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Permilia (Millie) Mae Johnson Coleman

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Permilia (Millie)
Mae Johnson and William Downs ColemanThis autograph book belonged to my g-g-grandmother, Permilia (Millie) Mae Johnson. She was born December 16, 1858 in Tioga Center, Tioga County, New York, and died in Owego, Tioga County, New York, on November 27 1942. She married William Downs Coleman of Tioga Center, and had two children. Here are the transcribed entries.

1. Peter Morgan JOHNSON (Her Father); Millie, You want me to write something to remember me by. I will say, remember the commandments, "Honor thy father and mother". P. M. Johnson, Tioga, Jany' 30 1877.
2. H. W. Childs 12/11/1877
3. Your sister, Ella JOHNSON, Tioga 1/27/1877
4. Clarence H. JOHNSON, Tioga Center, 2/5/1877
5. Sarah M. JOHNSON, Peru, NY
6. Arthur WARD, Owego, 2/12/1882
7. William H. WARD, Ellington, NY 3/7/1878
8. Henry LUM 6/20/1977 "Millie, always mind your mother and don't have beaus oftener that every two weeks"
9. Mattie C. LUM, Waverly, NY
10. Addie CHAPMAN 8/2/1878. "when glancing over these fair pages in after years, should you eye perchance to rest upon these few lines, will you then bestow one kind thought on a friend, and remember me""remember the party at Mrs Ketchums, Aug 78""Blackberries"
11. May COLEMAN 12/30/1890 (Millie's daughter)
12. William Downs COLEMAN 2/12/1882 (her husband as of 1/25/1882 aaa)
13. Emmit COLEMAN, Smithboro, NY.
14. H. P. BLAIR, Tioga Center, 1/24/1977
15. Mrs E. H. TRIBE, Tioga Center 12/9/1877
16. Charles H. TRIBE, Tioga Center, 12/9/1877
17. Edna L. EARLL, Tioga Center, 1/23/1877
18. Nettie R. EARLL 11/27/1878
19. Sylvia A. ALLEN, Armington, Illinois
20. M. MARTIN 1/26/1877
21. Angie BROOKS, Tioga Center, 2/18/1882
22. BONHAM, 1/28/1877
23. S. F. CHAMBERLIN, Tioga Center, 1/27,1877
25. Fred MARTIN, Tioga Center 1/27/1877
26. Carrie A LEONARD, Tioga Center, 5/14/1877
27. Lydia S. VANNOSTRAN, Tioga Center, 10/18/1878
28. C. H. VANNOSTRAN, Smithboro, NY.
29. Angie VANNOSTRAN, Smithboro, NY.
30. A VANNORSTRAN, Smithboro, NY.
31. Aggie GROVER, Sena GROVER, of Peruville, NY
32. Miss Mattie HOWARD, Elmira, NY 10/3/1887
33. Ella E. STITLER, Tioga Center.
34. Mate HOWLAN, Newark Valley, NY. 1877
35. George W. KING
36. Josiah PICKERING JR.
37. Melissa CRANDALL Windam Pa. 3/17/1878 "When you are at the washing tub, Just think of me before you scrub, and if the suds are too hot, remember me when I am not"
38. M. E. SCHOONOVER, Barton, NY.
39. S. L. SCHOONOVER, Barton, NY.
40. J. Thomas SCHOONOVER, Moulton, Ohio 8/10/1978
41. Lucy HUBBELL 7/7/1877.
42. G. W. PLATT, Smithboro, NY.
43. Nettie LUMBARD 8/22/1878
44. Louise POST, Tioga Center.
45. A. W. POST, Tioga Center.
46. Alice A POST, Tioga Center.
47. Mary OLMSTEAD, Waverly, NY. 3/16/1877
48. Fannie ROSENKRANS 7/5/1877
49. J. K. PECK
50. Hattie L. SMITH, Tioga Center, NY.
51. Mary HULL, Cortland, NY.
52. Mr. and Mrs Henry Beaujean 10/18/1877
53. Elton D GARRETT, Dryden, NY 9/1/1878
54. Nellie R. BACON, 2/27/1878
55. C. J. GOODENOUGH, Tioga Center, NY
56. Margaret BRADSHAW, Maysville, NY
57. Louisa S. BRADSHAW, Jamestown, NY. 10/21/1877
58. Cora E. SMITH 1/8/1878
59. Mary HOLMES, Brocton, NY
60. W. H. Holmes, Stueben Co. NY
61. Augie LATIMER, 7/22/1878
62. Nettie PRIMROSE, Tioga Center, 3/28/1878
63. Maria BROWN, 7/7/1877, N. Barton NY
64. W. C. TAYLOR

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