Owego Record Front Page
Aug 27, 1891
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

Aug 27, 1891



The Latest Theory in Regard to the terrible Disaster in New York - No More Bodies in the ruins, But a number of Missing and Unaccounted For. Sixty-one Corpses Taken Out. - Aid for Sufferers.

New York, August 27. - The fireman in charge of the removal of the debris from the site of the burned building, say they do not think any more bodies will be found. They say the debris in the cellars of No. 68, 70 and 72 have been thoroughly examined and no bodies are there. The say the front and rear partitions of the cellar at No. 74, were PETERSON'S restaurant was situated, have been carefully examined and there now only remains a small space in the center to work on. When that has been searched, the work will have been completed.


Mayor GRANT, accompanied by his private secretary, visited the ruins and remained there for some time looking over the whole scene, and asking a number of questions regarding the disaster and what has been done already.

The police record gives the number of dead bodies taken from the Park Place ruins as sixty-one. Of these, seven bodies were identified immediately after being discovered and were taken direct to the undertakers or to there homes. There were fifty-four bodies taken to the morgue, and of these thirty-four were identified. There remains twenty-one bodies unidentified.


All the Bodies Removed From Beneath the Ruins

New York, Aug. 27, - Acting Fire Chief REILLY announced early yesterday afternoon that the search for the dead in the ruins was completed and no more bodies remain there. Work was at once stopped and the longshoremen and other laborers employed in clearing out the debris was discharged. The department of public works will continue its work of clearing the debris from the street, but the task of clearing out what debris remains in the ruins of the Taylor building must be done by the owners of the property,

The coroners inquest will doubtless bring out testimony whish will thrown some light on the sauce of the catastrophe which up to this time has been obscured.


Richford, Aug. 29 - One of the pleasantest events of the season occurred last evening in the marriage of Hayden WESCOTT of Pulaski, VA, and Jennie YAPLE of this village. The wedding occurred at the residence of the bride's sister. Mrs. Charles KRUMM at West Richford, Rev. J. S. MITCHALL officiating. Mr. and Mrs. WESCOTT left on the 9:15 p. m. train, for Owego; from there they will go to New York, and by steamer to Norfolk, VA.

At the last annual school meeting it was decided by a vote of 19 to 5 to close the branch school, located about two miles north of this village. This created a great deal of dissatisfaction among the few persons having children who attend the school, and a special school meeting was called Aug. 21st, to reconsider the matter. It was the largest one in many years, 59 votes being cast, 31 in favor of a school and 28 against.

Rev. Mr. MITCHALL and wife returned from their vacation Saturday.

Bert MOORE left town Monday for Centre Lisle to take charge of a separator purchased by his father, C. H. MOORE.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. FINCH reached home last week after and absence of about four weeks.

Mr. Hayden WESCOTT is home on a short vacation.

Charles BRINK is spending his vacation with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Theo BRINK.

Mr. and Mrs. STEVENS of New York are visiting John FINDIS, Sr.

Mrs. MITCHALL of Syracuse accompanied by her sons, are visiting at the residence of her brother, Rev. J. S. MITCHELL.

Bert BELCHER of Newark Valley was the guest of Will P. BELDEN several days last week.

F. C. BALDEN and wife returned home last Monday from Clifton Springs.


A Quiet Wedding Occurs and a House Warming Follows - An Operators Vacation - Other News.

W. L. BALLARD an operator at the oil station, is enjoying his vacation at Killcare camp on the Susquehanna

Mrs. C. R. PILKINGTON and two children of Bereg, OH, are visiting at the residence of her father, C. F. JEWETT

Walter, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John QUINN died last Saturday afternoon, aged four months.

Payer meetings are held at the church every Friday evening weather permitting. Rev. W. W. SMITH, the pastor conducts the meeting.

A. WHITMARSH, following the scriptural injunction that "it is not good for man to be alone" has taken unto himself a young and pleasing life partner. A few of his intimate friends assembled at his residence last Saturday evening to give him a welcome home. Mr. WHITMARSH was somewhat surprised but quickly recovered and responded feelingly to the various toasts given in his honor. May Mr. and Mrs. WHITMARSH have a long life of unalloyed happiness.


Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. SMITH, who were married but a few weeks ago, have consented to live apart again. Mr. SMITH claims to have discovered evidences of the immoral conduct of the worst kind on the part of his wife, while Mrs. SMITH claims to have been abused and states the trouble commenced by her remonstrating with him for going through her trunk and taking things that did not belong to him. - Newark Valley Herald.


The public schools of Owego will open Sept. 7, one week from next Monday. The teachers will be the same as last year with three exceptions. Miss Grace P. TAINTOR of Avon succeeds Miss GILBERT as preceptress at the high school and the two vacancies made by the Misses Laura HERRICK and Hattie NEWELL will be filled by Miss Caroline B. INGERSOLL, a former resident of Owego and graduate of Oneondaga normal school and by Miss Nora PARTRIDGE of this village. The assignment of teachers o their respective positions has not yet been made.


Personal Mentions in Abundance for the Readers of the Record.

Newark Valley, Aug. 26. - Charles A. DABRON of Binghamton was in town over Sunday.

Miss Mary A. DAVIDGE is visiting Mrs. W. GARRETT at Boston.

Miss Minnie ROGERS of Binghamton has been visiting her friend Frank SHERWOOD.

O. C. RAWLEY was in Philadelphia and New York last week.

Carrie TRACY of Binghamton is visiting at the residence of her uncle, Dr. C. R. ROGERS on Main street.

Dr, F. M. BISHOP and family were in Philadelphia last week.

The M. E. Sunday school of this place, together with the one at East Newark, are to hold a picnic at the fairgrounds on Thursday of this week.

Miss Belle HOOKER, who has been visiting friends and relatives in town for the past few weeks, returned to her home at Binghamton Thursday last.

Miss Helen LOVELAND returned to her school at Owego on Wednesday.

Mrs. C. PATCH of Berkshire was visiting in town Tuesday and Wednesday.


Jonathon GATES had a warrant issued yesterday for a man who gave his name as William BICKLES, charging him with grand larceny in the second degree in stealing a horse, harness and wagon.

The man was found lying by the roadside near the rig up WADE Hollow, about six mikes from this village, at 3 p. m., yesterday, and was brought to town. BICKLES pleaded not guilty and was committed to await an examination before Recorder GLEZEN, which is to be held tomorrow.


It is now very probable Mrs. White and her child Mary will live. Mary is able to go into the yard although she is not allowed to go home. All of the bandages have been removed from her head, and now only one cut over her left eye is covered. The mother is doing nicely. For a week back she has been conscious at times, but the officials at the institution did not make it public. For three days she talked about the horrible accident. Each time she went to sleep she would forget what had happened and the next day when she awoke she would have to be told. For a couple of days past she seems to remember that her husband and Lillian are dead. A picture of her husband is in the room, and now and then she looks upon it, and in a low voice says, "He was a good man," and then turns her head away. When she was told of Susie McCARTHY'S death she wanted to know if someone hadn't helped her mother, and said if she ever got better she would do all she could for her.


Candor Aug 26, - Miss Josie PARKER of Smyrna, NY is visiting at J. H. JENNINGS'

Ronnie RICHARDSON is visiting friends in Binghamton.

Luther ROPER of Danby visited his son, Dr. W. E. ROPER, Sunday.

James JENNINGS made a trip to Williamsport last Saturday.

D. S. FESSENDEN is in Ithaca doing a fine job of carpenter work for parties there.

O. J. WARD was in Cortland Monday on business.

Charles LITTLE was in Ithaca Monday.

In last weeks Record it was reported the Rev. MARSLAND had handed in his resignation. The information was received from responsible parties and were supposed to be facts, but it was a mistake, as Mr. MARSLAND says it is not so, and the opportunity is taken to correct the mistake..

Harry SMITH returned to West Superior Wednesday to resume his duties in a loan and debenture office.

Mrs. J. C. DIXON is in Elmira visiting at Henry GILBERT'S.

Miss Nellie HENDERSON has returned from her extended trip

Charles PALMATIER and family of Ithaca visited at John PALMATIER'S Sunday

The large mud hole near Edward JENNINGS' place has been filled up with gravel by Roadmaster J. C. DIXON.

Mabel GILPIN of Fairfield is visiting her friend Miss Frankie EASTON.

George HART is camping out down Cayuga Lake.

James DARMODAY of New York is in town.

Quoits pitching is being freely indulged in for a pastime.

George COGGINS of Ithaca was in town Friday.

Maud SCHAFFER of Ithaca is visiting at Grace LITTLE'S.

Ebenezer BURLEIGH fell down stairs Wednesday and when found by some of his neighbors was unconscious and it was thought that his neck was broken. Dr. DIXON was called and found that, with the exception of a bad shaking up, he was all right.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel LOUNSBERRY have been visiting friends at Ithaca.

Rev. Arthur BLOOMFIELD and wife of Speedsville visited George DOUGLASS Thursday.

Dr. DeWitt ROSS had William DECKER taken to the county house Wednesday where he would receive better care then he has been getting at home. Since then parties have had him removed and will try to keep him.

Ed. BROOKS and sister Ella celebrated their twenty-first birthday Wednesday. Their relatives to the number of over twenty were present and a pleasant and social time was had. Ed is clerking in a store in Tioga Centre and has a host of friends in this place.

Gerry STODDARD of Worcester, Mass, is visiting his mother, Mrs. SPAULDING, in this place.

Miss Grace TUCKER is visiting friends in Hornellsville.

The boys have erected a toboggan slide at the old dam at HOFF'S mill.

Mrs. J. C. FROST is having the stoop of her house enlarged.

William PETERS shipped a fine stallion from his Mapledale farm last week.


Grand Excursion to the Beautiful and Picturesque Lake Keuka.

On Sunday, August 30, the Erie will run a low priced excursion to the most beautiful sheet of water in the state, Lake Keuka. The route will be over the Erie lines to Bath, thence over the Bath & Hammondsport Ry. to Hammondsport, connecting at the latter place with magnificent steamers for a ride over the lake, arriving at O-go-ya-go, or any intermediate station in ample time for dinner. Special trains will be run in both directions. Passengers will have eight hours on the lake. The train will leave Owego at 7:40 a. m.; Fare for the round trip only $1.25. Remember the date, Sunday August 30th.


Waverly, NY, Aug 21. The "Scannon Hole," a deep place in the Susquehanna river near Barton village, about four miles east of Waverly, was the scene of a very sad affair this forenoon. Murray H. DAMON, a young man of this village, a grandson of the widely known hotel man, J. O. REZEAU, with a few friends were spending the day there and about 10 o'clock DAMON and George HALL were out in a boat in bathing suits, when DAMON, calling to his mother to "see how deep the water was there." sprang from the boat and at once sank. Coming to the surface a moment later he cried for help, but HALL who was in the boat, was powerless to assist him as he could not swim, and they had left shore with no oars in the boat. DAMON came to the surface twice, each time crying for assistance, but none could reach him and his horrified friends witnessed his struggles for a moment, themselves powerless to aid him and then the waters closed over him. Expert swimmers and divers have worked all day but as yet has failed to find the body. The water at that point is said to be about fifteen feet deep. Mr. DAMON was about twenty-two years of age and was engaged to be married to a young woman of this place. His father, E. FRANK DAMON, who is in business in Newark, . . . (rest was cut off.)


Gioseppe PIACIMALLO was arrested Friday night by Officer John DENSMORE on a peace warrant which charged him with assaulting Valendin DESANDRI with a shovel at Apalachin on or about the 15 day of August. He pleaded not guilty and the case was adjourned until Monday, when E. E. FREDEDBURG, Esq., appeared for the defendant and James T. ROGERS, Esq., for the people. The case was again adjourned, this time until Wednesday at 10 a. m. when a jury found him guilty and he was fined $15, which he paid..



A Montrose young man came to town Monday got drunk, spent his available surplus wealth and began soliciting funds from the public. He was arrested on a charge of vagrancy, but was discharged and departed for home or some more hospitable climes.

Monday evening two canvassers , who made themselves unpleasantly numerous to residence on Front street, were arrested and next morning were sentenced each to ten days in jail. They gave their names at first as William and Anna WILLIAMS, but later on she said that she was a widow and that her partner was MILLER. She gave Binghamton as her home and he denied having a home.

Pat CAIN borrowed a pick-ax of Frank HIGBY, a teamster residing on John R. street some days ago when he began work at the Clark law building. In due course of time HIGBY requested the return of the tool, but was told by CAIN to get it. After one or two vain attempts to follow Pat's advice he had that worthy arrested on the charge of petit larceny. The defendant pleaded not guilty and the trial was set down for 10 a. m. Wednesday at which time he was acquitted and discharged.


Charles STORRS went to Ithaca Tuesday o prepare to enter Cornell university.

Robert DONLEY of Newark Valley was registered at the Central house Saturday.

Miss Bessie MOREY of Nichols is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Theodore HORTON, Main street.

John HARDMAN of Owego is mentioned by the Deposit Courier as a guest of Miss Lacey at that place recently.

Miss Mabel D. K. DWELLE is visiting the family of Hon. W. W. WILLIAMS, Montrose, PA.

Misses Hattie NEWELL and Mary RILEY were guests of Miss LACEY at Richford, over Sunday.

Geo. F. ANDREWS, Esq., and wife left Tuesday for New York, where they expect to pass the week.

Mrs. F. A. BRONSON of Binghamton passed Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Killtime camp.

Mr. and Mrs. McCRACKEN of Candor are guests of Mrs. Charles LaGRANGE, West avenue.

Mrs. Don F. STEELE and daughter Lottie were rusticating last week at E. S. SEARLES', Lisle road.

Fred CLIFFORD, Esq., was in Waverly over Sunday.

Miss Nellie BEBEE is visiting friends in Montrose, PA.

Clarence NIXON, Esq., passed Sunday at Speedsville.

Miss Carrie CORNELL is visiting Friends at Campville.

M. L. Duley of New York is calling on friends in town.

Dennis DUNN of Williamsport PA, was in town over Sunday.

Arch CASTERLINE is here from Owego. - Dansville Breeze.

Miss BRADLEY of New York is the guest of Miss Maud KIDDER.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. LOVEJOY have returned from their vacation.

Miss Leda SEVERSON is visiting her friend. Miss Helen CARY, at Binghamton.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. CORY and son have returned from Benington, VT.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKEE have been visiting friends in Bradford Co., Pa.

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