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Transcribed by: Eloise Wilson


The following items were transcribed from a 1979 Anniversary Edition of the Evening Times.


Barton Centre School was a one room school located on the Ellis Creek Road near Crandall Road. The building has been torn down. Tie entrance was in the front of North Barton Grange Hall located on the same road. Delos Grodrich of Tioga Centre was one of the District Superintendents.

Some of the trustees were Leon Hoffman, Sam Sager, William Shipman, Stephen Shipman, Lynn Nelson and Lee Shipman.

The pupils who attended this school in 1905 - 1906 were Amanda Searles, Julius Hoffman, Cycle Coleman, Add Searles, Jennie Hoffman, Paul Hoffman, Sarah Hoffman Ackley, Leo Shipman, Frank Stewart, Warren Shipman, Frank Stewart, Samuel Crandall, Stephen Shipman, John Stewart, Leslie Hoffman and Lee Shipman. The teacher for these pupils was Anna Tilden.

Some of the pupils who later attended this school were Albert Crandall, Ruby Bossard, Ethel Sager, Peter Quatrini, Thomas Quatrini, Louis Quatrini, Lenor Myatt, Wilda Shipman, Eddie Shipman, Hildagarde Shipman Goodwin, Jack Shipman, Howard Hoffman and Marie Hoffman McAfee.

Some of the teachers at this school were Anna Tilden, Alice Doolittle, Grace Goble Shipman, Golda Wheeler, Marie Petty Ashlunde, Madeline Williams, Florence Ginsburg, Pauline Kreh Perry and Loretta Seely Martin.

Pauline Kreh Perry taught the following pupils; Charles Nelson, Patricia Shipman Hutton, Robret Shipman, Arthur Meissner, Harold Chapman, Carl Shipman and Grace Shipman Meissner in the year 1932 - 33. Her salary was $ 28.00 for the year. The following year she went to Waverly to teach at the East Waverly School which is now the American Legion building.

The school, as with most rural buildings had wide desks, wood - burning stoves, oil lamps, outdoor toilets and a well.

The children played in an old cow pasture along with a small creek. The teacher entered into the games at recess and lunch time.

The teacher did her own janitor work unless she wished to hire one of her pupils out of her salary.

Submitted by Pauline Kreh Perry:
Information from:
Sarah Hoffman Ackley,
Grace Goble Shipman,
Pauline Kreh Perry.

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