Owego Record Front Page
July 16, 1896
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

July 16, 1896



Died, at Owego, NY, Sunday July 12, 1896, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Belle HINES, aged 60 years. The funeral was held at 8 p. m. Tuesday at the home of her brother, John CAMP, 447 Main street, where her death occurred, and was private.


Died, Thursday, July 9, 1896, Mrs. Egbert BEMENT, of Newark Valley. Mrs. BEMENT was connected with some of the best families of the state and was a lady of unusual refinement. The funeral was held at the family residence, Rev. J. S. ELLSWORTH of Owego officiating.

Mrs. Edward C. COOPER.

Died, at Speedsville, NY, Friday, July 10, 1896, of diabetes, Nellie D., wife of Edward C. COOPER, aged 25 years. She was the daughter of the late John DECKER of East Beecher Hill and is survived by her husband. The funeral was held Sunday noon at Speedsville; burial at Newark Valley.


Married at the Methodist parsonage, Owego, NY, Wednesday, July 15, 1896 by Rev. M. D. FULLER, Frank B. CHAFFEE of Warren Center, PA, and Lena A. DECKER of Apalachin.


Mrs. H. G. MAYO of Waterville, MN, and Mrs. C. H. CATLIN of Elgin, IL, are in town, called here by the death of their mother, Mrs. Belle HINES. They were wired to on Saturday of her illness, but had no knowledge of her death Saturday night until their arrival in town. Mrs. CATLIN on Erie train 12 Monday night and Mrs. MAYO on Erie train 8 Tuesday afternoon, and hour before the funeral. Their only brother Frank, who has charge of a large fruit ranch at Redlands, CA, was unable to come in time for the funeral.

Mrs. Mayo expects to remain for two weeks and Mrs. CATLIN, who is accompanied by her infant son, Roy CLINTON, will remain six or eight weeks with her uncle, John CAMP.


...Nicolas JEFFERSON, Sr., of New Orleans, after visiting his daughter in Milwaukee, his son Nicolas in New York city, and his brother, Rev. J. W. JEFFERSON of Wilkes-Barre, is now visiting his daughter, Mrs. E. J. CHEEKS, Prospect street, enroute for his home.

...Rev. and Mrs. NEGUS will leave Monday for Asbury Park and will go from there up the Hudson to the Catskill mountains and from there to Block Island. They will be absent until Sept. 1st.

...Miss Iva M. NEGUS left on the Lackawanna Tuesday for the Baptist Young Peoples union convention in Milwaukee, and will go from there to Minneapolis to spend her vacation in her former home.

...Edward JENKS is visiting at Owego.--Elmira Avertiser.

...Mrs. L. L. BROCKWAY is passing a few weeks with relatives at Hancock, NY.

...Miss Velma TRAVIS of Binghamton is visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. J. HOWARD, 92 Adaline street.

...Mr. and Mrs. Fred TUTTLE, who have been in Bath, have returned to their home in this village.

...E. R. BOOTH of the Owego Bridge company and S. F. SMITH of Owego are in town.--Ithaca News.

...Mr and Mrs. F. E. BROCKWAY are visiting their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. BROWNE, at Richmondville, NY.

...O. E. Hoel of Hornellsville is visiting his sister, Mrs. M. D. FULLER at the M. E. parsonage, Main Street.



Candor July 10. - [Special] - Thursday morning Mrs. A. A. ROBINSON was fatally burned. She was at work near an oil stove and in some manner her clothing caught fire and she was burned to a crisp from her feet to the top of her head and her husband was badly burned in his efforts to save her.

Drs. ROPER and HARRIS were called and did all they could for her relief but death ensued between 3and 4 in the afternoon after terrible agony.

She was between 73 and 74 years of age. The funeral will be held Saturday at 10 a. m.



George STONE and Charles H. STANFORD of Athens, PA, started on a tandem Sunday morning to ride to Great Bend to see the formers wife, who was reported to be ill. They started at an early hour and registered at M. J. SWEENEY'S hotel for breakfast between 7:30 and 8 a. m.

They took the Day Hollow road, which is much shorter then the river road but which has a very steep and long hill, which causes wheelmen to shun it in their journeys to and from Binghamton. When about a mile north of Campville on that hill road they struck some stone or other obstruction and lost their pedals. The tandem was beyond their control in a minute and the were powerless to stop or guide it. STONE jumped and struck on the back of his head, causing the injury from which he died a few minutes later. Stanford left alone on the tandem was unable to control it and was thrown against a stony embankment. He struck on his head and back and was rendered unconscious. Both of the men weighed nearly 200 pounds and the velocity at which they were going made their fall more dangerous.

How long the men lay in the road cannot be determined. When STANFORD regained consciousness he saw STONE standing in the road, telling him to go for help. STANFORD, more dead then alive, made his way to the nearest farmhouse about 80 rods distant. The house is occupied by John JEWITT. Stanford asked for the inmates to go for his companion and then fainted from loss of blood and exhaustion. It was some time before anyone started to look for STONE. He was found dead lying in the road. Dr. DOANE of Union was summoned. After viewing the remains, he notified the Coroner of Tioga county, Dr. E. S. BECK of this village. Word was also sent to STONE'S father, who arrived later in the day. STONE had been dead fully 30 minutes before he was found. The back of his head was crushed in and death had resulted in a few minutes after the fall. STONE'S father said the two injured men were bosom friends and as a result STONE'S death was the result of the accident, Coroner BECK decided that an inquest would not be necessary.

STONE was a druggist, aged 25 years, and STANFORD is a railroad man, aged 35 years. He is said to have run the locomotive on the "Black Diamond" express between Sayre and Manchester.


Union July 13 - [Special] - The physician returned about 11 this morning from his visit to C. H. STANFORD and reported him as able to stand for up for an examination and, although very sore, has no feverish symptoms and his recovery is anticipated.


Saratoga, July 16. - Reports are just coming in showing the results of yesterday's destructive storm in Adirondacks. The storm swept to the northeast after leaving here. A cyclone developed and a funnel shaped cloud struck the earth between Fort Edward and Argyle, tumbling small farm dwellings, barns and out buildings in every direction. Near Durkeetown and in Marean 11 buildings were wrecked. Between Argyle and North Argyle $10,000 worth of property was destroyed. Many miraculous escapes but no loss of life is reported.


Boston, Mass., July 16. - Word has been received from Quebec that ex-Governor RUSSELL of Massachusetts was found dead in his bed at a fishing camp near Grand Palos.


George F. BROOKS of Cuba, NY is spending a few days with his mother Mrs. Benjamin V. BROOKS and her family, on Temple street.

Mrs. Lou M. McQUIGG and Mrs. O. J. LOCKWOOD of Washington D.C., are spending a few days with their cousin, Mrs. Lucas FORD.

Prof. and Mrs. Frank J. BEARDSLEY of North Towanda NY, arrived in town Saturday night and will pass a portion of their vacation here.

Mrs. J. B. TURNER, who has been in failing health for several months, has , for the past few days, been in a critical condition, with slight prospects of rallying.

Ruth Alelaide, daughter if Mr. and Mrs. G. S. THURSTON of 154 Temple street had two spasm yesterday morning and is in danger of meningitis.

Rev. and Mrs. A. D. KINZER of Perry, Iowa, have been called here by the serious illness of Mrs. J. B. TURNER. Mr. KINZER was obliged to return home yesterday.

Miss Maude THORNTON, Miss Mary BAKER and Kate WELDNER of Elmira rode their wheels to Waverly Saturday and then came the remainder of the way to Owego on Erie train 24 to pass Sunday with friends.

Mrs. R. S. MILLS of Owego, who has been visiting her brother, Charles PELLAM, and wife on Hudson street, left to-day for home accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. PELLAM, who will visit at Caroline for the day. - Ithaca News.

W. W. ANDROSS was in Ithaca Thursday perfecting arrangements for the Methodist excursion and Rev. M. D. FULLER and S. F. FAIRCHILD were working for the same cause among towns of the Lehigh. All report excellent progress.

Mrs. HUTCHINSON of the Owego public schools left Saturday for Glen's Falls, NY, to take a course of study in summer school at that place. While en-route she passed Sunday at Slingerland, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H.GAERY, formally of Owego.

Mrs. M. L. COMFORT has arrived and joined her husband in this her new home, where Owego people extend her a hearty welcome.

Prof. and Mrs. E. J. Peck, Mrs. B. B. MARTIN and Miss Lizzie SCOTT were in Buffalo attending the National Education association last week.

Misses Eva NEWLAND, Flora and Florence HILDEBRAND of Waverley are guests of of their friend, Miss Minnie BEERS, 55 North avenue.

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