Diary excerpts of:

Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson
"Summer 1875"

Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick

I freely share the diaries of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth G. Hull, however I do not wish that any commericial use be made of them without my permission. - Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick.

I have deciphered to the best of my ability the names, places and dates contain herein. Where there are blank spaces, I could not ascertain the name or word that was written.

We have enjoyed their visit highly; I am so glad they came. Lucy is a normal school teacher now, and Charlie is a nice looking fellow of 19 years. Hiram went home after the train left and we came back to our home. Alone again.

June 30th I am writing and thinking about our pleasant visit of last week. This is the last day of the most beautiful of summer months. Oh June, thou hast brought gladness to me this year and left happy memories of days spent at home, where I have enjoyed myself so much. I am thankful that this last June of my girlhood home has been so pleasant. Probably before many months more have passed I shall be with Hiram whom I love so much.

No schoolhouse wall has kept me from the free air and nature's beauty, nor poor health deprived me from being out of doors, and enjoying it. There is plenty of work to do in the house or course. Today Ma has done big washing & I have been ironing and have got large ironing to do tomorrow. The chickens which are my care are doing nicely we have about 80, and there 3 more hens to come off in a few days.

I must leave this now with my thoughts of Lucy and go down to the sitting room. My childhood's friend from my Pennsylvania home, has been my girlhood's friend, and I hope can be the friend of womanhood if we both live.

Soon I shall be the bride by Hiram's side, and our interests will be one - I hope by the grace of my Heavenly Father to be a kind & loving wife ever faithful & true, and help to gladden his pathway with wifely smiles of affection. We will help each other to grow better, wiser, more useful to the world and both work for the great Master who we both love and are trying to serve.

I come at the bottom the sheet and will lay my ___ one side. Another Sabbath day is nearly gone, never to return.

One day after another flies swiftly by into eternity, and leaves its history written upon the pages of memory's book, to be read and meditated upon in the hereafter, perhaps.

The morning was rainy, nevertheless, I have attended church, also, Sabboth School at Gridleyville. Loneliness pervades my spirit. Tonight I long for someone who knows me and loves me for my own sinful self. I wish Hiram were here, he would know how to talk to me. It seems so long since I have seen him. Nearly three weeks!

We have been busy since I last wrote, Vola Ivory(?) Was here and made me a visit in the afternoon of the 13th. And Emma Booth was here yesterday afternoon. Fla was here with both of them.

Yesterday forenoon I attended a funeral and it was Oh so sad! The wife of Clinton Gould. They had been married just a little over a year; she left a little girl about four hours old. Poor Clinton! They have been so happy, so young only 22. Death is no chooser of persons, he take the young and the old, the happy and the sorrowing. "His sickle k___(looks like keen) reaps the bearded grain at a breath, and the flowers that grow between" I am going down stairs and sing with Daniel and Mary now.

August 22nd. It is trying to rain a little this afternoon. We have been having very rainy weather for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Many farmers are not finished with haying the harvesting and will probably lose some of it, unless the weather becomes fair.

My Sabboth School class was a little fuller than usual today. 29 present during the lesson, two had to go home before that making 31.

There was a large excursion party from Candor went to Aldridge Park August 6, Pa, Ma & Charlie went with them. Pa came home that night, but Ma & C. went to Waverly on a visit and did not come home until Aug. 11. Mary & I kept house and enjoyed ourselves ever so much. H. was here.

Saturday night Ma brought home two dresses for me. My time is pretty much occupied at home.

Last week I visited some took tea at Mr.

Elizabeth Gertrude Hull b July 28, 1852 d December 25, 1927 married Hiram Delbert Henderson b October 19, 1849 d June 15, 1912, on October 19, 1875.

Their daughter, Ada Rae Henderson, was b April 9, 1877 and their daughter Maude Evelyn was b. January 30, 1891. They also had a foster child - Walter Perry.

Transcribed by Theresa Rae Donlick - great granddaughter of Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson Notes: Where there are blank spaces I could not read the word or words -
(( )) Brackets are mine.

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