Owego Record Front Page
January 4, 1900
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

January 4, 1900


Nichols, Jan 2 - Miss Clara HETMAN of West Auburn, PA, and Frank J. KRAUSE of Rushville, PA, were married here on Dec. 25, 1899, by Justice E. J. Van NESS.

Mr. and Mrs. Judson TIFFANY and son Lynn of Wilkes-Barre, PA, spent several days last week with TIFFANY'S mother and sisters, Mrs. Frances ANGELL, Mrs. Earnest BEACH and Mrs. John BROUGHAM.

The W. C. T. U. will meet with their president, Mrs. Adell SEYMOUR, Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Elizabeth BOARDMAN and daughter gave a New Years dinner at their home on Main street Monday.

Oscar CARMER of Litchfield, PA, was in town Monday.

Mrs. Julia CARMER of Glenmary Home, Owego, and her daughter, Miss Cecil CARMER of Windham, PA, visited their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis BRAINARD, Tuesday an their way to visit relatives and friends at Athens, PA.

Miss Zada HOWELL returned Saturday from a two weeks visit to her cousins Dr. and Mrs. Guy CARPENTER.

Truman SHULTZ and Archie DUNHAM of New York city are spending their vacation with their parents here.

Miss Charlotte JOHNSON and a lady friend of Ithaca are spending their vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson.

E. B. BAKER of New York city was in town last week and also visited his brother, Wallace BAKER at Warren, PA.

Mrs. Fred EVERETT is recovering from a severe illness caused by neuralgia of the heart.

Martin ELLSBEE of Windham, PA, was in town Tuesday visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed MILLS visited Mr. and Mrs. TAYLOR at Warren last week.

Mr. and Mrs. SHERWOOD entertained their sisters and brother, Mr. and Mrs. John JOHNSON of Waverly and Professor and Mrs. I. F. SETLAR of Sayre, on Christmas.

Miss Jessie Everett visited friends at Owego last week.

Miss Maggie LURCOCK of Glenmary, Owego, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra LURCOCK, at Litchfield Station over Sunday.

Miss Bessie HAMILTON of North Orwell visited her aunt, Mrs. C. P. LANING, last week.

Nichols, Jan. 8, - Leslie HORTON, Lew GOURALD, Will MERRELS, Harry KIRBY and other young men who planned and executed the New Years party at Cady Hall on Friday evening, Dec. 29, deserves thanks for the entertainment and pleasant time afforded to their many guests. Among those present from out of the place were noticed. the Misses PARKS and COMER and Miss Clare HUNT of Osborne, who is home for vacation from the Mansfield state normal school; from Waverly, Merton KNAPP, Louis BULEY, Pearl SAUNDERS and Miss Anna ADAMS; from Athens, La Verne PRINCE, Joseph FREEDMAN; from Scranton, Lester ROCKWELL; Robert SPENCER of Carlisle, PA; Lulu DINMORE and Miss BARNETT of Owego, while Harry DUNHAM of Auburn and Daniel DEANE and Misses Charlotte JOHNSON of Ithaca, Clare HUNT of Mansfield, Mattie De GROAT of Long Island, Carrie Van NORSTRAN, preceptress of the high school at Afton, NY, who is passing their holiday vacations in this place attended.

The M. E. Sunday school gave a supper Monday evening Jan. 1, in Dean's Hall for its members.

Miss Mabel ROBISON, employed by the Patton Courier of Patton, PA, returned to her home in that place the latter part of the week.


Frank PALKO and Stephen PENJUKE were in Owego on Tuesday, being made into American citizens. In spirit they were such but the course of procedure through which they passed gives them the protection of the flag. - Spencer Needle.



Married Dec. 30 1899, at Milford Center, Otsego county, NY, by Rev. John BOLDER, Miss Lena TURK of Portlandville, Otsego county, and Amasa AYERS of Richford, NY. They were guests of Warren HOOPER Monday afternoon on their way to Richford.



Died, at Owego, NY. Tuesday Jan. 2, 1900 of typhoid fever, Claude E., son of Robert J. COLE aged 8 years. The funeral was held today at 1 p. m. at the Flemingville church; interment at Flemingville.


Died at Chicago, IL, Sunday December 31, 1899 of old age. Mrs. Lydia A. CHAPIN. She was the daughter of the late Enos SMITH and Mrs. Walter OGDEN. The remains were brought to Owego and taken to Tuesday to Evergreen cemetery, where a prayer was offered at the chapel and interment followed.


Manager M. A. HYDE of the Troy Steam Laundry entertained about a score of employees of that lively institution of cleanliness New Years day at his home on Talcott street. and elaborate dinner was served and the afternoon was passed with in games and other amusements. Mr. HYDE gave each of his employees a panel photograph of M. A. HYDE, Jr.


Before Hon. J. H. MEAD Surrogate Sat. Dec. 30, 1899.

Letters of administration, de bonis non, upon the estate of Christopher EVELIEN, late of Candor, deceased were issued to Alfred EVELIEN.

Letters of administrators upon the estate of Nancy EVENS, late of Nichols deceased, was granted to Cranston BLEVEN and Harriet DALRYMPLE of Nichols. Estate is valued at $1,200.

Letters of administration upon the estate of Charlotte L. RYAN, late of Owego, deceased, were issued to Thos. E. RYAN of Williamsport, PA. the estate is valued at $5,000.


Candor, Dec. 8. -Benj. R. WHITCOMB, district deputy grand master installed the officers of Veritas Lodge, No 616 I. O. O. F., Tuesday evening.

The M. E. Sunday school elected the following officers, Dec. 31, for the coming year; Superintendent , Rev. M. T. MANUS; assistant Superintendent N. D. WENTWORTH; Secretary, D. S. FESSENDEN; Treasurer, Mrs. C. F. FIEBIG; librarian, Fred AHART; chorister D. P. HOWARD; Organist, Jennie WARNOCK; superintendent of primary department, Miss May ROSE.

Rev. J. L. WELLS of Binghamton preached at the Congregational church Sunday morning.

Monday evening about 7:30 the house of B. L. WOOD was discovered to be on fire. All of the family were away at the time and it is supposed to have been caught from the stove, as there was a good fire and the oven was filled with green wood. The house was insured for $400. The contents were mostly destroyed.

Dr. M. B. Dean was in Ithaca Monday on professional business.

Died, Sunday, Dec. 31, 1899, Nathaniel LYNCH, aged 70 years. The funeral was held Tuesday at the home of his son, Ira, Rev. T. R. WARNOCK officiating.

M. J. DANIELS and family of Riverside, Cal. are visiting friends in town. Mr. DANIELS is on his way to Washington as a representative of orange growers of California and are looking after their interests in congress.

R. W. Horace F. BOOTH, past district deputy grand master, installed the officers of Candor Lodge, No. 411, F. and A. M., Wednesday evening.

Asa SACKETT, who has been visiting in Minnesota the past year, has returned to Candor.

Miss Kittie TUCKER of Far Rockaway, Lois HART of Hornellsville, Jesse WALWORTH, Harry DICKENSON of Oneonta normal, Ella BROOKS of Fredonia normal, Fred EASTON and John BEERS of Syracuse university, Mable WOODFORD, Marion WARD and Howard MILKS of Cortland normal, who have been spending the holidays at home, returned to their several places Tuesday.

Tax Collector Amos MILLER began taking taxes Tuesday at the bank.

The members of Veritas Lodge, No. 686, I. O. O. F., will hold their annual banquet at the opera house Tuesday evening, Jan. 9. All are invited to be present.

Sunday evening, Candor Lodge No. 411, F. and A. M. attended service at Congregational church, were services were held to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the death of George WASHINGTON. The address was given by Rev. F. W. Dickinson, scripture reading by Rev. S. E. WALWORTH. The church was finely decorated with American flags.


Nichols, Jan 8, - A bold burglary was discovered this morning to have been committed during last night, the grocery in the Cady block, Thomas DEAN, proprietor, having been entered by means of a glass being broken in the front door. Some underclothing, trousers and 80 cents in change is missing.


Berkshire, Jan. 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Charles HAMILTON and daughter of Owego visited Don Van NORMAN'S part of last week.

John NIGHT of English Center is visiting friends in town.

Addie THOMPSON of Binghamton is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred Van NORMAN.

Katherine EDDY of Owego visited Mrs. Willa FORD from Saturday until Tuesday.

Luther PAYNE of Buffalo, who has been in town for the holidays, was called back to New York last week by the sickness and death of a lady friend.

Mrs. KILBORNE of Liberty was a guest in town at George P. BALL'S this week.

Mrs. George BARR and daughter Edna are spending a few days with friends in Binghamton.

James DERMODY is confined to the house with his foot which he cut very badly with an axe on Tuesday.

Mrs. Miriam PAYNE returned the past week from spending several months with Mrs. Lyman KNAPP at Madison, Ohio.

Mrs. Everett WINFIELD and children of Lestershire visited at M. J. FORD'S from Friday until Wednesday. She was accompanied home by her sister, Bessie FORD, who will spend some time at that place.

Julia VanDEUSEN returned to her studies in Ithaca on Wednesday.


Tom HANNON, While Driving Across the Erie's Tracks at Paige Street Tuesday Morning Faces Death.

Tom HANNON, a hack driver employed by C. B. DEAN, a steady reliable driver, was the victim of an accident about 8 o'clock Tuesday morning which it is a great wonder that he escaped alive.

He had driven Mrs. BARNETT and her daughter home from the reception at Awaga hall, were they had acted as cateresses. He had left them at their home on Erie street and on his return trip had reached the Erie's Paige street crossing and when his was on the west bound tracks, the Erie flyer, train 7, which was late, struck the carriage, cutting it in two. The horses ran with the pole and front wheels toward North avenue were they were freed from the front part of the vehicle. They then run to North avenue, through it, Main, and Lake streets and through the alley to the stables.

Train 7 stopped, backed up to the scene of the accident, picked up Mr. HANNON up and carried him to the Erie station. Dr. S. W. THOMPSON was summoned and he was taken to Birdsall House. An examination showed that two ribs were fractured over his heart and his left shoulder was broken and his head bruised. He was doing well this morning and his recovery is expected.


Someone telephoned Sheriff THURSTON yesterday afternoon that a man was lying drunk and scantily clothed, with a whisky bottle in his hand on Temple street. He notified Chief ROBINSON, who went to the scene at once, but after an examination of the case he decided not to "run him in." Later the sheriff notified Officer ALLEN of the aforesaid drunk and he went up there. It proved to be a wooden cigar sign and the alleged whisky bottle was the bunch of cigars in the hand of the figure. This is on the quiet and the officers are not to be told it is known.

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