Owego Record Front Page
May 24, 1888
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

May 24, 1888


The strains of the wedding march sounded in St. Paul's church last evening a few minutes past eight o'clock as the wedding party walked down the aisle the cynosure of many eyes, whose owners crowded that edifice. Rev. J. H. KIDDER officiated, and the solemn Episcopal service was pronounced that made Mr. William Marsh MABEE and Miss Anna Louise Johnson husband and wife

Paul H. WHITE acted as best man and Mr. Burdell Johnson, the brother of the bride, gave her away.

Other guest present were Mrs. D. W. MABEE, mother of the bride, Mrs. E. J. SCOFIELD, Mrs. A. B. LOUNSBURY, of Brooklyn, and D. W. MABEE of Balston Spa, NY, Mr. and Mrs. Burdell JOHNSON of New York.

Mr. and Mrs. MABEE were passengers on the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western railroad on the 10:18 p. m. train for New York.

...The Erie pay car will arrive this afternoon.

...Fire Department election one week from last night.

...Rev L. M. BECKETT, of Elmira was in town to-day.

...Two excursions for Hiawatha from Scranton in July.

...Hon. E. B. GERE is passing a few weeks in Virginia.

...Mrs. J. B. WINTERS is visiting friends in Williamsport, PA.

...Miss Julia BURDICK of Auburn is visiting Mrs. Geo. W. SWEET.

...Peter J. BRINK, of West Newark, is registered to-day at the Central House.

...Judge Clark has returned from New York, where he has been on legal business.

...Mrs. Benjamin LEVY and daughter, Tilly, of New York are visiting at the residence of L. TUCH.

...The Post Jarvis Gazette mentions the disappearance of a fourteen-year-old girl attired in a red hat and a gold ring. Rather breezy.

...Mrs. Thomas LEIGHTON, of Rochester, is guest of Mrs. S. B. GRIFFLING, Bell Street and to-day they are visiting Newark Valley.

...Rev. O. R. HOWE is seriously ill with neuralgia, so he will be unable to preach the memorial service this year as was expected.

...Among those admitted to the bar at the general term held at Poughkeepsie last week was Bryon L. WINTERS, of New York, formerly of Owego.

...The printer is without doubt the cleanest man on earth. Every tome he finishes a job of work, he invariably washes his form - Dansville Breeze.

...It would be a good idea if the trustees of the Owego Cemetery would see about having some work done on the cemetery. They would have the hearty co-operation of the lot owners.

...Miss Cora HOUK passed Sunday and Monday, the guest of Mrs. Cameron B. Dean at Elmira.

...A false cord of music is a discord. A false cord of wood is about seven-eighths, Dansville Breeze.

...The Newark Valley Herald has discarded its ready print for "patent outside" and the change is an improvement.

...The fact was ascertained in the inquest last week that Marvin D. PORTER was killed by the locomotive of Erie train 81.

...Charles MEAD, of Fairfield, who "keeps" groceries, brought to George TRUMAN, Son & Co, Saturday, 500 dozen of eggs.

...Walter FRANKS, who recently inherited a thousand dollars, has bought a saloon and restaurant at Candor. - Ithaca Journal.

...Ernest SHIPMAN, who for several years has been package clerk at Goodrich & Co.'s, is now promoted to the position of salesman.

...The Owego district ministerial association will be held at Slaterville, NY, June 11 and 12, Rev, Samuel MOORE, presiding elder, chairman.

...The Erie is to have a new pay car, to replace the one now used, which for a score of years has been a welcome sight to the employees of the road.

...Hon, A. G. ALLEN, of Waverly, was in town Saturday, looking up the prospects of his being the republican nominee for district attorney this fall.

...Division Superintendent S. T. SEELY, of Elmira one of the Erie's energetic officials was in town Friday and favored the RECORD office with a call.


District Attorney J. G. SEARS is in Kansas on business.

All the laundries throughout the country use Tulip Soap.

George BURGESS, who works at Athens, PA, was at home over Sunday.

On his trip to Europe, Mr. BLAINE took a box of Tulip Soap with him.

The deep-chested bullfrog in the pool seems to say Tulip Soap! Tulip Soap!

Slowly but no less surely the Owego people who went west last December come home.

Until further notice School Commissioner - WISWELL will be in his office, in Owego, only by appointment.

The Owego edition of the Elmira Telegram, will be sold at an early hour at Candor, hereafter.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles COLEMAN, of Elmira were in town Sunday and Monday, the guests of M. COLEMAN.

High poles are being erected on the naphtha lighted district for the electric lamps, to be put in on July 1st.

A letter received a day or two since from ex-sheriff RODMAN announces his expected return to the effete east.

A society wedding at St. Paul's church is a coming social event. Rumor says it may be about the 23rd.

The "old reliable" Tioga National Bank presents its quarterly statement lot to its patrons through the RECORD to-day.

Mr. Michael HALL and two children, have returned from California, where they passed the winter with Mr. HALL at San Diego.

The quarterly statement of the First National Bank of Owego appears in the RECORD. It will stand scrutiny. Solid institutions always will.

The case of the People vs. William BRINK was called Wednesday, by Justice BROOKS, and as there were no appearance, the prisoner was discharged.

There was a large attendance Sunday morning at the Baptist church. Communion service and eight recently baptized received the "right hand" of fellowship.

The examination of Charles S. SMITH of Newark Valley charged with violating the excise law, has been adjourned until May 12. - Ithaca Journal.

Man is made of clay, but for that reason they should not all be called "regular bricks" any more then soap should be called soap just for a name. But Tulip Soap is a soap in every sense.


For the Tioga County Agricultural Fair.

There was a meeting at the Tioga County Agricultural Society Saturday afternoon, at which the following superintendents were elected; Horses, J. C. BARRETT; cattle, W. A. HOLDRIDGE; sheep and swine; Adam HANBURY, Jr.; domestic hall, A. N. POTTER; floral department; E. FORSYTH; vegetable hall, R. P. CORYELL; agriculture implements, A. WOODFORD; poultry, J. S. GILES, marshal, O. P. SIBLEY; assistant, George STILES.


The Frank CAFFERTY'S residence, near SAWYER'S Crossing, Speedsville, was destroyed by fire Friday about 9 o'clock a. m. The house is a total loss.

LATER: The fire is supposed to have caught from the kitchen stove. The contents of the house were saved and most of the things from the cellar. The house was insured for $1,200, which will not cover the loss. Although there was a strong wind, it happened to be in a favorable direction, otherwise the barns and other buildings would have been destroyed.

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