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The Bunnell Newspaper Clippings


NEWSPAPER: Unknown; possibly Whitney Point NY Reporter
DATE: Unknown, circa 1940 to 1946
AUTHOR: Herman E. Bunnell

An Old Bible Dated 1793

It is the old Jonathon and Abigal Lewis Bible. Jonathon, son of William and Hannah Lewis was born Oct. 10, 1769. Abigal, daughter of Thadeus and Mary Boice (this last name is not clear) was born Aug. 29, 1766. Jonathon and Abigal were married May 6, 1792.

They had 8 children; Polly, born March 29, 1793. She married Barnibus Wood and she died in Marathon [NY] March 4, 1858, aged 64 years. Hannah was born July 5, 1795. She married Daniel Thurston and she died in Upper Lisle [NY] but her age is not given. Jonathon, a son born Nov 19, 1797, died Jan. 6, 1821, aged 23 years one month and 16 days. I have been told that he was at a wood bee and that a hand spike flew over the other men's heads and struck him in the head. Henry, a son was born Feb. 5, 1800. He died Dec. 3, 1848 aged 46 years nine months and ten days. Caroline was born May 19, 1802 and died Dec. 23, 1803. Caroline Elizabeth born Sept. 7, 1804; she married Horace Dickinson Oct. 14, 1824, and died in 1877. (they were my grandparents) Clarisa, a daughter born Dec. 31, 1806 married Jessie Smith and died at Manningville [NY] March 2, 1842 aged 35 years. Sally Abigal, born April 14, 1809 married Ransom Thurston and died in Upper Lisle [NY] Oct. 5, 1851 aged 42 years.

Jonathon and Abigal were my great-grandparents. He died July 1, 1830, aged 62 years, nine months and ten days.

I have heard that he was quite prominent in Broome County, [NY] and if I remember rightly he was at one time County Judge and at Upper Lisle [NY] was quite prominent in church work and was a member of the Baptist Church. But when the Universalist Church was started he left the Baptist church and joined the Universalist Church.

Abigal died in Marathon [NY] March 8, 1859, aged 92 years six months and ten days.


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