Owego Record Front Page
March 19, 1891
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

March 19, 1891


Nellie HINKLEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. HINKLEY. of this village died on Tuesday night last, of congestion of the brain, aged seven years. She was a bright little girl, and her death will be deeply felt by the fond parents, who have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement. The funeral service took place at the residence Thursday at 9 o'clock a. m., after which the remains were taken to Pennsylvania for interment.


The woodworkers of the Agricultural works, in view of their high esteem of their foreman, Royal B. FERGUSON, presented him with a beautiful gold headed cane on Tuesday last. May he live long to lean on it.


Ex-Superintendent of the Poor, Grant W. BARNES of Richford, was in town Wednesday and a welcome caller at the RECORD office.

Mrs. Gordon ALLEN is in Centre Village, NY, called there by the serious illness of her aunt, Mrs. Smith BAKER, of that place.

Mrs. Perry HYDE of Binghamton is spending a few days in this place at the home of her sister, Mrs. H. DUMOND - Spencer Needle.

Clinton DAGGETT who has been seriously ill with typhoid fever at Albany, arrived home Saturday night and is rapidly recovering his health.

D. C. ROBINSON, Esq., the great Elmira common council leader, and E. F. BABCOCK, Esq., were in attendance at court this week.

W. A. BARTON will remove from No. 166 Spencer avenue to the east half of the house on the south-east corner of Temple street and Spencer avenue.

Lester VAIL of the Lester-Shire News was registered at the Central house while in town looking after the interests of the lively paper which he represents.

F. B. KENDALL returned Friday from a trip through the western part of the state and passed Sunday with his family. He left Monday evening for Syracuse.

Michael SWEENEY of Owego fell from a boxcar on which he was setting a brake, near Union and fractured his arm Monday morning. -- Binghamton Republican.

Charles Hill is moving from second floor of the building occupied some time for a grocery on the corner of North and East avenues to No. 162 West avenue.

James A. HEALEY, Erie train dispatcher, of Elmira, and "Tom" PICKLEY of Waverly, the operator who gained prominence in No. 12's wreck in 1890, were in town this week.

"Prof." Wm. H. DORSEY rode to Binghamton on his wheel Monday and attended the performance of HANLON'S "Fantasma" at the opera house that evening, returning Thursday.

The condition of Dr. L. D. FARNHAM, who has been critically ill with pneumonia, is reported as more favorable by his attending physician . -- Binghamton Republican.

C. N. DOHS of Newark Valley, who has so ably represented the RECORD at his home for the past year or two went to Binghamton, where he has assumed a position as bookkeeper for Messrs. TAYLOR & WRIGHT, wholesale jewelers in the Perry block. The RECORD congratulates both parties and regrets that it must do without Mr. DOHS' services at Newark Valley.

B. R. JONES of Hornellsville was in town Friday, the guest of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. THOMAS, North avenue. Mr. Jones is unable to work on account of a condition of mental and physical ill-health consequence of the grip of 1890, and is going to Susquehanna for medical treatment. He is a member of the conductors' brotherhood and if permanently disabled from work, is entitled to a benefit of $1,000.

James E. TILLOTSON who has occupied No. 88. North avenue for thirteen years, has leased the lower floor of the wooden building corner of North and East avenues, lately occupied H. A. JOHNSON as a grocery, and will fill it up with a full line of groceries on April 1st.



Newark Valley, March 18. - Rev. J. S. ELLSWORTH and wife left town on Monday, for Pennsylvania, where they passed a day or two with relatives before starting on Wednesday for New York, from which port they will sail on Saturday for Europe, expecting to be absent about four months.

H. B. LOVELAND and family spent the early part of the week at Binghamton

Mrs. Edmund STURTEVANT, who has been visiting relatives in town, returned to her home in Binghamton on Monday.

Mrs. John STUBLE of Nichols is visiting at the home of her father, Wm. WADE, at South Newark.

The house owned by F. W. RICHARDSON on Dimmick street has been purchased by John HOLES.

Charles BALL and wife of Binghamton were in town over Sunday.

No services were held at the Baptist church on Sunday last on account of illness of their pastor, Rev. Mr. BENN.

A. N. FORD of Speedsville was in town on Saturday last.

Jean HEIN, book-keeper for the firm of DAVIDGE & Co., spent Sunday at Addison..

The Home Missionary Society is making arrangements for a warm sugar social to be held at an early date.

Mrs. CULVER is making preparations for removing to Binghamton.

Woodford PATTERSON, who has been ill for some time, is able to be out.

Charles N. DOHS left town on Monday for Binghamton, where he will be employed in the wholesale house of WRIGHT & TAYLOR, jewelers.

Celia BUTLER entertained a few of her little friends on Friday last.

Miss Lillian HORTON of Berkshire visited in town a part of last week.

Hiram YOUNG of Dimmick house has been quite sick for the past week.

Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Adele WADE of this place and Emmett WALKER of Waverly.

Daniel DOHS has been spending a few days at Scranton.



Nichols, March 17, - A donation will be given Rev. T. R. WARNOCK on Wednesday evening, March 18, in Cady hall. A literary and musical entertainment will be provided and a cordial invitation is extended to all.

Morris WILSON, a student of the Baltimore dental college, is at his home and will practice dentistry in this place until September.

Miss Mary McDOWELL of Chemung, is visiting at the residence of R. C. HARRIS.

"Ike" LaRUE, a former proprietor of the American hotel, is a guest of I. FOX.

E. JOSLIN is about to start a branch store in Athens. Mrs. VanDEMARK is to have charge of the millinery department.

Mrs. J. J. SPIER of Binghamton, passed a few days at the home of her mother, Mrs. Wm. OSBORNE on Cady avenue.

E. EVANS has moved to Lester-shire, as his business calls him there.

Jim WATERMAN has moved his family to Candor.


March 19, - Sick improving.

F. C. ROBERTSON who has been passing a week in Corning, returned Tuesday. Mrs. Martha MORRISON accompanied him home and will visit friends here for a few weeks.

W. R. LOUNSBERRY is attending court in Owego this week.

Mrs. S. R. SMITH has returned home from Elmira.

H. LOUNSBERRY is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Dr. TUCKER, at Waverly.

Potato market opens at 92 cents.


Richford, March 17, - J. B. GREER and R. L. SMITH of Owego spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in this place.

Jos. D. JOSLYN of Newark Valley was in town Saturday night.

Charles E. BRIGHAM made a business trip to Owego last Friday.

Mrs. Henry ROBINSON of Slaterville Springs spent part of last week with Mrs. Charles Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. LYNCH of Fairview, KS, arrived in town Saturday morning and intended to spend some time with relatives in this place. Mr. LYNCH has been in very poor health for a long time and he has come to New York to see if he will be benefited by the change of climate.

Mathew WESTCOTT who has been spending some time in Iowa for his health, returned to his home in this place last Saturday.

Rev. Wm. F. BERGER preached his farewell sermon to a large congregation last Sunday evening. He will commence his work at Moravia next Sunday, but will not move his family until the first of April. At the close of the morning service the church adopted a very complimentary resolution regretting that he must go and recommended him to the church at Moravia.

The town Sunday school convention, which was held here last Thursday, was well attended considering the weather. Many were present from Berkshire and several from Newark Valley and Owego. The exercises were excellent, especially several of the addresses. Rev. J. J. HOUGH of Berkshire was listened to with great interest in the afternoon and Mr. P.C. Peterson of Owego and Rev. Ethan CURTIS of Syracuse gave interesting addresses in the evening. Mr. PETERSON'S "object lesson" attracting special attention The entire convention was very successful and reflects much credit on the officers of the association.

Mr. John KENNEDY and son Will of Dryden spent Friday and Saturday with Mrs. E. F. BELDEN.


Ed GRADY, a workman in the Tioga Centre Tannery, rode home Monday evening contrary to his expectations. He was walking home and while plodding along an the west-bound track about two miles west of this station, extra freight train No. 533, PRENTICE conductor, came up behind him and unceremoniously lifted off the rails, landing him on his face in the cinders which line the tracks.

PRENTICE stopped, picked him up, lagged No 24 and sent him to his station and then he was taken home to Tioga Centre on No. 11. His injuries were not serious, consisting of a badly bruised face.


Tuesday was charter election at Waverly and both the Free Press and Advocate got out extras Monday to have the last word before election.


The new Methodist Episcopal church of Sayre, PA, will be dedicated to the worship of Almighty God on Saturday, March 29, 1891.

Services at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Preaching by Bishop Thomas BOWMAN, D. D., of St. Louis, MO.

Pastor's and friends of adjoining charges are cordially invited to attend.

Y. M. C. A. Notes

The association is greatly indebted to W. W. CORBIN and P. C. PETERSON for several copies of Henry DRUMMOND'S latest works and to M. H. THOMAS for the New York Weekly Witness.

The men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. rooms at 4:00 o'clock Sunday was addressed by Rev. L. B. LANGFORD and the association orchestra furnished the music.

A good atlas is very much needed. If you haven't one to present to the association, perhaps you know of someone that would be glad to make such a donation if they knew of the want.

Dana CONKLIN, general secretary at Oneonta, and Rev. Ethan CURTIS of Syracuse were pleasant callers at the rooms last week. Mr. CURTIS delivered the address at the Sunday school convention Friday evening.


T. F. MOORE, the veteran carriage and wagon manufacturer, has in the little show room in front of his factory on North avenue, a fine display of mounted birds, which attract the attention of all who see them. He has a grand golden eagle, sometimes called a harpy, which was shot in Kansas, and spreads it's wings eight feet. A Roseate S. Bill is a handsome bird from Florida. The bittern which was shot at Big island, ( not Hiawatha island) and a handsome peacock, which, when shot was six years old. and the most beautiful bird of it's kind ever seen in Owego.


The Spencer Needle vigorously advocates that the town of Spencer be allowed to remove itself from Tioga county and become a part of either Tompkins or Chemung county. If this could not be brought about the Needle modestly suggests that adjoining portions of Tompkins, Tioga and Chemung counties be set off into a new county, with Spencer, of course, the county-seat. all of which would of course be very nice - for Spencer.

Dr. Katonka CARY is at Kingston, PA. Will he start a sanitarium there?

The superintendents of the poor hired Isaac WEMPLE and his wife yesterday to assist at the asylum.

Editor NIXON of the Chemung Valley Reporter is to be congratulated upon a successful operation to remove a tumor from his eye.

The Susquehanna Transcript imparts the startling information that "the railroad tracks at Owego were covered two feet deep with water Monday night."

The articles going the rounds and headed "To Save Fish" do not refer to the game laws but to an effort to get ex-Banker FISH out of prison.

Justice of the peace O. B. GLEZEN has the trial this afternoon of Henry WOOD for non-support of his wife Jane. S. S. WALLIS, Esq., for complainant and B. W. LORING, Esq., for defendant.

A sharper visited Elmira and tried to get a check cashed on the strength of a forged letter purporting to come from the New York firm of W. N. STEMKOPF. He may visit this place so watch out for him.

Messrs. ECKERT and GEER, stenographers, have just completed typewriting out their notes taken in the WINTERS case, before Hon. A. P. EATON. It contained about 200 folios, of which three copies were made.

C. G. MERRILL, the D., L. & W. freight agent at Binghamton for the past eighteen years, died suddenly Thursday of pneumonia. Traveling auditor BRIDGEMAN of that road acted as agent until a new agent was chosen.

An Eastman heater car, loaded with potatoes, shipped by J. B. WINTERS from Richford last week was burned on the Lehigh near Pittson a day or two ago and he has been notified to send in his claim for damage to the company

John HIGGINS who was struck by a locomotive in the West Susquehanna yard Tuesday, died from his injuries at the residence of his son yesterday afternoon. - Hornellsville Press.

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