Owego Record Front Page
January 12, 1899
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

January 12, 1899


Richford, Jan. 10, Amos POLLEY was in Owego Tuesday

Rev. A. C. BABCOCK, who has been conducting revival meetings at East Richford, will give a temperance lecture in ALLEN'S hall Friday evening , Jan. 13. "Painted Pictures of Great Cities " is the subject of his lecture.

Miss Mary BOICE of Dryden is a guest of her cousin, Miss Lena MARSHALL.

May new cases of the gripe.

Floyd and Leigh FINCH have returned from to their dental studies at Cincinnati.

The following officers for Belden Post G. A. R., were dully installed at their regular meeting Saturday last: Commander George M. GEER; senior vice commander, James GRANNIS; junior vice commander Frank Johnson; officer of the day, George D. MORELAND; quartermaster, Aaron MARSH; chaplain, Samuel HALE; adjutant, Dr. James ALLEN; officer of the guard G. D. MORELAND.

Officers for the recently organized tent of the Maccabees: Past Commander Alson MAREAN; commander, I. A. CLEVELAND; lieutenant commander, J. D. CLARK; record keeper Chas. T. HUNT; finance keeper, C. T. HUNT; chaplain, John FUNDIS; physician Dr. J. S. LEONARD; sergeant, A. B. MORELAND; master-at-arms, G. W. SLATER; first master of guards A. P. BARNES; second master of guards Jewett WILBUR; sentinel George MEACHAM.

Officers for Eureka Grange No. 499: Master G. W. SLATER; overseer H. A. BUNCE: lecturer Mrs. C. F. JAYNE; steward, I. H. CLEVELAND; assistant steward William JAYNE; chaplain, Charles JAYNE; treasurer, O. L. GENUNG; secretary, Mrs. I. H. CLEVELAND; gatekeeper, Lewis MORTON; lady Pomona, Mrs. H. A. BUNCE; Flora, Mrs. A. W. NIXON; Ceres, Mrs. Lewis MORTON; lady assistant steward, Mrs. G. W. SLATER; organist Blanche SLATER; member of executive committee for three years, O. L. GENUNG purchasing agent, O. L. GENUNG. Installed Jan. 7.


Foster, Jan 11, -- The annual business meeting and election of officers of the Foster Valley Cooperative Creamery association was at L. E. BACON'S on WHITTEMORE Hill Tuesday Jan. 10. The following directors were chosen: W. A. POTTER, P. S. SURDAM, W. A. CORNELL, L. E. BACON, Virgil WHITTEMORE, H. H. ROBINSON, and Charles FULLMER. The following officers were then elected: President L. E. BACON; vice president W. A. CORNELL; secretary, W. A. POTTER; treasurer, Virgil Whittemore; collector, Chas. FULLMER.

There were received during the past year nearly 1,200,000 pounds of milk, making nearly 58,000 pounds of butter. The business of the little factory is steadily increasing from year to year, and great improvement is shown in the quality of stock keep, as well as in care, feeding and general management. The milk is selected for according to the per cent of butter fat it contains, and there is general satisfaction among the patrons.

At midday Monday, Jan 9, a barn belonging to Leonard FOSTER was consumed by fire, together with its contents, consisting of $80. worth of hay and straw belonging to Guy INGERSOL. The barn and its contents were not insured. Loss on the barn about $200. The loss of the barn is a mystery, since no one since Mr. INGERSOL left it at 5 o'clock in the morning.



Married at Wellsville, NY, Wednesday Jan. 11, 1899, Emmett CATLIN a popular salesman with BUCKBEE, PETERSON WOOD & Co., and Miss Grace SMITH daughter of Charles F. SMITH of Wellsville NY., formerly of Owego. They returned to Owego on Erie train 10 this morning and are domiciled at 115 Main street were they are "at home" to their many friends.


Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1899, was the fiftieth wedding anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. STEBBINS of this village. Owing to the illness of Mrs. STEBBINS no formal observance of the occasion were made. They were the recipients of congratulatory messages and floral remembrances from intimate friends.



Died in Owego, NY, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 1899, Charles M. McINTYRE, aged 1 year and 4 months, Funeral Saturday; burial at Canatonk.


Died at Nichols, NY, Saturday, Jan 7, 1899, Mrs. Miles FORMAN aged 66 years. She was a daughter of the late Hon. Nehemiah PLATT and is survived by her husband , two brothers, Jonathan of Nichols and George of Owego; also by one sister, Mrs. Susan F. CODY of Nichols. The funeral was held at the family residence in Nichols at 2 p. m. Tuesday. Burial in Evergreen cemetery.


Mrs. Phebe A. THURSTON, wife of Colonel J. S. THURSTON, died at her home in Albany Thursday evening Jan 5, 1899. She was the mother of Mrs. Alfred T. CAMPBELL of this city and was a respected and esteemed by numerous Binghamton friends, who will learn with sorrow of her death. The burial will be at Elmira on Saturday afternoon -- Binghamton Republican. Mrs. THURSTON will also be remembered by Owego's older residents, having lived here some 30 years.


Entered into rest on Sunday Jan 8, 1899, in Owego, NY, Hannah M. TOZER, wife of the late Rev, W. H. KING. The deceased was born in Chemung county March 24, 1821, and was therefore nearly 78 years of age. She moved to Owego with her husband in 1858 and during the 27 years of his pastorals of the First Baptist church she was his constant adviser and loyal assistant. Her devotion to her family as wife and mother, rarely equaled, can never be excelled. She found great delight in exemplifying her belief in Christian work by quietly administering to the necessities of the unfortunate and worthy poor. Her health begin failing about 10 years ago and for the past eight years has been unable to leave her room. She is survived by two sons, William A. of Brooklyn and George A. of Owego; also by two brothers, Edward A. and Henry TOZER of Waverly and two sisters, Mrs. Catherine THAYER of Jamestown and Mrs. Z. G. LANE of Addison. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the family residence, 369 Front street, conducted by the Rev. P. B. GUERNSEY, pastor of the First Baptist church. The bearers were G. L. ALLEN, W. W. BALL, Lucius FORD, and Fred W. FORD. The following relatives from out of town were present: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. KING, Brooklyn; Henry TOZER, Mrs. Sarah KING, LeGrand KING, Mr. and Mrs. Ed HART, Waverly.



Died at Owego, NY, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1899, of pneumonia, Christopher E, SCHOONMAKER, aged 65 years. The subject of the notice was born in the town of Rochester, Ulster county, Nov. 11, 1838. His parents moved to the town of Candor early in the forties. He began his mercantile career as clerk with Mr. EMMONS in Spencer and came to Owego in 1853 and entered the employment of E. D. & B. B. TRUMAN. Soon after he became a member of the firm of MANNING & SCHOONMAKER. Later, Mr. MANNING retired and Mr. SCHOONMAKER conducted the business for himself for a short time, selling out to LYON & POTTER. He served successively G. TRUMAN & Co. and STONE & Co. until be became a member of BUCKBEE, PETERSON, WOOD & Co. continuing with them until, on account of failing health, he was obliged to withdraw in the summer of 1893. Mr. SCHOONMAKER was one of the most competent and popular salesmen that has ever done business in Owego and his death will be sincerely mourned by a large circle of friends. He has been an active and faithful member of the Baptist church for 42 years, serving as superintendent of the Sunday school and a member of the board of trustees for many years. He was elected president of the Tioga county as associate in 1892 and served several times as president of the town association. His zeal and efficiency in this work will be long remembered by those who were associated with him. He was married in 1854 to Miss Waedy SOULE of Owego, who, with two daughters, Mrs. W. H. SHAW and Mrs. Eleanor T. HALPINE of Owego. survive him. The funeral was held this afternoon at 8 o'clock at his late residence, 192 Front street,


The death of Mrs. George YOUNG occurred on Monday in Ridgeway, NJ. of pneumonia. Her husband is a brother of O. W. YOUNG of Owego

Shave, 5 cents; hair cut 10 cents, 22 Lake street, J, M. HOLLINSWORTH.


The RECORD, deeply regrets to announce the death Friday at his home in Albany of John M. PALMER, who for years has visited Owego as the representative of the FULLER & WARREN Stove company of Troy. For years he has had charge of the company's stove exhibit at the Tioga county fairs and at these and other frequent visits here has made a large circle of friends who become strongly attached to him. He was of genial disposition and always a courteous gentleman, Dr. J. B. STANBROUGH received a letter from the FULLER & WARREN company Saturday morning advising him of the death, which resulted from a fever following an attack of the grip.


F. MALONEY'S horse attached to a cutter, with W. R. SUTHERLAND, driver, took a sudden whirl near the north end of the bridge Saturday morning. The driver was thrown out and the horse ran down Front street, becoming detached from the cutter a short distance from the DUGAN house. The thills were broken off and the horse reached home without damage.


A horse owned by Charles KETCHUM and driven by his wife, with several members of the family in the cutter, took fright on Main street near Rose early Sunday evening. The occupants of the cutter were thrown out and Mrs. KETCHUM'S right wrist was badly torn. The others were not seriously hurt. The cutter was badly wrecked.


Tuesday evening a horse and cutter came down North avenue at a lively speed. C. H. EMONS came to the rescue and caught the horse before any damage was done. He pleasantly remarked that the horse must have had the grip, as it did not run as fast as it could.

A North avenue young man and a Main street young lady took a pleasure ride Monday evening. When the drive was finished the young lady safely alighted in front of the parental mansion, when the impatient horse started up the street before the young man was ready. He clung to the lines, but the cutter was dashed against shade trees and other obstructions and was badly wrecked.


James CHEEKS, the ham kleptomaniac, was arraigned before Recorder LORING Saturday morning on the charge of appropriating his favorite meat from a cooler at the Awaga House. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months in the county jail.


The trial of James BARAGER, arrested for petit larceny on a complaint of Charles HALLSTEAD, was held at Justice LORING'S office Friday before a jury. After being out an hour or more the jury failed to agree.


Estate of Whitman A. LOCKS late of the town of Tioga deceased, was admitted to probate and Ann LOCKS was appointed administratrix. Estate valued at $2,600.


The following from this place attended a reception given by James HOLMES dancing school at Apalachin, Friday evening: Mr. and Mrs. E. J. ROBERTSON, Miss Helena H. HAZEN, Mrs. Alice SLOCUM, Miss Nina RICH, Miss Mamie BRIGGS, Miss Lena ROBINSON, Charles DEAN, H. G. THOMPSON, J. E. SEARLES, Earl HAMMOND, and Arthur BARTHOLOMEW.


A convention of principals of the public schools in Tioga county will be held at the Owego free academy Saturday, Jan. 14, 1899, beginning at 10 a. m.

Dr DAVIDSON of the university of New York is expected to be present.

Teachers and others interested are invited to attend the meeting.


Miss Anna L. PLATT was in Berkshire Thursday.

William G. ELLIS has returned from a visit to Albany.

Miss Mame CULLINAN of Elmira is visiting friends in town.

John DAVIS has returned to the military school in Manlius.

Miss Arra H. ELLIS went to Wilkes-Barre Saturday to visit friends.

Abram BROWN returned to East Orange, NJ, Sunday evening.

Charles F. SMITH of Wellsville has been passing a few days in town.

J. J. ANDERSON is ill with pneumonia at his home 61 Forsyth street.

Mrs. George D. YOUNG and Mrs. ALLEN were in Binghamton Monday.

Miss. Clara KING, who has been quite ill, is improving.

Miss Susie MABEE returned Monday to her school duties at Morristown, NJ.

Lewis OAKLEY who has passed the holidays in town, returned Monday to New Haven.

Miss Minnie MITCHALL of Newark Valley is visiting Mrs. GILL, Main street.

C. D. NEWTON of the RECORD'S composing room added himself to the gripe last week.

Mr. and Mrs. LeBAR were in Newark Valley Monday attending the funeral of a relative.

Charles BARTLETT who has been visiting relative in town, returned to Kingston, PA, Tuesday.

Mrs. R. H. WALKER of 40 Fox street and Mrs. N. W. ADAMS passed Saturday at Binghamton.

Mrs. E. E. ROBERTSON entertained the Ote club Thursday evening at her home, 63 North avenue.

Sheriff THURSTON and J. R. SWEET left for New York Monday on Erie train 2 for a short business trip.

A. L. BALLARD the upper Main street grocer, has been confined to his home, 273 Erie street, by illness.

Erie Division Freight Agent W. C. BUCK was in town Monday and a welcome caller at the RECORD'S office.

Mayor an Mrs. Ellery COLBY entertained a few friends Monday evening at their pleasant home, 9 Front street.

Assemblyman D. P. WITTER was in town Friday afternoon on his way from Albany to his home in Richford.

Mrs. W. H. KENNEDY of Brockport, NY, who has been visiting friends in town, left for her home Friday.

M. E. DIKEMAN was in Trumansburg Tuesday on a tour of inspection of the Postal Telegraph company's lines.

Dr. J. B. STANBROUGH went to Binghamton yesterday to attend the annual meeting of the managers of the state hospital.

Miss Hattie ROBISON went Saturday to spend a few weeks with friends and relatives in Clifton Springs and vicinity.

Theo. R. TUTHILL, Esq., of the Binghamton law firm of ROBERTS, TUTHILL & ROGERS was in town on legal business.

Patrick FLANIGAN, the Lackawanna's efficient superintendent of road repairs and construction, passed Sunday in Auburn.

Mrs. M. E. DIKEMAN, who has been spending the holidays with her parents in Alfred, has returned to her home in this village.

Fred H. STYLES left Tuesday night for a trip through the southern states in the interests of the Champion Wagon company.

Mrs. Jane BARTON of Owego, who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. W. A. VanORDER, returned home this afternoon. Ithaca Journal.

Mrs. John WHITE is seriously ill with pneumonia at her home 26 William street. She is reported slightly better today. Mr. White is also on the sick list.

Mrs. Scott HARRIS has returned from Ridgeway, NJ, where she has been passing two or three weeks at the home of her son William. Mr. HARRIS also passed the holidays there.

R. H. ROBERTSON, James BROUGHAM, H. C. BROWN and John FIELD were in attendance Friday night at the installation of officers of Spanish Hill Encampment of I. O. O. F., at Waverly.

Miss A. V. SCHUYLER has returned from Owego, where she has been by the bedside of her mother Mrs. John STEELE, and is now confined to her home on Lormore street with the grip. Elmira Advertiser.

Mrs. W. H. KINNE and Margaret R. Golden of Hornellsville attended wedding of James H. CASY (sic) of Owego, and Kathryn E. CONSIDINE Wednesday at St. Peter and Paul's church, Elmira. Hornellsville Times.

James WELCH of Co., "D" sixty-ninth, NY, regiment, received orders to from Washington on Saturday to join his regiment at Huntsville Ala., at once. He left on Erie train 10 for New York ,Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller HUNSBERGER started on Saturday evening for a pleasure drive to their former home in Dryden, drawn by the new black horses in a sleigh well provided with blankets and hot soap stones.

W. L. PAYNE has returned to continue his vocal studies at the conservatory after taking a prominent part in the Christmas festivities at Owego. Mr. PAYNE also spent a few days at his home in Greene, NY. -- Ithaca Journal.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. PARMALEE. Mrs. Fanny BURGETT, Mrs. Janie BARTON, Miss Clara NEWELL and Roy COLBY saw the "Woman Hater" as rendered by "Roland REED" and troupe Thursday evening at Stone Opera House, Binghamton.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. TANNER of Lestershire were guests Thursday and Friday of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. ADAMS, while on their way to Spencer to visit Mr. TANNER'S father. Mr. TANNER is a member of Co. H. of the First New York regiment, which is home from Honolulu on a furlough, preparatory to being mustered out.

The RECORDS thermometer registered 10 degrees below zero last night.

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