Owego Record Front Page
August 15, 1885
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

August 15, 1885


The family of John O'NEIL who lives next to the D. L. & W. freight depot, discovered, Wednesday night about seven o'clock that they're little three-year-old boy, John, was missing

Search was immediately begun and continued all night, and about 6 o'clock Thursday morning the little fellow was found about one-half mile west of the D. L. & W. depot lying by the west bound track with his leg crushed from hip to ankle and badly bruised about the head and other parts of the body.

Dr. STILES was at once summoned and detached the limb, which only hung by a few shreds but decided that nothing more could be done except to make the little suffer as easy as possible as no chance of recovery could be entertained. The child soon became unconscious and died about 2 o'clock PM.

Various theories are entertained about how the accident occurred; the most reasonable one is that the child strayed from the house early in the evening and lying down by the track went to sleep and was struck by a passing train. The accident must have occurred early Thursday morning or the child would have bled to death before he was found. The parents are almost heart broken over the terrible affair, Mrs. O'NEIL being entirely prostrated.


Joseph DECKER had the misfortune to fall from his wagon and while delivering pop recently and dislocated his shoulder, which was reduced by Dr. A. T. PEARSALL. Mr. DECKER is doing well.

Chenango county has a sensation all it's own. Edward PRESTON of South Otselic showed his undying love for Miss Tilda MINER by shooting her in the back and then placing a ball through his cranial vacuum. The girl was killed instantly; the young man failed to hit a vital spot and survived until the next day. It would be wise to muzzle lovesick juveniles during the dog days.

Rev. Washington GLADDEN, D. D.. of Columbus, Ohio is spending a few days at Capt. LORING's Front Street. Dr. LORING's boyhood was spent in Owego. He learned the trade of a printer here, working for the Gazette office. He has been very successful in the Congregational ministry for more than twenty years, and is now pastor of the first church I Columbus, Ohio. He has also acquired no little celebrity as an author and writer for the magazine and quarterlies.

Mr. Salomon PRITCHARD, of Flemingville, was in town on Saturday last attending the Gen. GRANT obsequies, and although in his eighty-fifth year of his age, appeared upon the streets about as erect and sprightly as his sons, Messrs. Truman and James, PRICHARD, by whom he was accompanied.

Editor KEELER represented the Recode this week at the Grand Council of Red Men at Waverly. The Free Press man is expected to advise us if he interfered in any way with the teacher's institute.

Rev. Thomas NICHOLS, of Pittson, PA. Occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian church Sunday morning and Rev. C. H. DODD in the evening. The latter clergyman also preached at the Baptist church in the morning.

Mrs. Victor E. GOTTEIBER, died at the residence of her father, Moses HEIRSTEINER on Main Street on Saturday last, aged 25 years. The funeral occurred Tuesday afternoon.

F. G. DURFEE is taking a well-earned rest with friends in Williamsburg and Elmira. The tailor's shears may be laid aside for a season but the editor's must "go on forever."

P. THOMSON of the firm EUGLEBRECKT & THOMPSON, piano manufactures, of Binghamton, was in town a few days latter part of the week, tuning pianos and looking after the interests of the firm.

Rev. C. M. BRINK, pastor of the first Baptist church, Des Moines, Iowa, occupied the pulpit of the first Congressional church Sunday morning. The pastor, Rev, Dr. BULLOCK conducted the other services.

An old man, while walking on a railroad bridge near the Starruca viaduct, was struck by a train and instantly killed. Another argument against railroad bridges for promenade purposes.

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