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Waverly's Commerative 125th Evening Times Sept. 17, 1979

From: "Waverly's 125th"

Mary Muldoon is remembered by former students, fellow teachers and townspeople in Waverly for her never - ending devotion to her work. She spent 54 years in the Waverly school system as a teacher and administrator. She was only one of four persons to be voted life membership in the N.Y.S. Teachers Association.

During that time, she earned a reputation for helping people in trouble. Both needy children and retired teachers benefited from her concern. Active in the local chapter of the American Red Cross, she saw a need that stretched beyond Waverly.

A community leader for Waverly to be proud of, her influence did not stop here. Today she is remembered in communities throughout New York as the founder of a fund to help teachers in need.

The Mary Muldoon Fund, renamed in her honor in 1946, is administered by the New York State United Teachers and is an appropriate tribute to her memory. Officially organized in 1927, as a Teacher Welfare Fund, it is supported today through members' contributions with an annual budget of over $ 350,000.

More than $130,000 of this fund was distributed after the 1972 Agnes flood, aiding 264 families and individuals, with special impact here in the Southern Tier. An average of $ 80,000 is granted each year to aid both retired and active teachers.

It all began because one teacher in Waverly was found to be ineligible for a pension and Mary Muldoon decided to do something about it. She convinced the state association to establish such a fund and served as chairman for many years of the committee that dispensed aid to needy retired teachers throughout the area.

In addition, a home for retired teachers, York State Manor, located near Syracuse, was chartered in 1958. This home is supplied by the Mary Muldoon Fund.

As an educator, Mary Muldoon helped train hundreds of teachers in summer programs she taught at Oswego Normal School. She published a variety of articles on teaching methods and was the author of a standard text, "Learning to Teach"

In Waverly, she introduced courses in industrial and domestic science and became an authority on the teaching of shop subjects. Always working for improvements in the cirriculum, she became the principal of the Junior High School building that now bears her name.

A portrait and plaque were placed there in her honor and have recently been moved to the new Ithaca Street School Administration offices.

First and foremost, Mary Muldoon was a teacher. Well versed in local history, it is largely through her effort that much of the previously published historical information on Waverly was collected and preserved.

She made a special contribution in 1954, when she prepared the historical material included in the souvenir Centenniel brochure.


Mary Warren Muldoon died Mar. 12, 1958 and is buried in St. James cemetery, Waverly, N.Y.

Ithaca Street School was sold a few years ago, to be used as a nursing home, then re-sold because the patients were moved to Tioga Nursing Home.

The school that was named for her, still stands, now being used for other purposes. (2000)

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