Old & New Pitcher Homestead

Found in Newark Valley


Betsy Greenway

After a thorough search of the highways and byways of Newark Valley, the Newark Valley Historical Society, has found the long-lost Pitcher house. The house has been extensively remodeled inside and out, but still resembles the house of old, complete with gingerbread, which Harrison and Eva A. (Zimmer) Pitcher owned when their children, Carrie Evealena and Allen Deforest, were born in 1866 and 1868, respectively.

The 1855 Geil Map does not show a house at that location, but the 1869 Beers map shows H. (Harrison) Pitcher there. So that dates the house a little.

Pitcher Home

Home of "Pitcher--House where Poppy (Allen Deforest Pitcher) was born", Newark Valley.

Pitcher Home

As it looks today, extensively remodeled.

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