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The Bunnell Newspaper Clippings


NEWSPAPER: Unknown; possibly Whitney Point NY Reporter
DATE: Feb. 8, 1940 (Handscribed)
AUTHOR: Herman E. Bunnell

Squeedunk -- A Prosperous Neighborhood Long Ago

Beginning at Killawog on the west side of the valley, about half way up the hill on the left side of the road was an oldfashioned [sic] house shingled on the sides. At the top of the hill take a right hand turn and about two or three miles farther on take another right hand turn and this brings you out at Manningville where the road joins the Center Lisle and Lisle road. Take the right hand road to Center Lisle.

At Center Lisle there used to be a sheepskin tannery which was torn down several years ago.

As you come to Center Lisle take a left hand turn up over the hill past where the old Livermore house used to stand to the Caldwell schoolhouse.

Here is a road to the left going to what was then known as Lamb's Corners but now Nanticoke. Going west (right at Caldwell schoolhouse) over the hill to Squeedunk and up the hill to Grandfather's. This is a road I have known since I can remember and used to travel about twice a year for fifteen years.

Grandfather lived in Squeedunk at first (in Lisle) but finally built the building on the hill in the Town of Berkshire.

Squeedunk used to be quite thickly settled, there being houses up and down the hill on either side of the road. Nearly all these buildings are gone.

Grandfather bought this farm (part of it being in the town of Lisle and the rest in the town of Berkshire) in 1830; he lived here 60 years and died here in 1890.

At one time grandfather rented a mill site; and a steam sawmill was built by Andrew Manning and a Mr. Howland. They had timber lots in the surrounding country.

There was a boarding house run by Mr. and Mrs. Birdsall Clark. Some amusing incidents are told of taking place there. Some one put pancake batter in another man's boot; after this he was called doughfoot. At another time they had a mock trial; a tattler was arrested and tried by a judge and jury of their men; he was condemned and sentenced to be hung in what they called the old Centennial Building. They brought the rope and then Mrs. Clark stopped them or he might have been hung.

I don't know what year the mill was built but it was running in 1876. It was torn down a few years later although the exact date is not known. However it was down in 1886 when I moved there. But I have heard tell of it's sawing a piece of lumber 66 feet long and 12 x12 and they had considerable difficulty hauling it to Berkshire and turning corners.


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