Owego Record Front Page
May 31, 1888
Tioga Co., NY

Transcribed by: Bill Grummons

May 31, 1888


Al TAYLOR Shoots Mel FRIES at Hartford Mills Yesterday.

For some time Al TAYLOR a young married man residing near Hartford Mills in a settlement known as Michigan Hill, has suspected improper relations between his wife and a young unmarried man, named Mel FRIES, of the same place. Tuesday night his suspicions became enough of a certainty in his mind to make him thirst for the usurper's gore

Between one and two o'clock yesterday afternoon, Mr. Charles HYDE of the firm of HYDE & WINTERS of Owego was seated in L. A. HAY'S store, at Hartford Mills, with the proprietor and one or two others, and the subject of the wronged husband's jealousy was seated on a stool just outside the door, or rather in the door with his back to the store. A man stood outside the door with a small loaded 22 calibre rifle. Just then TAYLOR, who had been looking for FRIES, came along and grasped the rifle from the man's hand and entering the store, turned, when about ten feet from his man, and deliberately shot him in the back. The ball took effect in the left side of his back and passed through the body, coming out not far from the breast. The ball passed through the lung. The would-be murderer then went out doors, but was brought back and detained till an officer could be called from Hartford, when he was taken before a justice and committed and taken to Cortland and lodged in jail. A physician was also summoned and cared for the wounded man, who was taken to the Owego Valley House. At seven o'clock he was thought to be likely to recover, unless inflammation should set in.

The Owego produce dealer who witnessed the shooting evidently did not like the smell of powder, as the last that was seen of him, he was rolling out the back door of the store.


A Box of Human Bones Found in the Chemung River.

A box containing the bones evidently of a male adult were found in the Chemung river here Sunday afternoon just back of the farm of J. W. STORMS, near Spanish Hill. A number of small boys who were playing in the vicinity made the discovery and notified Mr. STORMS and Ike CARPENTER who were nearby at the time. The bones were not articulated and were placed loosely in the box. A small cardboard card tacked on one end bore the address Fred Y. PAYNE, Waverly, NY.

The box appears not to have been long in the water, but where it come from is a mystery. It is not believed it floated down the river but was placed in the position found , as one end was embedded in the earth. Coroner O. D. TRACY, of South Waverly, has notified the county commissioner at Wyalusing and is waiting instructions as to what disposition to make of the gristly find. There is much speculation here as to where the bones came from..

ASSIGNEES' SALE. - Personal property of the late Hiram C. HOWARD of Candor, NY, deceased; will be sold at public sale Thursday June 7th, 1888, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., on the premises in said town of Candor. For terms and particulars see posters. S. J. OHART, Assignee.


...John BUNZEY is enlarging and otherwise improving his residence on William street.

...J. M. SEARS, one of Richford's assessors, and son Master Jesse, were in town Saturday.

...Rev R. E. BURTON addressed his former Comrades of the Grand Army at Lyons, Wednesday.

...Dr. J. B. STANBROUGH departed Monday for a trip to the Adirondack's, where he will join the majority that fish, and meet success.

...S. Jay OHART, Esq., and Fred MARTIN of Tioga Centre, were in Elmira Wednesday, trying to decide which clubs can play least ball in the most time.

...E. L. BURDICK, who has been engaged in the KING &Co. harness factory, will remove to Cortland June 1st, where he has a position with the Cortland harness company.

...A. H. LaMONTE, of Binghamton, president of the Oriental Stove Co., of the Parlor City, and Mrs. LaMONTE were guests of C. M. LaMonte, near Hiawatha, over Sunday.

...Mrs. Joel A. HAMILTON returned to Owego last week from Orange, NJ, where she has been for several months. Mr. HAMILTON is expected home for a brief stay in a few days.

...Winfield Scott JOHNSON, dispenser of divers and sundry delicious drinks and poisons too numerous to mention at BEACH & PARMELEE'S drug store left for a week's sojourn in the busy and wicked city of New York.

...Judge B. H. BIXBY, of New York city is in town this week.

...Miss Minnie LIVERMORE is visiting friends in Jersey City.

...Hon. E, B. GERE has returned from a short trip through Virginia.

...District Attorney John G. SEARS has returned from his western trip.

...J. A. BASSETT has returned, brown as a berry, from his Adirondac trip.

...Henry DeGROAT, son of J. D. DeGROAT, is seriously ill with malaria fever.

...Fred HAMILTON, who has been sick for several weeks is able to be out again.

...John VERMILYA, of Elmira is a guest of his brother, Abram VERMILYA, today.


...A smoke house belonging to George SHAYS caught fire Wednesday evening and damaged hams in the amount $75 or $100. John DENSMORE, the night watchman at the Casket Works discovered the fire, gave the alarm and did noble work in extinguishing it.

...Erie street had a visitation Friday morning from Clerk of the board of health, E. E. FREDENBURG, relative to pig pens, and when he related his experience to a RECORD reporter that afternoon at HUBBARD & KING'S, he appeared as if he had come to the right place.

...Mr. H. W. HUTCHINSON and family of Newark Valley, and Miss Alice HUTCHINSON, of Owego, are visiting at the residence of their brother, Mr. F. J. HUTCHINSON. They attended the opera and concert and were highly pleased with the musical talent of Hornellsville. Hornellsville Times.

...Mr. Lawrence W. RADAR has returned from Scranton, PA. where he has been for several weeks taking treatment from of the German physicians at the Niagara Valley Hospital. They pronounce him now totally free from his rheumatic troubles and as soon as he gains strength he hopes to be as good as new again.

...Mrs. E. S. BUCKBEE and Mrs. D. M. LaMONTE, of Owego, attended the meeting of the Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society at Corning last week. A society auxiliary to the Woman's Board, at Boston, was organized, of which Mrs. BUCKBEE was chosen treasurer and Mrs. B. W. BONNELL of Waverly, was made 2nd vice president.

...B. F. COLLINS, of Hornellsville, one of Erie's best passenger conductors, has a new run. No's 11 and 82, which leaves him away from home all the time, as the "lay-over" is at Susquehanna. John FIELD, of George street, is head brakeman, but is more fortunate, as he does not have to deadhead over the entire division to get home.

...The heavy rain Monday afternoon loosened the earth which covered the new sewer on Main and church street, and George STORM, who attempted to drive across the sewer, had the misfortune to have his team disappear. The sewer had caved and his team had gone down with it. After some time and work, they were rescued and without permanent injury.

...One of the bills which the governor has just signed permits the burial without a coroner's inquest of persons dying suddenly without medical attention, in cases of accident or organic diseases, where no suspicion of foul play can exist. This is a measure to relieve many stricken households of the needless which follows from a public inquest and the horrors of an autopsy. - Exchange.

...The first number of an amateur weekly paper, to be called the "News" will be issued from the RECORD office early next week. It will be edited by Messrs BANDLER, DUTCHER, JOHNSON and POWELL. The first one mentioned will fill the sporting editor's chair and will write up the local ball game a la the Binghamton Leaderman. Messrs DUTCHER and JOHNSON will take charge of the local news, while the last gentleman on the list will be known as the "religious editor" and will attend to church notices and write stories about wicked small boys who went fishing on Sunday and were drowned. The first number was to have been written this week, but it was decided to postpone until next week. Look out for the "News" next week.


The storm which visited the valley yesterday afternoon was brisk and lively for a short time, but west of Owego it was more disastrous in it's results then elsewhere.

At Wellsville a brick church was blown down, circus tents overturned and many buildings unroofed.

At Cameron Mills the storm was terrific and one or two severe injuries were caused.

At Corning roofs were raised and the Dickinson House suffered some damage.

Olean caught it hot and heavy, awnings, roofs and signs coming down in a hurry.

At Elmira the Advertiser claims that two storms came together and the shade trees, awnings and signs that fell, were numerous.

At Owego no particular damage was done, although over in Tioga the farm of Hon. Arba CAMPBELL was the scene of a little excitement, where a barn was blown down.


A man named HOWARD, with his wife, were in town Sunday from Candor, and their team, colts, were frightened at the cars on the Erie near the ball grounds. They ran across the Erie crossing on McMaster street and came in such a violent collision with a hydrant that the occupants were thrown out. Mr. HOWARD escaped with a severe cut on his head but Mrs. HOWARD struck her face against some timbers and was badly injured. She was taken to the residence of G. W. GRAY on Delphine street where she was cared for. The team was captured at the lower end of Delphine street.


The following patents were granted May 27, 1888, to the citizens of Central New York, is expressly reported for the Owego RECORD by SMITH & DENISON, solicitors of patents, trade-marks, designs, labels copyrights and attorney's and counselors in patent cases. White Memorial Building, Syracuse, NY.

George BEEBE, Penn Yen, two wheeled vehicle.

Louis P. DISS, Ilion, breech loading gun.

Alberto FINKS, New Berlin, road grinder.

Lewis GOODYEAR, Trumansburg, twice guide cutter.

E. F. GREENE and F. H. HENDRYX, Bath, baking pan.

T. A. LOTTRIDGE, Rochester, and J. V. ENSEFIELD, Oneida, coffin fastener.

Charles J. MATTISON, Oswego, machine for packing pulveruleunt matters.

E. A. McLAUGHLIN, Horseheads, self-acting pressure regulator.

John P. and N. ROMER, Gowanda, saw gummer.

Leroy H. SMITH, Ithaca, breech loading gun.

James O. SPERBECK, Oswego Falls, tire heater.

William A SWEET, Syracuse, 2 patents, making wire; elliptic spring.

John CAREY, East Syracuse, label, "Carey's Germ Dyspeptic Remedy."

ADAMENT MANUFACTURING CO., Syracuse, trade-mark : "ADAMENT."

Horsey Manufacturing Co., Utica, trade-mark preparation of tooth powder "PURITY."

Whole number of patents issued for this week 360 of which 68 were granted citizens of this state, there also issued 45 trade-marks 9 labels.


May 29. - Miss Anna LANE of Owego visited L. A. LANE'S Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George WEBB, of Virginia, are calling on relatives about here.

Children's day will be observed June10th, at the M. E. church.

Receipts of the Presbyterian ice cream festival; $12 and of the M. E. entertainment, $8.75.

Rev. N. W. BARNES delivered the memorial address Sunday from Esther ??X, 18. At the Presbyterian church, the house was filled, all available space occupied. Revs. James PRINGLE and FESSENDEN assisted.

How about that $5. whip.

Mrs. S. M. SAVEY is visiting her husband at Orange, NJ.


William I. WILLIAMS, who resided near Catatonk in the town of Candor, was in usual health Monday evening, having been to the grist mill but a few hours previous to retiring. In the early morning he passed from this life to the next, without scarcely a struggle to give alarm. The cause of his sudden demise is thought to be heart disease. Coroner J. M. BARRETT was notified, but did not consider it necessary to hold and inquest. The funeral will be held this afternoon. He leaves a wife, a son and a daughter, Mrs. P. G. WHITE of Hoboken, NJ.


Harvey CURTIS, and old and respected resident of Owego passed away Thursday evening, May 24, 1888, age 79 years, at his home, just east of the corporation, where he has kept a nursery for many years. The funeral service was held Monday.


Erastus STEENBURG, whose injury and subsequent surgical operations of serious nature were mentioned in the RECORD, died Monday at the residence of his father. His funeral will be held at the Baptist church Wednesday, at 1:00 p. m. , conducted by N. W. BARNES.


John SMITH, a venerable resident of the town of Nichols died at his home in that town, about three miles from Owego, at 8:00 o'clock this morning, aged 91 years. Deceased was one of the pioneers of Tioga County. Three children have proceeded him in crossing the dark river and nine survive him, as follows: Charles, John, Jr., Joseph, Harvey, Mrs. A. S. PARMALEE, Mrs. John LEONARD, Mrs. LANE, Mrs. KETCHUM of Williamsport, PA, and Mrs. GOODENOUGH, of HAMMONDSPORT. The funeral will be held at the late residence Saturday at 10:00 a. m.

Bill Grummons


Last evening occurred the regular election of the Owego Fire Department. There was no opposition to the regular "ticket" and but little interest was manifested in the matter. Only thirty-five votes were cast, although there are nearly two-hundred active firefighters who are entitled to vote. The following are the officers chosen:

For Chief Engineer, Frederick S. HODGE; For Second Assistant Chief Engineer, William A. MILLREA, For Secretary, Thomas A. BRADY and for Treasurer, Frank S. BLOODGOOD.


Owing to the election of Firemen William A. MILLREA, as Second Assistant Engineer of the Department No. 6 was obliged to choose a new foreman. They very wisely promoted Fred C. PENNY from position of First of First Assistant Foreman to that of Foreman and Second Assistant, E. D. COBURN was placed in Mr. Penny's former position and F. L. RAYMOND was elected Second Assistant to succeed Mr. COBURN.


Wednesday May 30. was the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of Mrs. B. C. STILES of Tioga and her five children, eleven grandchildren, and brothers and sisters surprised her on that occasion by a family reunion.

There were present, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. STILES, and three children, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. GOODRICH, and four children, Miss Sarah A. STILES, Mr. and Mrs. William A. MILLREA, and four children. Mr. Geo. B. STILES and with one or two exceptions all her brothers and sisters.

Elegant refreshments were served and the occasion was a very valuable one to Mrs. STILES and her guests.


Last evening shortly after 7:00 o'clock after the bell of St. Mark's (Episcopal) church of Candor had been rung to summon the congregation together for evening services, and after the church had lighted, a large chandelier which had been suspended from the ceiling in about the centre of the church fell with a heavy crash, into the pews below it scattering burning kerosene oil in all directions, which set the building on fire. Fortunately ready hands, aided by well directed pew cushions soon were able to smother out the fire before serious damage was done. A larger audience than usual was soon inside the building when the alarm was given, but owing to smoke, fire, confusion and excitement no service was held. The damage is covered by insurance. Fortunately no one was sitting under the chandelier as it fell, as there had been, there is little doubt someone would have been killed.


Nichols, NY, May 30. - Last Saturday evening a reception was given the school teachers of Nichols, by Mr. Frank TRUMAN, of Owego, at the home of Miss Jessie WIGGINS, on Cady Avenue. Music by the young ladies and singing, poetry, rich jokes and reminiscences of our Golden State of California from Mr. TRUMAN made short the evening. Elegant refreshments were served and each teacher received some token of remembrance from their genial friend, which will be kept and treasured for years to come. Among the costly and elegant presents was a solid gold watch presented to Miss Jessie Wiggins.

Among the teachers present were Misses CONANT and WRITER, of Owego, and from Nichols, Principal Ed. MORGAN, Misses CORYELL, VAN NORSTRAND, Hattie FINCH, DRESAR, Winnie OLMSTEAD, RUSSELL, SCOTT, Cora FINCH, Clara DARLING, Cora WIGGINS, and Mr. FEAR. Among those present not teaching were noticed: Misses Sadie and Amy WILSON, Maggie CADY, Lissa SULLIVAN, Lottie BARNES, Lillian OSBORNE, FENDERSON, Mertie WALKER, CARPENTER and Mr. Chas. BARNES,

All had a very pleasant and enjoyable time and went away with best wishes for their jovial friend,


A young man named Hall. from Binghamton, was brought to Owego a week ago last Sunday by Mr. J. W. IRA for treatment for a diseased bone in his foot. He is stopping at Mrs. BARRON'S, No. 224 North Avenue, and is being treated by Dr. A. T. PEARSALL and under his skillful surgical and medical treatment is rapidly recovering.


I am now prepared to accommodate all who will be so kind as to favor me with their patronage at the Pennsylvania House, No. 148 Front Street, Owego, NY, (opposite the DUNGAN House.) Meals at all hours, 25 cents. Good stabling attached. The bar will be well supplied with the best brands of wines, liquor, beer, tobacco and cigars. John HENDRICK, proprietor.

Carson's Catarra snuff gives instant relief.

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