Owego Record Front Page
June 18, 1896
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

June 18, 1896



Died, at Nichols, NY, Wednesday, June 17, 1896, William H. CLARK, aged about 75 years. He is survived by his wife, one son, William H. CLARK, Jr., also by his daughters, Mrs. George OLMSTEAD of Windham PA, and Mrs. William WALWORTH of Newark Valley.


Died, in Tioga, near Owego, NY, Sunday morning June 14, 1896 of valvular heart trouble, Rhoda A., widow of Benj. C. STILES, aged 68 years. She is survived by four children, Fred H. STILES, Mary E., wife of Stephen H. GOODRICH, Sara A. STILES, George B. STILES; Two brothers Noah and Jairus T. and one sister, Miss Louise GOODRICH, all of Tioga. She was the daughter of Norman and Eliza F. GOODRICH. Her husband died Feb. 22, 1882. The funeral was conducted at her late residence by Rev. Milton F. NEGUS at 3 p. m. Tuesday. Interment at Owego cemetery.


Died, at Tioga Center, NY, Friday, June 12, 1896, of cancer, Martha J. wife of Charles SPENCER, aged 49 years. The funeral was held at the family residence Sunday, at 1 p. m.


The marriage of Charles Fulton MIDDLEBROOK and Miss Bessie Ethel EASTMAN, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. C. EASTMAN of Binghamton, occurred at Christ church in that city at 8 o'clock Tuesday evening. Miss Angie LATTIMER of Tioga was maid of honor. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Rush F. EASTMAN of Philadelphia, assisted by Rev. R. G. Quennell, pastor of Christ church.

At the conclusion of the of the ceremony the wedding party was conveyed by special cars and carriages to the residence of Dr. and Mrs. C. C. EASTMAN'S on the asylum hill, where a reception was held. The bride and groom stood in front of a bank of flowers and ferns in the front parlor.

Following the reception an elaborate wedding supper was served. the reception was attended by two hundred guests. Throughout the evening the State Hospital orchestra, which was stationed at a corner of the veranda discoursed music. The cottages and buildings at the hospital grounds were brilliantly lighted from top to bottom in honor of the occasion. Miss Laura AYER of Owego was one of the guests.



Campville, June12, - The sad accident by which Herbert LIVINGSTON, aged 18 years, lost his life Thursday evening while attempting to save that of his cousin, Grover LIVINGSTON, casts a gloom over this community.

The four boys, Herbert, Robert and Grover LIVINGSTON and Archie TILBURY were preparing to go in swimming in the Susquehanna river at Campville when Grover, the youngest, undressed, and not knowing the condition of the river bottom and being unable to swim, he ran into a deep hole and was strangulating. Archie TILBURY saw his danger and being acquainted with the river went to his rescue and soon caught hold of the little fellow. Herbert, fearing the that Archie could not do the work of rescue alone, ran to his assistance, and as he unaware of the hole ran into the water and beyond his depth. He too grasped Archie, and made the problem a difficult one. Archie succeeded in releasing himself from the grasp of Herbert, who swam away, but instead of heading toward the shore, he struck out toward the middle of the river and was drowned. Archie had a hard struggle to get Grover to the shore and Robert who was wading near the shore, was sent for help. Archie rolled Grover as soon as he had him on shore to get the water out of his stomach and lungs. It was a long time, even after assistance had arrived, before Grover was conscious, after as near an approach to death as he will ever face before the final end of life.

The river was quite high at the time of the search for the body of Herbert LIVINGSTON was unsuccessful until about 7:30 Friday morning, when J. L. PURPLE of Owego discovered it. The funeral is fixed for Sunday at this place.

It is feared that this death may result in the death of the boy's father, as the latter has heart disease.


June 17 - Mrs. William SIMMONS of Auburn spent a part of the week with her mother, Mrs. Wm. RIGHTMIRE.

Mr. EMERSON and wife of Strait's Corners visited the former's sister, Mrs. Mary HENDERSHOT, Sunday.

Messrs. DRAKE and LINCOLN of Nichols rode to Berkshire on their bicycles Thursday, remaining over night with the former's sister Mrs. Dell HENDERSHOT.

C. O. DEWEY of Brooklyn was in town Sunday visiting his family.

D. W. DEWEY and wife of Binghamton, are spending the week C. J. DEWEY'S

Mrs. Dell CRAWFORD and Mrs. MAURICE YOUNGS visited their sister in Newark Valley Thursday.

The county I. O. G. T. convention was held in Berkshire Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Rev. J. S. MITCHELL of Richford gave an excellent address Wednesday evening.

Charles SIMMONS of Trenton, MO, is spending some time at his old home in this place. His many friends are sorry that he is in such poor health and hope that a change in the climate will be beneficial to him.

Mrs. Louisa HURD of Aurora, IL, and her daughter, Mrs. Lizzie ALDRICH, arrived in town Wednesday and will spend a few weeks with Mrs. HURD'S niece, Mrs. J. W. HOLCOMB.

Mrs. Permelia JUDD died at the home of her son, John JUDD, Friday afternoon, aged 70 years. The funeral took place from the house Sunday afternoon, Rev. J. J. HOUGH officiating.

George REYNOLDS has moved his family into the CRAWFORD farmhouse and is working at the tannery.

Several carloads of bark have come to the tannery this week, making work for a few men.


Candor, June 16, - The road bridge at Hubberdtown has been discontinued. Supervisor JENNINGS got the consent of taxpayers in that neighborhood and the town board was called together Tuesday and officially closed the bridge. This removes another old landmark, but the taxpayers will not complain.

Mrs. James BARNES and Miss Carrie BARNES are visiting friends in Hornbrook, PA..

Miss Villa SEAGERS of Ithaca is home for a few days.

Rev. A. G. BLOOMFIELD has a strawberry on exhibition at the post office which measures six inches in circumference. The same stem had four others measuring nearly the same.

I. G. PESOS, deputy grand dictator for the Knights of Honor, made the Candor lodge an official visit Monday night.

Slate for the roof of F. W. SMITH'S new home arrived Tuesday.

Clarence JOHNSON and wife of Owego visited Frank Holmes' Sunday.

Mrs. M. L. BOSTWICK is threatened with typhoid fever.

Mrs. E. McCONNELL is at Monreton, PA, called there by the illness of her mother.

Died, Monday, June 15, 1896, Daniel LOUNSBERRY, aged 60 years. He is survived by his daughter. Mrs. Frank DEWEY. The funeral was held from his residence Wednesday afternoon. Rev. A. G. BLOOMFIELD officiated.

Mrs. Jesse SACKETT has returned to her home at Great Bend.

Rev. Kengo MORIYA, a Japanese student of Syracuse university, will preach Sunday morning and evening in the M. E. church.

Mrs. Henry FISHER of Rushville is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin JENNINGS.

Children's day was observed by the Baptist and Methodist churches Sunday. The churches were trimmed with ferns, evergreens and flowers. The exercises at the M. E. church were conducted wholly by the little ones and were among the best ever given in the church. Rev. S. D. GILPIN gave a history of the origin and keeping of the day in the evening.

Monday evening, June 22, the promotion exercises of the academy will be held, followed by a nice ice cream and strawberry festival, in which everyone is cordially invited. The receipts are to be given to the school library. The following Wednesday evening, June 24, the regular commencement exercises will be held.


Candor, June 12, (Special) - William REED, aged 26 years, son of Wadsworth REED, who lives about six miles from here, committed suicide today by hanging. He was dead when found. He was a married man and father of two children. He had shown evidence of insanity for some time. Dr. WASHBURN will hold an inquest.


West Candor, June 16 - Luther SAWYER and wife of Halstead recently visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. Ira SAWYER of this place.

Ally VOCE is in some part of the west whether on pleasure bent or seeking his fortune is not known.

Mrs. Earl HANES of Owego is visiting in this place.

Mrs. Rose EMERSON is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred BARNES.

Rev. Mr. BLOOMFIELD of Candor preached a very able and instructive discourse at the school house Sunday afternoon. Efforts will be made to secure his service here during the summer.

James MONROE was in Owego Sunday.

Mrs. B. KIRK has returned from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. WHITE of Lounsberry.

Sylvester ROSS of Auburn accompanied by his wife visited his brother, Dewitt ROSS of this place, as well as his brother, Bryon ROSS of Candor and other relatives at Willseyville.

Miss Mable WOODFORD anticipates a new wheel.

An ice cream social for the benefit of the Christian Endeavor of this place is being agitated.


A Susquehanna man, while crossing the river bridge last night about 10 o'clock, was ordered by a descendant of Jesse James to "hold up his hands." Instead of obeying the command he reached for his revolver and the highwayman took the "leg bail." - Susquehanna Transcript.



Married at Owego, NY, Wednesday, June 17, 1896, by Rev. M. D. FULLER, pastor of the First Methodist church, Andrew H. GREER and Miss Anna McLEAN. The ceremony was preformed at 3 p. m. at the residence of the brides mother, Mrs. Marilla McLEAN, 242 East Temple street and was as pretty a quiet home wedding as one ever sees. There were only the immediate relatives and intimate friends of the two families. The groom is the youngest son of R. J. GREER of 113 Liberty street and is one of the most popular young men in his large circle of friends. The bride is a charming young lady whose home for a number of years has been in Owego, where she has a host of admiring friends. The parlor where the ceremony was performed was very tastefully decorated with ferns, water lilies and beautiful June roses. The bride looked lovely in a suit of drab with trimmings of white satin and lace and carried a bunch of white roses tied with white ribbons. After congratulations were over Mr. and Mrs. GREER started amid a shower of rice and with good wishes of friends on Erie train 1 for Buffalo and Niagara Falls, on their return will visit in Elmira. They received many elegant presents from loving friends, who join in wishing them a long and happy life.


Harry DENSMORE, 15 years, son of John DENSMORE of Adaline street was accidentally drowned Saturday evening shortly before 8 o'clock by falling from the dam that feeds the race leading to the electric light plant. There were other boys about and George SMITH made an attempt at rescue but was dragged head first into the water and had a hard struggle saving his own life. The body was removed in 20 minutes by means of a fish hook and line but the effects at resuscitation were unsuccessful and Undertaker HUBBARD was called and took the remains to the house, which was the first intimation given the family of the accident or death of the boy, although the word could have been sent tem in less then 10 minutes. Harry was the oldest son and had barely escaped death by drowning several times before. The funeral was held at 1 p. m. Monday at the house.



One of the happiest events of the past week was the marriage of Miss Eva V. WHITE of Monroe and Melvin L. COMFORT of Owego, NY. Owing in the long illness of the bride's mother, it was decided to have a quite wedding, and as Niagara Falls was to be included in the wedding journey it was pleasantly arranged that they be married at the private home of a very dear friend of the groom, Dr. D. R. BOWEN of that place. The wedding arrangements were all of the happiest and after the ceremony a handsome wedding dinner was given complimentary to the bride and groom by Dr. and Mrs. BOWEN. The Rev. W. J. WEST, who had so recently had the pleasure of performing the wedding ceremony, was one of the guests. A wedding party was delightfully arranged and all enjoyed the many beauties of Niagara Falls. On Friday Mr. and Mrs. COMFORT arrived home and a quiet though happy little reception was given. The bride received in her pretty wedding gown of light blue silk. The wedding gifts were handsome. Among the gifts which will be highly prized is a handsome reception chair, the gift of a party of Pointeaux Peau friends, of whom Miss WHITE had been a member. Mr. COMFORT has won for his bride, one of Monroe's brightest young ladies. Her life which had been spent in Monroe, Has been one of perfect devotion to the home circle, a beautiful little housekeeper, capable in all of her business and social duties, and to her friends is always given a happy greeting. In their cozy little home will be found many dainty pieces of painted china, the work of the bride, while on the walls hang many paintings, which prove her indeed an artist. Mr. Comfort is a gentleman of refinement and from a fine prominent family, His father having been a minister of the gospel and his brother Dean of the college of fine arts at the university at Syracuse, NY. Another brother is a physician in New York city, and a third brother is professor in the Penn. Military Academy. He is a capable business man, being engaged in the jewelry business at Owego, NY, and one of its leading business men; also active in the church work of which he is a member. Mr. COMFORT, like his wife, is the only small member of his family, each being only four feet high. Should Mr. and Mrs. COMFORT continue to reside in Monroe the host of warm friends of the bride will extend a warm welcome to her husband and it is the wish many friends that heaven's richest blessings may rest upon the this little couple as they journey together though life.


Newark Valley, June 16, - The "Eugene Bryant troupe" is playing to good houses this week. The band and orchestra are very fine.

Dr. W. J. BURR, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. Charles UPHAM in Colorado and spending some time with relatives in California, returned home Saturday after a year's trip.

Dr. F. L. KNAPP, who has just graduated from a dental college in Philadelphia, is stopping with his brother, Dr. H. L. KNAPP and the indications are that he will settle in this place.

Rev. A. Y. WILCOX arrived in town Thursday to assume his duties as pastor of the Congregational church. A reception will given him at the chapel Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles BALL of Binghamton were in town last week called here by the failing health of their sister, Mrs. F. W. BARBER.

Miss Helen LOVELAND is entertaining Mrs. TITUS, who is matron of the Orange Park, Fla., mission school, where Miss LOVELAND has been teaching for some three years.

Mrs. T. H. BUSHNELL leaves town tomorrow for Oneonta, where she will spend the summer with her brother.

Miss Lucy HOOKER closed her summer term of school in the Westfall district Saturday with a fine picnic in C. H. HORTON'S grove.

Mrs. J. Van KLEEK has been with friends in Port Dickinson for the past few days.

Mrs. T. F. CHAMBERLAIN has been seriously ill with an attack of bilious fever but is reported as improving.

Mrs. E. HOFF is in Candor this week, being called there by an illness of a relative.

Miss A. M. KINNEY left town last week for Syracuse, where she will spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. Wm. WARING.

Personal (cont)

A. B. MIDDAUGH passed Tuesday night with his friend, John COLE, at Binghamton. Mr. COLE is a helpless invalid.

Miss McLEAN an attendant at the state hospital, is spending a two weeks vacation with friends in Owego.

Mrs. W. D. CADY of Binghamton is in town, called here by a serious illness of her father, David GOODRICH, 388 Front street.

Mrs. E. JOHNSON and son of Binghamton are passing a week with the former's mother, Mrs. E. deVALIERE, 55 Spencer street.

Mrs. Robert BANDLER returned Saturday from New York, accompanied by her sister, Miss Rai FOX, who will pass the summer in Owego.

Willis Sharpe KILMER and party of Binghamton, who are passing a few days at Hiawatha, were driving in town Monday morning.

Miss Linda NEWMAN is at Albany attending her sisters graduation; from there they go to New York and Washington for a month.

Mrs. W. H. CHAMPLIN is on a two weeks' visit with relatives and friends at Owego, Apalachin and other New York state towns. - Towanda Republican.

R. S. STOUT left for Boston Sunday.

J. L. TAYLOR went Tuesday to Lopez, PA, on business.

F. H. ROMER of Ithaca was calling on friends in town yesterday.

Allen MASON and wife of Binghamton were in town over Sunday.

E. D. COBURN and W. A. BARTON were in Binghamton Monday.

Hon. B. J. DAVIS has returned from his outing at Union Springs.

O. B. GLEZEN, Esq., was in Binghamton Monday on legal business.

Thomas BAILEY is ill at Greene, where he is visiting his son George.

Mrs. W. B. LEONARD and family are in town from Brooklyn for the summer.

Mrs. J. R. HASTINGS is visiting at Windsor Locks, Conn., her former home.

M. W. KENNEDY, a prominent Waverly business man, was in town Thursday.

Mrs. Lorenzo MOTT, residing south of Hiawatha, is hopelessly ill with consumption.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. HARRIS of New York are passing a week in town with relatives.

Prof. James W. ALEXANDER, principal of the Candor academy was in town, yesterday.

Mrs. E. GUSSMANN and two children, arrived in town Saturday form Bridgeport, Conn.

Elmer ROBERTSON has been confined to his rooms in the Snyder block, North avenue by illness.

Rev. J. S. ELLSWORTH of Owego has been the guest of John PEMBLETON. - Waverly advocate.

Miss Carrie SWARTOUT sailed Saturday on the Netherlands line of steamers for an European trip.

Mrs. C. B. DEAN has so far recovered from her serious illness as to be able to ride out.

Miss Fannie REED of Paterson, NJ, is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. N. CODNER, Spencer avenue.

Miss Marion PETERSON of Farmer, NY, has been visiting a week with her aunt Mrs. J. F. MILLREA

Mrs. H. C. TYLER of Montrose, PA, and Mrs. Sarah ADAMS are guests of Mrs. I. J. DELEVAN, Front street.

Thomas Ives CHATFIELD, who recently graduated from the law department of Columbia university, is in town.

M. L. COMFORT has returned from his wedding trip. Mrs. Comfort will be unable to leave her mother on account of the latter's ill health.

Mrs. PRICE and daughter of Media, PA, arrived in town Saturday evening and are passing some time with the former's mother, Mrs. Lucy G. BROOKS, Temple street.

Miss Susie OAKLEY left today for New York and New Haven, where, at the latter city she will witness the graduation of her bother Lewis C. OAKLEY, Yale college.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. HAMILTON, Mrs. Ida LAWRENCE and Fred HAMILTON left today for Ithaca to attend the STARR-ALLEN wedding. The bride is the niece of Mrs. HAMILTON.

District Attorney F. A. DARROW and J. S. GROSS, Esq., were in Watkins Tuesday on legal business before a special term of the supreme court, at which Judge George F. LYON of Binghamton presided.

Arthur E. BATES of North Fair Haven, one of the Lehigh's popular conductors, was in town Monday calling on old friends. Mrs. BATES, who has been visiting in Flemingville and Owego, has returned home.

Rev. and Mrs. Milton F. NEGUS left yesterday for Hamilton, NY, to attend the annual commencement exercises of Colgate university. Among the graduates this year are Elmer STEEN of Owego and a brother of Rev. Mr. NEGUS.

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