Owego Record Front Page
January 25, 1900
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

January 25, 1900

There is a cold wave promised for tonight, Jan. 25.


Henrietta KRUM was arrested Tuesday night by officer HORGAN for stealing coal from H. P. COLBY & Son's yard. She was fined $2 yesterday morning by Recorder LORING, which she paid.

George SHAFFER of McLean Hill was arrested Tuesday by Sheriff THURSTON for assault, alleged to have been committed on Hannah FINCH. The case was set down for Jan. 20 at 10 a. m. before Justice LORING.

George SHAFFER was re-arrested the same day by Sheriff THURSTON on a peace warrant issued on complaint of Norman FINCH, which case will be heard Jan. 29 at 10 a. m. He gave bail in the sum of $100 in each case and was released.

Frank BURDICK was arrested for public intoxication Saturday night and was sentenced Monday morning to 15 days in jail.

One tramp was sentenced Monday morning to three months at Syracuse.

A tramp was given three months in the penitentiary Friday morning by Recorder LORING

Jesse SMITH of Tioga was arrested Thursday by Chief ROBINSON for intoxication and indecent exposure. He was committed to jail for ten days Friday morning by recorder LORING in default of a $10 fine being paid.

Burton E. WOOD, a resident of Candor, whose wife is in the town Nichols, was arrested in the former town yesterday on a warrant issued by Warren SMITH, justice of the peace, of Nichols, charging him of being a disorderly person and not supporting his wife. He was ordered to give a bond of $150 for the proper support of his wife, or to be imprisoned in the county jail for six months. He gave the bond.



Died, in Tioga, near Owego, NY, Friday Jan. 19, 1900, Ralph T., the three-year-old son of Fred and Anna BUNDAGE. The funeral was held Monday at 2 p. m. at the residence of Mead CARLIN in Tioga. Interment in Tioga cemetery.


Died, at North Owego, NY, Saturday Jan. 20, 1900, of paralysis, Frank TALCOTT, aged , ages 88 years. He is survived by his wife and children; also by his mother, Mrs. Sarah TALCOTT, and sister, Ida, of Owego and one brother, Frederick of Winnemucca, Neb, (sic) The funeral was Wednesday at 1 p. m. Burial in Evergreen cemetery.


Died, at Owego, Jan. 20, 1900, Rose M. STEVENS, wife of Harry L. WILLIS, aged 21 years. She is survived by her husband and infant daughter, also by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. JOHNSON of Athens PA, to all of whom the deepest sympathy of the community goes in in their peculiarly sad affliction. Mrs. WILLIS came to Owego as a new bride about a year and a half ago and during that time won the hearts of many warm friends. The funeral was held at the family residence, 87 Liberty street at 2 o'clock, Rev, C. M. BARTHOLOMEW of the Congregational church, officiating. The burial was in Evergreen cemetery The bearers were George STILES, E. J. BRAVO, Fred STEVER, Asa DECKER, B. F. LYKE, and James HINCKLEY. The following people were present from out of town: Mrs. Fred McKEAN, Mrs. Andrew HILDERBRANT, Mrs. Jacob NIESE Mrs. John DEGROFF, Mrs. P. W. COWELL, Miss Edith JAKEWAY, Miss Carrie THOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. NEVINS, George JAKEWAY, J. F. REYNOLDS, Athens, PA.; Mrs. Frank WESTFALL, Harry WESTFALL, Arthur WESTFALL, Jr., Newark Valley; Mrs. E. B. MALLORY, Sayre, PA; David P. WILLIS, Boston, Mass.


Died, at Owego, NY, Thursday, Jan. 18, 1900, of pneumonia, Thomas Augustus DODD. Mr. DODD was a son of the late John DODD who moved here from Goshen where Thomas was born, March 2, 1828, when the son was about three years old. The father carried on the carriage making business in a shop on the west side of North avenue, opposite the foot of Chestnut street, and there of him, his son learned the trade and there he worked, until he began his duties on the Erie in 1848. He was a conductor on that road until the "pioneer" conductors left in a body. His wife died years ago and he is only survived by two sisters, Mrs. O. W. LIVERMORE and Mrs. E. W. SEYMOUR of Owego and an adopted daughter, Mrs. Luther BARNEY, of New York city. He was a member of Friendship Lodge, No 158, F. and A. M., New Jerusalem Chapter 47, R.A.M; and of Malta Commandery, No. 21 K. T. of Binghamton. The funeral services were held at his late residence at 113 North avenue, at 2 p. m. Sunday, Rev. R. A. VOSE of the First Baptist church, officiating. The remains were placed in a receiving vault at Evergreen cemetery where the Masonic services were conducted by Friendship Lodge No. 158 of which he had been a member since 1857. Past District Deputy, F. W. RICHARDSON officiated at the service. Malta Commandery No. 21, Knights Templar of Binghamton, of which he had been a member 35 years, sent down a delegation of 20, which with the local sir knights, made an escort of 30 swords.


N. HASTER of Newark Valley formerly of Owego, has received a letter from G. E. MOE, who accompanied the LaGloria colonist to Cuba, but who went to a point near Havana. Mr. MOE give glowing accounts to he opportunities afforded there but speaks discourgagingly of the LaGloria and its prospects.


Apalachin, Jan. 25. - The Misses Helen CAMP and Ellen BARTO of the Apalachin union school are at regent's examinations in Owego.

Miss Nellie HOWELL of Binghamton is home for a few days for a visit.

Miss Mary Green is spending a few days with friends in Owego.

GILES and GAGE shipped their eleventh car of apples from this station Tuesday.

Miss Kate GOULD, who has been on the sick list is slowly improving.

Tax Collector Joseph BROTT will be at MILLERS Bros, store Tuesday and Friday of next week to receive taxes.

Miss Dora BILLS, who has been ill with diphtheria, is again, able to be on the streets.

Prof. HAUESNER is king of Hypnotists, is attracting a full house at Red Mans hall all this week.


In the February number of the Metropolitan, now issued, is a very truthful picture of the ferry boat run by Mrs. E. A. BARTON at her ferry east of Hiawatha. It is a photograph taken by Frank C. TRUMAN of Owego. E. D. COBURN has at his store the original photograph, which is a very good one.


Susquehanna, PA, Jan. 28, - The County Press and Printing Company, which has now been charted by the state, has purchased and will hereafter conduct the Susquehanna Transcript, Susquehanna Ledger, The New Milford Advertiser, and the Hallstead Herald and it is said will purchase other newspapers in Susquehanna county. The company is made up of Montrose and New Milford business men. - Binghamton Leader.


A hobo or tramp burglar is known as a "Yegg." Their numbers are now legion. They blow open safes with nitro-glycerine or dynamite. When Nitro-glycerine is used in all of the cracks of the safe is puttied up with bar soap; a cup, made of soap, is placed at a crack near the top of the safe, into which the nitro-glycerine is poured, and from which the liquid finds it way about the entire safe door. The liquid is afterward exploded with a fulminating cap and fuse. In some instances great damage is done by the explosion. The "Yegg" like to operate where there is a night-watchman guard, in the belief if the watchman is bound with tape there will be no other interference from police or others who believe a place so guarded to be perfectly safe. This class of burglar operates on safes in post offices breweries, street railway companies, offices, local headquarters of western beef houses and oil companies offices. - New York Sun.


A bridge which is in the process of being built by the Owego bridge company at Chenango was carried out by high water and ice Sunday night, making a serious loss for the company.


A fly showed up in our sanctum last Wednesday and we are at a loss to tell whether he constitutes the vanguard of the 1900 army or the rear guard of the 1899. - Dansville Breeze.

SURROGATES COURT. Before Hon. Howard J Mead, Surrogate, Monday Jan. 27, 1900

Letters of administration with the will annexed upon the estate of Stephen J RIDER, deceased, were issued to Chester G. and Ernest E. Rider of Tioga. Estate valued at $2000.

Letters of administration upon the estate of Charles H. COURTRIGHT, late of Candor, deceased, were issued to Ester LYNCH of the same place. Estate valued at $150.

Letters of administrators upon the estate of Ezra A. BARTON, late of Richford, deceased, were issued to Franklin BARTON of Caroline and Frank J. HOWARD of Waverly. Estate valued at $600.

The last will and testament of Abigail T. STEVENS late of Spencer, deceased, was admitted to probate and letters testamentary were issued to Patience C. AUSTIN and James. A. METTLES. The estate is valued at $1,000.


Sunday evening while Austin N. TIFFANY and his daughter, Mrs. Andrew BURGESS, were preparing to drive over from their home in Tioga to church, the horse became impatient and started off alone with the carriage. The rig was traced over town, where it was heard on Talcott street, but could not be found. After an hours absence it returned home, with no loss or damage, except a carriage blanket was missing. It is thought the horse crossed the Glenmary bridge, turned into West avenue, continuing to the watering trough, turning up Adaline street, thence down and out at Deacon RUSSELL'S at Talcott street and home, as that was the course it took later, with a driver in the carriage to observe his coarse. Is there a younger horse in the county which could do as well?

Mr. TIFFANY and Mrs. BURGESS desire through the RECORD, to thank those who assisted them so kindly, in their search.


It is reported to The RECORD of a horsewhipping affair last evening, on North avenue, in which a father used a whip on his daughter, a young woman, who he found in company that displeased him. The blows were described as numerous and violent but it is said that she uttered no cry or audible remonstration.


The officers of Awaga Lodge, No. 587, F. and A. M. received a dispatch Sunday announcing the death of Joseph P. SIMMONS at the Union Printers House at Colorado Springs, of which institution he has been an inmate of for some time. He was one of the early members of Awaga Lodge, having joined it when living in Owego years ago, where he was employed as a printer. A Mason funeral was requested and Ahwaga Lodge wired a request to the lodge at Colorado Springs to conduct it.


William McCONNELL, the well-known but always erratic temperance evangelist, who has several times spoken at Owego, died in a Philadelphia hospital, Friday night form an overdose of morphine, to which he was addicted. He frequently used with effect a poem with the refrain::

"But the bird with the broken pinion never soared as high again."

It seems to have been McCONNELL'S own case. A reformed drunkard he became a morphine fiend. Like many another man who abandons one bad habit, he took up with a worse one.


A pamphlet of nearly 200 pages with the above title by Charles Weathers BUMP has reached The RECORD office.

Anything written in praise of this beautiful vale finds ready recognition among its people and nothing prettier sounding or more gratifying to those that take pride in the Susquehanna have never been compiled.

The author does not deal entirely with the Susquehanna from the stand point of today, although that is comprehensive and bright. He gives bits of ancient history which antedates Captain John SMITH of Old Virginia and deals with Indian tales in an interesting manner that may bring down the wrath of local authorities in such manners. In any case he, as have others, will survive and the reading public will derive new ideas and additional knowledge about one of nature's beauty spots, The "Historical Susquehanna."


The many friends of Mrs. Charles RODMAN will regret to hear that word has been received from the Presbyterian hospital at New York, where she went recently expecting to undergo an operation, that her case has been pronounced cancer of the bowels, and that there is no hopes of her recovery and an operation could only prolong her a life a few weeks at the most. Her husband is with her there.


The funeral of Platt Dunham was held Saturday at 2 p. m. at the home of his son Platt DUNHAM, Jr. near Sulphur Springs. The remains were placed into a vault on the late Herman PITCHER farm. The services were conducted by Rev. Guy SNOWDEN of Nichols who spoke from the text found in the gospel of St. John, the first three verses. The precious promises of Christ contained in this portion of the gospel dispelled the last lingering doubts of a troubled heart. Many times during the days of his life he repeated; "I believe it all, JESUS, I believe it all." About a half hour before he died he sank into an unconscious state and after a little murmured "JESUS, JESUS, and was gone. Let not your heart be troubled.


Nichols, Jan. 22. - Geo. INGERSOL was in Elmira, last Tuesday on business.

Miss Bessie KILILREA of Tonawanda visited Mr. and Mrs. KILIIREA last week and attended the masquerade ball Wednesday night.

Mrs. FORMAN is visiting friends in Binghamton.

Dr. CARPENTER of Waverly was in town Wednesday.

Dr. MOULTON, Herbert LATHAM and Arthur ATKINS were in Binghamton Thursday evening to see "Old Kentuck" played.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. BOSTWICK returned today from a visit LeRaysville, Pa.

Mrs. J. SULLIVAN and son Fred, of Buffalo visited Mr. and Mrs. F. EVERETT'S last week.

LaVerne DOANE of Windham visited H. GATES Friday.

The C. M. PARKER concert company gave a very pleasing concert in Cady hall Friday evening. They will repeat the concert tonight. While in town they are being entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Robert MOREY.

The private Masquerade ball given in Cady hall last week was enjoyed by about 20 couples, a number from out of town being in attendance. All reported a very enjoyable time. Supper was served at the American House. Music was furnished by McDONALD'S orchestra of Ulster, PA.


Joseph Bruno. a North Avenue Italian, Accused of Stealing Coal - He and Another Italian Also Suspected of the Recent Freight Car Robberies.

It has been suspected for some time that someone has been stealing coal from COLBY coal yards and Officer HOGAN has been on the watch for evidence to that effect. Tuesday morning at about 8 a. m. he got word that man was seen in the vicinity with a bag on his shoulder, and when the officer reached that locality he found an Italian named Joseph BRUNO and gathered him in.

The arrested party lives on North avenue opposite the Forest House and a search of the house brought to light goods that were thought to be stolen from the Lehigh freight cars which were broken into a few weeks ago.

BRUNO was held on a charge of petit larceny and Lehigh Detective, SULLIVAN was expected Tuesday afternoon to look after the companies interests.

Joseph BELVIN, an Italian, was arrested by Office HOGAN on Tuesday night on a warrant, charging him with burglary in the third degree, in having broken into the Lehigh cars last December and stealing there from a quality of flour and ladies' rubbers. He was taken before Recorder LORING and his hearing has been set down for Friday.

The case is one in which considerable detective skill was evinced, as the robbery decidedly was a mystery. Office HOGAN from the first was suspicious of this Italian colony and so far, has proven that he had grounds sufficient for the arrest.


Candor, Jan. 24. - All who are interested in the game of baseball are requested to attend the supper to be given at the opera house Wednesday evening, Jan.31. The proceeds will go to paying the expenses of organizing a first class nine to play this summer.

Mrs. Fred MILLER and daughter Amelia of Binghamton are visiting Mrs. MILLERS sister, Mrs. Frank HOLMES.

Mrs. S. WOODFORD of Ithaca visited friends in town Tuesday.

Rev. J. W. WELLS of Binghamton is visiting his daughter, Mrs. J. H. JENNINGS, in town.

Died, Sunday night, Mrs. Huldah BANGS, wife of W. L. BANGS, aged 69 years. She is survived by her husband, one son Charles E., two daughters, Miss Jennie BANGS, and Mrs. Wesley DENNIN of Binghamton. The funeral was held at her late residence Wednesday, Rev. T. R. WARNOCK, officiating; interment in Maple Grove cemetery.

D. E. GUINIP of Spencer is visiting his daughter, Mrs. F. M. HUMISTON.

C. H. EMENS of Owego was in town Monday.

Rev. L. M. STANLEY of Odessa preached two able sermons in the Baptist church Sunday.

Major A. H. KROM has been visiting his son in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Martin TURK of Elmira is visiting his sister Mrs. Ida CHIDEY in town.

Rev. F. D. DICKINSON received $60. at his donation Friday evening.

Charles SLATER was arrested Friday on complaint of his wife for non-support. He was given two weeks time in which to furnish bond or take care of his wife.

Died, Saturday, Jan. 20, 1900, Joseph Van DEMARK, aged 78 years. Over a week before he was found nearly frozen to death, having been out all night in the cold and his death is attributed to exposure. The funeral was held Monday, Rev. F. W, DICKENSON officiating.

W. J. PAYNE and E. H. WANDS are in New York, attending the fifth annual cycle show at Madison Square Garden. Mr. PAYNE, has a half-interest in one of the best cycle pumps made, and he is looking after his interest.

Frank M. HUMISTON has accepted a position with W. B. PARTRIDGE in his pharmacy in Owego. He entered on his duties Monday.

The seats in the auditorium of the M. E. church are being changed and a new carpet put down, improving the appearance of the room.

Mrs. Jerome RICHARDSON was in Owego Wednesday visiting at E. HARDER'S.

Mr. and Mrs. L. N. JOHNSON are visiting their son at Lestershire.

A. C. HART who has been employed at S. S. SURDAM'S hardware store, has purchased J. R. CHIDNEY'S hardware establishment and taken possession Tuesday.

The large house owned by Ira SAWYER at West Candor, burned to the ground Friday noon. Most of the contents were saved. He carried insurance for $1,200. The home was formerly used as a hotel, and is well remembered by all of the older inhabitants.

Mrs. Ira SAWYER has moved into the house formerly occupied by H. W. BUSHNELL on Owego street.

Silas LOVEJOY will sell at auction Tuesday, Jan, 30. all of his stock and farming implements.


Fred F. TALADA of Waverly has been granted permission by Judge MEAD to change his name to Fred F. TUCKER commencing with Jan. 28, 1900. Mr. TALADA was for a season the pitcher for the Waverly baseball team and has played in league games. The firm name will be changed to TUCKER & TUCKER.


Thursday afternoon a Lackawanna coal train was being backed down the trestle in the yard of the PIERCE Coal company at the inlet struck a team of horses being driven by a man named KNAPP. One of the horses fell across the rail and was pushed along by the engine some eight to ten feet and although it was pinioned under the locomotive when the train stopped, the horse, when released, was found uninjured.


Mrs. E. E. MERRIFIELD of Scranton is in town

Dr. E. F. VORHIS is ill, threatened with typhoid fever.

Fred EVENS of Rome, NY, is in town calling on old friends.

J. E TERWILLIGER was st the cycle show in New York this week.

Frank GILLMAN is employed as clerk at the Central drug store.

Hon. H. Austin CLARK returned Saturday morning from New York.

A surprise party in honor of Mrs. Susan BILLINGS of 109 Main street was given Tuesday afternoon at the W. C. T. U. rooms on Lake street.

Thomas L. SALISBURY died, at Waverly, Tuesday morning. He was a brother-in-law of Darius BEACH of this village, having married Mr. BEACH'S, sister. The remains will be taken tomorrow to Greene, his native place, for interment.

Clarence STRONG was up from Elmira Sunday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. STRONG at Glenmary.

Isaac DODD has returned from Owego, where he went to attend the funeral of his uncle. Thomas A. DODD. - Ithaca Journal.

A Tioga farmer claims to have had a shovel stolen from his wagon on Front street today and as the party whom he suspects of taking it is a respectable family man has requested the RECORD not mention the name but to say that if the missing shovel is returned at once to The RECORD office, all will be forgiven.

Thomas S. ROWE a valued employee of Owego Bridge company is laid up with a "stitch" in his back.

The Misses May and Marguerite are visiting their aunt, Mrs. William MINEHAN, 248 Robinson street. - Binghamton Leader.

George S. TRUMAN was in town Monday on crutches, his first appearance since his recent fall by which one of his knees was seriously injured.

Mrs. C. D. WATKINS of Los Angeles, CA. is at Lounsberry in attendance on her father, Hon. T. D. EASTON whose condition does not improve at all.

Miss Minne BEERS, who has been taking treatment at the Sayre hospital for two weeks, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Helen BEERS, and grandfather M. H, THOMAS, who was at the hospital to see her, on her way home. She is much better since her return.

Robert HAMILTON of Providence RI, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. George TRUMAN, over Sunday while on his way home from a western trip. His brother-in-law, Alderman George TRUMAN accompanied him to New York Sunday night over the Lackawanna.

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. STEVENS who were called here by the illness and death of their daughter, Mrs. H. L. WALLIS, returned to their home in Athens today. They took their little granddaughter with them. Mr. WALLIS intends to accompany his brother, David, to BOLTON this week for a few weeks.

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