Abraham F. Pruyn

Bruce Forman Pawlak

Reference: Transcribed from a newspaper clipping, name and publishing date of newspaper unknown, given to Bruce Forman Pawlak by his mother.

"Obituary - A. F. Pruyn.

We clip from the New York World of the 24th ult. the following obituary notice on the death of A. F. Pruyn, a brother-in-law of Thomas Osterhout, of this place:

Abraham F. Pruyn, President of the San Jorge Mining Company, died Dec. 4, on board of the steamship Ailsa, of the Atlas line, and was buried at sea within two days of the port of New York. He had been president of the San Jorge Mining Company from its organization, seven years ago, and about four months ago he went to Carthagena, South America, where the mine is situated, to investigate the affairs of the company. He enjoyed robust health up to within twenty-four hours of his death, when he complained of rheumatic pains, which within a few hours reached his heart.

Mr. Pruyn was born at Cambridge, Washington county, N. Y., on the 25th of November, 1818, and was, therefore, 66 years old when he died. He came to New York about thirty-five years ago and entered the firm of Sanford, Truslow & Co., stove dealers, and subsequently established a fire insurance brokerage, which he carried on at his death, also acting as President of the above-named mining company.

He was a man widely known and beloved by many. He had the rare faculty of making friends; his pleasant face and courteous manners, coupled with his brilliant conversational powers, rendered him irresistible to both friends and strangers. In his 19th year he joined the Dutch Reformed Church and was a consistent and earnest Christian during his entire lifetime.

His Sunday-school work and his work at the Noon-day Prayer Meetings in Fulton street are well known to many. The inscrutable wisdom of Providence has suddenly ended a useful career, and all who knew him will share the deep grief of his bereaved wife and friends."

Reference: Transcribed from a newspaper clipping, exact source newspaper and date of print is unknown.

Background information: Thomas Osterhout married Elmina Forman (sister to Mary Ann Forman, the widow); they lived in Waverly.

Warning: Be careful on using the date of birth and age provided to calculate the date of death... Mary, his wife, is listed in the 1880 US Census as living with her son, Samuel S. Pruyn, and as being widowed. 1818 + 66 = 1884... so something doesn't add up.

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