Diary excerpts of:

Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson
"Ada Alive"

Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick

I freely share the diaries of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth G. Hull, however I do not wish that any commericial use be made of them without my permission. - Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick.

I have deciphered to the best of my ability the names, places and dates contain herein. Where there are blank spaces, I could not ascertain the name or word that was written.

Abt. 1877

Ada Alive
Uncle D. __ Hull and folks were here attended church in Candor
Very cold stayed at home
Willie was here to dinner
He drawed logs to mill
I spent the p.m. to Willies
John Nixon spent the night here
Attended church at Candor
John went away this morning
H. went to town meeting with Mr.___and Mr. Dennis this eve
R. Mead here to dinner & H? Johnson & R.____ came for tea
Nora and Allie? spent the night here
I spent the p.m. at R. Meads
Sarah and children took dinner ___ ____staid the night
Attended church
Charlie stayed here all night
H. and Charlie went selling M_____
Daniel was here to dinner
I quilted on Ada's crib quilt
Willie is very sick I went home
Up all night with Willie did not get home until about noon.
Stormed some we have very warm weather till spring (not sure this is the exact wording, but similar)
Spent the p.m. over with Willie
Willie died at 1/2 past 9 o'clock in the evening
Very warm and windy
Attended Willie's funeral Daniel and Charlie have dinner
Ebb? Phoebe, Allie DeForest Brooks here to dinner
Mrs. Tichenor's child buried I was about sick

Alice Allen came in the morning
Father Henderson is very sick
Alice went home, H. and I went over to our folks
Hiram stayed with his father all day
Hiram went away selling needles I went to see ____? (Either father or mother)
Hiram came home at night
Went to church and up home after service
Hiram went in the afternoon on his trip to sell needles
I finished my washing and went over to Mr. Dennis'es
Viola? Umion? Was here to tea Asa Hull and called in the evening
Hiram came in the p.m.
It snowed hard was cold
____ (looks like Sall) H went to Candor I rode up to Mrs. Fullers
Staid at home
Ma came over the p.m.
H. and I spent the day at Norman Hart's
Hiram drawed Manure, thawed some
We took dinner with Phoebe tea with father
Hiram drawed a load of Hay
I stayed at home
Hiram went to Owego
Hiram went to Candor
H. went to sell needles
Mrs. James Galpin came here Phoebe called
This had been a cool month
Went over home and stayed the night
Went to church Dan and Mate came over after church
Mate and Gracie visited with us
Dan came and took Mate home Libbie _____ & Nora? Came here
H. went to sell needles I went and called on Mr. Clark

H. was gone all night and day
Ada was sick had Doctor
Ada is better Mary called
I was sick warm and pleasant
Just about sick had the Doctor
H. Commenced plowing I'm some better
Bertha Meade came over Tuesday the sixth to stay
Am a little better
Sarah Meade did my washing
Hot very warm weather
I was feeling some better Dewitt Decker came over
Bertha went home Sunday
H. plowed corn ground
Finished my dress
H. plowed corn ground
Attended church at Blinn Settlement
Washed some of my curtains
Hiram whitewashed the buttery
Sarah cleaned buttery - Mrs. Brink came in the p.m.
Libbie, Allie, Dela & Gertie was here to dinner
Was about sick Maria and Flora was here
Was not well but went home to spend the night
Mary went with us and went to church Sunday
Sarah helped all day than home?
Went to Dennis and made a pair of pants
_____ and I cleaned the backhouse
H. helped me we moved ____ ____ __ if the girls came & stayed all night.
Cold snowy weather

Finished cleaning
Sabbath school commenced
Hiram plowed the garden
Mrs. Van Scoy and John Nixon came here to dinner
Grass is growing finally
Hiram is plowing potato ground
Do not feed anymore hay
Hiram to Owego I went to Mrs. Galpins
Attended Sabboth School Lucy comes every Sunday
Washed Hiram and Ada went to Candor
Pa, Ma, Dan and Mate were here to dinner
Went to Mr. Andersons in the p.m.
Very dry weather terrible fires
Lewis _____ on I ____ _____
Spent the day with Mary and Mrs. Clark
L____'s brother was here we went to sabboth school
Washed nice weather very dry
Luli? and I cleaned the celler
Ironed and Baked Two peddlers stayed all night and went this morning
Went home took dinner to Dan
Nice to have it not quite so dry
Attended sabboth school, Charlie Dan (or Dairs), Allie, Father Henderson,
& Mary Jane were here and Nora ___
Ada was taken looking very sick
Sarah washed for me had the Dr. Wednesday night and called the next day
Ada better Mrs. Larkin called
Mary stayed all night
Ferris Meade Buried Rain Big _____
Washed ___ared off warm

H. and I went up home and took Iney? Wake with us
Took a ride had a frost
Sheared sheep
H. worked
We went to sabboth school and meeting in the evening
Hiram worked for O. Johnson
Mary Jane went over to our folks with us
Put our business with Lever? Meades house??
Went to quilting at Mrs. Sawyers?
Mrs. Westfall and two children here H. and I called on Ada Fuller
Dan and Mate came home after dinner Pa and Ma came and stayed all night
Pa, Ma and Mary went to sabboth school with us
Anijer? Ploughed for Hiram
I called to Sarah Mead and to Mrs. Clarks
(Skipped several days here)
Attended S.S. school as usual
(skipped a day)
Mrs. Anderson visited here
Finished Ada's dress & done it up
Attended Sabboth School institute at Candor
(skipped two days)
Went home after Sabboth School Uncle and Aunt Gere are out on a visit and
Pa, Ma, Uncle Robert and Julia ___________________
Uncle and Aunt Gere spent the day with me
Hiram and I took dinner at George Bacons
June 30 Mr Row brought his Melodium here

Hiram drawed out back for Mr. Johnson
(Skipped Day)
We rode over to Father Hendersons ____at night
Sabboth school in the morning and meeting in the afternoon
Dinners? To be put up and come nearly every day
Mr. Smith is working a couple of days for Hiram this week
Berry picking almost every day
Singing and Choir here in the evening
Oda Meade is here with me today
Hiram went to Owego with a load of hay
Went to Sabboth School
Spent the afternoon picking berries
Hiram and I went over home
Hiram sold Zib Mrs. Fitch took dinner here
Ada Fuller and Thurza Hull are here
Hiram worked for Mr. Clark
Lucy Wake and Zora (or Lora) Dennis were here
Mary went to Sabboth School with me
I washed and went berrying
(skipped two days)
Singing school was here
Nora staid here Friday night
Hiram went over to Father Henderson's
Went to Sabboth school in the evening
Went over home at night came home early in the morning
I picked berries Hiram worked for Theodore
Hiram worked for Theodore
Singing school here
Oda is here part of the time learning? to play
Mr. McClary worked here

Attended S.S.
Went after berries
Mrs. Larkin visited here
(skipped two days)
Ma Mr. ______? Folks a visit
Went to Mary Janes in the a.m. & Phoebe's in the p.m.
Went to S.S.
I went after berries Hiram worked for Sam? Smith
Done my washing
Pa, Ma and Charlie came over
Singing school here in the evening
I made a visit to Dan's
We had a nice rain
H. went to meeting in the evening we all went to Sabboth School
Picked some berries and washed
Baked for the picnic
Went to the trout pond
Went to singing school in the evening
Mr. Thrashers came in the p.m.
Ma came over and colored (rags for rugs??)
Went to Sabboth School Eb and Phoebe were here and we went there
Went to Jenksville Bertha & Thuras stayed here
Washed Hiram went to Candor
Ma was here to dinner Ida & Thursa Hall here
Ide or Mr.? Henderson was here Singing school was here
Attended picnic
Went to Lune? Town
Went to Sabboth School Hiram went to evening meeting
Rained so hiram helped me wash ash
Went up to Mr.Andersons


H. and I went over home and stayed the night
Took dinner to Nelson Galpin
H. went to east Flemingville with potatoes
Gave two lessons and called on Mary Jane
Went to sabboth school and evening meeting
Pa and Ma were here to supper
Hiram cut his buckwheat
Ola or Oda, Lillie and I went up to Mr. Clarks
H. and Bert Rosen? Out sowel corn???
Mrs. McClary & Mrs. Dennis were here Hiram to Candor - Mrs. Dennis ___apples
I went to _____town
Went to Sabboth school and meeting
A rainy forenoon Hiram went to ____town and got a horse
Lillie is staying here for two weeks
Went over to Father H. & picked up some apples & Mrs. James? Folks helped us cut apples
Called on Mrs. McClary
The thrashers were here to dinner
Made a visit to Mr. Galpin
Went to Sabboth School and Prayer Meeting
Washed We have cold nights and pleasant days
Went over home
Stayed with Mary during Mrs. Clarks funeral
Dan and Mate came last night and stayed today
Hiram went to Owego yesterday
I went down to Lanetown?
Father Henderson came over to stay a week
A very rainy day
Father is quite feeble
I did a very large washing
I was taken very sick

Oda? Does the work Father is quite childish
Ma came over about noon
Theodore and Lib were here a little while Father went home
Pa and Ma went home left last night
The Dr. came over Sunday morning for the first time
Milly Mc Clarly is doing the housework
Sarah washed Ma came over & ironed Mrs. Dennis called
I sewed quilt a little
Am getting better slowly
Mr. Robbins came here to sing
H. went to Candor in the p.m.
(skipped four days)
Went over to Theo's for a husking bee
Rain Came home and staid there
(skipped five days)
Cut out Ada's dress Mary came in the evening
Rain Rain Mary stayed the day with us
Colored my dress
Went to Mr. Clarks Auction Sold our cow
H. helped Mr. Dennis Thrash
Hiram helped Theo and I went to Phoebes
Went to Lanetown in the evening
Lib, Julia & Mary were here to dinner
Rain Sabbath Did not go anywhere


I washed Bertha & John were here
Election I went - home to dinner
Hiram is raising whiskers
Took Dinner with Sarah Ode came over
Hiram husked corn Went to Lanetown
Went over to Dan's & staid all night
Went to church to Candor
Washed and helped to make an apple ___
Ola? Came I did my ironing
Made a visit to Galpins ______
Hiram moved the corn crib quite warm
Went to Lanetown very cold
(skipped seven days)
Went to Lanetown
(skipped four days)
Pa, Ma, Dan, Mate & Dewitt were here
(skipped two days)
Went to church
(skipped remainder of month)


Father came over & staid a week
Hiram works nearly every day
(skipped two days)
Staid at home with father
Did my washing
Ironed & baked
I went home Brought Ada a doll Father went home
Hiram worked in the w____
Spent the day with Mate
Went to Church
(skipped the remainder of the month)

Elizabeth Gertrude Hull b. July 28, 1852 d. December 25, 1927 m. on October 19, 1875, Hiram Henderson b. October 19, 1949 d June 15, 1912. Their daughter Ada Rae Henderson was b April 9, 1877 and their daughter Maude Evelyn was b. 1/30/1891. They also had a foster child - Walter Perry.

Notes: (( )) the Brackets are mine
H. is Hiram Henderson

Transcribed by Theresa Rae Donlick, great granddaughter of Elizabeth Hull Henderson

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