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Constance Mahoney

Source: information was collected by my grandmother Edith Lacey Waterbury during the late 1920's and 1930's.

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The Lacy (Lacey) family of Tioga County, to the best of my knowledge started with the "removal" of John T Lacy from Ballston, Saratoga County, NY, the place of his birth in 1805, to Berkshire, Tioga County, NY. His marriage to Mary Polly Kellogg in about 1824(to 1828) is also attributed to Ballston, NY. (This may or may not be correct as the births of his 11 children are also recorded in two locales with slightly differing dates). Although one man, who would have been a half brother to Mary Kellogg Lacey, reported that their father Phillip Judd Kellogg, came from the Saratoga Springs, NY area at some early point in his life. This leads me to believe that the marriage between John T and Mary Polly could well have occurred in Ballston. Although the specific details are sketchie as to when John T Lacy "removed" to Tioga County, he did indeed settle there with his wife Mary Kellogg Lacy. I believe that Phillip Judd Kellogg and his wife Huldah Dikeman Kellogg (parents of Mary) also moved to Tioga area at this time. Huldah Kellogg is buried in Richford. Phillip married a second time and lived in Dryden for a brief period. John T and Mary's 11 children were born in Tioga , Onondaga , and Cayuga counties. All but one child grew to adulthood living in the general area of Tioga County during their youth. Eight of their nine sons served in the Civil War , survived and returned home to marry and raise families.

My grandmother Edith E Lacey was the only child of Rufus Lacey, the seventh child born to John and Mary Polly. By the time she had reached the age of 11 both her mother (Mary VanGorden Lacey) and father (Rufus Horatio Lacey) had died. For the rest of her childhood she lived in the homes of various uncles in Richford, Tioga Co. In her mid teens she lived in Syracuse with her Uncle Sanford D Lacey and worked in his cigar factory. It was during this time that she met her husband to be James D Waterbury of Brewerton, NY. They married in 1899 when she was 17.

I grew up in the home of my grandparents. She maintained a lifelong connection with her cousins on the Southern Tier. During the 1940's I remember attending more than one gathering of the Laceys for a reunion get together with a picnic on the lawn of Cousins Fanny and Ed Lacey's farm in East Berkshire NY..We would often spend a week on the farm as part of our summer vacations. Sadly much of what I remember from those days are the memories of a child, sweet to be sure, but lacking in family details. And details are what I now find myself looking for. Names, dates, places, children, and childrens children and the next generation after them, stories remembered, all seem to lure me on. I asked more than my share of questions about my grandmother's childhood when I was in her care and I remember what details she shared with me. Now I long to know more. Just to know. I am not aiming for membership in any organizations. I simply wish to know these people who came before me.

Since I started this quest in May of 2004, I have made contact with several Lacey (distant) cousins. I am pleased to discover that there are many Laceys still residing in the general area. The journey continues. do the Laceys...


My mother has given me a positive ID for Uncle Charlie (back row center). It is my guess that this (professional) picture was taken in 1901 on a special occasion (a wedding or a funeral). If those present are all that were still living at the time...then.the three oldest men would be Thomas, James, and Phillip.(in that order) .Charles we have already identified. The two younger men would be (back row far right) Sanford and front row (far right) John Henry. The woman would be Eliza Lacy Hartman (the only "girl" in the family). But this line up of names is not etched in stone. They ARE the children of John T and Mary Kellogg Lacy though...on that I would be willing to place a bet...(and I'm not a betting person) Finding this photograph was nothing short of AMAZING. Neither my mother nor myself ever remember having taken notice of it before. We are not a family with a large gallery of old photos of un-named relatives. The majority of the ones we do have are from my grandfathers side of the family and are all identified. This one jumped out at me as NOT WATERBURYs.(my grandfathers family) The family resemblance within this group is striking...LACYs one and all. What a joy it is for me to have this picture and meet them face to face.


This first picture is of Edith Lacey (about age 13-14) with (most likely) 2 Lacey cousins. Edith was the young girl in the middle. This was most probably taken when she lived in Tioga County...The year would have been 1895-1896.


This second picture is of Edith (on the left) and her husband James Duane Waterbury (of Brewerton, Onondaga, NY). He sits in front of her and I believe Lulu (Lacey) Mersfelter (daughter of Sanford D Lacey) and her husband Ed...(of Syracuse I believe). This picture was taken about 1898 or 1899...Edith married in 1899 at the age of 17. The Mersfelters stood up with them at their wedding. What a handsome group.


Some of the following has been Copied from:

"The Kelloggs in the old world and the new" Vol. 1 pg 723 (Syracuse NY Library)

Some information was found on Family Search _LDS website, various cemetery website listings, and my grandmothers (ELW) notes on her family. (CGM 6-16-04)

Phillip Judd Kellogg s/o Ezra Kellogg &Ann Judd of Danbury CT
(Bethel or Fairfield CT)
born: Dec 22, 1768
married: #1 Huldah Dikeman
Oct 22,1789 in CT
(Fairfield or Danbury CT, or Saratoga)
married: (#2) Mrs. Elizabeth Bonton,
December 13, 1832
he died in Picton,Ontario Canada,
July 8, 1847. (I believe that there were children by this #2 union)
possibly Frank P Kellogg of Denver but born in Dryden NY
Huldah Dikeman d/o _________________? w/o Phillip Judd Kellogg
(alt. sp -Dykman)
born: Aug 16, 1772 (73)
died: Aug 31, 1830 58 yrs, 8 days
copied from stone
Congregational Cemetery (old)
Richford NY

John T. Lacey s/o _______________?
born: June 11, 1805 Ballston Saratoga NY
married: Mary Polly Kellogg
Died: May 28, 1852
age: 46 yrs, 9 mos 17 days
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
copied from stone in Richford NY (old cemetery)
buried: Congregational Churchyard Cemetery,
Richford, Tioga County, NY

Mary (Polly) Kellogg d/o Philip Judd & Huldah Kellogg
born: Feb 12, 1808
married: (1st) John T. Lacey 1828-30
she married: (2nd )Hiram Hart
she died: Sept 1877 age 70 yrs 6 mo

Eight of Mary's sons were in the Civil War. One is listed as having
died in Libby Prison (Charles T Lacey). (*ELW: This I happen to
know is a mistake. He escaped and was the last of her children to die in
1931. Charles Truman Lacey was alive in her lifetime and they
were in contact.
CHILDREN of Mary Polly Kellogg and John T. Lacey (1st husband):
Wm Josiah Lacey s/o Mary and John T
born:April 19, 1825 (1831)
Berkshire Tioga County NY
married: Allie E Hicks
she b: 1824 d: 1872 (73)
he died: 1899
both buried: Evergreen Cemetery
Owego Tioga Co. NY

Thomas (G) Lacey s/o Mary and John T.
born: August 6, 1827 (1832) at Auburn NY
married: August 28, 1864 Sarah A. Dicker
she b: 1846 d: 1930
he died: Aug 24 1902 at E. Berkshire NY
both buried: Evergreen Cemetery
Owego Tioga Co NY

James M Lacey s/o Mary and John T.
born: 1829 (1834 Richford Tioga Co NY)
died: 1903 age 74
married: Caroline_________
b: 1834 d:March 1, 1865 age 31y7m8d
buried: Evergreen Cemetery Owego NY
married: Ann C- AKA: Angelina C Van Gordon
she b: 1841 d: 1917 age 76
James & Ann C buried:
Highland Cemetery Richford Tioga NY
* ELW's notes indicate more than one wife.
A small stone next to JMLacey is for
Della Lacey, who died Dec. 12, 1923
age: 69 yr 10 mo 2 da
Della was the wife of a son of JML, George.
George is from 1st marriage of JML to Caroline
who is buried in the old cemetery in Berkshire NY
children:James>George & Carrie>Fred A>Carl H>Carl F
Eliza Lacey d/o Mary and John T
born: 1833 (35 &36) (Syracuse Onondaga Co. NY)
married: Augustus Hartman Jan 1, 1854-55 Richford NY
Augustus was born in Huron Castle, Germany, 1829
Augustus died: 1909
Eliza died: Jan 14, 1916
Buried ____________________?

Phillip Judd Lacey s/o Mary and John T
born: 1838 (36) Richford Tioga Co. NY
married: Delphine Augusta Fairbanks
Delphine was born in 1839; d: Aug 9, 1888
age 49y5m18d
Phillip died July 18, 1910 age 74
both buried: Highland Cemetery Richford Tioga Co NY

Charles Truman Lacey s/o Mary and John T
born: 1840 Richford Tioga Co. NY
married: Lydia Mathilda Hicks Sept 26, 1861
he died April 30, 1931
both buried: Highland Cemetery Richford Tioga Co NY
no markers
Charles T>Leon>Charles,David M,H.Allen, Thelma Little
Rufus Horatio Lacey s/o Mary and John T
born: March 3, 1842 Richford NY
married: Mary E. (or Ann)Van Gordon Oct 1867 (68)
she b: Jan 23, 1840
Rufus died: Feb 18, 1890 Onondaga Valley NY
Mary died: 1893 - consumption
both buried: Highland Cemetery Richford Tioga Co NY
no marker for Mary E (or Ann) Lacey
parents of Edith Lacey (Waterbury) b: 1882 d: 1956
Alfred (D) Lacey s/o Mary and John T
born: 1844 or 1843
married: E. Anna__________
she b: 1841 d: 1913
died: 1901
both buried: Evergreen Cemetery Owego Tioga Co. NY

Sanford M. Lacey (1st) infant s/o John T and Mary
died: Oct 17, 1847 (1846) age 8 mo 18 da
(date copied from grave stone)
buried: Congregational Churchyard Cemetery
Richford Tioga Co. NY

Sanford D.Lacey (2nd) s/o Mary and John T.
born May 11, 1850, Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY
married : Alice _____________
died Feb 16, 1907
buried: ______________ (Syracuse?)
John Henry Lacey s/o Mary and John T
born May 1852 (1848 ?), Syracuse. Onondaga Co. NY
married: Allie M AKA: Alvaretta Van Gordon
she b: 1852 d: Feb 24, 1929
he died: June 14,1927
both buried: Highland Cemetery Richford Tioga Co. NY


STANFORD D. LACEY-obit information
born May 11, 1850 Syracuse, Onondaga County NY
died: February 16, 1907 age 57
a 25 year resident from Canada
a cigar maker by trade
husband of Alice _____
1 daughter Mrs Ed. Mersfelter- Lulu ?
3 brothers surviving
John H. Lacey of Syracuse
Charles T. Lacey of Richford NY
Philip J. Lacey of Richford, NY

Dates in ( ) represent different dates found for a given event. I tend to believe the earliest date.

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