Owego Record Front Page
June 19, 1886
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

June 19, 1886


Prof. N. W. FESSENSEN, of Darlington Seminary, Westchester, Pa. is expected home Saturday. His niece Miss Addie BROOKS, who has been attending the seminary in the same place, is expected at the same time.

The strawberry ice cream festival, given by the G. A. R. last Wednesday evening was well attended. Proceeds about $11.

Miss Lucy WENTWORTH has returned from a two weeks visit with Mrs. Mawhiny at Owego.

Miss Cory SPAULDING of New York is visiting her aunt, Mrs. H. H. Ward.

Mrs. George HASKINS, of Speedsville visited Mrs. H. G. SMITH, Tuesday.

Strawberries are plenty and cheap; only 8 cents a quart.

Mr. WAY celebrated his seventy-ninth birthday last Sunday.

Mr. L. A. HART has rented and moved into a house owned by W. J. COLE. Mr. COLE expects to go to Binghamton to live with his daughter, Mrs. DODGE.

Mr. J. W. McCARTY is adding a new bay window to his house.

Mr. Ira FOOT, of Los Angeles, California, is visiting at Mr. M. SMITH and H. POTTER'S. Mr. FOOT will spend some time in Chicago; he does not intend to return to California till the first of September.

Among the Notaries Public appointed by the governor for Tompkins county is H. W. FROST.

A match game of ball was played here last Saturday between the Brockton and Candor nines. Brockton's victorious.

Candor has at last decided to celebrate. Probably under the direction of the Congregational society. Nothing definite yet. Full account in our next.

Mr. and Mrs. ROPER attended the funeral of Rev. Mr. RYDER of Spencer Tuesday.

Mrs. George NIXON, of Speedsville, visited her sister, Mrs. A. F. STOWELL, Tuesday.

Children's Day was observed at three churches. The M. E. church was tastefully trimmed with evergreens, and flowers were in abundance. The exercises both morning and evening consisted of singing and recitations, which did great credit to both scholars and teachers. The floral display at the Baptist church was very fine. The program was successfully carried out and was very complementary to those who had interested themselves in the observance of the day. At the Congregational church there was a fine display of flowers and the exercises were a success as their undertakings usually are.

Mr. Amos CHAPMAN had a very near escape on Saturday last. While at the top of the Fairfield hill he was putting a box on his wagon and his horse become frightened and dashed down the hill with such speed it caused him to fall, injuring him quite seriously. It was considered very fortunate his grandson, Arte, who was holding the horse, escaped uninjured.

Mrs. Adney GRIDLEY and Mrs. Burton LEWIS, of Ulysses, Potter, Co., PA, are visiting the residence of Mr. M. SMITH. -- June 16.


Miss Edith SQUIRES, of Waverly Has been visiting her friend Evelyn HILL.

Miss Annie LIGHT, of Elmira has been visiting her parents here last Monday.

Mrs. Fanny WHEELER, nee Fanny CANFIELD, from Michigan is expected home this week.

Mrs. E. S. LIGHT has been improving around her house by laying new walks.

H. G. LIGHT has been improving his house with a new roof and coat of paint.

Contractor George MALLORY has just finished building a culvert in the highway near the Narrows. W. L. HILL assisted him. The commissioners were pleased with the work.

There is be a dry goods store opened here next week by S. LOLLIS, as commission merchant for E. JOSLYN of Nichols.

The Sunday school in the CANFIELD school house, Mr. THOMAS, superintendent, is very interesting and well attended.

There will be preaching every two weeks in the evening in CANFIELD school house by Rev. Mr. SALMON.


Mrs. Frank PAYSON has returned from taking care of her sister, Mrs. Parley FINCH, of Windham, PA.

Mrs. Andrew CORY and Miss Gabrella PAYSON spent last week in Smithboro.

Mr. Jay LOUNSBERRY of Eau Claire, Wis., spent Sunday in our midst.

Miss Mattie LOUNSBERRY has gone on an extended visit to her sister, Mrs. Wm. OSBORNE, in Ohio.

The following named gentlemen have been making numerous improvements in and about their residences this spring. S. B. SMITH, Jas. LOUNSBERRY, A. ROBERTSON, H. LOUNSBERRY, II, and G. S. LANE.

Children's Day services will be held at the M. E. church at 2 o'clock. p. m. next Sunday. All come out. Bring your children, flowers, birds and pocket-books.

We have just learned that Chas. T. ROBERTSON has purchased the scales at LOUNSBERRY station , lately owned by Horace E. PAYSON. Parties wishing to weigh will now be obliged to go to him for keys. We wish you success, Charlie, in your new undertaking. -- June 15.


Mahlon UPDYKE, of Topeka, Kansas, is visiting his sister, Mrs. O. H. STEBBINS at North Barton. Mr. UPDYKE is in rather poor health and is recreating a few weeks and breathing the fresh air of the county with already gratifying results.

The North Barton Agricultural Society are out this week with blazing posters, announcing the grand basket picnic, to be held on the society grounds, one an one half miles from Lockwood, July 3rd. Hon. A. G. ALLEN, of Waverly, will deliver an address at 11 o'clock a. m. We understand that those who love to trip the 'light fantastic" will have an opportunity to do so in the afternoon and evening of that day. Warm meals, ice cream and strawberries, with ample provisions for horses will be furnished.

A New England supper is being talked about by the members of Acme Grange to be furnished on the occasion of occupying the new hall for the first time after its completion. The hall is nearly finished and will be a neat and substantial building. The builder, J. A. WILLIAMS of North Barton, has acquitted himself creditably in mechanical skill and the building committee will undoubtedly accept the job without question. -- June 17


The board of School Commissioners of the village of Owego have made the following appointments of teachers who will have charge of our public school for the school year beginning September 1, 1886.


Prof. E. J. PECK, A. M., Principal and Superintendent; Prof. J. T. TUTHILL, A. B., Assistant; Miss Emma TATE, A. M., Preceptress; Miss E. J. STEELE, Miss Sara SISSONS.


Miss Anna ABEL, 8th grade; Miss Cora GRANGER, Miss Hattie SACKETT, 7th grade; Miss Helen SWARTOUT, 6th grade.


Miss Laura HERRICK, Miss Fanny STEBBINS, Miss Libbie SNYDER, Miss Minnie NOONAN


Miss Carrie LACEY, Miss Mary RILEY, Miss Hattie NEWELL.


Miss Lottie JOHNSON, Miss Lillie WARWICK, Miss Gertrude CONAT, Miss Kate CURTIS.


Miss Hattie HULL, Miss Estelle HILL.


Miss Lottie Perry, Teacher of Free Hand Drawing - Miss Alice HUTCHINSON.

Chas. YOUTHERS, clerk, Robert SCRAFFORD, John SCHOPP, Janitors


The quiet of this village has been disturbed this week by the solicitous commercial men, representing nearly all classes of trade. The life insurance man played a full hand in the game, with the force pump man second best. Nichols has become a promising field for these individuals.

Mr. O. P. HARRIS has added another of his many buildings in the rear of his store, the last being a large barn which was raised Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Frank MOODY is spending a week in Nichols. Frank is learning telegraphing the D. L. & W. office at Williwanna.

The RECORD correspondent, on looking over the personals in the Nichols items of the Gazette last week, written by little Katie, is reminded of the appropriateness of the word "chestnuts."

The village people are supplied daily with fresh picked strawberries by Harvey DUNHAM and Charlie CLARK.

Several beautiful invitation cards to the Potsdam Normal class receptions and graduating exercises were received in Nichols Wednesday. They were delivered by Miss Martha SHOEMAKER, whose name appears as one of the graduating class. The RECORD correspondent was favored with one.

E. H. CONAT and Isaac FOX are now titled brave knights for their daring last Wednesday night. It was nothing more though, then their successful initiation into the Knights and Ladies of Honor. -- June 17.


Mrs. P. G. WHITE and daughter of Hoboken, NJ, are guests of Mrs. WHITE'S parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. I. WILLIAMS.

Henry MEAD and his wife left last Monday morning for Baxter Springs, Kas.

A select party is expected to be given at Island Grove Hall about July 2. an invitation is required to be welcome.

We have the pleasure of announcing the birth of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson VanDUZER'S first son, who already boasts the beautiful name of Harry Cleveland VanDUZER.

F, S. KYLE and wife, visited last week with friends in Spencer.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. M. V. DRAPER, a fine daughter, June 16. -- June 16th


The Graduating class of the Owego Academy will be held in Wilson Opera House on Friday evening of next week, June 25, beginning at 8 o'clock.

DICKINSON'S Orchestra, of Binghamton, will furnish music and Rev. Geo. FORSYTH will deliver the address on behalf of the board.

Any friends who desire to present the graduates with flowers would favor them by sending them to the opera house in the afternoon.

The exercises will be followed by a banquet at Awaga Hall when music, toasts and a fine menu will be enjoyed. The class is one of the largest in the history of the school and is composed of the following persons.

Frank J. BEARDSLEY, Grace E. BENJAMIN, Clara E. BENNETT, Fred R. BROWN, Mary A. GINNANE, Gertrude H. GRAVES, Joseph P. HARDMAN. William A. HASTINGS, Cora B. JACKSON, Maud KIDDER. Nellie D. KING, Benjamin LORING, Carrie M. LACEY, Minnie M. NOONAN, Clara A. NEWELL, Dora H. ODELL, Susie D. OWEN, Lenora A. PARTRIDGE, Mary Riley, Julia M. ROBERTSON, Kennedy F. RUBERT and John WADE.


Another of the old prominent business men of Owego passed away this (Friday) morning, Mr. Hiram SHAYS the well known proprietor of the North avenue meat market, closing his earthly career at about 2:30 a. m., after a painful illness which has confined him to his house, West avenue, since last September.

Mr. SHAYS was born in Decatur, Otsego Co., NY, making him sixty-two years old at the time of his death. He came to Owego in 1844 and was married to Miss Lucinda STANTON, July 26, 1848.

His wife and four of their seven children survive him, viz., Mrs. Maryetta TOWSEND, George, Jonas, and Miss Anna Marilla SHAYS, all well known residents of Owego.

Deceased was a member of Tioga Lodge, No.335, I. O. O. F. and Owego Lodge, Knights of Honor; The funeral will be held under the auspices of the latter society Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, at the late residence, West avenue. Mr. SHAYS life was insured in the Knights of Honor and in the Owego Mutual.


On Saturday evening of last week, Sheriff RODMAN arrested Susie WINANS for public intoxication and she was committed to jail until Monday morning, when she was brought before Justice BROOKS. On account of her three helpless children, no one appeared against her and she pleaded not guilty, signed the pledge and was discharged.

Monday evening Mary CROWESS was arrested on the park by policeman HORIGAN on the same charge. She is sixty-nine years of age and Justice BROOKS adjudged her to be a vagrant and sent her to the county poor house for a month. Mr. HORIGAN with drawing his charge of intoxication.

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