Chronological Baptism Records
First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y.

Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D.

Apr. 21, 1850 - March 13, 1881

Typed by: Jan Barrett


The following were copied in the mid-1950s by Miss Nellie D. Vothers, member of Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter, D.A.R., Newark Valley, N.Y. A transcription of the original lists was found in Volume 215 of miscellaneous compiled DAR records and transcriptions, on microfilm at the New York City Public Library.

A note at the top of the listings says:
"Filed in Tioga Co. Clerk's Office at Owego, N.Y. by Charles R. Dean, Sr., representing the First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y. on Oct. 25, 1922." Susan Richardson, County Clerk (in 1922)

All spellings, some obviously misspelled, are exactly as on the original onionskin paper typescript, which had been typed on a manual typewriter. Some letters were difficult to discern on the microfilm. Words in () are in parentheses on the typescript and probably made by Miss Yothers. Words in [] are the present typist not making a guess with the microfilm. The site coordinator has no information about couples and persons mentioned below.


Apr 21 E. Walker, J. Tanner, C. VanVecten

June 16 Daniel Weller, Gilbert Roland


Feb 22 Jesse E Bullock, R M Welles, Jane White

Mar 2 Abijah Mead, L Wood, Abigail Vanderboget, Jane Lain, Therisa Rice

Mar 9 James Wallis, James Wallis' wife, Stanly, Stanly's wife, Louisa Wade

Mar 30 Charles Brooks, Mary Brooks

Apr 6 Mrs Auldred, Mr Forest, Mr Huff

Apr 13 Nelson Heart, Mrs Gurr, Mary Hancock, Esther Forest

May 15 Ann Howell

June 15 Owen Park

Dec 4 Mrs Erastus Weller


Jan 11 Silas Carmer, Silas Carmer's wife, L. Demerest, L. Demerest's wife

Mar 14 William Green, William Green's wife, William Bryan, Francis Murray

Mar 28 Mrs Francis Murray, Mrs George French

July 11 Henry Cooper, Henry Cooper's wife, James Murray

Aug 22 Abel Preston

Sept 19 Thankful Walker


Feb 20 William Frederick, Jared Johnson, Emily Johnson, Charlotte E Loomis, Abby Perry, Permelia Nurse, John Snell, Catharine Moe, Permelia Keeler, Robert McCutcheon, Mrs James Smith

Apr 24 Miss Alvina Denton

May 15 Elisa Frederick, Wealthy Lain

June 19 Henry Mingle, Mary Johnson

Dec 14 Rowen Meril, Martha Park

Dec 25 James Lercock


Jan 22 Sally Layten (Layton), Harriet Fredrick, Horace Mun

Feb 12 John Hendricks

May 21 Martha Harkness

Sep 3 Paul Gaskill

Oct 1 Orlando Curry

Dec 3 Mary Right, Emily Brown, Sarah Goodwin

Dec 31 Phineas Goodwin, William Robinson, Ella Cole, Emma Olmstead, Mrs Schoonhover


Jan 14 Ann Miller, Mrs Deborah Jane Fisher, Alvira Silvernale, Josaphine Romain, Harriet Thorn, Lorin Brink, Mary Lamont, Elenor Meril, Harriet Wyans

Jan 21 James N Bodle, Henry Davison, Amelia Blackman, Mrs William Phelps, Mrs Louisa Brundige, Elisa Sipperly, Gusta Blackman, Charles Narsh, Peter Knart, Ellen McWade

Jan 28 Silas C Tousley, Mrs Loretta Bennett

Feb 4 James Wade, Mary Wade, Mary Thatcher, Elisabeth Thatcher, Henrietta Olmstead, Helen Farnham

May 6 Roswell Walker, Martin Slocum

July 1 Delany Walker, Jane Hutchens

July 8 Cynthia Farnham, S Eavens

Aug 5 Silva Cole

Sep 2 Mrs Philander Daniels

Nov 11 Mary Chapel


May 4 Watson D Hull, Sarah Jane Spaulding

July 6 Mrs Wolcott Justice, Pluma Dearborn

Aug 3 Herbert Pearson, Esther Pearson, Harriet Marquet, Louisa Fredenburg

Sep 7 Arthur McNeal, Jane Livermore

Sep 14 Harriet Goss


Apr 6 Ira Meril, Richard Peters, Nathan Cowen, Mrs Mary Burdick, Mrs Elisabeth Meril, Mary A Sleeper, Elisabeth A Cowels, Mary Barber, Martha E Burton, Mary Bangs

Apr 13 Lucy M Doolittle, Maryette Turk, Rosetta A Way, Lanry (Laury) Bangs, William Maston

Apr 16 Helen Delphene Ward, Mrs Mary E Haskins, James Clark

May 3 Mary Ward, Charles Potter, Edny J Kellogg, Emma J Kellogg

June 7 Mary Green

Sep 5 Mary Pinney

Sep 23 Ann Smith

Oct 11 James Roberts

Dec 6 Joseph Dutton

Dec 27 Rev Davis C Marshall, Willis Hull, David Bakeman, John Wheeler, Charles E Becker, Edgar Perry, Avery Vermillyea, Mrs Algiana Marshall, Fanny Vermillyea, Ellen Coe, Almira Bakeman, Mrs Mary A Bakeman


Jan 3 Silas H Horton, Thomas Rising, Richard Spitcer, Sarah J Rising, Harriet E Griffin, Philip Bakeman, Rebecca Bakeman, Nathan Gaskill, Mary Gaskill

Jan 10 Jesse Coe

Jan 17 Mary A Bakeman, Mary M Risings

Feb 7 Ithamer Day, Samuel Shirly, Isaac Letts, Ephraim Wood, Caroline Day, Riley Shirly

Feb 14 Anthony Bradt, Joseph Bradt, William S Forsyth, Maria D Forsyth, Lucy Maslen

Feb 21 Ira Forsyth, T B Chadborn, Thomas Evens, Emiline Forbs, Mary Thompson, Nancy Willson

Feb 28 Peter Fulmer, Lucinda Fulmer, Lovina Walker, Jane Greene, Mary Ireland, Mary Webster

Mar 7 Johnathan Shirly, John Bradt, Abba Shirly, Isaac Crab, Hiram Thornton, Jane Potter, Mary E Potter, Peter A Reynolds, Ann Dixon

Mar 12 Clarrissa Russell, Elisa Russell, Arminda Spencer

Mar 14 Daniel B Decker, Marsha A Decker, Monroe Frank, Thomas Smith, Augusta F Williamson, Sarah E Reynolds, Celia Kelly, Catharine Steadman, Ann True, Hester A Russell, Demon C Tuttle, Jane Latonrette, Mead Catline, Brother J. S. Swan

Mar 19 Francis Sackett

Mar 21 Reymons Walker, John Dicinson, Elisabeth Webster, Spencer Smith, Calvin S Kimble, Mary Truman, Jane Stone, Mary A Smith, Sally Wood, William Henry Bean, George Walker, John B. Newell, Rachel Turbush, Joseph Upham, Evon T Evens

Mar 29 Elsa Stephens, Dorinda Gorman, Dette Spencer, Clarinda Branch, George Lee, Helen Walker, J H Writer, Ransom W Tuttle, John B Brush, Cornelia Brush, Henrietta Hoskins, Newell Morse, Lovina Ross, Isaac Bakeman, Mrs Isaac Bakeman, Densey Hubbard

Mar 29 D A Morse, Julia Gillmore, Henry W Hubbard, Helen Newell

Apr 4 Phebe A Decker, Elisa Coe, E D Smith, Charlotte Conklin, Melvina Jackson, Lydia J Gorson (Carson), Mrs Moses Catline, Annis Davis

Apr 11 Charles B Hubbard, Seward Goss, E A Beaman, Jasper B Judd, Jenny Judd, Annette Snell, Amos Dewel

Apr 18 Aseneth Tenant

Apr 25 Mary M Coons, Alice Mack, Charles S. Townley, Mary Ann Townley, Charles H Putnam, James Fredenburg

May 2 Harriet Blanchard, Samuel Blanchard, John Marquet, Nancy A Bradly, Marrian Fritcher, Emma O Fritcher, Maria A Arnold, John Maslen

May 23 Serena Ward

June 6 William Cole

July 4 Mrs James E Fredenburg, Abram Swartout, Ellen Taylor, Mary Shirly, Caroline Swartout

July 25 Austin Searls

Aug 29 Emiline Smith

Sep 5 Margret Bradt

Sep 12 Laura Merchant

Oct 3 Hannah M Weed

Dec 12 Aurelia Fenderson


Jan 5 Erastus L Clark, Edward W Beecher

Feb 13 Mrs Martha Ann Phelps

Feb 27 John O Bryan

Mar 5 Sarah Beecher, Adalaid Benjamin, Cordelia Thomas

May 1 Lemuel Clift, 2nd, Joseph W Smith, Orlinda Smith

June 5 Franklin McNeal

June 12 Mrs Maria Knapp, Adelle Smith


May 6 Emma A Burch, Mary E Wilkins, Delphene Vermillyea, Helen Dutcher, Mary J Marvin

May 13 David Lamont, Elisabeth Lamont

June 3 Harriet Philips

Nov 4 John Thurber


May 28 Ormand Daniels, Joseph Broughn, Hiram Daniels, Aaron Broughm, James Ingersol, Nicholas Westcott, Luther Daniels, Sarah Broughm, Margret Westcott, Christiana Tripp, Charlotte Daniels

July 7 Eunice S Enendorf


Feb 2 Mary F Smith

July 6 Minnie Daniels


May 3 Edgar Holdridge, Mary Brown

May 31 Stella Smith, Lucy Allen, Laura Wilsey


May 8 Hulda Wilbur, Mary Brown, Mary Ann Hyde

July 3 Rev W E Bogart

Aug 7 Amanda A Maxwell

Aug 14 William W Havens, Maria Havens

Sep 4 Elisabeth Lounsberry


Jan 6 John Jones

Jan 28 Jane Sayer, Elisa Ripley, Hattie Kelicutt, Hulda Cornell, Emma Davis, Adelia Cornell, Sarah Wood, Frank Kelicutt, Sarah Bissel, John Bissel, Mrs Hattie Brink, William M Aber, David Truman, Fred Genung, Frank Genung, John H Sayer, Charles Wood

Jan 28 Samuel Brown

Feb 4 Hattie DeLand, Anna Goss, Adda Steadman, Anna Steadman, Sanford VanHoughton, Henry Sherwood, Francis Evens

Feb 11 Martha Reed, Emma Phelps, William Chadborn, Stella Stroop, Joel Pinney, John Truman, Lisey Ketcham, Ella Fritcher, Hattie Chadborn, Clara Ketcham, Nancy Whipple, Mary Raymond, Alice Owen, Elisabeth Smith, Cornelia Forbs, Eva Baker, Friend Newll

Feb 11 William Chittery, Jas B Frissell, A. Vose Schoonmaker

Feb 18 Edwin W Williams, Betsey Williams, Hattie Goss, Margret Marquet, Mary C Reynolds, Mary Groesbeck, Cora Williams, Della Fritcher, Cornelia LaMonte, Appleton Corbin, Lorenso Marquet, Charles Chittery, Emma Reed

Mar 4 Sarah Cole, Peter G Brink, John D LaMonte, Libbie Ross, C A Link, H C DeGroat, Samuel Beecher, James Stone, Margret Mead, Charles Lamoreaux

Mar 11 Almira Williams, Sarah A Barrett, Caroline E Mead, Della Temple, Edward F Newell, Charles R Dean, Charles W Graham, John Taylor, Ephraim Merrit

Apr 1 Byron Raymond, Georgia Raymond, Mariah Curtis, Alice Spring, Temma Lee, William Truman

Apr 15 Alice Pearl, Della Archabald, Emma Jewett, Marsha Whipple, Frank Roper, Frank Baker, Harry Jewett, Joseph R Prindle, Annie(?) M. Prindle

May 6 Carrie Archibald, Minnie Cable, Etta Archibald, Julia Newell, Mary Dean, Hattie Hunt, Anson Dunham, Betsey Armstrong, Mary E McClane, Sarah Dunham

May 20 Lester Wright, Frances Newton, Corene Nichols

Aug 5 Chester Moffit, Harriet Moffit, Romeo Moffit

Aug 26 Mary Berry

Nov 11 James K Pitts, Harriet E Pitts, Harriet D Hunt


Feb 3 Phebe E Struble

Mar 3 Aruinda Cole, Adeline Bodine

Apr 28 Hattie Wiesmore

June 9 Sarah Simmons

Dec 29 Adda Saunders, Sarah Hull


Jul 5 Ellen P Tracy

Oct 11 Mary Pearsall


Mar 14 George Tracy, Cornelius Groesbeck, Taylor Crumb, Mills Brink, Ida Webster, Ella Schoonmaker

Mar 21 William Steel, Mrs William Steel, John Phelps, Anna Woodbridge, Mary Searls, Emma Jones, Lizzie Ireland, Elisa Ireland, Lucinda Groesbeck, Mrs Harmon K Newell, Monnie (Minnie?) Ireland


Mar 6 Mary Sayer

May 29 Martha Thomas, Ida Smith, Ida Dunham

June 2 Mary Styles, Esther Ward, Elisabeth J Davis, Orlinda Ward

July 17 Nora King

Nov 6 Lyman Grotz, Almidia Brink


June 4 Angie Aspinwall, Clara S. Winans, Willet Lanning

July 9 Edward Shirley

Aug 27 Charlotte Shirley

Sep 3 Mrs Harriet Brink


Jan 21 Charles T Kellogg, Charles T McCarthy, Frank W Newell, Eugenie Easton, Helen A Kellogg, Gertrude Field, Annice Ross, Laura Daggett, Garrie Pulver, Rose Welles, Ella Newell

Jan 28 Josie Buckley, Clara Chitry, Anna Chitry, Stella Chitry, Emma Lounsberry, Libbie Archibald, Minnie Nichols, Mary Wood, Jennie Keith, Arthur Bodle, Sarah A Styles, Emma Parmatear

Feb 18 Ebenezer Brown, Sarah Brown, Ida Russell, Carrie Caple, Adda Wilson

Feb 24 Rachel Ferguson, Romeo W Baker, Archy Baker, Rebecca Baker, Alice Ingersol, George Cortright, Mattie Elliot, A J Baily, Seena Comstock, Viola Carpenter, James Watson, F. L Barton, Julia Leek, William Dennison, Alfred Johnson

Mar 3 Theodore N Edsall, Mary Dugan, Carrie Lyon, Addie Archibald, Dell E Dwellie, Elmer Terwilliger, Ella Chitry, David Clark, Addie Whipple, Alva Baker, Gasell Pike, Elisabeth Pike, Emma Casterline

Mar 10 Edward S Johnson, Mary Tribe, Alice T Truman, Gilbert T Truman, James Granger, Sophia Granger

Mar 17 Carrie M Tyler, Cora M Tyler, Perry O Hyde, Samuel W. Hyde, Erena Hyde, Mary Ella Campbell, Charles Mosher, Ella Cable, I B Kettle, Frank Stephens

Mar 24 Sarah Lane, Augusta Hyde, Sarah Vincelett, Lyde Gardenner, Nettie White, Alice Cortright, Mary Bliss, Elvira Walker, Rubin H Hyde, John Vincelette, Nathaniel Shirley, Lettie Spring

Mar 31 Fanny Allen, Mary Casterline, Edith Allen, Mercy Harrington, Addie D DeGroat, Gurdeon Allen, Ben L Hyde, Fred Harrington, Nathan Wood

Apr 7 Helen Kimball, Isabell Quick, Bell Wright

Apr 14 Elbridge Bradt

Apr 28 Mary S Yates, Ann Bradt, Frank Sayer, Lewis Baird, W A King, Amelia Vickery, Frankie Hall, Sarah Corbin


June 1 Cora Mead, Elisabeth Mead

Aug 3 May Bell Wells


Feb 15 A T Brown, Nathan S Whitney, R G Wightman, H F Fox, F B Kendall, Elisabeth Lillie, Mary Kingsford, Eunice Shipman

Feb 22 Mrs Susan Best, Kate A Scott, Abbie Pierce, Maud Jaynes, Fanny Stone, Emmet Wicks, Edward Thompson, Charles Johnson, John E Ripley

Mar 1 Mary A Ensign, Anna Kettell, Clarissa Potter, Carrie Smith, Theodore Winans

Mar 22 Maggie N Fullner, Tryphena Baird, Carrie Dean, Lydia Dean, Emma Caples, Susie Harding, Henry Fox, Catharine Dunham, Arwilda Tyler, Sarah Cox

June 7 Lydia A Fox, Hattie Newell, Lana Caples, Edwin T Griffin

Nov 1 Emma Ives


Mar 14 Etta Conklin, Mary M Padgett, Charles Scott, Albert S. Williams

Sep 12 Mary Lown, Reed A Barnes, George Fullner


Jan 30 Libbie Stout, Mrs Betsey D Thompson, Fanny Scott, Clara Pearsall, Ida A Jones, Elen G Stiles, William A Millrea, Foster C Gifford, Edgar R Gifford, Frank D Lyons, Charles F Parmelee, Grove G Moore, George

Feb 6 Maryette Wolcott, Mira Eldred, Carry Eldred, Margret Hines, Mrs Maria Terwilliger, Ellen Camp, William Partridge

Feb 13 James N Barton

Feb 20 Mrs Nellie Chitry, Mrs Libbie A Nichols, Robert Nichols, William Solomon, James Hyatt

Feb 27 Sidney G Kyly, Lucy Dennison, Lydia S Crawford, Triphena Goodrich, Hiram E Goodrich

Mar 5 Mrs Selina Shays, Frances Dolloway, Jessie Russell

Mar 12 Herrick Seymour, Hattie Stephenson, Jessie Myers, Mrs Ann Maria Partridge, Mrs Hannah M Wilcox

Apr 23 Susan Grant, A E Metcalf, M D Tuttle, Benjamin Tuttle

Apr 30 Maggie Bayette

June 11 Addie Terry


Mar 10 Cora Daggette, Ella Jackson, Lirry Lewis, Milo Lewis, Albert Lane

Apr 7 Mary Follett, Bell Penny

May 12 Mary D Steel, Ella J Goodrich, George R Shelden, Mrs George R Shelden


Feb 29 Anna Russell, Mary Catlin, Libbie Scoot, Adaline Stone, Nelson Stone

Mar 14 Gertie L Conant, Merritt A Hyde


Mar 13 Ella House, Ades Solomon, Bertha Herzig, Emma Stone, Harry Holdridge, Earl Hyde, Mrs Carrie B Kendall, Lizzie M. Hill, Frankie House, Jennie Wilcox, Lulie Dean, Emma Potter, Muriel M. Holdridge, Elnora Mulock, Sarah Catlin, Eula Dexter, Martha Saltsman, Ella Perkins,

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