday Oct. 6. 1899, of congestion of the brain, after an illness of but three days, David J. SMEAD, aged 64 years. He came to this vicinity 20 years ago, having served as a sailor for 18 years. He married Miss Almira STANTON of STANTON Hill and became a farmer. When a boy, he had learned the harness maker's trade and, while residing on his farm south of Owego, lost a harness by theft. Recalling his knowledge of harness work he made one to replace the stolen one. Soon the demand from his neighbors for his hand-made harness grew into such proportions that he left the farm and entered into the business in Nichols. He came to Owego from that place and with his son Edgar M., carried on similar business here. When the son entered college the parents removed to Bloomsbury, NJ. After his graduation his father sold his business and returned to Nichols were he reengaged therein, until failing health caused him to return to the farm, where his death occurred. He was a man who had the respect of the community and his death is sincerely mourned by many. He is survived by his wife and son Rev. Edgar M. SMEAD, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Naples, NY., and two daughters Mrs. Lyman SHOEMAKER, of Nichols and Mrs. George STREEPY of Bloomsbury, NJ. The funeral was held Sunday at 2 p. m. from his late residence, Rev. G. D. YOUNG officiating. Internment at Nichols



Married at Owego NY, Thursday, Oct 5, 1899, by Rev. G. D. YOUNG, Charles W. P. POOLE of Albany and Miss Eliza M. DERSTYNE of Owego, NY. Mr. and Mrs. POOLE departed on a short trip west with congratulations of many relatives and friends. On their return they will reside after Nov, 1 1899 at 252 Clinton avenue, Albany.


Married at St. Patrick's church, Owego, NY, Monday, Oct. 9, 1899, by Rev. Martin RYAN, Frank J. MORRIS and Miss Lena VanGORDER, J. P. HICKEY was best man and Miss Minnie VanGORDER, sister of the bride was maid of honor. The bride wore white organdie and the maid of honor pink organdie. Both carried bouquets , one white, the other pink. Refreshments were served at the home after the ceremony and Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS departed on Lackawanna train 4 for New York, where they will pass a week. They will take rooms with Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS' parents at 110 Spencer avenue after their return. The groom is a popular young man, salesman with E. D. COBURN, who succeeded the firm of MORRIS & HUBBARD, of which he was a senior member. The bride is a great favorite in a large social circle and the RECORD extends congratulations.


Candor, Oct. 11. - Miss Lucy ABBOTT of Owego was a guest at Frank HUMISTON' S Sunday and Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason WOODING of Meridan, CT, have been visiting at F. E. DEWEY'S

Mr. and Mrs. William DEWEY, Mr. and Mrs. LAMPHEAR and Will CHILDS were in Elmira Sunday.

Clifford FESSENDEN of Orange NJ, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. S. FESSENDEN.

N. D. WENTWORTH is having a new porch built on his residence.

At a meeting of the Five States Milk Producers association held at Binghamton Tuesday, O. J. WARD was elected one of the directors.

Mrs. L. D. WILLARD is visiting her brother, W. C. ELMENDORF, at Ithaca.

Dr. DEAN is making arrangements to erect two fine buildings on Stowell avenue.

At the annual meeting of the stock holders of the Candor Elgin creamery held Tuesday evening the following officers were elected: President, W. H. ANDREWS; secretary, W. S. MOORE; treasurer, M. A. BEERS; directors, E. S. WILLIAMS, S. E. GRIDLEY, S. S. SURDAM, D. ROSE, Warren TUTTLE and J. WHITNEY.

Dogs belonging to W. S. MOORE and Fred MILLER killed several sheep for Mrs. Henry MERICLE Tuesday. The party's promptly paid for the loss of the sheep and had their dogs killed.

J. M. DIMON and wife were in Berkshire Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. SURDAM visited friends at Marathon Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. W. A. HARRIS of Millville, NY, is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Van SCOY

FIEBIG & HART are building on to their factory owing to the increase of business.

Rev. Philip KROHN, D. D. has moved into his new house, which is one of the first on Owego street.

Rev. R. E. GRIGGS, pastor of the Episcopal church, expects to move to this place in the near future.

Mrs. S. WOODFORD has returned home from Ithaca.

Miss Eva HERRICK of Flemingville was in town Monday.

Mr. GUINNIP of Spencer is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Frank HUMISTON.

Mrs. James MEAD and Mrs. D. P. JACKSON were in Owego Tuesday.

Saturday afternoon the Candor high school football team played the Owego team on the athletic grounds here. The game was witnessed by a large crowd and was free from slugging and brutal plays and the best of feelings existed through the game. The score stood 13 to 0 in favor of Owego. Prof. E. L. ANDREWS acted as umpire and Dr. G. D. Van OSTRAND timekeeper. Candor boys attribute their defeat to Owego's mascot, the Blackbird. The supper for the teams, which were served in the academy, was furnished by the young ladies of the Rag Tag club. Harry FORD of Owego, in a few words thanked the ladies and Candor team for the kindness shown them, which was responded to by Edward MORSE. "Prof's" John and Lawrence BURD also spoke and favored the audience with songs and rag time dancing.

W. J. PAYNE is in New York this week, purchasing fall and winter goods.

Registration day Saturday Oct. 14.


Berkshire, Oct 11. - Anna FORD returned Saturday from visiting friends in Elmira.

John McMAHON is the clerk at E. L. FREELAND'S while he is attending court at Owego.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter RIGHTMIRE were in Syracuse attending the funeral of a brother-in-law Tuesday.

Mrs. Emory SMITH spent last week with relatives in Tonawanda.

Mrs. Mary BENNETT returned Saturday from Norwich, where she had been caring for her little granddaughter, Katherine PEARSALL.

John PARTRIDGE and family are spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Irving ZHE, at Maine.

James DERMODY goes to Lake Ridge tomorrow to have charge of the railroad station for a couple of weeks.

The wedding of Ray JAPHET and Florence Barton will take place Wednesday evening Oct. 18, at the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. James BARTON.


Apalachin, Oct. 5.- Carl WHITTAKER of Binghamton passed a day or two with relatives about here.

Mrs. J. K. MILLER spent Thursday with friends at Warren Center.

A number of Apalachin people attended the DEWEY celebration last week.

The town board lunched with Justice GILES Thursday noon at his home..

Friday the contract for filling of the approach to the new iron bridge at Fred KOSUP'S was let by the highway commissioners to H. J. COOPER for $75.

The erection of the new sheds at the M. E. church is a much talked of subject at present. Work will commence at once.

Sunday night dogs again attacked the flock of sheep of Gilbert HOLMES. Result; Three less sheep.

Frank G. MILLER is spending the week at New York. Mr. MILLER will return with his bride the latter part of the week.

James WINNER, who was committed by Justice GILES for examination next Monday for abandoning his family, was admitted to bail Wednesday.

Miss Kate GOULD is attending RILEY'S business college at Binghamton.

A. P. HOTCHKISS is clerking for MILLER Bros, during the absence of the junior member of the firm.

Manager PLATT and his ball team were in Owego Wednesday, where they defeated the Richford boys on the fairgrounds.

John DEAN has purchased the Chas. OXFORD house and lot.


There is plenty of stealing going on through this section. Chickens seem to be the favorite, but apples and potatoes are taken, several bushels at a time, and articles of every kind are frequently lost. One night recently some one took the two wheels from one side of Jas. T. NOBLE'S lumber wagon carrying away also the nuts which the wheels were fastened on. A year or two ago someone stole from this wagon all the nuts with which the wheels were fastened on. - Newark Valley Herald.


John BROWN, who is under arrest for breaking into J. WORTMAN'S chicken coop and stealing a turkey and some chickens waved examination today and was held for the action of the grand jury. - Ithaca Journal.


Two Lima, NY, delegates to the state W. C. T. U. at Binghamton had a disagreeable adventure Friday night. They, not knowing that the street car service shut down at 11. p. m. had waited about the Centenary church until after that hour and were walking to their sleeping place on Mathews street.

Near the corner of Glenwood avenue a man jumped from behind a tree and threw his arms around the necks of the women, knocking their heads together. This failing to stun them he threw them down demanding their money or their lives. The women screamed and struggled, one of the women getting two of man's fingers in her mouth during the combat and biting them severely. She lost a tooth in her effort to get them loose.

For some reason, probably the screams, the man was frightened away and the women when to the house of Alderman DARLING and woke him up. He heard their story and notified the police, Chief MOORE, Roundsman, FREDENBURG and Officer KELLY responding. After hearing the story of the women, a search was made for the assailant, but without success.


A dash or two of rain Sunday raised hopes of a general down pour. Another heavy fog this morning.

Fred FORD was in Binghamton Tuesday.

Charles BALDWIN is ill with rheumatism.

Miss Ella CHATFIELD is visiting in New York.

Mrs. E. D. CRANE is passing time in town.

D. W. FISK, who runs the Gaskill creamery is ill.

Dr. and Mrs. J. M. BARRETT have gone to New York.

Fred L. HUGHSON of Big Flats was in Town yesterday.

Hugh TROY went to Owego Friday afternoon. - Ithaca Journal.

Clarence SHERMAN was in Owego Thursday. - Waverly Advocate.

H. M. COONS has moved from112 Chestnut street to 118 Franklin street.

Miss Minnie MABEE and Mrs. Nina E. JOHNSON were at Binghamton Tuesday.

Miss HUTCHINSON was in Binghamton Tuesday visiting the public schools of that city.

Fred KNICKERBOCKER of Greene, is visiting his cousin, Miss Gertrude CAMP, 447 Main street.

Miss Madison PARKER of Speedsville has been the guests of friends in Owego. - Ithaca Journal.

Misses Grace and Edna RING are spending two weeks in Owego and Binghamton.- Spencer Needle.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. MILLER left Tuesday for a visit in Owego. - Ithaca Journal.

Abram Van PATTEN is able to be dressed and get down stairs to his place of business and to ride out.

Mrs. Elizabeth W. TAYLOR has been visiting County Clerk, F. W. RICHARDSON and wife at Owego. - Waverly Advocate.

Fourteen ladies under the efficent chairmanship of Mrs. Eugene F. BARTON, served a very enjoyable supper for the Thread and Needle society at the Congregational church parlors Thursday evening, the proceeds from which amounted to about $9.

Lehigh Conductor Austin WHEELER, while doing a trainman's duty of coupling Saturday at Sayre, lost a foot. He was taken to the Packer hospital and the amputation was preformed. He stood the shock well and his physicians hope that he maybe out in three to four weeks.

Three Waverly boys, brothers, were standing on a bridge in that place, were deliberately fired upon and each was wounded by a man, supposed to be a farmer whose chestnuts had been stolen. None of the wounds were serious. Investigations are being made by the police.

Hon. Samuel D. HALLIDAY, J. A EISTON, Esq., and Simon SMITH, Esq. were in town Monday on professional business.

C. P. BROOKS, who was critically ill at Ridgeway, PA, arrived at his home in this village Saturday and stood the trip well.

Mrs. Harry HERRINGTON of Owego is the guest of her sister, Mrs. George SUTHERLAND of this place. - Waverly advocate.

Miss Lano LORING left Tuesday afternoon on Lackawanna train 6 for a visit of several weeks at Scranton and New York.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. BROOKS of Tioga Center are passing two weeks at Mrs. BROOKS former home, Athol, Warren county, NY.

Mrs. S. B. GRIFFIN of east Temple street is entertaining her niece, Mrs. WOOLEY of OSWEGO, IL, and Mrs. ECKLES of Aurora Hills.

Mrs. John Jones, who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. George S. TARBELL, returned to Owego Saturday morning. - Ithaca Journal.

Miss Fannie STEBBINS will soon close her home, 560 Fifth avenue, for the winter and will board at T. B. OAKLEY'S, 337 Front street.

G. E. SAGER and wife of New YORK have been visiting Mr. SAGER'S sister, Mrs. H. J. CATLIN. Mr. SAGER is one of the Broadway squad, "the finest" in the world.

E. H. PROSSER, eastern manager of the Knights Templar and Masonic Mutual Aid Association of Ohio, is in town looking after the interests of that organization.

Frank LIVERMORE came up from New York Saturday night to pass Sunday and Monday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. LIVERMORE.

Mrs. L. F. DURPHY of 35 Lake street has left town to pass some time with her daughter, Mrs. Fred M. SACKETT of Waterbury, CT, and Mrs. H. D. BEACH of Bridgeport, CT.

W. W. BALL of the hustling Front street clothing firm of BELL & STEVENS went to Syracuse and Utica yesterday to purchase additions to their already large stock of fall and winter clothing.

Mrs. Nannie METCALF, one of New York state's commissioners for the Paris exposition is passing some time in Owego, her former home, and is stopping at C. P. STARR'S, 290 Main street.

Mrs. John DEARSTYNE and daughter, Mrs. Charles POOLE, are stopping for a few days at the residence of R. H. WALKER, 40 Fox street, after which they will leave for their future home in Albany.

Frank HAENTZACHE, representing J. E. WILLIAMS, the Binghamton directory publisher and two assistants are in town making a canvass for a directory of the village, which they intend to issue about Nov. 1.

Rev. W. A. HARRIS of Millville, NY, while on his way from the annual session of the Genesee conference at Bath, was in town yesterday. He will spend two weeks with Mrs. HARRIS at her former home in Candor.

Rev. M. D. FULLER, D. D. and Rev. Geo. FORSYTH, P. E., went to Binghamton Tuesday afternoon to attend the twentieth century convention of the Wyoming conference which met in the Centenary M. E church Thursday afternoon and evening.

Dr. W. E. HILL was in New York this week on account of the yacht race. He attended Tuesday evening the wedding of Adelbert T. BUNZEY of Jersey City, NJ, and Miss Fannie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson B. BAKER of Prospect avenue, Jersey City which occurred at the BAKER residence.

E. R. BOOTH of the Owego Bridge company is in Cleveland, Ohio

Mrs. K. DEMING will go to Towanda, PA, soon to pass the winter.

G. S. THURSTON is in Scranton today on business for C. P. THURSTON.

Mrs. L. B. COLEMAN of Owego is the guest of Mrs. E. D. RUNDELL. - Towanda Review.

O. A. McCOY of Orange, NJ, is a guest of his mother, Mrs. McCOY, 137 North avenue.

J. P. McCANN, traveling passenger agent of the Missouri Pacific railway was in town today.

Mrs. BROUGHAM and son returned Tuesday evening from a visit in Owego.- Ithaca Journal.

John QUIRK, who has been visiting his cousin Mrs. John McCARTHY, has returned to his home in Pittsburgh.

Miss Emma BOOTH and children of Owego are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. BOOTH. - Groton Journal.

Hon. A. L. DECKER of Waverly spoke from the stand point of a layman on the needs of higher education before the Twentieth century convention of the Wyoming conference at Binghamton, Tuesday afternoon.

J. WINNER of Apalachin who is under arrest for non-support, was brought before Justice C. H. GILES, at that place Monday and the case was adjourned to Tuesday when he was sentenced to 60 days.

Wheeler STEDMAN of Flemingville, who is about to move to this village, secured two slices of the $200. in the 2:30 class at Binghamton Thursday. May COLBERT, b. m., took second and PICCOLO, b. m. took fourth money.

A young Central school lad was extremely cute when he remarked that the "the way they keep 'changin' things nowadays, I know more about jaggafy then the jaggafy itself. - Cortland Democrat.

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