Owego Record Front Page
May 28, 1896
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

May 28, 1896



Dejected and Despondent He Takes His Own Life.

The Auburn Bulletin of Thursday contains the following account of the suicide of Gordon W. BURGETT, who was formerly of Owego.

The shooting is shrouded in mystery, but, as far as can be learned, the indications are that it is an attempt at suicide.

"BURGETT was found this morning by his clerk, John NOLAN, when he opened the fish store in State street between 6 and 7 o'clock. He was lying in the room in the rear of the store, but Mr. NOLAN did not know what the trouble was. He asked Mr. BURGETT what the matter was and the latter replied that he was in great pain and told the clerk to go out and get him some morphine. Nr. NOLAN did and after Mr. BURGETT had taken some of the drug he seemed to feel better, but did not say anything about the trouble other then to tell the clerk not to let anyone in to see him

"Mr. BURGETT still complained about being in great pain and it was decided to take him to his home in Seymour street. A hack was called and just at that time Dr. SMITH happened to be passing and he went to the house with Mr. BURGETT.

"When BURGETT reached the house Dr. SMITH told him to take his clothes off. He did not want to do this but the doctor insisted, and hen he saw the blood running from the wound he asked what caused it? It was then that BURGETT told him, He said they would find out anyway and that he had shot himself.

"Dr. CHESSMAN was summoned and after probing for the bullet, which entered in the stomach, it was decided to take him to the hospital.

"For some time passed BURGETT has been despondent and dejected and yesterday morning he was up and dressed when his wife arose. This was contrary to his custom but his wife did not think much of it. Before he left the house he told her he had a chance to sell a silver watch he had in the house and gave her his gold one, taking in its place the silver one.

"He told his wife not to have dinner until 1:30 as he would not be home until that time. He then left for the store, but did not return at that time and she began to get worried about his absence.

"As the afternoon wore on her uneasiness increased and she send word for him. A quite hunt was made for him by some of his friends but they were unsuccessful.

Mr. BURGETT was for 25 years a railroad man, working on the Southern Central road, beginning on the work train and working up to the position of passenger conductor, which he held until a little more a year ago, when he was dismissed.

"Not long ago he started a fish market in State street, which was formerly run by John HOLMES. Business was not as good as it might have been and this is assigned as the cause of the shooting.


Word was received here Friday morning that Mr. BURGETT died Thursday night and his brother-in-law, C. R. DEAN, left at once for Auburn.


Gordon W. BURGETT died at the City hospital Thursday night at 11:15 o'clock from the effects of a bullet in his stomach, fired by his own hand.

The dead man was widely known throughout the city and vicinity and his friends were limited only by his acquaintances. For 25 years he worked on the railroad, being with the Southern Central and working with that road and the Lehigh Valley until a little over a year ago.

He was born in Owego, August 16, 1843 and was 52 years and 9months old. He is survived by a wife and one child, a boy, and by one sister, Mrs. John HOLMES of this city.

The funeral will be held from his late home, No. 96 Seymour street, Sunday afternoon at 3 p. m. and the remains will be taken to Owego Monday for interment.

As a last chance operation was performed on the wounded man by Dr. CHESSMAN. The wound in the stomach was sewed up and the stomach washed. BURGETT was in a critical condition when the operation was preformed but it was done at the request of his wife, who wanted every chance given him. He rallied from the operation and was conscious until the end came, his wife being with him all the time.

Coroner TRIPP decided that an inquest was unnecessary, as BURGETT said that he committed the deed but gave no reason for doing so.

BURGETT was at the hardware store of D. A. SMITH & Co., Wednesday morning. He examined a number of revolvers with the intent of purchasing one. The clerk who waited upon him reduced the price to one which BURGETT seemed to have taken a fancy. BURGETT refused to purchase unless a box of cartridges were thrown in. This the clerk refused to do and BURGETT left without buying. This is evidence that BURGETT had contemplated suicide for some little time at least. - Auburn Bulletin.


The funeral of Gordon W. BURGETT who died at the City hospital Thursday evening from the effects of a bullet fired by his own hand, was held from his late home 96 Seymour street, Sunday afternoon at 8 o'clock. Rev John BRAINARD, rector of St. Peter's church officiating. The house was filled to overflowing with the friends and relatives of the dead man and many were seated outside the house. The flowers were many and beautiful, among them being a gate ajar marked "Friends" from his associates on the railroad, bow and arrow from the Red Men, a letter C from the Royal Aronum of which the deceased was a member, pillar marked "My Employer" from John NOLAN" who worked for the deceased, a wreath from Mrs. HOLMES, sister of the dead man, besides numerous casket bouquets and cut flowers.

Among those present at the funeral were Mrs. BURGETT'S father, Mr. DEAN her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Charles DEAN and Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON all of Owego. The remains were taken to Owego for interment Monday morning on the 8:15 train. - Auburn Bulletin.


A party of ten accompanied the remains of Gordon W. BURGETT from Auburn to Owego on the Lehigh Monday morning. They were met at the station by the hearse and many friends, The pall bearers were E. O. ELDRIDGE O. BEACH, B. BANDLER, S. F. FAIRCHILD A. W. PARMALEE and Elmer SHAW. The services at the grave were conducted by Rev. C. BARTHOLOMEW.



Died at Binghamton, NY, Wednesday, May 27, 1896, Margaret E., wife of S. F. KYLE of Catatonk, aged 54 years. The funeral will be held at the late residence Saturday at 10 a. m.


Died at Owego, NY, Tuesday, May 26, 1896, Mary A., wife of Edward B. ROMINE, aged 89 years. The funeral will be held Friday at 2 p. m. at the residence , corner of Spencer and Temple street.


Died at Weltonville, NY, Friday, May 22, 1896, Moses J. CASTERLINE, aged 66 years. He was a member of the One Hundred Thirty-seventh regiment, N. Y. S. V., and served in the war of the rebellion. His funeral was held Sunday at 2 p. m. at the Baptist church near Weltonville.


Died at New York city, Saturday, May 28, 1896, of malarial fever, Mrs. Rhoda A., widow of Clark S. GREENE. She is survived by two sons, Harry A. and Charles. The remains were brought to Owego and the funeral was held at Gaskill Corners school house Wednesday noon.


Dr. C. C. HILL died Thursday afternoon at 224 Court street from paralysis. Mr. HILL practiced the profession of dentistry at 96 East Main street for the past six years. For several years previously before his coming to this city he was engaged in the drug business in Catskill. He has been a sufferer of paralysis for three years and it was with difficulty that he tended his office. Although not a member of any church in this city, he enjoyed the Episcopalian faith. His father, O. S. HILL, of Bainbridge and two brothers H. H. HILL of Owego and R. B. HILL of Trumansburg survive him. The remains were taken to the residence of his brother in Trumansburg for interment Sunday. - Rochester Post Express.


John F. DEAN and bride have returned from their wedding trip.

Mrs. E. L. TOMPKINS left Monday night for Scranton to visit friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles LaGRANGE of Binghamton were in town last evening.

Mr. and Mrs. D. C. YOST and daughter returned to New York Sunday.

Corporation Attorney O. B. GLEZEN went to Buffalo Tuesday on legal business.

W. C. THURSTON is on the sick list, his feet and ankles being afflicted with varicose veins.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph QUETSCENBACH of Rochester are passing several days in town.

Thomas CROKE was worse again yesterday and his condition has not improved today.

Mrs. William E. BARTON of Kansas City, MO, is visiting Mrs. G. W. BARTON, Temple street.

John LYNCH of Paterson, NJ, is visiting his mother and sister on Fulton street for a few days.

William H. MALE of Avon was in town for a visit over Sunday renewing former acquaintances.

William DAY of DAYS Fair store went Sunday to East Liverpool, Ohio, on business for his house.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. ESTABROOK of Ithaca are visiting the latter's sister, Mrs. A. HORTON, in Tioga.

Hon. and Mrs. W. H. BRISTOL arrived Friday night from DeLand, Fla., to pass the summer on town.

Frank G. WRITER returned to New York Tuesday night after a brief visit at his home in this village.

George F. ANDREWS, Esq., returned Monday night from Dunkirk, where he acted as a referee in a legal case.

O. M. CARSON of Owego is visiting his daughter, the preceptress of Hornell free academy - Hornellsville Times.

Miss Belle PURPLE has retuned from New York, where she has acted in the capacity of a nurse for an invalid.

Dr. Welles THOMPSON is at present in Dr. G. B. LEWIS' office and intends opening in this village this summer.

W. W. BALL has returned from a flying business trip to Rochester in the interest of his clothing house, BALL & STEVENS.

Mr. and Mrs. P. C. PETERSON of Owego are spending the day with friends in this city. - Wednesday's Ithaca Journal.

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. BAKER of New York were in town Friday calling on their old friend W. W. CORBIN, William street.

Mrs. W. W. HUTCHINSON, state recording secretary of the Women's Christian Temperance Union is in Sullivan county this week.

Thomas CROKE was in such a critical condition Friday that a council of physicians was deemed advisable. He was easier Saturday.

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