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Capt. Samuel G. Cook

Cathy & Jay Cooke, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Reunion Notice
Jan. 11, 2000

The Descendants of Capt. Samuel G. Cook (who died in 1859 in Tioga Co. NY), while looking forward to their one-hundredth reunion, realized some descendants of his children have not been represented recently. So please look at the Family Information below and if you are a descendant or kin contact us about attending next summers get-together in Tioga County, NY on the forth Saturday in August. Or if unable to attend please contact us to be added to the family mail list and record. Contact

Information below:
1. List of some descendant surnames.
2. Brief biography of the Captain.
3. Outline descendant tree of 3 generations from the Capt.
4. Report on some of the Captain's ancestors

List of some descendant surnames:

Best c. 1860, Bogart 1830, Brewster c. 1840, Buchanan 1844, Card c 1830, Cashady 1848, Cook & Cooke, Curtis c. 1890, Dewey 1834, Elemendorf 1871, Green 1836, Guiles 1835 & 1860 Tioga, Hart 1848, Hammond 1811, Hazen 1851, House 1872, Hess 1871, Jones 1853, Lynch 1911, Merritt 1875, Partridge c. 1860, Paterson, c.1900, Rider 1871, Searles c 1870, Severy c. 1870, Sisson 1877, Swartwood c. 1840, Talcott 1843, Terbush 1834, Thorne 1882, Vangorder 1880, Westbrook c.1850.

Capt. Samuel G.Cook Histrory

As provided by Will and Dodie Thorne at the 1997 Cook Reunion This was complied from stories by Minnie Cook, the Captain's granddaughter who knew him in life. Minnie Cook was Will Thorne's mother.

Captain Samuel Cook was born in Oneonta in the year 1794. His mother was of Scottish descent. Her grandmother being of royal blood and claimed the right to the Throne of Scotland.

His father was an Englishman who lived in Rhode Island early in life. From there he moved to Oneonta where Samuel was born. Captain Samuel married Diademia, daughter of Robert Greene. He remained in Oneonta during his young manhood, then came to Tioga with his family in 1833.

His occupations were numerous and varied. He was fond of fishing and hunting. As game at this time was large and abundant, the meal for the table was usually wild game, which fell before his trusty rifle. The family was generally supplied with venison and occasionally the Captain brought a large bear to the little log cabin.

Some of his time was spent in clearing the wooded land, but he was not much of a farmer and he often acted in the capacity of a lawyer and tried small suits, such as contracts, deeds, and wills for neighbors, But his chief delight was in spring time when he went down the river on rafts carrying loads of timber to sell at various cities from Owego to Chesapeake. From this he was given the title of Captain, which always clung to him.

Captain Cook was a great athlete. He excelled in jumping. He often told his children, that in his youth the boys would draw a string at the top of his head, which was nearly six feet, and by stepping back sixteen feet, he could take a run and jump over it. A great wrestler, and when angered, sometimes indulged in fighting.

He enlisted in the war of 1812, but was never called into actual service.

In personal appearance, the Captain was five feet, eleven inches in height, weighed about one hundred sixty-five pounds, and stood perfectly erect. He had large, full, dark blue eyes, in which were expressed an uncontrollable temper, which governed, rather than be governed by grandfather.

His nose was the same as has been transmitted to the present Cook family, large and bulky. His high forehead gave signs of natural intellect. He wore no beard. His hair, dark and heavy, somewhat curly, and heavy eyebrows. His teeth were all double and only one was ever drawn, which nearly drove the Captain to distraction, this being the time when turnkeys were the things used for extracting teeth.

His habits were not the most temperate. He smoked and chewed tobacco, and took an occasional drink.

His wife was a quiet, ladylike woman, who found her household chores sufficient to keep her from sharing in political argument. For to them were born 15 children, 11 of which grew to maturity: Dewitt, Caroline, Mary, Lois, Samuel, Nelson, John, Holden, Diademia, Charles, and Barbara.

Three Generations of Descendants of Samuel G Cook.
(descendant outline form)

1 Capt. Samuel G Cook b: June 11, 1784 in Oneonta, NY d: May 1, 1859 buried in Cem Straits Corner NY +Diademia Greene b: 1798 in OTSEGO d: May 1, 1865
  2 Diadema (Diadama) May Cook b: June 24, 1840 in TIOGA d: Nov. 28, 1890
      in TIOGA, N.Y.
  +Josiah J. Guiles b: Jan. 31, 1835 in OTSEGO CO, NY d: May 8, 1923
      3 Clarence Guiles
      +Nellie Mabel Strait b: 1875 m: Sept. 7, 1899 in TIOGA, N.Y.;
      3 Mary Estella Guiles b: 1860 in CANDOR, N.Y.
      +Asa N. Nelson b: Feb. 11, 1857 in
     OWEGO, NY d: Sept. 15, 1939 in OWEGO, NY
      3 Elizabeth Guiles b: 1863 d: 1938
      +Fred Brink b: 1852 d: 1913
      3 Lois Guiles b: 1867
      +Arthur Vanostrand
      3 John Guiles b: 1872 in TIOGA, TIOGA CO, N.Y. d: 1945
      3 Mertie Guiles b: 1874 d: 1960
      +Fred Paterson
      3 Charles Fredrick Guiles b: 1879 in TIOGA  
    +Maude E. Jacobs b: 1885 in CANDOR, N.Y. m: Sept. 29, 1903
      in CANDOR, N.Y.

   2 Barbara Cook b: 1847
    +William Curtis
    2 Caroline Cook b: Mar. 20, 1816 d: Feb. 10, 1868
    +Elmore Hammond b: June 6, 1811 in WARDSBORO, VT. d: May 8, 1870
      in CANDOR, NY
      3 Mary Hammond
      +John Brewster
      3 Eliza Hammond
      +Edward Swartwood
      3 Rebecca Hammond b: 1838 d: Oct. 13, 1914 in TIOGA, N.Y.
      +Daniel Dewey b: Mar. 2, 1834 in STUEBEN CO. N.Y. d: Feb. 2, 1897
      in CANDOR, N.Y.
      3 Seth Hammond b: Mar. 18, 1845 in OTSEGO CO. N.Y. d: Oct. 11, 1905
      in CANDOR, N.Y.
      +Mary Adeline Vergason b: in CANDOR, N.Y.
      3 Diana Hammond b: 1847
      +Oscar Talcott b: Jan. 31, 1843 d: Apr. 6, 1919
      3 Dewitt Hammond b: 1850 in CANDOR, NY
      +Flora Harris
      *2nd Wife of Dewitt Hammond:
      +Mary Carey
      3 Frances Lois Hammond b: 1853 d: July 23, 1895 in CANDOR, N.Y.
      +Orlando Hazen b: 1851 in ORANGE CO, N.Y. d: Oct. 10, 1928
      3 Emma Hammond b: 1857
      +James Partridge
      3 Edward Edmond Hammond b: 1860
      +Lillian Johnson b: Dec. 5, 1889 in CANDOR, N.Y.

    2 Charles R. Cook b: 1843 d: Mar. 26, 1865 in Hospital in City Point, VA.
    2 Dewitt R. Cook b: Aug. 11, 1814 d: Feb. 1, 1861
    +Angeline S. Bowdish b: Nov. 25, 1820 in Oneonta, N.Y. d: Apr. 27, 1890
      in TIOGA, N.Y.
      3 Amanda B. Cook
      +Garret House m: Oct. 30, 1872
      3 Alice A. Cook b: in TIOGA, N.Y.
      +E. F. Severy
      *2nd Husband of Alice A. Cook:
      +William Hess m: Dec. 20, 1871
      3 Frances D. Cook
      +George Searles
      3 Merrideth Cook b: 1839 in TIOGA, N.Y.
      3 Sarah E. Cook b: 1839 d: 1915
      +Henry Bogart b: Apr. 13, 1830 in ULSTER CO. N.Y.; m: July 14, 1856
     in TIOGA, N.Y d: 1912
      3 Rovilla V. Cook b: Apr. 8, 1841 in TIOGA, N.Y.; d: Feb. 19, 1858
      3 Catherine Cornelia Cook b: 1843 in TIOGA, N.Y. d: Sept. 4, 1914
      +George Sisson b: 1833 d: Dec. 28, 1877
      3 Fernando D. Cook b: 1845 in TIOGA, N.Y. d: Nov. 8, 1872
      +Mary Head b: 1844 d: Mar. 4, 1871
      3 Therissa R. Cook b: Aug. 9, 1847 in TIOGA, N.Y. d: May 14, 1910
      +Lancelot B. Terbush b: Dec. 3, 1834 in TOMPKINS, CO, N.Y.;
     m: Nov. 21, 1861
      3 Angiline D. Cook b: July 3, 1856 d: July 10, 1856

    2 Holden Cook b: 1837 d: Apr. 2, 1865 in Petersburg, Virginia
    +Emily Jones b: 1839 in TIOGA, N.Y. m: Mar. 28, 1860 in TIOGA CO., N.Y.
      3 Elizabeth Delphine Cook b: Nov. 28, 1860
      +Lafayette Vangorder m: Aug. 28, 1880
      3 Holden S. Cook b: Apr. 2, 1862
      +Crystal Andrews
      3 Dewitt Clinton Cook b: May 27, 1864 in TIOGA;
      +Mary Pearl Wood b: 1867 in TIOGA

    2 John W. Cook b: Nov. 22, 1833 d: Jan. 30, 1908 in CANDOR, N.Y.;
    +Sarah Duff b: 1848 d: 1932
      3 [2] Emeline Cook
      +[1] Willis F. Guiles b: Feb. 12, 1860 in TIOGA CENTER, N.Y. m:
      May 17, 1893 in CANDOR, N.Y.; d: Jan. 4, 1922
      3 Nelson Cook
      +Edna Aldrich
      3 Orlando C. Cook
      3 Charles W. Cook b: Abt. 1862
      +Eliza J. Barden b: Abt. 1875 m: Dec. 25, 1895 in CANDOR, N.Y.
      3 Bertha Cook b: 1874 d: 1930
      +Walter E. Elmendorf b: 1871 m: Sept. 5, 1894 in TIOGA, N.Y.; d: 1963
      3 Minnie Cook b: Apr. 4, 1879 in EVELYN HILL, N.Y.
     d: in SPENCERTOWN, N.Y.
      +William Thorne b: July 25, 1882 in CHATHAM, N.Y. m: Jan. 1, 1916
     in CANDOR, N.Y. d: Aug. 13, 1976 in CHATHAM, N.Y.
    2 Lois C. Cook b: Feb. 9, 1822 d: Apr. 18, 1885
    +Leonard Guiles b: Feb. 19, 1817 in Oneonta, N.Y.; m: July 18, 1840
     d: Mar. 29, 1899
     3 Samuel W. Guiles b: May 14, 1841 in TIOGA CO., N.Y. d: Dec. 11, 1914
      +Sarah E. Burger b: Dec. 10, 1843 in N.Y. d: Nov. 8, 1930
      3 Maryette E. Guiles b: Sept. 30, 1842 d: Nov. 24, 1914
      +Wheeler Green b: Jan. 11, 1836 d: Nov. 1, 1924
      3 Waterman G.Guiles b: Nov. 1, 1844 d: 1926
      +Susan D. Brooks b: 1850 d: 1923
      3 Lydia Ann Guiles b: Aug. 31, 1846 in TIOGA CO., N.Y.;
     d: Sept. 28, 1916
      +Henry Gilbert Hart b: 1848 m: May 4, 1870 in TIOGA CENTER, N.Y.
     d: 1922
      3 Adelaide (Abagale) D. Guiles b: May 7, 1849 in TIOGA CO., N.Y.
      +Ephriam Merritt m: Jan. 27, 1875
      3 Andrew H. Guiles b: Jan. 10, 1853 in TIOGA CO., N.Y.; d: 1915
      +Alida Dewey b: 1863 m: Nov. 10, 1883 in TIOGA, N.Y. d: 1900
      3 Adelbert Guiles b: July 4, 1855 in TIOGA CO., N.Y.
     d: July 30, 1919
      +Nancy Swartwood
      3 Ransom M. Guiles b: May 22, 1857 d: May 1, 1872
      3 [1] Willis F. Guiles b: Feb. 12, 1860 in TIOGA CENTER, N.Y.
     d: Jan. 4, 1922
      +[2] Emeline Cook m: May 17, 1893 in CANDOR, N.Y.
      3 George McCALLUM Guiles b: Sept. 28, 1863
     in TIOGA CENTER, N.Y.; d: Mar. 3, 1934
      +Flora E. Verguson m: Nov. 15, 1886 in CANDOR, N.Y. d: May 20, 1952
     in CANTON, PA

    2 Mary Cook
    +Samuel Card
      3 Ester Card
      +Jacob Westbrook
      3 Mina Card
      3 Leroy Card

    2 Nelson Cook b: 1831 in Otsego, NY d: 1913 in buried Woodbridge Cem.
    +Freelove Campbell b: 1835 in Tioga d: Oct. 4, 1878
     in buried Woodbridge Cem.
      3 Frank Leroy Cook b: 1856 in Tioga d: 1907 in buried
      Starrucca Cem.
      +Ella Bartleson b: Nov. 16, 1869 in Lakeville d: Aug. 28, 1923 in
     Carbondale Pa buried Starruca Cemetary
      3 Allen Eugene Cook b: 1857 in Tioga d: 1922 buried Woodbridge Cem.
      +Henrietta Schoolcraft
      3 Ellen Euphene Cook b: Dec. 28, 1860 in Candor, NY d: Mar. 20, 1940
     in buried Woodbridge Cem.
      +David Best

      2 Samuel G. Cook b: Sept. 1, 1828 in Chenango, NY d: Mar. 22, 1872
      +Cynthia Ester O'Hart b: Nov. 11, 1834 m: Dec. 22, 1852 d: Feb. 28, 1909
      3 Loretta Cook b: Jan. 19, 1854 d: Aug. 28, 1940
      +Sidney Jones b: Apr. 17, 1853 in CANDOR, N.Y. d: July 26, 1909
      3 Florance Cook b: Nov. 17, 1857 d: Nov. 21, 1941
      +Jessie Marialla Rider b: Aug. 22, 1865 in STRAITS CORNERS, N.Y.;
     m: June 10, 1896 in TIOGA, N.Y.; d: 1933
     3 Augusta Iona Cook b: Apr. 7, 1862 d: Apr. 17, 1941 in SMITHBORO, N.Y.
      +James Horatio Buchanan b: July 20, 1844 m: Sept. 23, 1880 in
     OWEGO, N.Y. d: Jan. 14, 1910
     *2nd Husband of Augusta Iona Cook:
      +Eugene Lynch m: Dec. 23, 1911 in BARTON, N.Y.
      3 Aminda E. Cook b: Apr. 5, 1863 d: 1934 in HALSEY VALLEY CEM.
      +Guy Cashady b: 1848 d: 1925
      3 Lula Mae Cook b: Aug. 11, 1872 d: July 20, 1948
      +Ernest Evelyn Rider b: Jan. 15, 1871 in STRAITS CORNERS, N.Y.
     m: Dec. 9, 1891 in BARTON, N.Y.; d: Nov. 29, 1942

Some Ancestors of Capt. Samuel G Cook

Generation No. 1

1. Capt. Capt. Samuel G Cook, born June 11, 1784 in Oneonta, NY; died May 1, 1859 in buried in Cem Straits Corner NY. He was the son of Samuel Cook. He married Diademia Greene. She was born 1798 in Otsego, and died May 1, 1865. She was the daughter of Robert Greene and Naomi Cummins.

More About Capt. Samuel G Cook:
Burial: Chapel Hill Cemetary
Military: enlisted war 1812, did not serve
Occupation: river raft Capt., farmer, lawyer

Generation No. 2

2. Samuel Cook, born Abt. 1761 in RI?; died November 29, 1802 in Otsego NY. He was the son of Robert Cook and Demaris Greene.

Child of Samuel Cook is:

1 Capt. Capt. Samuel G Cook, born June 11, 1784 in Oneonta, NY; died May 1, 1859 in buried in Cem Straits Corner NY; married Diademia Greene

Children of Samuel Cook and Mary Cummings are:

      i. Barbara Cook
      ii. Dinah Cook
      iii. Ester Cook, married a Reed son
      iv. Robert S. Cook, born Abt. 1802; died April 23, 1881 in W. Oneota,
     New York; married Anna Hammond March 27, 1823; died 1858.

More About Robert S. Cook:
Burial: Cook Cemetary, W. Oneota, New York

More About Anna Hammond:
Burial: Cook Cemetary, W. Oneota, New York

Generation No. 3

4. Robert Cook, born March 2, 1736/37 in Coventry, (?) RI;; died September 29, 1809 in Otego Co., NY;. He married Demaris Greene Abt. 1760.
5. Demaris Greene, born Abt. 1739 in Coventry, (?) RI; died Aft. 1779 in Coventry, (?) RI. She was the daughter of Nathaniel "Squire" Greene and Alice Low.

Children of Robert Cook and Demaris Greene are:
      i. Mary Cook, married a Putnam
      ii. Robert Cook, born Abt. 1770; died September 26, 1846 in Oneonta, N.Y.
      married Diadama Greene; born 1764; died August 7, 1827;
      married Sabra Wainwright; died October 20, 1868.

More About Robert Cook:
Burial: Cook Cemetary, W. Oneota, New York

More About Diadama Greene:
Burial: Cook Cemetary, W. Oneota, New York
      iii. Rufus Cook, born July 1772; died September 20, 1857 in Otego;
      married Mary Cummings; born Abt. 1773; died 1817.
      iv. Samuel Cook, born Abt. 1761 in RI?; died November 29, 1802
      in Otsego NY;
      married Mary Cummings;
      married Mary Rice

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