Owego Record Front Page
February 2, 1899
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

February 2, 1899

February came in under the zero index.


Candor, Feb 1. - Isaac HEAD was instantly killed Monday afternoon. He was trying to cut a tree so it would fall down hill, but it fell up the hill, jumping off of the stump and sliding the hillside, one of the limbs struck him and broke his neck. His men who were with him cut away the limbs and extracted him, but found him dead. The funeral was held Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. HEATH left for Union Springs Monday where Mr. HEATH is receiving medical treatment and is being benefited.

Frank KIRK of Slaterville visited at C. F. BAYLOR'S Tuesday.

B. J. SLATER and daughter, Helen, were in Owego Tuesday.

Wallace MASTEN was in Spencer Tuesday.

J. W. McCARTY and G. H. HART are confined to the house with the grip.

Five per cent is now charged by the collector for his fee after Jan. 31.

Rev Phillip KROHN and wife visited friends at West Candor Wednesday.

Mrs. Sarah Conklin, who was visiting her sister, Mrs. Catherine CONKLIN returned home Wednesday.

Warren FREER was arrested for larceny last week. Justice J. T. GRIDLEY made it 50 days at breaking stone at Owego under the supervision of Sheriff THURSTON & Co.

Thomas KEHOE, one of Candor's oldest and most respected citizens, celebrated his ninety-third birthday Friday evening, Jan. 27, with a number of invited friends and neighbors. Mr. KEHOE, while advanced in years, is still interested in the events of the day and his many friends hope that time will deal gently with him and that he may reach the century mark.

At the annual convention of the town Sunday school convention held at the Congregational church Tuesday evening, the following officers were selected for the ensuing year: President E. TIBBS; vice-president, Phillip QUICK; secretary, N. D. WENTWORTH; treasurer, E. J. WOODFORD; secretary home department, Mrs. S. E. WALWORTH.

The news received here Friday that C. HILBERT had been killed by the cars at Wilkes-Barre turns out to be a fake.

Bert HART is clerking for S. S. SURDAM. He commenced his duties Monday.

Rev. Marcus T. MANUS will preach in the M. E. church Sunday morning.

The Ladies Aid society will give an oyster supper at the home of J. L. CHIDSEY Friday evening from 6 to 10; price of the supper, 15 cents.

A. R. BLOOMFIELD, former editor of the "GLEANER," has moved to Spencer.

A large audience assembled in Candor hall Saturday evening, Jan. 28, to witness a drama, entitled "Dot the Miners Daughter." The drama was pleasingly presented by a company of young ladies and gentlemen from Van Etten for the benefit of the Epworth League of that place. The most pleasing and enjoyable feature of the entertainment was a vocal solo, artistically rendered by Miss Lillian GOLDSMITH, which was received with enthusiastic applause. The fair singer responded with another selection, and again her charming and well modulated voice, her pleasing expression and clear enunciation solicited the hearty applause of the delighted audience.

Henry Williams of Ithaca is doing duty at the Lackawanna station. He will have charge there while F. L. FLOYD is on his western trip.

Dr. George DECKER and wife of Troy, PA. are visiting at A. A. ROBINSON.

W. B. HARDING was in Ithaca Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. UPRIGHT of New Jersey are visiting at C. ELMENDORF'S and L. D. WILLARD'S.

Rev. H. H. SOBEY received $56. at his donation last week Wednesday night.

Quarterly meeting will be held at the M. E. church Sunday morning Feb 12. Presiding Elder FORSYTH will be present and take charge of the services.

Rev. F. W. DICKENSON received $61. at the donation held at the Congregational church Friday evening, Jan, 27.

Died, Thursday, Jan. 26,1899, Mrs. Thomas TIDD, aged 55 years. The funeral was held Sunday, Rev. F. W. DICKENSON officiating; burial at North Candor.

M. F. BOSTWICK shipped 10 of the finest yokes of oxen to New York last week that were ever shipped from here. One pair weighed 4,980 pounds and the other ones 3,000. pounds.


Newark Valley, Jan. 31. - Mr. and Mrs. Robert JACKSON will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage at their home on Whig street tomorrow. Quite a large number of friends expect to be present.

Miss Laura HEALD of Morovia was guest of E. BEMENT'S last week

Charles BRAINARD who has been in very ill health for the past two years, is now in a critical condition with slight hopes of recovery.

The fourth number of the lecture course occurs Saturday evening, Feb. 8, and will consist of a lecture by Russell H. CONWELL of Philadelphia, the noted orator and preacher. His subject will be, "Acres of Diamonds." This is expected to be the best number of the high school course.

The death of Miss Mary E. KENNEDY occurred last Monday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles KENNEDY. The funeral took place from the home last Wednesday, Rev. J. B. COOK officiating.

Eugene CHAMBERLAIN, who has taking a commercial course at LOWELL'S Business college in Binghamton, has returned to his home in this village.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. THORNTON of Waverly are spending some time with the formers mother in this place.

Miss Mame HOTCHKISS, who has been employed in Owego is now stopping at the residence of her uncle, H. L. WHITMORE.

At the Congregational chapel Wednesday evening, the gentlemen will entertain the ladies. Fun for all. Everyone invited.

Jerome HALE leaves town today for Ulster, PA, where he is to take charge of a milk station. His family will not leave town until April. Otto DUER, who has been his assistant here, will now have full charge of the station in this place.

Several new cases of grip are reported and those who have been suffering from that disease are recovering.

C. M. CLINTON and wife of Ithaca were in town last week called here for the illness and death of Mrs. Henry W. CLINTON.

The marriage of William NOBLE of this village and Miss CLARK of Maine took place Saturday afternoon, Jan. 28, 1899, at the residence of the groom's father. Rev A. Y. WILCOX, performed the ceremony.

The death of Mrs. Henry W. CLINTON, whose illness was mentioned in last weeks RECORD, occurred early last Thursday morning. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Miss ELOISE and three brothers. Mrs. CLINTON was a sister of the late Royal W. CLINTON, and had she lived until April she would have been 75 years of age. The funeral was held from her late residence on Main street last Saturday afternoon, Rev. J. B. COOK officiating, assisted by Rev. A. Y. WILCOX. Interment took place in Hope cemetery. Among those from out of town were Austin CLINTON and wife, Mr. and Mrs., E. H. CLINTON and Miss Alice CLINTON of Binghamton, and Mrs. Belle TREMAN of Ithaca.



Died, at Owego, Thursday, Feb. 2, 1899, Amanda, wife of Lewis MATTHEWSON, aged 91 years.


Died, at Hooper's Valley. NY, Friday, Jan. 27, 1899, of typhoid fever, George BURRILL, age 22 years. The interment was in River Valley cemetery Tuesday afternoon.


Died, at the residence of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Matthew ROBINSON, on East Beecher Hill, town of Owego, NY, Friday, Jan. 27, 1899, of dropsy of the heart, Timothy KEHOE, aged 58 years. He is survived by his wife, two children and a sister, Miss Willa KEHOE, of Buffalo. The funeral was held at St. Patrick's church Sunday at10:30 a. m.


Died, at Flemingville, NY, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1899, of dropsy and pneumonia, Della HOLDEN, wife of Delbert HOVER, aged 30 years. She is survived by her husband, for sons and one daughter; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward HOLDEN; dive sisters of whom Mrs. Elmer FORD of Owego is one, and two brothers. The funeral will be held Friday at 11 a. m. at the late residence; interment at West Newark.


Died, at GOODRICH settlement, in the town of Tioga, NY, 1899, of pneumonia, Ephraim GOODRICH, aged 83 years. He was the son of Noah GOODRICH, who came to this vicinity from Connecticut with is family in 1802, and was born Oct. 31, 1815. He married Miss Hannah B. HORTON who bore him two children, Ruth A., born May 22, 1841, died Dec. 26, 1878 and Charles E., born Oct. 7, 1850, died March 8, 1888. His wife died in the past year. The funeral was held at his late residence; interment in Tioga cemetery.


Mrs. Hattie E. WHITNEY, wife of Dr. W. W. WHITNEY, died Sunday, Jan 28, 1899, from a species of brain disease known as tubercular meningitis, which fastened itself upon her last June. She was born at Norwich, NY, Jan, 28, 1844 and was the daughter of Henry C. and Elizabeth WILCOX. She is survived by her husband and mother, brother and adopted daughter, Jesse, She was married to Dr. W. W. WHITNEY of this place on June 20, 1877 and their married life of 21 years has been singularly happy. She led a devoted Christian life. Mrs. WHITNEY was socially prominent and will be greatly missed and mourned by a large number of friends. The funeral was held at the family residence this afternoon at 2 o'clock . It was conducted by Rev. William T. PARSONS, assisted by Rev. J. C. JOHNSON. Interment was at Evergreen cemetery. - Union Cor. Binghamton Republican.



Married, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1899, by Rev. P. B. GUERNSEY, pastor of the first Baptist church, Owego, NY, at the residence of the brides father, Paul MEDER, North Tioga, NY. Dr. Eugene E. BAUER and Miss Tena B. MEDER. Dr. BAUER is a rising young physician of Owego, and his bride is a popular favorite in her large circle of friends. The wedding was a quite family affair, occurring at noon, and after sumptuous wedding repast, Dr. and Mrs. BAUER departed for their future home in Owego, accompanied by the best wishes of their friends. They were the recipients of many useful and beautiful presents.


William PRINCE, Sr., one of the gang of Rochester perjurers convicted here at the last term of court and sent to Auburn, has come to public notice by the confession of his brother-in-law, Thomas HURRY, at Rochester, in which he admits that on PRINCE'S request he gave false testimony in a suit brought by a woman for damages. Her claim was that she was injured by being struck by a falling limb in passing under a tree which was being trimmed. She was given a verdict for damages to the amount of $4,000. mainly on the testimony of HURRY, who swore that he was passing by when the accident occurred, when in reality, he was a mile away. Charles ROWE, who was also convicted here, is mixed up in the affair. HURRY was arrested and has admitted the truth of the matter.


The case of the people vs. John CROWE, charged with assault in the third degree last week, was called Monday morning and set down by Recorder LORING for trial Monday, Feb 6.

Burt TWILLIGER and Richard VanDUZER of Catatonk were noisy Saturday afternoon in the north end of the village. Chief ROBINSON went up to investigate but they got into the Forest House and would not come out to be arrested. Later on Officer WHITTEMORE arrested them and they were committed to await trial at 3 p. m. Monday, when they were convicted and each sentence to 30 days in jail and at the stone yard. These men were let off with a fine two years ago.

James FORSYTH of Candor was arrested for public intoxication Monday afternoon and the next morning Recorder LORING made his sentence $3. or to be committed to jail until the fine is paid, not to exceed three days. He was committed in default of payment.


The two elder sons of R. F. BROUGHAM, Charles F., of Ithaca and Arthur L. of Brooklyn, have bought the W. C. TABOR grocery business at Ithaca where under the firm name of BROUGHAM Bros, they will conduct a first-class cash grocery. Charles F. has been in the business for the past eight years and will make a capable manager. Arthur L. will remain in Brooklyn, where he is with the law firm of SHEEHAN & COLLINS, attorney's of the Brooklyn Heights company. Another brother, Lewis W. of Owego representing his interest as cashier. The younger brother, Fred is one of the delivery clerks that keeps three wagons going all the time.

Mrs. A. L. BROUGHAM, who is still confined to her room on account of her fall last September, will move to Ithaca in the spring or summer so that Louis and Fred may board at home. Her parent's Mr. and Mrs. L. G. SPRING will go with her.


An Associated Press dispatch from Albany says that George A. MORRIS of Syracuse, resident state engineer on the middle division of the canal system, yesterday handed his resignation to State Engineer and Surveyor BOND. Mr. MORRIS is a brother-in-law of Postmaster W. A. SMYTH.


Niagara's first ice palace in now completed and open to the public with daily carnivals. This, with the great ice bridge in the gorge and other natural freaks of jack frost about the great cataract, produces winter scenery unsurpassed and it is attracting thousands of visitors daily. The Erie railroad company will run a popular low rate excursion to Buffalo and the Falls on Wednesday, Feb. 8 with tickets good for two days return. The fare will include admission to the great ice palace. (For detailed ice palace program see hand bills.) Half rate for children. Train will leave Owego at 9:49 a. m.. Fare round trip only $2.85.


The entertainment of Mr. and Mrs. BARTON at their pretty home on the bluff Tuesday evening was a perfect success and was greatly enjoyed by about 40 of their friends. Progressive euchre and whist were the games of the evening and everyone seemed to enjoy more then usual the privilege of this passing away another evening with these two popular winter visitors.

About 11 o'clock refreshments were served thus adding to the pleasure and comfort of many who delight to be refreshed at the close of such entertainment. Melbourne (Fla.) Times.


It is estimated that there are 199, 900, 000 old-style copper pennies somewhere. Nobody seems to know what has become of them except that once in a while a single specimen turns up in change. A few years ago 4,500,000 bronze two-cent pieces were set afloat. Three million of them are still outstanding, but never seen. A million three-cent pieces are still scattered over the United States, but it is very seldom that one comes across any of them. Of the 800,000 half-cent pieces not one has been returned to the government for coinage. What has become of them?


S. P. SPRANG is on the grip list

Mrs. J. S. GROSS went to New York city, Saturday

Miss Annie O'NEIL is visiting friends in Candor.

H. J. CHAPMAN arrived in town from Albany.

Clarence J. NIXON, Esq., was in Jamestown Saturday.

Miss Ella O'NEIL is visiting relatives in Waverly and Elmira.

Rev. C. M. BARTHOLOMEW is one of the latest of the grip victims.

Miss Ina M. POST of Apalachin is guest of relatives for a few days.

H. D. KEYSER of Owego was in town over Sunday. - Dryden Herald.

M. J. SWEENEY is again on duty, having recovered from his recent illness.

Martin S. LYNCH, Esq., of Owego is registered at the New Ithaca . - Ithaca Journal, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. ADAMS of Morovia are guests of Mrs. Mary A. ADAMS, 119 Liberty street.

Ex-Mayor Clinton D. BOUTON left this morning for a short trip to Owego. - Ithaca Journal, Jan. 26.

Miss Christine McKENZIE of Elmira has been visiting Miss Bertha DELAVAN, 233 Front street, for a few days.

Grant M. WEST of the firm of STARR & WEST is confined at his home by a severe attack of neuralgia and the grip.

J. P. WEISMANTEL is passing 10 days or two weeks at Washington, D C, where he has gone on a business trip.

Mrs. SNYDER of Owego was at William BURTON'S on St James street. - Elmira Advertiser, Mansfield, PA. Cor.

O. M. CARLSON is recovering from his illness and was able to sit up Tuesday. His daughter, Miss Gussie, is ill with the grip.

A. J. Thomas, the florist, went to Rochester Friday on Erie train 1 to attend the funeral of his cousin, Mrs. OTTO.

L. T. GOODRICH and daughter Rene, were in Union today, in attendance at the Mrs. W. W. WHITNEY funeral.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. CURTIS left Wednesday afternoon for a visit with relatives in Owego and vicinity. - Ithaca Journal.

Mrs. E. J. ROBERTSON of Owego, nee, Miss Anna BARBER of this city, is visiting her mother on Baldwin street. - Elmira Gazette

Miss MEADE, a teacher in the public schools of Waverly, passed Saturday and Sunday at the residence of D. O. CONGDON, East Temple street.

Misses SIDNEY and Sadie WOOD, who have been visiting their aunt Mrs. Clarence WOOD of Lestershire, returned to their home in Owego. - Binghamton Herald.

Mrs. E. E. BUFFUM left this morning on the Lackawanna for New York city to pass some time with her daughter, Mrs. F. L. CHENEY, and her son, Dr. Charles BUFFUM. She was accompanied with her mother, Mrs. Mary A. SMITH.

G. H. POMPELLY, James F. POMPELLY and wife and Mrs. ALLEN, Miss BACON and W. L. HOSKINS were among those from Owego who attended the Miss FORDHAM funeral at Waverly, Friday, at which Rev. J. H. KIDDER of St. Paul's church officiated.

Mrs. W. H. CORNELL, who has been so seriously ill for some time at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lyman T. GOODRICH, 388 Front street, is in very serious condition, and for a few days it was thought that she would not survive from one day to another.

Bradford County, PA, has a county detective.

Born, Wednesday Feb. 1, 1899, to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. KLEM, a son.

C. A. and W. J. CATLIN of Sayre have decided to run their laundry on a cash basis after Feb. 16.

L. J. PUTNAM will assist at the social to be given Feb. 14, by the Presbyterian Y. P. S. C. E. at Union.

F. M. HUMISTON moved to Candor today, where he will fill the role of gentleman farmer in a modest way with poultry and eggs.

Coach COURTNEY has quite a reputation as an oarsman and coach and is now going for a reputation as a kicker. He is talked of as a football coach at Cornell.

Griffin PULIZ led the Symphony orchestra under the direction of Prof. COGGSWELL at Binghamton last evening Mr. PULIZ will play at Ithaca tomorrow night.

An Erie Mother Hubbard locomotive hauling a west bound freight, exploded at Cameron last night, injuring, but not fatally, the engineer, fireman and brakeman.

The ladies missionary society of the Congregational church will meet with Mrs. E. E. STRAIT tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock Subject: "Mission Work Among the Highlander's of the South." Leader Mrs. STRAIT. At this meeting Mrs. W. G. PRENTISS of Newark Valley, who was a delegate to the woman's meeting recently held in Massachusetts, will give a report of that meeting. All are cordially invited.

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