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The Bunnell Newspaper Clippings


NEWSPAPER: Unknown; possibly Whitney Point NY Reporter
DATE: Circa 1940 to 1946
AUTHOR: Herman E. Bunnell


H. E. Bunnell Recalls Incidents of Early Sixties

The Broome County road that goes south from Caldwell school house to Lamb's Corners, (now Nanticoke) and up the hill to Uncle Corelli Cady's was just as familiar to me as the one that went over the hill to Squedunk and Grandfather's, for when we went to one place we always went to the other. When I was about seven years old we went to Uncle Corelli's. I remember seeing a paper that told about a burglary at Binghamton where a man that slept in the store was murdered. There were three of the burglars. Two were wounded and the other one threw them into the river. There was a picture of them after they were taken out of the river. The other one, Ruliff, was captured. He, at one time, had his feet frozen and he left tracks by which he was captured and was tried and sentenced to be hung. He was hung May 18, 1871. He was quite well educated and had taught school and married one of his scholars. After a while she disappeared but they could not find the body, so could do nothing about it.

I remember attending a fair one time at Lamb's Corners. It was held in a grove. I think there were some buildings, but there were no cash prizes, and I think there were no entrance charges.

I remember at one time I went hunting with Horace Cady and he got a bullet stuck in the barrel and could not get it down to the powder. Well, we went to a blacksmith shop and took the barrel off the stock, unscrewed the breech pin and put in some powder and touched it off with a slow match and it burst the barrel. then they thought they would try to melt the bullet. there was another explosion that drove the bullet toward the muzzle and then it could be easily got out.

I think the last time I went down that road was 55 years ago the second of April. We started from Marathon with a horse and cutter. My wife and sister, Mertie Bunnell were going down to Uncle Corelli Cady's to a wedding of Gerald Morgan and Ora Cady. The sleighing was fairly good until we reached Caldwell school house. From there it was bare ground and we walked down there with the horse dragging the cutter. When we arrived the wedding was over and they were eating dinner. The next day the ladies were taken to Whitney Point to take the train back to Marathon and I drove back with the horse and cutter. My father, Rev. W. H. Bunnell married them and father went with me with his horse and cutter.


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