Some Marriages and Deaths
1868 - 1870
Waverly Enterprise Newspaper
Waverly, NY

Transcribed by: Sherlene Belden

The following articles were published in the Waverly Enterprise, Waverly, Tioga Co, NY

February 29, 1868

Obituary for John I. Scudder
On Tuesday morning, Feb'ry 18, 1868, at his residence in Waverly, N. Y., 
JOHN I. SCUDDER, aged 44 years, 10 months and 26 days.

Our dear father has gone to his rest.  He needs not the watchful care of loving 
hearts to soothe a bed of pain; his pitiful look no longer excites a feeling of 
sympathy; friends gather not around his bedside with prayerful hearts, asking Him, 
who knew the agony of Gethsemane, to bless the patient sufferer.  His death was a 
beautiful illustration of the faith he loved; to him, death had no terrors, he 
was calm, trusting in God, and when earth was fading from his view and the dawning 
glory of an immortal world appeared, he said to weeping ones, "Good bye, I am 
going home; when I am gone, do not weep for me, but remember I am happy; but a 
little while and I shall see you all again in a brighter land."  He died like one 
going to sleep, rejoicing and believing that in God's own time "He will gather 
together in one, all things in Christ, both which are in Heaven and which are 
on earth."

He was taken sick so as to be confined to his bed, on the 4th of November last, 
with nervo Billious Fever.  Thursday, November 14th, his sister, 
MRS. KEZIAH S. CAHILL, who had been lying sick at his home about two weeks, 

died, and for the time being, he became very nervous and quite prostrated; but after the excitement of the funeral was over, he gradually gained, so that during the latter part of November and the first week of December, he was able to be about the room and to sit in his chair for two or three hours at a time; still he seemed quite feeble, and did not gain much strength. Friday morning, December 6th, while walking across the room, he fainted and fell heavily to the floor, never again to stand on his feet, and it was with difficulty he was restored to consciousness, only to linger through ten long weeks of painful suffering. For several days it was feared he could not live from one hour to the next, but he gradually recovered from the shock so that he was comparatively comfortable, only to experience ravages of the disease in another form; Ulcers gathering in his stomach, the discharges collecting on his lungs, when they soon became diseased, developing consumption in its most malignant form, which steadily and rapidly done its work, death ending his sufferings at fifteen minutes past seven, Tuesday morning, February 18th. Masonic funeral services were held at the Methodist Church on Thursday, the 20th inst. Rev. S. W. WEISS preaching the funeral sermon. The attendance was very large, and the ceremonies unusually impressive. To his Masonic bretheren, who from the first anticipated and supplied with bountiful hands his every want, and affectionately watched over him night and day, during his entire sickness; and to our many dear relatives and friends who visited us, kindly aiding and cheering us on through these, the darkest days of our live, we return our sincere and heart-felt thanks. November 16, 1868 · A fatal accident occurred here Saturday afternoon, resulting in the death of a breakman. As near as we can learn, the facts are as follows: - Regular 23, (through freight east) due here 12:50 p.m., was backing up, preparatory to taking the switch for 22. A breakman whose name was given as Frank RILEY, belonging at Harpersville, Broome Co., stood on a freight car giving signals, when his head struck the road bridge, just above the deport, knocking him down between the cars, several wheels passing over his legs below the knees. He succeeded in crawling out before assistance reached him. He was taken to the Waverly Hotel, where Dr. JOHNSON, assisted by Dr. HARNDEN, administered chloroform and amputated the limbs. He never rallied after the operation. His friends removed his remains Sunday morning. MARRIED: · At the residence of the bride's father, in Waverly, N.Y., November 11, 1868, by Rev. H. WHEELER, Mr. Charles E. BROOKS and Miss Mary R. CHURCH, both of Waverly. - No cards. · By W. L. MULLOCK, Esq., Novb'r 12, 1868, Mr. Joseph BOGART and Miss Clara A. SCHUYLER, both of Barton, Tioga Co., N.Y. November 2, 1868 DIED: · In Waverly, N. Y., on Thursday, Oct. 29, 1868, of inflammation of the bowels, Hattie Bell, oldest child of Henry and Lovina BASSETT, aged 2 years and 9 months. · In Waverly, N.Y., Sunday evening, Nov. 1, 1868, Eliza, wife of W. A. LAIN, aged 40 years, 3 months, and 17 days. December 1, 1868 · Chauncey BARNES, twelve years old, was instantly killed at Joseph ROBURN'S mill, in Breesport, on Saturday last, by being caught in a belt and whirled around the main driving shaft, which was making about 300 revolutions per minute. · A little child, two or three years old, daughter of Francis McCULLOUGH, who resides on Monkey Run, about a mile from Corning, is supposed to have been murdered by one Hetty BARBER in whose care the child had been left, in its parents' absence, on the 23d ult. The case is being investigated. Considerable excitement prevails. MARRIED: · At Grace Church, in Waverly, N.Y. Wednesday Nov. 18th, 1868, by the Rev. Faber BYLLSBY, J. Monroe LYFORD and Helen L., daughter of M. SAWYER. · At the residence of Samuel COLE on Green Hill, Southport, on the 19th inst., by Rev. U. S. HALL, Mr. Andrew C. LEWIS to Miss Mary C. COLE, both of Southport, N.Y. · At the residence of the bride's mother, in Almond, Allegany Co., N. Y., Thanksgiving evening, Nov. 26, 1868, by Rev. I. G. OGDEN, Charles E. ARMSTRONG, of Waverly, N.Y., and Hattie V. MAJOR, of the former place. As Charlie hasn't brought around the cake he promised us, we're not going to give him a nice little notice, can't afford it. We have met his beautiful and accomplished wife, must say he has secured a valuable prize; she likes to read the Enterprise, we like her for that. We didn't have an invitation to the wedding - if it was away up in Allegany, we knew the way, we've been there - we have reports, however; -- It rained - the bridesmaid an groomsman were embarrassed - the parson blundered, -- (all because we wasn't there); -- the happy pair lived through it, however, and that's about all - the particular we have at present. December 15, 1868 DIED: · In this village, on Monday evening, Dec. 7, 1868, Mrs. Wm. MANNERS, aged 59 years. · In this village, on Monday evening, Dec. 7, 1868, Mrs. V. M. CORYELL, aged 62 years. January 8, 1869 MARRIED: · We received, a few days since, a monogram envelope enclosing a set of neatly engraved cards, and a printed slip, upon which we find the following: - MARRIED. - On New Year's eve, at the residence of Mr. C. E. DUNSHEE, Rochester, N. Y., by the Rev. E. P. SMITH, Mr. John M. REYNOLDS, (editor Com. Press,) of Pultneyville, N. Y. , to Miss Carrie F. TABER, of Providence, R. I. We infer, from this, that friend REYNOLDS has taken unto himself another half. We have a faint recollection of R. getting outside a quart spoon-holder of Paris Ex., at Watkins, last year, and believe him to be a jolly, whole-hearted fellow, deserving of his good fortune. May a long life, and a blissful one, attend him and his fair companion. January 15, 1869 MARRIED: · On the evening of the 12th of January, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. L. NORTHWAY, Mr. George A. BOZZARD and Miss Mary E. HAMMOND, both of Veteran, N.Y. · At the Congregational Church, Elmira, by Rev. T. K. BEECHER, on Thursday, the 14th inst., Israel O. SCUDDER and Julia FARRAND, both of Southport, N. Y. Owing, no doubt, to "force of example," as Mr. BEECHER terms it, our respected uncle has got married. We recognize the noble - but rather tardy - example, and will endeavor to profit thereby. May a long, blissful and glorious life attend him and his fair wife. The happy couple left for the South, immediately after the ceremony, to be absent three or four weeks, visiting relatives and friends in Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. February 15, 1869 MARRIED: · At the residence of the bride's father, in Chemung, on the 3d inst., by Rev. J. B. BEAUMONE, Wm. C. BUCK, and Sarah E. BONNELL. · At the residence of the bride's parents, Tuesday, Feb. 9, by the Rev. P. KHRON, J. Evans SCUDDER, of Brooklyn, L. I., to Miss Emma G., daughter of W. H. ARMSTRONG, of Jenksville, N.Y. March 8, 1869 MARRIED: · In Ovid, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1869, by Rev. G.W. CHANDLER, Mr. W. H. NOBLE of Waverly, and Miss Lizette B. PARKIN, of the former place. These two compositors have served a "full apprenticeship" at "setting up;" their "forms" have now "gone to press", we may soon look for "clear proofs" and a splendid "edition" bound in "muslin and gilt." · In Chemung, March 1st, 1869, by Rev. H LAMPKINS, Weston D. LANG and Kittie D. CRAFT, both of Waverly. DIED: · In this village on Sunday the 28th of Feb., of Typhoid Pneumonia, Joseph ELLIS, in the 63rd year of his age. March 23, 1869 DIED: · In Southport, N.Y., Monday morning, March 15, 1869, after a sickness of over twenty years, Mrs. Sally Ann LEWIS, aged 44 years, 7 months and 23 days. · At Ithaca, the 12th inst., Henry W. SWARTWOOD, aged 49 years. Mr. SWARTWOOD was a highly esteemed citizen of this town. He died quite suddenly at Ithaca where he was visiting. He leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his sudden and unexpected death. - [Advocate]. June 15, 1869 MARRIED: · In Owego, June 9th, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Solon COBB, assisted by Rev. James BEECHER, Clarence A. THOMPOSN, Esq., Cashier of the First National Bank of Waverly, to Miss Dora, youngest daughter of the Hon. Lyman TRUMAN. · June 9th, by Rev. R.R. RORK, of Woodhall, at the residence of the bride's father, in Jasper, Mr. Cornelius H. LANE, of Canisteo, to Miss Frank M. FAILING. DIED: · In Elmira, Sunday evening, June 6th 1869, Lasky S. POST, aged 48 years and 8 months. Elmira has lost another prominent citizen in the death of Mr. POST, which event occurred last evening, at his residence in this city. Mr. POST has been in failing health for several months, but his recovery was looked and hoped for until a few weeks since, when his decline became so rapid and apparent that it was evident he could not long survive. His death will cause a feeling of profound sorrow and regret throughout the community, as few men were more widely or favorably known than he. Mr. POST was for many years connected with the Elmira and Williamsport Railroad, and as a conductor he was universally popular with his employers, his associates and the traveling public, and his acquaintance were almost without exception his friends. For the past year and a half he has held the office of Under Sheriff of the county, residing in the jail building, and having charge of that institution. Until his failing health compelled him to relinquish active business, he was a prompt, efficient and reliable officer, ever faithful in the discharge of all his official duties. - He lived respected and died regretted, and his memory will be held in lasting remembrance by a large circle of acquaintances, relatives and friends. - [Elmira Advertiser]. October 15, 1869 · Jas. O'BRIEN and Jim ARMSTRONG, (colored), escaped from Elmira jail last Saturday night. Went to Horseheads, stole a horse and buggy and came here, where they were captured Tuesday. MARRIED: · At Waverly, N. Y., Wednesday afternoon, October 6, 1869, by Rev. J.B. BEAUMONT, our humble self (Frank T. SCUDDER?) and Miss C??tie N. BRAY?, of this place. DIED: · Mr. Constant MATHEWSON, of Athens township, was drowned at Sesquehanna, Monday, Sept 27. He was on a stone-boat, which capsized in a swift water, and drowned before he could beach shore. His body as found near Binghamton on Monday, 4th inst., about twenty miles below where he went down, and his funeral was attended at the house of his father Tuesday following, at 2 o'clock p.m. November 15, 1869 MARRIED: · In Southport, Nov. 11th, by Rev. U. S. HALL, Mr. Edwin REYNOLDS, of Springwater, N. Y., to Miss Lovina A. LEWIS, of Southport, N. Y. December 1, 1869 MARRIED: · At the bride's home, in Waverly, Nov. 24 by Rev. W. B. WESTLAKE, Mr. Wm. E KNIGHT to Miss Lee HALLET, both of Waverly. December 15, 1869 · John W. JONES has been sexton of the First Baptist church of Elmira for twenty one years. DIED: · L. Hib.? WHITPLESEY?, editor of the Northern Pennsylvanian, has left our circle. He died on Tuesday, the 7th inst. An able and easy writer, a faithful Mason, a true, warm hearted man, the news of his death was received with profound regret by a large circle of relatives and friends. January 1, 1870 MARRIED: · On the 23d inst. At the bride's residence, by Rev. H.S. LOYD, Mr. Theodore SHIPMAN to Miss Louisa M. EIGHMEY.

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