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Allen Deforest Pitcher

The son of Harrison and Eva A. (Zimmer) Pitcher, Allen Deforest Pitcher was born January 5, 1868 in Newark Valley, NY.

He moved to Chicago the spring of 1888, but returned home during summers to help his father with the farming. While in Chicago, he met and married Ida May Davis from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They had one daughter, Helen. "Allie", as his family called him, spent 17 years in Chicago before moving his family to Seattle, Washington in 1905, where he invested in real estate.

In 1909 he drew up a family tree, with advice from his parents and other relatives in Newark Valley. This family tree is the basis for his present family genealogy. In the tree, besides Pitchers, were named many Zimmers, Hollenbecks, Schoolcrafts and Hilligas relatives.

Allen died December 29, 1963 at 95 years of age at the home of his daughter Helen Pitcher DeCan in Everett, Washington.

Allen Deforest and Ida May are buried in Hope Cemetery, Newark Valley, with his parents.


Ida May Davis and Allen Deforest Pitcher,
Five Days after Their Wedding in Chicago, 1876

Ida May was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 8, 1871. She was the eldest in a family of seven daughters. Her parents were Edwin H. Davis and Mary Frances Metler. She met Allen Deforest Pitcher in Chicago, Illinois, and they were married July 22, 1895 in Kalamazoo. Her grandchildren called her "Gommer" and they called their grandfather "Poppy". They are both buried in Hope Cemetery, Newark Valley, New York.


Helen Deforest Pitcher, 16 Years Old, 1919

Helen Deforest Pitcher, the mother of Betsy Greenway, was the only child of Ida and Allie. Helen was born in Chicago September 27, 1903. When she was two years old, the family moved to the State of Washington. They had a lovely old farm house on Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle. Mr. Pitcher commuted to Seattle for his real estate business on a small steamer that stopped in Port Madison, where they lived. Helen attended a one-room schoolhouse on the island. When she was in high school, she commuted to Seattle with her father to attend Broadway High School. She graduated from the University of Washington in Fine Arts.


Allen Deforest Pitcher Family Tree--4 pages

In 1909, Allen Deforest Pitcher, who was born in Newark Valley, NY, was living in Seattle, Washington. He contacted Harrison Pitcher, his father, and Anna Barr Pitcher, his step mother, in Newark Valley about his family heritage. From this information, he drew this family tree, which has been the basis of family research done by his granddaughter, Betsy Greenway.

There are three sections to the tree, since it was drawn on a large sheet of paper. To make sense of it, you must attach one section to another. Among the people listed are Peter B. Zimmer, his grandfather, married to Lucinda Schoolcraft and their descendents.

Eva A. Zimmer, their daughter, was Allen's mother, who married Harrison Pitcher, born in Maine, NY, son of Jeremiah Pitcher, born in Knox, NY, son of Wilhelmas Pitcher, born in Albany County, NY.

The mother of Peter B. Zimmer was Azuba Sieby Hillegas, married to Johannes (John) Zimmer. Her lineage has been in dispute among genealogists. She is believed to be the daughter of John/Johannes Hillegas and Magdalena Knickerbocker. There were other Hillegas, Hilligas and Hillegass families in the area, and it is not clear yet from which she was descended.

The 4th document was drawn in 1920 by Allen Deforest Pitcher for his daughter, Helen Deforest Pitcher. It shows the immediate family ending with Helen, who was born in 1903 in Chicago. Allen was a 2nd great grandson of Piter Zimmer, Jr, born May 13, 1760. Ransom J. Zimmer was his mother's brother. One thing to note is my grandfather's fine handwriting in the documents.

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April 14, 2002

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