Source title: CEMETERY, CHURCH AND TOWN RECORDS compiled by (Mrs. G Harry, Edith Batsford Swancott, Chairman. Genealogical Research Committee, NEW YORK STATE CONFERENCE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. 1927-1928 VOL 10, State Regent, Mrs. Samuel Jackson Kramer, Pelham, NY.

Typed by: Deborah Judge Spencer


ACKER Jane wife of Joseph P died 7 Sept 1870 ae 47 yrs
ALLEN Lydia J wife of Judson K died 11 Sept 1865 (1863 per Howard Scharf tombstone reading 2004) ae 23 yrs ( & 8 mo 13 d per Howard Scharf's tombstone reading 2004)
ALLEN Baby infant son of F G & M S died 16 May 1863 (per Howard Scharf's tombstone readings 2004)
BARBER Stockholm died 22 Jan 1864 ae 36 3 Ms (30 y per Howard Scharf tompstone reading 2004) & 6 mo -Symbol flag on tumbstone
BREARLEY Jefferson P son of Ezekiel & Betsy died 3 Nov 1845 ae 1 yr
BURHYT Charity A daughter of Andrew & Ann died (6 Dec- per Howard Scharf's tombstone reading 2004) Dec 1851 ae 6 weeks
DEAN Elizabeth M (or N) daughter of Stephen & Ann died 22 Feb 1860 age 4 year & 9 mo (4 years and 9 mo - per Howard Scarf's reading)
DEAN Rhoda dau of Stephen & Ann died 12 Feb 1864 age 17 yr (&9 m 16 d per Howard Scharf's tombstone reading 2004)
DEAN Stephen died 28 June 1871 ae 63 yrs
DEAN Stephen died 28 June 1871 ae 3 y 5 m (per Howard Scharf readings) symbol of an anchor.
DEAN Margaret wife of Nicholas, d 5 Jan 1840 ae 69 yrs (69 yrs 7 m & 9 d - per Howard Scharf's readings)
DEAN Margaret dau of John B & Sarah died 31 Jan 1831 aged 1 year 2m 2d (not on DAR copy)
DEAN Lydia A dau of Stephen & Ann d 9 May 1875 ae 32 yrs.
DEAN John J son of John B & Sarah died 4 Jan 1832 aged 3m 2d (not on DAR listing)
GARRATT Amasa died 29 May 1853 62y 29d (62y 6m 29d (per Howard Scharf)
GARRATT Cynthia wife of Amasa died 27 Dec 1848 ae 57 (1843 per Howard Scharf)
GARRATT Eliza A (Eliza A per Howard Scharf) dau of Amasa & Cynthia d 17 Sept 1817 ae 7m (Sept 12 per Howard Scharf)
Infant twins of Amasa & Cynthia d 13 Sept 1818 (Infant ? arrival daughter of Amasa & Cynthia d 12 Sept 1818-per Howard Scharf)
GARRATT Hanna wife of Francis Garratt died 26 March 1847 ae 93y (1884 age 93y 2d-per Howard Scharf)
GRIDLEY John C.(John J-per Howard Scharf) son of Newton & Mary d 6 Aug 1847 ae 1y(son of Newton S & Mary.-per Howard Scharf)
HART Martha wife of Stephen d. 13 June 1862 ae 70y (symbol hand first finger up-on tombstone-per Howard Scharf)
HART William D. died 8 May 1883 ae 54y (all this not on DAR Lising & symbol hand first finger up on tombstone)
HART Martin L son of Marcus & Melissa died 16 Sept 1852 ae 2y 7m 25d (all this not on DAR Listing)
HUBBARD Jane A. wife of Truman d. 15 Nov 1863 ae 33y (hand, first finger held up-per Howard Scharf)
KETCHUM Nathaniel d. 5 Sept.1868 ae 74y (ae 74y 3m 11d-per Howard Scharf Symbol-Open Bible)
MANLEY Allen M son of J. N. & Jerusha d. 15 Aug 1853 ae 18y 24d (Howard Scharf could not find this tombston at all)
MANLEY Joseph N d. 8 April 1850 ae 57y 8m (57y 9d-per Howard Scharf & on tombstone-Christ is our only hope)
MARSH Samuel d. 21 June 1861 ae 76y 1m 8d(one DAR says 27 June 1861 ae 76yrs 1m 8d) (not found by Howard Scharf)
MARSH Sophia wife of Samuel d. 23 June 1840 ae 54y (not found by Howard Scharf)
MARSHALL Laura wife of J. H.Marshall d. 4 Oct 1873 ae 60y (d 24 Oct 1873 ae 60y 4m 2d - Howard Scharf)
MARSHALL John H. 2 March 1807-17 Jan 1877
MARSHALL Mary Eliza dau of John H & Laura Marshall died 8 Sept 1847 ae 5m & 20d (not on DAR listing-per Howard Scharf)
MARTIN Lucy H wife of E. F.Martin d. 8 Nov 1858 ae 53y (ae 53 & 28d-per Howard Scharf)
MEAD Mary P. wife of Peter Mead d. 19 Oct 1847 ae 27-all this not on DAR listing)
MORSE Nicholas N. d. 13 Nov 1863 ae 68y (d. 19 Nov 1863 ae 68y-per Howard Scharf & "N" added by Howard Scharf)
MORSE Sarah E wife of Nicholas Morse d. 17 Nov 1877 ae 78y (all this not on DAR listing)
NORTH Timothy d. 26 Oct 1850 ae 72y (Howard Scharf unable to find tombstone)
NORTH Mary wife of Timothy d. 22 Sept. 1828 ae 49y (Howard Scharf unable to find tombstone)
NORTH Eli L. son of Timothy & Mary d. 11 Sept 1811 ae 12d (Timothy S. per Howard Scharf & ae 2d)
NORTH Deacon Asa d. 12 Nov 1877 ae 69y (d. 1844 ae 69y - per Howard Scharf)
NORTH Laura wife of Asa d. 29 Nov 1840 ae 60y (ae 60y 11m 22d - per Howard Scharf) Symbol-tree of life)
REMSEN Sarah wife of Henry d. 30 July 1855 ae 35y (not found by Howard Scharf)
ROSS Adin d. 3 July 1863 ae 69y 8m (3 July 1862 ae 69y-per Howard Scharf)
ROSS Elizur P. son of Adin & Emily d. 16 Mar 1853 ae 27y
ROSS Asa M son of Adin & Emily d. 8 Sept 1839 ae 1y (not found by Howard Scharf)
infant son of Adin & Emily d. 11 July 1819 ae 6d (not found by Howard Scharf)
Schoonover Robert R d. 1875 ae 47y (not found by Howard Scharf)
SLATE Olive L dau of William & Phebe d. 12 May 1860 ae 5y (12 Mar 1860 5y 9m-per Howard Scharf)(Phebe-per Howard Scharf)
SLATE Evilene dau. of William & Phebe d 24 May 1860 ae 3y 5m (Phebe-per Howard Scharf)
SLATE William d. 7 July 1875 ae 71y 3m (symbol of anchor on tombstone-per Howard Scharf_
SNYDER Jacob T. F (F-per DAR listing at Coburn Lib 6-24-81) son of Christopher & Mary d. 2 Mar 1860 ae 3y 4m (4m-per one DAR listing at Coburn Lib) (Symbol of Branch of buds & fruit or flower)
SNYDER Charles C. F. (C & F-per Howard Scharf) son of Christopher & Mary, d 1 Apr 1858 ae 1y 3m 11d (per DAR from Coburn Library) d. 1y 7m 1d-per Howard Scharf)
SNYDER John B son of Christopher & Mary d. 5 May 1857 ae 3y 9m 4d (d 1858 ae 2y 9m 24d-per Howard Scharf)
SNYDER Lucy Frances dau of Christopher & Mary d. 9 May 1857 ae 6y 1d (6y 14d-per Howard Scharf)
SNYDER Elizabeth dau of Christopher & Mary d. 2 Jan 1854 ae 6y (d. 2 Jan 1851 ae 6y 7m 12 d-per Howard Scharf)
SNYDER Samuel Co H 137 NYV 1833-1910 (per Howard Scharf & not listed by DAR)
STONE Eliza wife of Eli C. d. 27 Mar 1850 ae 42y
TIDD John d. 17 Oct. 1865 ae 26y Co B 109 Regt. NYV
WEDEN Hannah wife of William d. 9 Sept. 1874 ae 91y (DAR spelled Hanna) (Howard Scharf had WADEN & d. 9 Sept 1824 ae 91y)
WOODFORD Truman d. 25 July 1828 in his 47th Yr.
WOODFORD Lucy wife of Truman d. 1 June 1857 ae 76y
WOODFORD Marie dau of Truman & Lucy d. 8 July 1826 ae 16y (Maria-per Howard Scharf)

SLATE Pheobe died: 4-9-1900 and was born in 1823 the record state that she was 77 yrs. 2 m. and 20 dys and was the daughter of Alfred and Olive Slawson of Greene NY. Contributed by: Ella Foster

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