1840 Military Pensioners

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Census of Pensioners For Revolutionary and Military Services as Returned Under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census in 1840

Source: Microfilm Series T-498, Roll #3
State of New York, page 99
All spellings are exactly as on the typewritten list at the end of the microfilm roll.

Information about ordering Revolutionary War and War of 1812 pension records is on the National Archives and Records Administration web site:


I do not have any further info on these names.

Names of pensioners
Military Serivice
Names of heads of families
with whom pensioners resided
June 1, 1840.
Elizabeth Prentice 74 Joseph Prentice
Sarah Akins 76 Lyman P. Akins
Bilb Torney 79 Bilb Torney
Waterman Baker 77 Waterman Baker
William Dony 77 John Dony
Samuel Collings 76 Abbent Collings
Olive Leonard 76 Isaac Hitchcock
Luke Saunders 82 Christopher Saunders
John Hannah 93 William Hannah
William Knapp 76 William Knapp, jr.
Stephen Mills 89 Stephen Mills
Ralecha Moor 79 Joseph L. Moor
Joshua Monroe 77 Joshua Monroe
Jasper Taylor 76 Jasper Taylor
Joel Strong 77 Joel Strong
Abel Galpin 84 Simeon Galpin
Moses Brink 76 Wilman R. Brink
Rhoba Tallmadge 79 John Elwell
Samuel Hull 85 Libeus Hull
Thomas Gridley 79 Adney Gridley
Joel Smith 83 George W. Smith
Penley Rodgers 82 Penley Rodgers
Richard Hewitt 78 Richard Hewitt, jr.
Grifin Kinyon 87 Daniel Burch
Anna Miens 81 William Osborn
Mercy Lyans 74 Sidney Baldwin
Francis Conyell 82 Francis Conyell
Abraham Wright 83 Sanford Comstock
Samuel Johnson 83 Samuel Johnson
Phineas Spaulden 80 John Henman
Joseph Jones 88 Joseph Jones
Richard Walen 80 Hiram Dennison
Amos Mead 84 Amos Mead
Jeremiah French 81 Jeremiah French
John Jewitt 83 John Jewitt
Asa Camp 81 Asa Camp
Joseph Smith 83 Paddock Smith
Bethiah Tuesdell 89 Jonathan Tuesdell
Mary Pratt 80 Abijah Pratt
Marcus Williamson 81 Marcus Williamson
G. Cortrite 86 Oso Hail
Richard Sarles 87 Richard Sarles
James Holmes 85 James Holmes

Owego Village:
Catharine Frank 77 John Frank
Elijah Dewey 78 Alanson Dean
Nathaniel Dearborn 81 Asa Dearborn
Eli Osborn 81 Eli Osborn
Eliakim Hamilton 84 Eliakim Hamilton
Mathias Park 79 Whiting Russell
Clatira Cumings 64 Daniel McQuigg
Hannah Martin 73 Ward Martin
John Jones 79 John Jones
Tunis Riker 70 Tunis Riker
Richard Ferris 78 Richard Ferris
Josiah Cleveland 85 Elijah Cleveland
Stephen Emerson 88 Stephen Emerson

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